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How can you beat maat as monk?Follow

#1 Mar 26 2005 at 5:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi there, I've fought maat 4 times in total. Still haven't had any luck in defeating him. The strategy I used that got him the closest to death(1/4th hp left) was sleep till I have 100tp, engage him from distance then have my back turned on him, boost 10x, activate hundred fist, focus, dodge, chi-blast then run towards him and raging fist. Then I use icarus wing then raging fist again. Then I try getting another 100tp for another raging but I'm usually dead by then. Any tips?

I'm a hume monk and the gears I use to fight maat is Cross-counters, spiked necklace, tiger mask, merman earrings, phalanx rings, temple cyclas, master sitabaki+1, temple gaiters, brown belt, amemit mantle+1 and temple gloves.

Any tips would be much appreciated. =)
#2 Mar 26 2005 at 5:48 AM Rating: Decent
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Buy a Tiger Mask Please then u will own :)
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#3 Mar 26 2005 at 5:56 AM Rating: Decent
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wait until level 70^^

But seriously, i have heard that he mirrors your base stats as you enter exactly, but since you lose your SJ he becomes stronger than you. Maybe sub whm, smn, or any other level 1 job you might have?

Nicolai of Windurst
#4 Mar 26 2005 at 6:13 AM Rating: Good
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Strategy-wise, you are doing all the "right" things, in the right order (so goes the conventional wisdom, at least).

It took me three times to beat him.

I'd always examine the log after the battle, and add up my total damage, and his.

The time I beat him, he missed me more than other times.
Pure luck.

You didn't mention anything about healing.

Did you use Chakra? maybe some Hi-Potions or Vile Elixir?

While very expensive, a well-timed Vile Elixir +1 can ensure that you have just enough HP to get him down that last bit you need.

Remember, you don't have to take him to 0 HP; in fact, it'll never happen.
He gives up around 1/4 HP left; you may have been closer to winning than you realize.

My tip is to get a Vile Elixir +1, and a Hi-Potion, and have them macro'd.

The time I beat him, I did exactly as you described, but I did manage to get that final 100 TP for a third Raging Fists, at which point, he conceeded the match.
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    #5 Mar 26 2005 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
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    what I did:
    use all the gear you did, meat mithkabob, run up to him
    use dodge, focus, boost once or twice(not too many or he will use a stronger WS on you), hundred fists, wait a few sec, turn at him and start swinging. use raging fists liberally. he didn't miss me once and I was left with about 700 HP.
    #6 Mar 26 2005 at 9:43 AM Rating: Decent
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    i think you may also be cutting too much into your Hundred fists with the icarus wing and extra raging fist as well. once you do all that you don't have enough time left to get in all your punches.

    Maybe do hundred fists -> raging fists then when hundred fists is up use your icarus wing for another raging fist?

    Note: i have never fought Maat
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    #7 Mar 26 2005 at 11:54 AM Rating: Decent
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    I just went raw power. No fancy stuff, just power and accuracy equips. Trying to out-do Maat with counter/enfeebles is nice, but running in there and pummeling him into the ground was such a pleasant feeling.

    Do *NOT* activate Hundred Fists while fighting. It just takes too long to activate, and it has a long delay before you start punching (this is where all your hitpoints are going). The fight is VERY short, use it before you engage and it won't wear off before you're done.

    Wearing: whatever, just have Opo-Opo necklace and AF headgear also.
    Sleep to 100TP (boost inbetween)
    Face Maat from a distance and engage
    Hundred Fists
    Here, wait like 3-4 seconds.
    Chi Blast
    Switch to spike necklace HERE
    Switch to Tiger Mask HERE
    Raging Fists
    Icarus Wing
    Raging Fists
    Get 100% TP
    Raging Fists

    Maat isn't perfect. His accuracy is high but you can evade him if you don't use negative evasion gear. I personally used Drone earrings (AGI+3 each) with some other light evasion-based stuff and he missed me quite a few times. He hits very hard so every miss he gets is very good for you. His evasion also isn't stellar, I don't think I missed him at all. Your only delays will be for potions. I used a vile elixir +1 and a hi-potion and I was able to finish with about 300HP left.

    The -key- to the fight is macro macro macro. I simply set aside a macro set just for him, and once we engaged I just went down the keyboard number by number. Never had to touch my gamepad once.
    -Ssubzero on Ragnarok
    #8 Mar 26 2005 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
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    Well, I'm only level 69, but I beat him at level 68. I had a ton of evasion + gear (which really did nothing anyways), and also, a very special item. I didn't have time to read if anyone suggested this, so if I'm repeating someone, then I'm sorry.

