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#1 Dec 01 2012 at 12:56 PM Rating: Good
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I've been rather passionate about RDM for a very long time, but after 5+ years I've noticed I've been playing WHM in events with a chapeau on, so why not go for the real deal instead?

WHM merits have been left untouched at the moment, but from research I figured:

Tier I
Barspells 5/5
Cure Cast 5/5

Tier II
Shellra V 5/5
Devotion ?/5
Martyr ?/5

Devotion and Martyr I gather are varied, though I believe Devotion is perferred more over Martyr. I've also heard even putting 1 merit in Protectra V means you're a stupid WHM, though I never heard any reason beyond Accession + Protect V being better. Can anyone explain that further?

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#2 Dec 01 2012 at 5:17 PM Rating: Decent
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I've also heard even putting 1 merit in Protectra V means you're a stupid WHM, though I never heard any reason beyond Accession + Protect V being better.

It really doesn't matter that much, especially nowadays when extra merits in Devotion no longer reduce its recast timer. I put one in there anyway, because 1) it looks WEIRD to be casting Shellra 5 but not Protectra 5, 2) I am not always /SCH, 3) I don't like having to use a stratagem to cast Protectra anyway unless I am SCH main; they recharge much slower on /SCH and I'd rather use the stratagems on spells that I can't normally AoE without it, like Stoneskin or something.

I unlocked Martyr and Protectra, put the rest into Devotion, and never looked back.
#3 Dec 06 2012 at 7:52 AM Rating: Good
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AoE Protect assumes that at the time Prot goes down you actually have a charge free to go. Also Protectra V is cheaper. I did 5/5 Bars, 5/5 Cure Casting, 5/5 Shellra V, 1/5 ProtectraV , 1/5 Martyr and 3/5 Devotion.
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#4 Dec 07 2012 at 7:17 PM Rating: Good
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I never got laughed at for this but I've always had one merit in protectra V. Why? I think it looks weird to not have it, plus even tho for a LOT of serious stuff pre-level-cap raise I was /sch, I never assumed I'd have a free charge. Not to mention I find it a little slower to use a charge, and I'd rather go for speed in a lot of situations. Even after..I am /sch a LOT but not always. (I can be talked into /blm or /rdm, tho I really really don't like /rdm on whm for anything but Salvage really)

Otherwise I think your planned merits look just fine. Oh and I have -ga'ed prot V; I'm guilty of doing that..to another party in my alliance who doesn't have someone who can buff. I prefer protectra V b/c of mp costs and just plain speed, but sometimes you gotta.

I don't think it was tested but to be honest, from all reports, ga-ed prot V is not better than the merit version with one merit in it. Whoever said it was better was out of their tree. They are about the same, actually.

Anyway, what I did there was full merited Shellra V, unlocked Protectra V and Martyr, and dumped the rest in Devotion, and never thought about it much again.

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