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#152 Oct 23 2004 at 12:48 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm never going to use Skeleton keys ever again! ><

Boyada Tree (Had to finish DRG AG hands first T.T)
Skeleton key
7 Failures plus a mimic
8th key success

Monastic Cavern (Time to get me THF af hands!)
Skeleton key
4 Failures
Thief's Tools
1st key Success?! (13200 gil WTF? >< forgot to activate quest T.T)
That's my experience so far~
BTW THF 55/ NIN 27 when i did this.

I guess i'll get my THF af hands tomorrow night...
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#153 Oct 23 2004 at 10:03 AM Rating: Good
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Great post!!^^
Thank you so much!^^
#154 Oct 25 2004 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Only Tarus can get away with that.
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#155 Oct 25 2004 at 12:44 PM Rating: Decent
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Oh man! What have they done to me? I am so hooked.

EDIT: Didnt realize how long the post was. Sorry - just skip to the next post ^^

Hit level 50THF/NIN and finished GK1. I decided to take a swing at my AF coffers in preparation for the real deal later on. So I spring for the skeleton keys (30-35k a stack) figuring I'll need all the help I can get at only level 50. I hit Monastic, run around a bit with Tonko, spot a coffer and pop it with my first key for the old gloves. Kinda fun.

Castle O next. Wow, this place is like a thf playground. I swear it was designed specifically for THF/NINs. No wonder we just hang out there looking for Astrals. Again Tonko was the only thing needed. Hard to imagine any other job getting into the locked coffer room solo since you have to: wait for the Yags at the torch/switch to turn away - drop invis - light torch - flee - hide - then book to the door before is closes. I was grinning like a kid in a candy store once I made it into the room. Anyway coffer finally spawns in the middle of the leech pond, I pop a silent oil, open chest with 1st key - Hammer Time! - and perfect dodge/warp outta there with my AF pants.

Castle Zavhl Baileys - so visually cool, so dangerous, so much fun! Sneak and invis needed pretty much at all times. I opted for THF/NIN with tonko and silent oils. This one took quite a while - and one death - to get the hang of sneaking around safely between coffer spawns (Famke's guide helped tremendously for this one, thanks Famke ^^). Finally got into a rhythm and spotted a coffer - 1 fail and 1 Rouge's vest.

I know I got lucky getting these at 50 after reading previous recommendations to wait till 55-60 for coffer hunting, heh so for now I just sate me apetite for lock picking on chests in Fei Yin.

Anyway what I wanted to offer as far as lockpicking recommedaions go is the use of thf/nin and silent oils as an alternative thf/whm. This sounds expensive, but instead of leveling whm to 30, you can level Alchemy to 60. With alchemy at 56, I can get almost 4 stacks of silent oils for 3800 gil (3k for fire crystals and 800 for water crystals) and a bit of farming:

Bah, I'm too lazy to post recipes but all you need is 3 stacks of beehive chips (Maneating Hornets in N. Gustaberg) and 1 stack of slime oil (jellies in Korroloa Tunnel). These drop very nicely with TH2 (Read: almost every kill). With high alchemy you HQ enough beeswax and silent oils to consistently give you 3-4 stacks of silent oils.

As far as the advantages of this setup go:

- Tonko invis seems to consistently last 3mins while whm Invis in my experience can begin to wear off within seconds of being cast, it seems very random (this happens with sneak as well)

- Once I remove all my gear - silent oils last a long time. Many times I find myself recasting Tonko while I'm still on the initial silent oil application. Taking off all gear makes a huge difference in extending the silent oil duration.

- No magic aggro: in a tight spot it sucks to find a safe place to recast sneak and invis only to have that Jar/Doll/Elemental hit you from aroung the corner or from behind a closed door.

- No need for MP: lol, sometimes its hard enough to find a gap in which to reapply sneak/invis far less on where I'd want to sit down and rest to recover MP.

- You still get Utsusemi: In the event of aggro and/or making your escape this could be the difference between life and death. For those first three hits as you try to flee-deoderize and hide when 2hr is down. Or for that Ancient Magic that went right past Perfect Dodge.


Cost - yeah you gotta shave that 3.8k off your profit from the treasure hunt. Plus the Tonko tools cost and the time spent farming.

Healing and Other WHM utility spells - well I'm not planning on fighting or getting hit while sneaking around for chests/coffers, but stuff happens so you may miss these spells.

Oh well that's just my little ramble on getting into coffer picking - cant wait till 55 for more ^^.