    Vile Elixer+1 is a LIFE SAVER. It gives you 50% of your HP back (so i think it was about 700 for me, I was Galka MNK 68 with no subjob). They cost 80K on Phoenix, well at least they did when i got mine, but it was worth it. It's a lot of gil to throw away, which you really are doing, since it's not refundable. HOWEVER! If you use this, you can't use an Icarus Wing before it. I dont know about after, but I know that if you use an Icarus Wing before this, you can't use the Elixer. But, lets weigh it out. 100% TP is like 7 seconds while 2 houring, vs 700 HP. I'll take the HP!

    Hope this helps!
    #9 Mar 26 2005 at 2:27 PM Rating: Decent
    192 posts
    I did the exact same strat you did, and won first try without maat even releasing a WS on me. My gear, however, was very different from your setup.

    dodge earringsx2
    af armor
    af gloves
    phalanx ringsx2
    amemit mantle
    brown belt
    republic subligar
    dune boots

    so more eva - which i think helped.
    #10 Mar 26 2005 at 4:42 PM Rating: Decent
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    Hmmm I used chakra during battle, maybe I should just use my regular fighting gear, although I heard you shouldn't use snipers in this battle. I got him at 1/4th life but he beat me down by then. =(
    #11 Mar 26 2005 at 5:02 PM Rating: Decent
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    Your gear is good and so is your strategy but Maat fight does need some luck to win.

    I only fought him once and won but I waited until 70 and had evasion capped which took awhile, h2h was capped also but that isnt too hard to do.

    I used dodge earrings instead of attack earrings and used temple hose when I fought him. I also had spartans instead of CC's. I didnt have any - evasion when I fought him and he did miss enough that it made a difference.

    The way I did it is not really the fun way to do it but capping your skills and waiting until 70 will help.

    Oh my god! Boys what if it was a Samsquamch it could be!

    #12 Mar 27 2005 at 12:53 AM Rating: Decent
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    I'm level 70 just forgot to update my alakazham profile hehe. I should probably get evasion capped though. >_<
    #13 Mar 27 2005 at 5:14 AM Rating: Good
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    although I heard you shouldn't use snipers in this battle.

    I'd say, vehemently, that you should not wear Snipers.

    First of all, accuracy is a non-issue in this battle. Maat does not have very high evasion; any +accuracy beyond your AF body and Focus is unnecessary.

    Second, the LAST thing you need to is to lose 20 DEF.
    Better to invest in a pair of Phalanx Rings (something which I planned on reselling after the fight, but which I still keep and use now) for a +20 DEF intsead.

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    #14 Mar 27 2005 at 5:21 AM Rating: Decent
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    Hmmm, I tried phalanx ring, they still got me killed pretty fast, most people tell me to stick with vitality rings instead. I might try that, though str rings got me the closest to beating maat.

    Someone suggested to me to use blink band before the fight to absorb some of the damage from his first attacks. What do you guys think about using blink band and lots of vitality gears for maat battle?
    #15 Mar 27 2005 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
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    Beat him on 3rd try when I was 70.

    For my winning match I used phalanx rings & tiger mask, and AF on other slots (more def and hp).
    Carried a set of mnd gear for chi blast and a blink bank, which wans't required after all, but since I had already lost 2 times... bleh.

    Enter, eat mithkabob and persokos au lait.
    Engage from a distance.
    sleep to 150% TP.
    Use blink band if carrying it.
    Switch to mnd gear.
    Boost 10 times, wait a few secs.
    Focus, dodge, hundred fists, boost, chi blast. (should do 400~500)
    Switch back to melee gear.
    Raging fists.
    Beat up maat with hundred fists on to get TP.
    Raging fists.

    Maat gave up at this point for me (surprisingly).

    Was left out of BC with 600+ hp, no potions used, no elixir used, no icarus wing, not ever chakra. Surprising. Maat only hit me 9 times

    General notes :
    - do not use icarus wing right after 1st weaponskill, this will trigger Maat in hundred fists earlier and we don't want this, do we ? Build tp from melee, WS, THEN icarus wing if needed.
    - Hi-potions are useless, maat will hit for 80~100 per punch.

