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#1 Aug 08 2004 at 7:38 PM Rating: Excellent
367 posts
This is a little compilation of what I refer to as "Good Stuff." I have primarily done this b/c I keep losing posts that I found useful in the past and I wanted one place where I could find all of them. I would like to give a deep thanks to all the people who have supplied the information in the links below. You know who you are and I'm sure you all already know how great you are.

Please note that some of these posts will cross-link to each other. For example, the first pulling guide has links to the third and fouth pulling guides.

1. New Player: Links to General Information
2. More guides for the new and not so new player
3. Thief Video Library
4. Thief Linkshells

Getting Started
1. Vryali's Guide to Thief 1-75
2. Astika's Guide-levels 1-15
3. Hobodoug's Guide for THF 1-30
4. Starting in Bastok: Vicktur's Thief 1-25
5. Starting in Sandy I~~Starting in Sandy II

After Sneak and Before Trick
1. Problems with stealing hate
2. Phraust's thoughts on stealing hate
3. Going to Khazam

SATA before Assassin
1. Leachman's Sticky:Sneak Attack/Trick Attack + Weapon Skill Guide
2. Being Tricked On-for the nonthiefs looking to be good party members
3. Trix are for Kids
4. How to Nail a Paladin to a Cross... Basic/Advanced Hate Control
5. SATA and Pulling
6. Using SATA prior to pulling
7. Explaining SATA to a party
8. Archain: Hide+SATA Guide 1~~Archain: Hide+SATA Guide 2

1. DelennFFXI Assassin Analysis
2. Sammeh: Assassin Reviewed
3. Assassin Discussion

1. Accomplice/Collaborator

What should I merit for thief?

Alternative Levelling in a Party
1. AmbroseOdin's Levelling Guide
2. Tech's Guide to Alternative Levelling Areas
3. MysteryTour Levelling Guide
4. Allakhazam's Levelling Guide
5. Levels 73-75: Xping at Uleguerand Range
6. Levelling 73+
7. Levelling in the Near East

Alternative Levelling Solo
1. Soloing in Burburimu
2. Soloing Khazam I~~Soloing Khazam II~~Soloing Khazam III
3. Climhazard's Thf/Bst Soloing~~Climhazard's Update
4. BartelX's Q lvl 72+ Quick Guide to Soloing

1. Thf/War vs. Thf/Nin
2. Subjob Discussion 1
3. Subjob Discussion 2
4. Thf/Nin vs. Thf/Rng
5. Jrunk's Thf/Rng~~Thf/Rng
6. Thf/rng vs. Thf/war Parse & Discussion
7. Thf/Mnk 1~~Thf/Mnk 2~~Thf/Mnk 3
8. Thf/Drk
Please note that most /nin debates include advantages of exploiting the tp floor. After the April 2006 update, the tp floor no longer exists. Percent tp gained per hit continually decreases with lower delay weapons rather can giving a 5% regardless at some lower limit. No 4.5% is not a new tp floor either. There is no tp floor. There are still advantages in tp gain for ninja, but be aware that some of the tp gain arguments are not as strong as they once were.

TP Information (post-patch)
1. TP Gain for Dagger Combos*Good data and explanations
2. Dual Wield Reduction vs Haste (DelennFFXI on Supponami)

1. Beginner's Guide to Pulling
2. Tips for pulling
3. Warrior's Pulling Guide
4. Timing your pulls
5. Phraust's Pulling Motto

Hate and Related Things
1. Enmity and Aggro: Implications in Pulling and Tanking
2. GrumpyWookie: Hate Basics

Food and so much more...
1. Thief's Toolbox
2. MenaceTHIEF's Bag-o-Trick's for the Thief with a Crossbow
3. Somepage Food List
4. Sushi Guide for a Thief
5. Ninja Tools

Skill Chains
1. Aden's Renkei Chart
2. DestinySeekers Skill Chain Chart
3. Skill Chain Chart-IGN FFXI Vault
4. DranoK's Skill Chain Calculator
5. Barlorn's Skill Chain Generator
6. Help! Lessons on Skill Chains starring Myihta
These skill chain charts and generators may not be completely accurate. Aden's Skill Chain Chart is the most trusted across the allakhazam forums. However, it may be easier for a new (or not so new) player to use one of the other charts or to use a skill chain generator. Do not feel dumb because you have difficulty with skill chains. They can be confusing. Use whatever resource necessary to help you understand them and incorporate them into your party.