Edited, Mon Oct 25 13:45:50 2004 by Simplicity
#156 Oct 26 2004 at 12:42 AM Rating: Decent
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wow, what server are u on that the price for thief tools is 6-10k, wish i were there. 16-20k on Cait Sith :(
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#157 Oct 26 2004 at 2:18 PM Rating: Decent
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I was planning to take the same road as Simplicity, with Tonko and Silent Oils. I had the same thing in mind: Tonko seems to always last the same guaranteed time, and with nicely levelled Alchemy the cost of Slent Oils is reduced by a huge chunk.

I'm only a lv30 THF/NIN now, so I have plenty of time to work on my Alchemy-skills [lv6 now, haha]. And I believe that when I hit lv50 I'll be able to farm enough money so that the cost of the Silent Oil ingredients doesn't hurt ^^ Plus, I'm sure I'll get the money back from the chests and coffers anyway.

Also, I don't feel good about having two spells to keep up. Somehow it feels more safe to have one spell and one item to use in that kind of situations. I'm not sure why I feel this way though, I recall reading something about this a long time ago but I just can't figure out wth it was ^^;
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#158 Nov 08 2004 at 12:00 AM Rating: Decent
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here's a theory for me:
you could sub blm for your thf since its rumored that dex and int play a part in lockpicking that way at higher levels you can use the spell warp instead of those hard earned CP

again just a theory i could be wrong
#159 Nov 30 2004 at 4:51 AM Rating: Decent
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i dont know if this belongs here butt i was in King ranpeers tomb and came out of a cave by about 10 gob leechers i noticed a chest in a corner i was wondering whats in the chest befor i tryed to open it. or is it random?

i just seen the link u posted on page 1 . do i need the king ranpeers chest key to open it or can i just use thievs tools?

Edited, Tue Nov 30 04:54:59 2004 by IronsideGIL
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#160 Dec 06 2004 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
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exactly WHEN do thfs learn to pick locks?
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I just want dam boots 2 use or monstersigna 2 sell and buy boots
if u are quitting giv me ur items^^
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#161 Dec 08 2004 at 2:38 PM Rating: Good
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first post, but i've been lurking for a while ;P figured i'd share some info

tried my first lock picking last night in Gusgen Mines after 4 unsuccessfull hours of key hunting. grabbed a stack of silent oils and thiefs tools and went to work for my RSE.

lvl 25, Hume successful picks 3 out of 4 tries. used warp scrolls to get out after picking, was pleased with my results, i got 3 pieces of RSE in just under an hour. i have an ordelles chest key in my safe so i'll use that to get my last RSE piece when its available there.

i used these macros:

Silent oil:
/item "Silent Oil" <me>
(i had to wait for sneak effect to wear off or turn it off before reapplying)

/item "Thief's Tools" <t>

/item "Instant Warp" <me>

/ja "Perfect Dodge" <me>
/wait 1
/item "Instant Warp" <me>

didnt have to use the panic macro, i was only agro'd once by a worm right next to the second chest i openned. it wasnt hitting me hard enough to bother me i still had ~200/410hp when i warped out.

i also used Flee to get around quickly and locate chests. i highly recommend getting RSE in gusgen as there was very few people there so really no competition for the chests. and very few mobs agro to sight (only bombs i believe) so you dont need invis when running around.

Edited, Dec 14th 2006 11:10pm by xKasterx
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#162 Dec 13 2004 at 2:21 AM Rating: Decent
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Just recently started lockpicking, and here are results so far:

Monastic Cavern for AF gloves
Level 50
Thief's tools
Success on 1st try

Eldieme Necropolis
Level 49 (delevelled getting Genkai 1 items)
Thief's tools
Success on 1st try, 7000 gil, drew aggro from nearby lich and died

Palborough Mines (just for kicks)
Level 49
Thief's tools
Success on 1st try, Flame Boomerang

#163 Dec 14 2004 at 3:31 PM Rating: Decent
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First, to the question about gil being split with your party if opened while in party. I didn't see it answered anywhere else. Yes, it gives everyone an equal share. Unfortunately i learned this while in an alliance in Eldhame Necropolis helping people get their papyrus. >.<
Second, whenever I go coffer hunting, I like to go /rdm for 2 reasons. You get more added int and dex than /whm, and its alot cheaper than using tools and oils. I use my RSE and dark staff to counter the lower mp pool.
As for my personal record of picking locks, I have been very lucky for what I've read here. I have had only success except for 1 coffer where I failed 5 times then gave up. I have found that while in a coffer area, if you can find at least SOME VT or lower, then you will have a good chance at successful pickings, as i have always used this as a rule of thumb.
BTW, I am a 56 elvaan theif for anyone curious. Good luck and happy hunting!
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#164 Jan 04 2005 at 8:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Just thought I'd share my results as well:

Level 47 - Mithra:

Fei'Yin, Living Key, 1 key used, Life Belt obatained.