    It's also about luck, Maat sometimes seems to counter a lot.
    #16 Mar 27 2005 at 11:30 AM Rating: Decent
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    /wave riceboi

    I talked to you in game a few times about this.

    but here is what I did.

    Medicine and food I took with me:

    Regen drink highest one (forgot how to spell it)
    Attack food - at the time Pre nerf chiefkabob
    3 x potions just in case.(never used them)
    1 icarus wing.(didnt get a chance to use it)
    4 sleep pots.

    Gear I used:

    AF Body, Af feet, Af pants, tiger helm, actually used snipers because i forgot to take them off, brown belt, spike neckalce, 2 x merman earring, feral fangs.

    strategy I used was:

    boost > sleep pot > boost > sleep pot > boost... you get the idea. After the 4th sleep pot I boosted ~4-5 more times.

    I then engaged him from a distance, activated focus, dodge, hundred fists. Chi blasted him(switched to spike neck) then hit him with raging fists. Waited for 100 tp from hundred fists then raging fists him again, At this point I was able to beat him but you might need to pop the icarus wing and raging fists for a third time.

    Keep in mind use chakra or potions when you think you need them, I only used chakra right when he acivated hundred fists.

    If you have any further questions hit me up in game :D

    btw, I got my shura togi yesterday :O

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    #17 Mar 27 2005 at 10:22 PM Rating: Decent
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    Maybe you might want to macro in Chi Blast gear. Strategy i used was basicly the ones listed except that i used avenger earrings which didnt exactly help much. Use Eva Earrings and Tiger Mask instead of mermans and you should do fine.
    #18 Mar 28 2005 at 10:57 AM Rating: Good
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    This was my strategy. This an an exerpt from my Taru MNK guide:


    Day: Iceday (For Paralyze to go off more often with Shiva's claws)

    Items Used
    Persikos Au Lait
    Icarus Wing
    Opo-opo Necklace
    Sleeping Potions (4)
    Blink Band
    Vile-Elixir +1
    Yellow Curry

    My Gear
    Weapon: Shiva's Claws
    Head: Tiger Mask
    Earrings: EVA earrings
    Rings: STR rings
    Hands: Temple Gloves
    Neck: Spike Necklace
    Body: Temple Cyclas
    Legs: Temple Hose
    Feet: Creek M Clomps
    Back: Amemit Mantle +1
    Waist: Brown Belt

    (I made macros to do 95% of this)

    1) I entered BC Naked. (There is a rumor that whatever stat bonuses you have from your gear when you enter, Maat receives them as well. Rumor is not confirmed, but it could help.)
    2) Equipped up
    3) Take Yellow Curry
    4) Equip Opo-opo Necklace and take 4 Sleeping potions in a row (Each sleeping potion will give you 25% TP)
    5) Equip blink band and take Persikos au lait.
    6) Start boosting up
    7) After 3 boosts use my blink band and re-equip Tiger Mask
    8) After 10 boosts, Dodge and Focus, then lock-target on Maat
    9) Quickly pop Hundred Fists and Chi Blast Maat
    10) Run in and quickly Dragon Kick (Less TP than Raging Fists for Maat to start)
    11) Icarus Wing
    12) Raging Fists
    13) Chakra
    14) Take Vile-Elixir+1
    15) TP should be up to 100, Raging Fists
    16) Dead Maat. I paralyzed him 6 times in battle.

    I survived with 801 HP left.
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    #19 Mar 29 2005 at 9:43 PM Rating: Decent
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    I beat maat at 68 and i did fine against him... i had the normal equips but i waled into him naked. I suggest trick him walk in naked THEN equip your ****. like i said i beat him at 68 and it was a peice of cake. only 1 try boost X11 to start chi blast. turn around hundred fists, build to 100 and raging, icarus wing, raging, maybe some sole sushi +1 would help but really maat is easy to beat just trust in ur monk knowlage and abilitys...BTW riceboi i see you all the time in jeuno talk to me and i'll help you out... /tell Samnosuke thanks
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    #20 Mar 30 2005 at 6:27 AM Rating: Decent
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    I beat Maat! I used a little bit of strat from everyone. Madherk's strat of using 2 raging before using icarus for final raging, Gorbytron's strat of vile elixer+1 and forgot who told me this but I used str rings instead of phalanx. Thanks for the tip everyone! I beat maat finally...so happy hehe. ^^