Specific Weaponskill Information
1. Archain: Weaponskill Modifiers
2. Sharkbite & Martial Knife by TSP
3. Dancing Edge 1~~Dancing Edge 2
4. Screenshots:Evisceration~~Sharkbite&Dancing Edge
5. Club:True Strike~~Judgement

Combat Skills and Related Information
1. Skill Cap Chart
2. Weapon Skill Calculator

Skilling-up Combat Skills
1. Archain:Lvling Ranged Weapons 1~~Archain:Lvling Ranged Weapons 2
2. Archain: Skill-up Locations
3. Skill-up Chart 1~~Skill-up Chart 2
4. Rdm Skill-up Guide
5. Evasion

General Equipment Information
1. ReiAyanami's Equipment Guide
2. Equipment Suggestions for Levels 1-30
3. Equipment Guide for the Thf/Rng
4. End Game Equipment Sets
5. Rare/Ex Thf Equipement
6. Daggers: Lvls 68-75 Post Dagger Update

How To Obtain Guides: Specific Equipment Items
1. Guide to obtaining Thief AF
2. TaeraIfrit: How to get your Hornetneedle 101
3. Astika: Odqan and the Bravo's Subligar
4. Thief's Kote: How to Obtain
5. Thief's Knife I~~Thief's Knife II
6. Mercurial Kris
7. Key Belt

General Equipment Stats: Dex vs Str vs Attack
1. RVW: Impact Ratio of Stats on WS
2. Stat Discussions 1
3. Stat Discussion 2
4. LockeJV: Attack/Defense on IT Abraxas (formulas and numbers galore)
5. LockeJV: Evasion Caps
6. Upgraded Dagger List (Post July 2006)

Useful Macros
1. Shamaya's Thief Macro Guide
2.Equipment Change Macro How-To Guide
3. Equipment Change Macros Specific
4. Excellent Macro Guide from Warrior Forum
5. Recast, Sneak+Trick, Hide

Treasure Hunter
1. Treasure Hunter Links

Picking Chests and Coffers
1. Rayel's Sticky: Lockpicking Tips
2. Chest and Coffer Contents-A Listing
3. Archain: Picking Coffers for Non-thief-job's AF?

1. Stealing Guide Consolidated
2. Tech's Guide to Stealing
3. Mystery Tour Website

Maat Mashing
1. Second by Second Guide
2. Meepein's Maat Guide
3. LockeJV's Maat Guide

A Thief in BCNMS, Promyvians, and Other Fun Stuff
1. PsiChi's CoP Chapter 1 as Thf/Rng
2. Thief in Promyvian? Take 1~~Thief in Promyvian? Take 2
3. THF in CoP-Tips for all Missions
4. BCNM 30~~BCNM 30~~BCNM 30
6. BCNM 40
7. Pulling Strings ENM 60 I~~Pulling Strings ENM 60 II
8. Thief in Ballista~~Thief in Ballista 2

Thoughts on thieves by the non-thieves
Whm Forum~~Blm Forum~~Rdm Forum
Pld Forum~~War Forum

Farming/Money Making
1. Farming Suggestions
2. Thief's Guide to Farming
3. Guide to Money Making in Windy for the Young Thief
4. Questing for Gil

Technical Tidbits
1. Japanese Site Translator 1~~Japanese Site Translator 2
2. JP's Guide to Video and Screenshots
3. FFXI Log Parser~~How to use Spyle's Parser
4. Kalia's ParserNEW!
5. FFXI Timer for Palm
I have not tried any parser because I'm not smart enough to figure them out. Spyle's parser used to be fairly heavily used although I have heard it is broken. Several people on this board recommend Kalia's parser. It reportedly is not broken (big plus!), operates well in laggy places, and the screenshots of it look purdy. I am not responsible if either causes the destruction of your computer, pets, friends, family, city, state, and country. Have a nice day. :)

I have purposely left out a lot of information for endgame stuffs. This is because I don't like deciding what good links for things I haven't experienced. Math also gives me a headache so sometimes I ignore it even when I shouldn't. Therefore, if you feel certain that particular links are excellent than I will gladly add them. Just remind me I'm a dork and that should listen to the wiser cooler thieves out there.

If you would a like a subject added to this thread (even if you don't know the exact link or links), please post a request in this thread. Thanks.

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#2 Aug 08 2004 at 7:50 PM Rating: Decent
61 posts
Awesome !! Rate up,
I hope this gets sticky
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#3 Aug 09 2004 at 12:51 AM Rating: Good
6,318 posts
Holy Cow!!! That just consolidated over half of my bookmarks. Wow!! And the other half were things that I have missed. this is awesome. I deffinatly would second a sticky (but i dunno if my vote counts )

Here might be be another link:

List of THF Linkshells

would have people be able to know who to get in touch with for advise.

