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#1 Jan 02 2012 at 2:47 AM Rating: Decent
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I read posts here, I read posts on FFXIAH, but so many inconsistencies I have to ask here and hope I see some people I recognize as knowledgeable about this stuff...

I'm trying to optimize. I love Thf, and after tonight I spent 1.9m(largest amount I've had since coming back to the gamec thanks Dom Notes!) on Ocelomeh Headpiece so it's time to throw caution aside and do what I can to de-suck my Thief.

To Start! I'm not making Twashtar as much as I'd love to, and not doing Fire Magian dagger. I LOVE my Agi Kila+3(soon to upgrade) because as much as my friend tries, his Nin simply can't out-tank me so the EVA is nice and the AGI for TA/Exenterator is a bonus.

Current WS for Evisceration:
Weapon: Kila+3 (AGI) / Triplus Dagger (I have DMG+7 Crit Dmg+6% Yataghan still, just in case?)
Ranged: Raider's Boomerang
Head: Ocelomeh Headpiece
Neck: Rancor Collar (or does Shadow Gorget somehow win out?)
Ears: Brutal Earring(On Multi-Hit, does DA really help still?) / Kemas Earring(for acc, 800k for 3dex earring is a bit much...)
Body: Alcide's Harness(Turul is just.. ugh. And Ocelomeh body is about 3m on my server, so maybe someday but I doubt before I deploy)
Hands: Raider's Armlets+2
Rings: Airy Ring / Rajas
Back: Atheling Mantle (Should I put in Nifty since I VERY often stack Evisc with SA? does 5dex beat 11atk 3%DA on a multi-hit?)
Waist: Shadow Belt(I have Warwolf as well? Not sure here. I don't have Anguinis)
Legs: Tumbler Trunks (Pants are +1, waiting on friend to hit Sobek stage to begin him for +2's...)
Feet: Aurore Gaiters (Lithe are 1dex more for inv-1 in a very full char. If you say it's going to SHOW a diff, I'll buy em)

Current WS for Exenterator:
Weap: Kila+3 (AGI) / Triplus Dagger
Ranged: Raider's Boomerang
Head: Ocelomeh Headpiece
Neck: Agasaya's Collar (Should I farm up a Breeze Gorget?)
Ears: Brutal Earring
Body: Raider's Vest+2 (Just for Dagger skill atm, otherwise, Aurore? And should I put on Alcide when I TA stack this?)
Hands: Brego Gloves (would the 18atk off Raider's Armlets+2 beat the 5AGI?)
Rings: Rajas / Heed (Terrible but there's never a Solemn Ring and 1.2m for Stormsoul is just out of reach right now...)
Back: Atheling Mantle (same question-ish, I got Blithe Mantle(AGI+5 Double Attack+2) does that beat out 20atk and 1% DA?)
Waist: Breeze Belt (next option would be Crudelis Belt(STR/AGI/MND+5 Enmity-3)
Legs: Kacura Subligar(AGI+7 Dex+4 Eva+10) (Does this beat Tumbler's +18 atk?)
Feet: Raider's Poulaines+2

Any kind of advice would be great. Items over 1m are just gonna happen right now. I blew up all my Dom Notes and cruor is for brews. I leave in 20 days for Kuwait so spending days farming ain't gonna do it right now. Trying to find semi-affordable stuff or low-mannable (thf, nin, blm, whm preferably) stuff that doesn't have a .001% drop rate lol.

I came here rather than just piecing stuff together because so many people argue about Elem Gorget/Belt vs other gear, then argue DEX/AGI vs Acc/Atk/etc...

Thanks in advance, this board is what lets me help others in the game so know I really do appreciate informative answers.

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#2 Jan 03 2012 at 8:45 AM Rating: Default
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A fire kila should be better than and agl one.
Twashtar (90)
#3 Jan 11 2012 at 10:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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A bit late, given the limited time you have left, but...

Neck: Rancor
Ear: Yes, Brutal (and DA/TA in general) are still worth using

Neck: Arctier's Torque
Body: Denali would be best if you have it; not sure why you'd use Alcide's; Aurore is fine, certainly better than AF3; Kacura +1 would improve on that, which in turn would be beat by Loki's.
Back: Atheling should still win (unless you're capping attack)
Waist: Crudelis
Legs: Kacura should win out over Tumblers
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