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    #21 Mar 30 2005 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
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    #22 Mar 30 2005 at 9:18 AM Rating: Decent
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    I just beat Maat yesterday, so my battle plan is still fresh in my head. "Technically" it took me 4 monk tests to beat him, but I don't count the 1st try, since I was soo nervous about the fight that I took to long setting up, and the battle timer ran out O_o (yes, you may laugh now -_-)

    The 2nd time, I made the BIG mistake of taking a "Green Drop" that I got from the easter egg event. All I knew was that it stacks with food...which is "True"! The BIG problem is that is disables your ability to take any more medicane after that...so NO IC wing and NO potion...thus I died -_-

    3rd time, I "almost" played it perfect....except I took the IC wing too soon and I tried using a hyper potion after it (yes I took a hyper potion, instead of a vile elixer +1, another mistake), in which case the IC wing disables the use of the hyper potion!

    The 4th time (and the winner) went like this;


    Blink Band
    Feral Mask
    Temple Crown
    Storm Gorget
    Opo necklace
    Temple Body
    Temple Hands
    Temple Legs
    Temple Feet
    Kemper(sp?) Ring and earing (the latent "counter"+ stuff)
    Cassie Earing
    Vistory Ring
    Purple Belt (yes a purple belt...I'm to cheap to buy a brown belt, and I can't claim morboler for the last item I need for brown)
    Happy Egg


    Cross counters

    Note- My original plan was to use Shiva Claws on Iceday, but by the time I was done setting up, the day changed, so I opted for the CC's instead. I still feel that I could have won using the Shiva Claws on a Iceday, too...thus I am mentioned this.

    Food and Meds=

    Penskilo (sp?) au Lait (the most expensive one of the au laits)
    Yellow curry
    Icorus wing
    Vile Elixer +1
    Sleep potions (at least 4)

    Game Plan=

    Ran to Giddious (thats where my BCNM was for Maat) as a lv 70mnk/24blm. Why a BLM you might ask? Because at the end of the fight, IF I win, I can warp back to Jeuno to complete the quest faster...clever huh?! Important note btw...DO NOT forget to talk to Maat again AFTER you beat him! I've been in to many PT's that someone FORGOT to do that, and they say WTH...I beat Maat but I'm stuck at 1 TNL!?! At which point now the PT has to wait or disbands since "so and so" has to run back to jeuno to "finish" the quest. Had this happen 5 times now...so I feel this has to be mentioned because obviously something is lost on translation.

    Enter BCNM "Naked"...no weapons, no armor, no accessories...NOTHING!

    Once in, Macro'd the Following gear-

    Blink Band
    Opo necklace
    "Weapon used"
    Purlpe belt
    Cassie earing
    Kemper earing and ring
    Victory Ring
    Happy Egg

    Start resting to full HP

    Once @ full use 4 sleep potions (I used 5 since I had one left over some how /shrug)

    Run to chi-blast range of Maat (just to the edge of the arena) and engage Maat, but DO NOT aggro or make contact!

    Switch head gear to Blink band

    Boost 10 times

    Activate Blink band and take Yellow curry, and Penksilo (sp) au lait.

    Change head gear to Temple Crown-

    Macro'd following JA's;

    -/ja Focus <me>
    -/wait 1
    -/ja Dodge <me>
    -wait 1
    /ja "Hundered Fist" <me>
    /equip promise badge

    Run up closer to chi-blast range and use following macro;

    /ja "chi blast" <bt>
    /wait 1
    /equip head Feral Mask
    /equip neck Storm Gorget
    /lockon <t>

    Use Dragon kick (macro'd)

    Use IC wing (macro'd)

    Use Ragin Fist (macro'd)

    Note- for WS's DO NOT use Boosts before WS...cuts into to much time of your HUndered Fists

    Use Chakra (macro'd) when HP gets orange (which happens pretty fast once Maat goes hundered fists himself)

    use Vile Eliexer +1 (macro'd)

    ...now at this point Maat gave up on me! Had he NOT given up...I would have used the TP gained from my hundered fist to drop one last raging fist on him....which I was mashing that macro button like mad hoping I could squeeze one more outta it...didn't happen though!

    I ended the fight with 900+ HP left.

    Looking back, I can easily tell what my mistakes was, thus it wasn't to hard to correct the problems. Also from tips I gained here and from fellow monks in game...it narrowed some solid game plans down, which lead to my victory. The fight itself takes about 15-20secs at the longest...at which either you or Maat with be DEAD! Some might think that its a D.O.T. slug fest...but in actuality...Maat WILL win in this matchup...he hits WAY harder than you do per blow...so don't think you have a chance lasting the duration of a hundered fist on him. I never saw him Asuran fist me...but frankly he has enough tricks up his sleeve to beat you without it...if he uses it...he was just showing off!