Level 50 - Mithra:

Monastic Cavern, Living Key, 1 key used, Old Gauntets obtained.

Castle Oztroja, Living Key, 2 keys used, Rogue's Culotte obtained.

Castle Zvahl Baileys, Living Key, 1 key used, Rogue's Vest obtained.

EDIT: Added in Castle Zvahl results.
Edited, Tue Jan 4 08:19:38 2005 by Kur

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#165 Jan 13 2005 at 6:35 PM Rating: Decent
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I have a little question request. The Treasure map on page 1 is nice and all, but i dont know Japanese. so...

Can anyone please post an english treasure map please.

Thanks :P Sirtan
#166 Jan 16 2005 at 6:30 AM Rating: Decent
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Getting all AF was 1 skeleton key, cept Monastic Cavern which took 3 skeleton key at level 55.

I reccomend carrying a stack of Thief's Tools and a stack of Skelton Keys around at all times. Sometimes I'm just chilling somewhere and a box will pop up right next to me. Other times I decide to take out a few minutes to use windower, load up mystery tour, and peer at a coffer map for my current zone. Thief's tools should be more than adequate in Too Weak zones, where Skeleton's Keys offer a warm sense of security in tough zones. I don't use living keys because there's really not much of a middle ground in my opinion, and because it offers the greatest chance of a mimic.

Edited, Tue Jan 18 05:18:13 2005 by Shamaya
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#167 Jan 24 2005 at 7:29 AM Rating: Default
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I love picking locks!
Not because of the treasure, just love to see what will happen.
Unfortunatly, and I do mean unfortunatly, I have about a 90%
success rate so far with only 1 mimic, 9 fails, and 3 nothings.
I prefer thief's tools above all else (all the fails above except for the 1 nothing was from using skeleton keys).

I have a few stories about my lock-picking venture, oh man.

One was when I was wondering around Ordelle's Caves casually opening chest, stroper chyme hunting, ect. when I noticed 3-4 elves standing over a chest (dammit, rse week there ><) I asked them if they had the key and they said no. So I picked it (^^)
They got mad, go figure, so I told them it won't hurt to wait 10-15 more min. for another chest spawn (no point in holding back spawns if they didn't even have a key). So I move on, dudada-dada killed Stroper a couple of times (no drop ><) and ran across another chest.....with another elvan standing by it, lol.
I stoped and walked casually over to the elf. She screamed "No, stop, mine!" And was throwing one hell of a temper-tantrum. So I just told her " If you're going to be rude I'll just pick the damn thing, how about that?" You bet she calmed down real quick and said "I'm sorry, please don't" and I said that's better ^^
and walked off. Lost intrest in Ordell's, the Maze, and Gugsen for that among other reasons (junk in chests).

Another was when I was in Castle Ostroja for my af. I knew where all the coffer locations were so I kept my Tonko up and did laps around the vicinity. I knew the last room was notorious for always having the coffer inside ( which require you to randomly choose a torch to open door then to quickly flee/hide to make it to door in time). Then I noticed there was a lvl 75 japanese thf inside with the coffer (which he was there just for the Yags) I told him to get ready cause I tried using my first stack of skeleton keys (all those failures described above) The last skeleton key I used turned into a mimic and death traped me. Quickly, I had him invite me so he could destract it long enough for me to come to and to help him fight it.....except I underestimated the poison XD having about 220 hp I had no choice but to apoligize to him and warp out, making a mad flee to MH in Lower Jeuno. ( I made it inside at 45 hp @.@)
I asked him if he was alright and he said that he killed it but died from the poison <(;;)> (he also said half-jokingly that he'll never help another N/A again lol). I made a decision from then on to not only use only Thief's tools but carry a stack of antidotes as well! I gathered my courage again and ventured back to the castle. Inside it was empty so I had to do that torch->flee->hide thing again to get inside the door (yup, poped in the exact same place) I used the thief's tools and got my af 1st try! (stupid skeleton keys ><)

Well this post is long enough so I'll leave the other stories some other time. Moral of the story is: Higher the risk, higher the reward! (or somthing like that)