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#4 Aug 09 2004 at 1:01 AM Rating: Good
It's Just a Flesh Wound
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ok.. i need to make a new account, and make only posts like this, so that by the time i have a post count of 50, im a guru.. >.> i try'd it once, but failed >.> i didn't know that getting rid of an old account and only using a new one would be considered a sockpuppet, o well,
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#5 Aug 09 2004 at 9:58 AM Rating: Excellent
367 posts
Thanks PsiChi I was thinking about that one when I headed home last night from work.

Another thing.. When I was looking at this I realized that Bastok is sadly underrepresented in the starting thf category. Do any of you human thf's have pride on Bastink? (Seriously, I have a soft spot for Bastok b/c my alt is there.. so if you have saw a starting guide for it I would like to include it.)

How did you get to be so hated Deadgye? I actually find you amusing most of the time... except for when you Shadowstitch monsters onto people and walk away. I keep trying to get your rating into the decent category and it never happens. Did you have thread in your history where you explained the finer points of puppy torture?

I'll add some more later.
#6 Aug 09 2004 at 2:46 PM Rating: Good
6,318 posts
Heres another more:

Things not to do

Thiefyly Humor

Quick food discussion

Dont know if you had this on:
Sub-job discussion
Justice was right... details do make the girls sweat.

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#7 Aug 09 2004 at 3:11 PM Rating: Excellent
986 posts
I could do a brand new post for food if you like. Or I can post it here in this thread. But it would destroy your link structure.

I was thinking on do a 'Basics of Notorious Monster Hunting' But I feel It would be a catastophe if I do...

Edited, Mon Aug 9 16:14:42 2004 by Phraust
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#8 Aug 09 2004 at 4:17 PM Rating: Good
367 posts
Thanks Phraust. I was hoping you would respond. If you would create a new food thread, I would really prefer it. If you respond here, I was just going to cut and paste it into a new thread for the benefit of structure in this post (giving you all credit of course.) Be careful with that notorious monster post. I purposely left out anything on notorious monsters... because well I didn't like the potential side-effects. That's probably a bit hypocrytical of me though b/c I've read everything I've seen you write on the NM forums. Of course, I have a bad habit of knocking over my keyboard whenever I target Lizzy so I doubt that I could ever be a professional NM hunter anyway.

PsiChi, I'll look at those links as soon as I eat something. 4:00 and no lunch does bad things to my head.
#9 Aug 09 2004 at 4:47 PM Rating: Excellent
986 posts

Labeled 'Thief's Toolbox'.
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#10 Aug 10 2004 at 1:51 AM Rating: Decent
6,318 posts
Seeing the info for Non-thiefs in here made me think.... maybe a section for non-THF views of us. I tried looking through the various job forums, but most things wound up being rather non-constructive.

If this is something people would like, I'll start up the threads. I can already guess how some groups might respond, but who knows :)
Justice was right... details do make the girls sweat.

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#11 Aug 10 2004 at 6:25 PM Rating: Good
367 posts
Someone already did PsiChi. "A How to SATA and why thf's can help a well-run party" post was placed in every job forum I looked in awhile back. (I didn't really check the bst forum.) It was a really well done post. I'm trying to find one. It probably would help if I could remember who wrote it and what it was actually called. If I remember correctly, the whm one didn't even have that much negative feedback.

Does anyone else find this conglomeration helpful? Do you want anything else added? Are there any helpful websites outside of allakhazam that I should add? Should I omit the amusing posts b/c they might be considered inappropriately placed here?

Edit: Found it! Kaching! I'll find the rest of them later...

Hmmmm... Some of the forums most of got annoyed with the duplicate posts b/c can't find it in all of the forums. Oh well, I'll put in "close enough" replacements when I see them.

Edit 2: I'm turning this into my "considerations" area for when I'm not sure if I like something enough to put up top. Of course, since this will probably not make it to the first page again, I probably shouldn't be concerned. Ah well....
Levelling Issues/Other
Help! Weapon Skill Lesson
Skilling up Parry
Interviews 1~~Invterview 2

Dynamis and a little HNM

Ranged Weapons
Sword vs. Dagger
Reiy's Equipment Tests
Thf/Mnk (Hand-to-Hand Equipment
Archain: Recovery Equipment Macroes... Or I need more lines dangit!!

Some things are good

Things that make me smile...
1. Wookie Story Time
2.Oopsies and oopsies again...
3. Do not be confused. They are being sarcastic.
4. I couldn't help myself
5. JP's Wishlist
6. I'm a god! (This is only for my own amusement. Not Yours)

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#12 Aug 11 2004 at 11:12 PM Rating: Excellent
1,102 posts
Wow, it looks like a lot of work went into this post! It deserves a bump and a sticky, by the look of it, IMHO. :)
#13 Aug 11 2004 at 11:29 PM Rating: Decent
402 posts
good job on the posts! good index for newer thievs!
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#14 Aug 15 2004 at 7:37 PM Rating: Good
155 posts
Bump.. questions lately
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#15 Aug 19 2004 at 11:20 AM Rating: Good
986 posts
THis really needs to be a stiky, but the title of it needs to be more explainatory...


