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#1 Nov 28 2012 at 4:31 AM Rating: Decent
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I know that the phrase "fulltime gear" makes anyone who is serious about their job cringe. Sorry for the pain.

Here's my deal: I am raising a WHM just because there are a lack of WHM in my LS. We don't do "endgame" stuff: no Legion, no VW, no NNI. We mostly exist to give newbies a home. We help them with their limit breaks, we get them to 99, we get their Aby zone clears, atmas, +1 seals, and +2 items, we help them through RoZ and CoP, we get their dynamis clears...you get the point. We take newbies, and nurture them to near-endgame status. After that, they mostly leave us for an endgame LS, or they stick around to keep putzing about with the aforementioned stuff bc they have no desire to become "hardcore" or because they have made friends/have grown to love our LS/just have fun helping people with the non-endgame stuff, as I do.

So bearing that in mind, I need advice on how to gear my WHM. Inventory space is a MAJOR concern, as I play a lot of jobs so that I can fill whatever role is needed at the time. I have very little space for another job, but I want to have WHM available when it is needed. As stated, I will NOT be doing Legion, NNI, VW, etc., so I don't need top-of-the-line super OMG uber gear, and I don't want 8 different sets for healing/enhancing/idle/enfeeb/pre-cast/mobs that start with the letter T/zerg situation/non-zerg situation/ etc etc etc

I'm just looking for advice on a solid full-time (incentory saving) gearset that will suffice for non-endgame content, and is not out of my reach to acquire. No NNI gear, no VW drops, etc. Dynamis drops, AF3 pieces, regular world NM drops, etc. are fine. I really don't want those situational "macro-in" pieces for this and that, as I don't have the space and don't have the need for min/max'ing based on the content that we do.

So...advice on a solid, semi-easy-to-acquire, full-time, non- endgame WHM gearset?

Damn...I'm long-winded.

#2 Nov 28 2012 at 1:00 PM Rating: Good
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You're going to be severely limited in your capacity, but it sounds like you understand that. I'd say something like this:

Apollo's Staff
Verse Strap (+1)
Orison Cap +2
Orison Locket
Orison Earring
Loquacious Earring
Orison Bliaud +2
Augur's Gloves
Sirona's Ring
Ephedra Ring
Orison Cape
Witful Belt
Orison Pantaloons +2
Cure Clogs

Other items to consider:
Cleric's Pantaloons +2 (augmented if possible for the Shellra bonus)
Serpentes Cuffs for idle (useful on many mage jobs)
Owleyes + Genbu's Shield (also useful on many mage jobs)
Moonshade Earring with refresh
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#3 Nov 30 2012 at 7:56 PM Rating: Good
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I don't have much to add to what Perg said other than if you're REALLY hurting on space, a chatoyant staff isn't a bad thing to have in place of a apollo's staff and a dark staff. Also; if you get any AF2+2 at all, get a friend to help you get the 20k xp so you can store it on the porter moogle. That helps if you're hurting for space.

I tend to go with "just enough to get the job done" since I refuse to use spellcast (I do swap gear though), so even tho you're prolly going to fulltime a set, I'll go over my sets so you can get some ideas. Keep in mind, whm is one of my mains and first love, so your gear choices might be a lot different than mine, esp since you don't want to gearswap a lot. (I proly would gearswap more than you most cases) Also at this time, I don't have any neo Nyzul gear or much VW gear (no bodies at all) and when I got VW gear, I'll mention a substitute. Also, you proly could cut out the "long casting spells" set if you want to and proly the devo set, I devo enough that I do keep a few bits around tho most of it is crossover since I hate crowding my bag. Also another place you might be able to skimp some on is the HMP set; that isn't used as much anymore, you may be able to get away with just a dark staff or chatoyant staff, pants and body. I have done that at times when I'm in a flying hurry. Tbh, I'm not much of a minmaxer even tho I flash like a Christmas tree at times; I go for the biggest bang for the least space.

Base set:
Arka IV (Replace with either chatoyant or apollo's in your case)
Verse Strap +1
Hedgehog Bomb
Orison Cap +2
Phalania Locket(I'd suggest a fyliga torque in place of this since VW drops are iffy)
Roundel Earring (This might be easy to get. It might not. Depends on your server and if the bc has been open a lot. If it's not a good mnd earring will do for you here. Or the Wings of the Goddess refresh earring)
Loquacious Earring
Orison Bliauld +2 (If I were you, I'd consider getting a cure body from aby or at least a noble's tunic)
Sirona's Ring
Aquasoul Ring
Orison Cape
Cleric's Belt (SERIOUSLY. I haven't seen that combo of stats on anything else. It's a big bag saver and not hard to get anymore if you do dynamis.)
Orison Pantaloons +2
Chelona Boots
Augur's Gloves

Long Casting Spells:
Legs swap to Rubeus Spats (Rep with Blessed if you're unlucky with VW)
Head to Selenian Cap auged with mnd +2 magic acc +3 fast cast and hmp +3
Waist to Witful Belt
Feet to Chelona Boots

Legs change to Praeco Slacks (This is mostly for outside of aby; people may pooh pooh those pants but since I don't have -enm merits..it's a buttsaver)
Feet to Cure Clogs

The Leave-Me-Alone Set (-enm; this is used in Cure 4, curagas, and Flash)
Head to Raven Beret
Neck to Phrenic Torque
Second Earring to Novia Earring
Legs to Praeco Slacks if I'm not already using them

Full +2 all but legs, legs are Cleric's Pantaloons +2

Body to Cleric's Bliault +2
Rest same as long casting spells, but no boots since I couldn't fit in macro
Hands to cleric's hands +2