#168 Jan 31 2005 at 6:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Just wanted to say.. this thread rocks. Thanks!^^
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#169 Feb 04 2005 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
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Nice thread.. wow!!!
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#170 Feb 15 2005 at 8:13 PM Rating: Decent
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well, i started my hand in picking locks at lvl 47, trying to get the rest of my RSE for elvaan. the RSE was located in gusgen. i snagged a stack of tools and attempted my first chest....success! got my pattern-->warp.

chest #2: first thf tool-->success!-->warp.

chest #3: first thf tool-->TRAP!...oh no. weakened for the better part of an hour.

oh well, the week was over. next, off to get my torn papers for the sandy quest w/ the cathedral tapestry. i found the chest in ordelles, and once again, TRAP! oh well. crap.

so far, 2/4. total profit = 180k worth of gear. not bad for an investment of 4 tools.

i'm really looking forward to continuing my lock picking adventures!
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#171 Feb 21 2005 at 3:19 AM Rating: Decent
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In the theory of picking lock success rate, i do believe it reies on lvl and area. I havent getten a mimic since i was lvl 58 picking the Castle V coffer. That was my first and only mimic. And Why quit trying to pick a lock u fail at, if its worth treasure/AF keep going at it.

You CANNOT pick coffers for ur other jobs AF UNLESS its the old gauntlets coffer for the darkspark battel, ive tried this for my RNG AF, picked coffer to obtain key item old gauntlets, later tried to pick Crawlersnest coffer for RNG Hunter Braccae, all i got was gil. so there. Getting AF for ur next job wont be cake like your THF AF was ^-^
#172 Feb 28 2005 at 5:34 PM Rating: Good
99 posts
Wonderful post, Rate up.
Now to go and try my luck on my AF coffers...
~Redbaron-Thief 75~
#173 Mar 02 2005 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
36 posts
I was wondering, if you're with a friend in a party, just you two, and your objective is to get their AF.. Could you pick the lock for them and retrieve THEIR AF?
#174 Mar 07 2005 at 2:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok I did the Monastic Cavern for AF gloves last night.
I only used Thief Tools
1st weakened =/ lasted 10 mins
2nd got the item

took me about 20mins to get the item. I am at 50 and I have a 60+ WHM friend of mine come along to help. Never needed sneak. I used tonko and invis. never got aggroed....
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#175 Apr 11 2005 at 1:06 PM Rating: Decent
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If your using invis to stay undected then here is a really big tip!!! As soon as it says the invisible is wearing off then just start casting invis again. It will remove and put the new invis on for you. And this is the really helpful part! If the enemies ONLY aggro on sight you can cast invis while invised right in front of them and they won't aggro!!!
1. Just to clarify: Invis only stacks if you are using NIN sub and Tonko to make yourself invisible. The white magic spell Invisible does NOT stack. If you cast it on yourself while Invisible, all you'll do is knock whatever invis time you had left off.

2. You are visible very briefly when you reapply Tonko. While unlikely, it is possible to get aggro'd by sight only mobs while doing this. Saw this happen to a RNG/NIN looking for his AF coffer in Monastic Caverns. He was quite surprised and none too happy.
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#176 Apr 13 2005 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
2,881 posts
1. Just to clarify: Invis only stacks if you are using NIN sub and Tonko to make yourself invisible. The white magic spell Invisible does NOT stack. If you cast it on yourself while Invisible, all you'll do is knock whatever invis time you had left off.

2. You are visible very briefly when you reapply Tonko. While unlikely, it is possible to get aggro'd by sight only mobs while doing this. Saw this happen to a RNG/NIN looking for his AF coffer in Monastic Caverns. He was quite surprised and none too happy.

i do not know where you got either of these pieces of information, and i am not trying to come across as arrogant, but both of these are wrong. no invisible spell "stacks", what happens is this, whenever you cast any spell or use any ability invisible wears off, so when you are invisible and cast invisible, the first one wears off and the new one takes its place immediately. it works the same for any way to invis yourself including invisible, tonko, prism powders, hide and camoflague. the part about being visible briefly when recasting tonko is only in the animation, but the status icon is there the entire time, making you invisible to mobs.
I was wondering, if you're with a friend in a party, just you two, and your objective is to get their AF.. Could you pick the lock for them and retrieve THEIR AF?
The answer to this is no. Whenever you open a coffer for AF there is a message that says you opened a coffer and inside is a piece of armor that noone else in your party can obtain, so you get it. if you tried this you would get gil, or an item depending on where you are. Any items obtained from chests or coffers while in a party (aside from AF) are placed in the treasure pool.

Edited, Wed Apr 13 14:39:45 2005 by Buront
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