Thief Links and FAQ.

-=[ Phraust ]=-
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#16 Aug 19 2004 at 11:57 AM Rating: Decent
589 posts
send an email to the site admins, they can arrange the sticky.
#17 Aug 19 2004 at 5:01 PM Rating: Good
367 posts
I submitted a sticky plus name change request to the Allakhazam System Feedback Forum. I can't seem to figure out how to change the subject line so unless anyone else knows and could tell me real quick... (looks around hopefully)... I'm hoping they can just change it for me.

If anyone disagrees (or aggrees with the sticky request), you can add your comments here.

Oh! Phraust is a golden guru now! Congrats^^

Edit: I was thinking about adding Maat-Limit Break 3 stuff... b/c in another 40 odd levels it will be important to me and I don't want to search for it all then. Would it be helpful to those who are a little closer to 70?

Edited, Thu Aug 19 18:03:56 2004 by LostTink
#18 Aug 19 2004 at 5:49 PM Rating: Decent
60 posts
Wow awesome post Lost! All this info will really help out all the young up and coming thfs. Definately sticky worthy^^

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#19 Aug 19 2004 at 6:49 PM Rating: Good
367 posts
The allakhazam administration believes we have too many stickies currently in this forum to add another. It was suggested by Dread Lord Kaolian that this post be added to one of the current stickies. (I guess just cut and pasted in?) I'm having some difficult believing that anyone will look under a lockpicking, AF, or SATA guides for Thf FAQ links. However, I could be mistaken. Does anyone else (particularly Famke, Leachman, or Rayel) believe that adding this post to one of the current stickies is advisable?

The only other option I can think of is to create links to the current stickies in this post and just replace one of those stickies with this one.. I don't really like that idea though.

Any thoughts? Or you can go a few posts up and click on my sticky request link to send any suggestions directly to the administration.

I feel like a trouble maker now. >< Do you want me to just drop my sticky request? I'm sortof leaning that direction if no one speaks up.
#20 Aug 20 2004 at 8:47 AM Rating: Decent
589 posts
I put a link in the fuidama guide. Too bad they won't sticky it for you.
#21 Aug 20 2004 at 5:09 PM Rating: Good
214 posts
wow, my guide is in this post. i feel honored to be listed with
some great contributors, like Famke, Phraust, Archain, etc. ^^

Thanks ^^
#22 Aug 27 2004 at 10:19 AM Rating: Decent
33 posts
as a long time reader of this ff forum, and newbie poster, i gotta say i totally missed this topic. if it was a sticky, i would have read it first thing. looks excellent.
#23 Aug 27 2004 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
this gudes kicks @$$ rate up
#24 Aug 31 2004 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
236 posts
This thread is really helpful (I am looking for THF guide and pulling), should get sticky ^o^;
rate up =)
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#25 Aug 31 2004 at 3:07 PM Rating: Good
6,318 posts
LostTink wrote:
The allakhazam administration believes we have too many stickies currently in this forum to add another. It was suggested by Dread Lord Kaolian that this post be added to one of the current stickies.

I was just thinking about this.... and it tastes funny. Most of the stickys we have are for higher lvl stuff. AF walkthrough, Lockpicking, and SaNTa. While all these are excelent threads, and are very desering of Sticky status..... there arent any stickys that can really help someone Pre-30's. BLM, RDM, WAR, WHM, BRD, SAM, and SMN all have a sticky for low lvls.

Somone had asked a while back why thf had so many more posts. I think its because we dont have a 101 sticky (like this one) so all the common questions that could be answered are asked over and over.


PS: I didnt know where to look for that form you entered, or I would have put all this there. Feel free to copy/paste it over there, or put the link up here.
Justice was right... details do make the girls sweat.

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#26 Aug 31 2004 at 3:30 PM Rating: Good
367 posts
I put a link in the post where I originally requested the sticky, but I don't think it was very easy to see. Apologies. I'll make it more obvious...

-->Feedback Forum Link<--

Is that better?

Feel free to add your comments there. I would rather not cut and paste anything directly into it b/c well... I don't really know how many people think this post was worthwhile, but your rant makes me feel it was at least a little helpful.

Hmmm... Do you think I should remove the link to JP's Wishlist (aka Pimp Magic post) since this is back on the first page?
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