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Patentia Sash Dual Wield % testing with conclusive resultsFollow

#1 Jul 18 2012 at 5:30 PM Rating: Excellent
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It's been so long since I've done a mathy post I almost feel weird posting this here, but the boards have been dead anyway. At any rate I finally got a chance to buy a Patentia Sash tonight and I've read that the dual wield percent is between 3-5% but no larger than 5% according to some testing at bg. I had my own hunch that the dual wield percent was 5% to coincide with the store tp +5, which is also a 5% bonus (5 sTP == 1.05 or 5% increase). This would have been a lot more difficult to test if it had not been for the fact that I have the perfect delay and dual wield setup to do this. The test is as follows.

I only wore four items

Twashtar -- level 90 (delay 176)
Flame Thokcha (lvl 99) Delay 190
Suppanomimi -- dual wield + 5%
Patentia Sash -- sTP + 5 and undetermined dual wield

Thief99/dancer 49 == dual wield III (25% delay reduction).

The only source of store tp was the patentia sash, for a total of 1.05 and did not affect the test validity

This gave me a PERFECT cutoff

Calculating delay

176 + 190 == 366
366/2 == 183
183 BASE delay per hand

Scenario 1: Patentia Sash dual wield is 4% or less

If Patentia Sash dual wield was 4% OR LESS I would have a total dual wield of 34% (dual wield 3 + suppa + 4% on sash)

183 x 0.66 == 120.78, floored to 120

120 -180 = -60
-60 x 1.5 = -90
-90/180 = -0.5
5.0 - 0.5 == 4.5

EXACTLY 4.5 tp, thus after the store tp kicks in I have

4.5 x 1.05 == 4.7xxx, floored to 4.7

THUS IF Potentia Sash dual wield was 4% OR LESS my total tp per hit would have been 4.7

Scenario 2: Patentia Sash dual wield is AT LEAST 5%

If Patentia Sash dual wield was 5% OR MORE I would have a total dual wield of at least 35% (dual wield 3 + suppa + 5% on sash)

183 x 0.65 == 118.95 floored to 118

118 -180 = -62
-62 x 1.5 = -93
-93/180 = -0.516666
5.0 - 0.51666 == 4.483

4.483 per hit would be floored to 4.4, ONE TENTH LESS with the increment of one percent dual wield

4.4 x 1.05 == 4.6xxx, floored to 4.6

THUS IF Potentia Sash dual wield was 5% OR MORE my total tp per hit would have been 4.6

And so I performed a series of ten hits on level 1 mobs in north gustaburg and screenshotted the results. Images incoming


Screenie 1 -- Gear Layout Part 1
Gear Setup PT 2
Gear Layout PT 3
Gear Layout PT 4

Chat Log summarizing what I just typed here

Chat Log of 10 hit test Part 1
Chat Log of 10 hit test PT 2
Chat Log with 10 hit test PT 3 -- with CONCLUSUION


After ten hits I had 46 TP, NOT 47. Thus Patentia sash is AT LEAST 5% dual wield enhancement, and most likely EXACTLY 5%. It conforms with the store tp + 5 and is a pattern S-E has used with implementing stats on gear in the past. Thus the total stats of this badass belt are as follows

Patentia Sash -- Level 99
Attack + 8, Dual wield + 5%, Store TP + 5

Take a suppanomimi, throw it in a blender with a rajas ring, set to liquidate for thirty five and three tenths seconds, and you get this belt. Not bad at all.

Edited, Jul 18th 2012 7:40pm by Melphina

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#2 Jul 18 2012 at 6:59 PM Rating: Good
That's great info, thanks for doing the math and posting it! Is this better than twilight belt though? Are the attack and STP enough to push it over?
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#3 Jul 18 2012 at 7:26 PM Rating: Good
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That's great info, thanks for doing the math and posting it! Is this better than twilight belt though? Are the attack and STP enough to push it over?

A better question would be, can you hit 25% haste or come really close to it WITHOUT your belt? They work on different principals that synergize with each other, but do not replace one another. Think about your tp set and changes you could make in lieu of losing the haste on twilight belt, and you should find your answer. In most cases the answer will probably be yes.

raider cap +2
Raider body +2
Brego Gloves
Raider Legs +2
Eurus ledelsens

That right there is 24%. Now remember that some new equipment is out with larger haste gains, such as Enif Gambieras (4% haste feet -- arch proto omega), Thaumas kecks (Yes I know it's neo nyzule), ocelo headpiece (loses the 3% triple attack unfortunately), and etc. You can still hit 25% haste without the belt if you tweak your gear right. Honestly the set I listed above by itself is probably sufficient to come out ahead. Stuff like eneif feet (attack bonus) just further increases the gap.

Quick edit: Pankratorator (sp) in abby ulu range also drops Zelus Tiara, and that's an 8% hat right there. It fits perfectly with this set, so yes you can definately keep your haste and have your dual wield/stp too.

Edited, Jul 18th 2012 10:04pm by Melphina

There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.
#4 Jul 18 2012 at 8:49 PM Rating: Good
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Thanks! I've been wondering about this.
Yay for Jhereg!
#5 Jul 19 2012 at 11:56 AM Rating: Good
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You are wonderful and amazing as always! Yet another notch for you helping out the thf community :D thanks for sticking your neck out and buying one without knowing its effects and checking fir everyone. Really appreciate it.
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#6 Jul 19 2012 at 3:43 PM Rating: Good
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No!!!!!! Melphina!!! Stop it!

I just came back after a year away, haven't even unlocked level 99 yet and you are adding equipment to my list of things I need to do!

Please just stop!

Just kidding, great job. I might actually have gil for this because when I cancelled last year I was sitting on 5 stacks of adaman ingots, which have tripled in price since I left, so I am doing pretty well on gil at the moment.
#7 Jul 28 2012 at 6:33 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the test Mel.

Currently I am trying to make it work in my tp setup. I am using Kinematics DPS calculator which people continue to update (love whoever is doing that).
You would have to give up Thaumas hands and feet for enif hands and feet for 24% haste total. Zelus tiara would make it 26% haste but losing too much acc and triple attack. Also giving up on the Thaumas set bonus going from +10 to STR DEX AGI (four pieces) to +2 STR DEX AGI (two pieces). Not sure if that is worth it.

Raider's Bonnet +2
Agasaya's Collar
Thaumas Coat
Thaumas Gloves (swap for enif hands)
Atheling Mantle
Twilight Belt (swap for Patentia Sash)
Thaumas Kecks
Thaumas Nails (swap for enif feet)
Epona's Ring
Brutal Earring
Rajas Ring

The two setups are going to be really close in dps.
#8 Aug 14 2012 at 4:32 AM Rating: Decent
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Btw, poor man's version of this sash would be Nusku's Sash, which is the same Dual Wield enhancement but without the 8 atk and 5 STP.

Patentia is still far too ridiculous for me atm and I don't know enough people to do HQ limbus with, but I might look into nabbing a Nusku's
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