    Key things that I think helped alot.

    The blink band- My first 10 hits of my hundered fist went uncontested, and each of Maat's punches land for about 100 each. I started off the match with 1666HP. So roughly that means that I can only take apx 17 punches from Maat! Put that into perspective of a him using a hundered fist...and that gives you a idea of how and why the fight is SOO fast! BTW, his hundered fist IS WAY faster than yours...even IF I used my Vishnu Cesti's! If you remember the speed of that NM yagudo's hundered fists, you had to fight for your AF pants...that gives you a idea of how fast Maat's hundered fists is.

    The Vile Elixer +1...as I mentioned, Maat gave up right after I used it, which might mean that my HP ratio to his "might" be a factor in his giving up...and not that I landed a "fatal" blow. Perhaps there is a point that the computer figuered that if your HP is at "X" value, and Maat's is at "y" value...then Maat's victory is impossible...thus he gives up. granted I "might" have landed the last punch that put it over the edge so to speak...but he did "give up" RIGHT when I used the Vile Elixer +1...coincidence...u deside. Also, the Vile Elixer +1 was the only medicane that I could use AFTER I used the IC wing. Somehow it is not concidered a "med" to the restirction that is given after you use the IC wing, something to seriously concider if u use a IC wing!

    Hope this info helps! (^_^)b
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    #23 Mar 30 2005 at 9:50 AM Rating: Good
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    Fought and lost twice last night at 69. First fight, he had around 30% left. Second fight, he had 25% left, maybe a little less.

    I got unlucky in both fights:

    Fight 1:
    -- First hit did 0 dmg
    -- Raging fists did 200+ (I assumed I missed)
    -- He countered once and guarded a crit

    Fight 2:
    -- He countered twice and guarded 2 crits
    -- He critted me A LOT.
    -- Raging did 300+

    Both fights, I died wihle using icarus wing.

    Next time, I'm going to use Icarus Wing right after my initial DK rather than waiting for my 2nd WS to go off.

    What should my Raging be doing? I wasn't able to check my TP returns, so I'm assuming either I'm missing or I'm doing crap dmg, but my gear is the same as everyone else listed.

    My DKs were doing 450+ at 100tp.
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    #24 Nov 17 2014 at 10:23 AM Rating: Decent
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    luck..don't give up. Mnk/Dnc I went 1/5. the gear was: Hades Santi, Optical hat, Scorpion harness,Behemoth mantle,Brown belt,Temple gloves,Peacock amulet,2 coral earrings, 2 Krousis rings,Temple hose,Temple gaiters. To the final fight I also brought a Blink band and a Stoneskin torque. only my hand to hand was capped. before the fight i used the Stoneskin torque, dodge, focus, chi blast I walked to the edge turned my back did 2 Boosts hit 2hours and engaged. Soon as my TP was 100 i used Raging fists continued 2 hr and soon as my tp hit 100 i used Raging fists again. what was different in the win vs the 4 losses was the stoneskin torque (which once used was replaced with the O-hat) a Vile elixir i used when my hp was a little below 1/2. I never used my Blink band or the Icarus wing I brought. I feel the reason I lost the 1st 4 fights was just that i was incurring too much damage too soon. Good luck!
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    #25 Nov 18 2014 at 2:55 PM Rating: Decent
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    Man its no that hard of a fight:

    1 cap all skills (h2h, evasion, guard)
    2 gear aside from haste and weapon are laregly over rated for this fight, im 99% sure i only had 3-4 mid tier pieces
    3 get a shiva claw and fight on ice day
    4 eat food if you want, i didnt
    5 dont bother with sleep for tp/healing meds/icarus wing

    I did NOT use sleep for tp, i didnt use icarus wing, just chi blast (no boost), dodge/focus, hundred fist.

    Food/meds/wings are all expensive and not needed, not even the opo neck + sleep potions. If your gonna go through all the trouble of gearing + getting the meds, you can most certainly find someone to kill shiva for you and get the claws, and do it on ice day for an easy win.

    i was 0/3 before shiva claws, and each time i used meds + sleep pots for tp, and 1/1 with shiva claws on ice day.

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