Devotion: (You can omit this completely without causing trouble.)
Main weap to Fourth Mace
Bloodbead Ecu
Cleric's Pantaloons +2
Orison hands, body and feet
meridian ring

-na type spells:
Orison legs
If cursna; rep Aquasoul with Ephedra Ring
Feet to Chelona Boots

HMP set: (You can skimp here and omit all but staff if you like)
Main weap to chatoyant staff
Strap to Ariesian Grip
Clarus Stone
Head to Selenian Cap auged with mnd +2 magic acc +3 fast cast and hmp +3
Eidolon Pendant
Relaxing Earring
Magnetic Earring
Lore Robe
Felicitas Cape
Nisse Slacks
Chelona Boots

As for essential gear; I'd say noble's tunic or cure potency tunic with refresh from aby(trophies), +2 emph armor, either chatoyant or dark staff and apollo's staff, cure clogs, cleric's belt, the rings I use, orison cape, fyliga torque, loq earring, either verse strap +1 or Dominie's Grip (that second only if you do meeble's), Cleric's Pantaloons +2, and either roundel earring or the Wings refresh earring, depending on availability. ^^ Oh and augur's gloves too.

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#4 Nov 30 2012 at 10:19 PM Rating: Decent
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Pergatory wrote:
cure potency tunic with refresh from aby(trophies)

I'm not familiar with this. What piece are you talking about, and how do I get it?

#5 Nov 30 2012 at 10:29 PM Rating: Good
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Ok. sorry I wasn't clear. Thought people knew about this; it's called a Faico Bliault. You can get it in any of the final triad of Aby zones(Heroes zones) from the Dominion person when you first come in; it comes with random augments, so it's luck to get what you want. I've had the best luck where you get AF3 hat however, if I recall right. YRMV, but you want at least as much cure potency as a Noble's (hq noble's if you can swing it) and refresh. Just keep trying and tossing until you get that magic one.

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Still a MithraPride kitty at heart, tho that shell is gone..Also still CTY at heart forevah!


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#6 Dec 01 2012 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
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You're in luck, WHM pretty much doesn't need gear swaps to be usable.

Main: Light/Apollo's or Iridal/Chatoyant Staff (if you wanna go the extra mile, get a magian cure staff; this is a piece of gear that is potent enough to matter)
Sub: Pax Grip, or pretty much any one that boosts MP or MND (none are that important)
Ammo: Incantor Stone
Head: Orison Cap +2. It's like a Light Staff on your head.
Neck: Orison Locket
Ears: Orison/Roundel/Moonshade w/ Refresh augment (pick two)
Body: Orison Bliaud +2
Hands: Augur's Gloves (or Serpentes Mitts, if you use the Serpentes Sabots also)
Rings: Anything with healing skill or +MP really. (They don't matter that much. I use Sirona's/Ephedra)
Back: Orison Cape, or one of those slightly better ones that are on the AH that I can't remember the name of
Waist: Cleric's Belt (still one of the few relic accessories that doesn't suck). Barring that, Hierarch Belt or something; not sure what else is out there
Legs: Orison Pantaloons +2. These are important. (Cleric's Pantaloons +2/+3 are also good to have for enhancing spells, like the magian cure staff it's potent enough by itself to matter)
Feet: Cure Clogs, if you can afford them. They've gotten fairly cheap on my server for some reason. Barring that, Serpentes Sabots

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#7 Dec 01 2012 at 8:46 PM Rating: Decent
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Thank you very much for the replies. Quite helpful! I know exactly what to shoot for now (and happily, it should all be fairly cheap/easy to acquire!)
#8 Dec 06 2012 at 7:59 AM Rating: Good
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What you want is gear that a second account or a mule might use. So, with that in mind... I'd say try and get Empyrean head/legs to at least +1. You can store these. In fact Orison Earring/Locket/Cape are all good so if space is your primary concern, then get those and just have the moogle look after them.

I assume you don't have a magian cure potency staff? If not then what I did was buy my alt a Tefnut Wand. If you're really determined to do this on the cheap and easy then Blessed Hands/Legs/Feet, Light/Apollo/Chatoyant staff, either a Facio Bliaud or Noble's tunic, Serpentes Hands/Feet.

It's actually easy to get stuff which is storable and still do ok. I'd either get an Orison Cape or buy one of the high level Cure pot capes. Aqua sachet is an option for ammo. Trooper's ring is another option for ring.

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#9 Dec 06 2012 at 2:33 PM Rating: Good
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yeah I only use whm to help people out so my set is easy to get/not-super-amazing stuff and it works just fine

-Facio Bliault (I haven't been lucky enough to get high potency AND refresh, but 15% potency is pretty nice and in abyssea who cares about refresh really - I have a refresh one I idle in if I feel like it is needed)

-my crummy non-upgraded AF2 hat (you could do a lot better)

-Chatoyant staff (because it is nice for so many jobs anyway)

-pax grip (do find enmity down actually useful when curebombing - there are better things but this is cheap

-Clarus Stone, again you could do better but this is easy to get

-Witful belt (have it for other jobs)

-Oretania's Cape (cure potency, got this for free doing WoE)

-Orison legs +1

-Serpentes set (cure potency, regen, refresh)

-that crummy healing skill ring and whatever I find when rummaging around

-orison earring and the MP+ earring because I don't have anything better

probably forgetting a slot or something but I cure in abyssea just fine with this. I've done the easier mobs and megabosses, even helped cure for some rather hard stuff (though not as sole healing mage)

I'd be better with more gear and swaps but I don't really care that much since it is a "I'm helping you out" job, not a job I actually like or want to play regularly

ADD: NQ fylga's torque

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