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Best "Good Enough" gear buildFollow

#1 Jul 01 2012 at 1:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello there. Me and my friend are basically duoing everything we can in this game. We have no LSes to help us out and are not planning on doing much shouting for help (other than minimums like LBs, such as the 99 cap fight). So, I was looking for the best of the easy gear recommendations. AH stuff and duo-able things. We will be getting into the Trial weapons a little later and I already have an inkling of where to start there, unless you can recommend one that's useful even while it's being upgraded.

I know we are limiting ourselves a bit here, but whatever, right?
Since it may be applicable, my main is Monk with a minor in Bst. My friend will be Drk for whatever he can, and Pally for the rest. We are rushing to level cap then will be doing ALL of the game's missions. Starting with Sandy, then RoZ, CoP, ToAU, then Wings, with the mini-expansions when we get bored. Just trying to get a feel for the stuff we can actually realistically acquire ourselves to help us. Advice is ALWAYS appreciated.

Edit: http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/forum.html?forum=246&mid=1337711300326476871
I saw this thread already and has been helpful, but it didn't get much response. Plus not sure if the fact that we are pretty much strictly duoing things would matter.

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#2 Jul 21 2012 at 6:34 AM Rating: Decent
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So far I have been able to get all my +1 seals besides body for MNK by duoing with a NIN friend, so you guys should be okay with all the Empy +1 gear. +2 on the other hand may need a few extra hands (from what I have heard anyway, I have not tried it myself either).

There are a lot of nice AH pieces you can put together nowadays to mix and match with your Tantra +1/+2 gear. A lot of these pieces run around the 1mil mark on my server, so if gil is an issue just Cruor farm your *** off the next week or 2. Remaining in an Aby XP party and not leaving when you cap out merits/XP can generate some decent cruor once those lights are capped, or you can cruor farm just the 2 of you by alternating mobs.

Here are some easy AH suggestions that have held me over so far:

Weapon: Brawny Adargas. Get this ASAP, awesome weapon. **** near comparable to (90) Vere's without including Aftermath/VS.
Ammo: Thew Bomblet or Potestas Bomblet
Head: Ocelomeh Headpiece (+1)
Neck: Rancor Collar
Earring: Ghillies (+1) and Brutal Earring once you finish CoP
Body: Juogi (+1) or Aurore Doublet
Hands: Brego Gloves (Great if you have a Brown Belt to hit haste cap)
Rings: Rajas (CoP) and any acc/attack rings off AH until Epona's. I forget the name of it, but the one from finishing ToAU isn't bad either (+4 acc +4 attk)
Back: Vimukti Mantle until you can get Atheling
Belt: Brown/Black
Legs: I don't really know if there's anything good off AH here. Aurore can hold you over until Tantra +1, or you could duo Byakko for Haidate (it's a good Shijin piece too).
Feet: Ryuga Sune-Ate or Fuma's

Happy punching!

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Same sorta thing with Watusa. I saw him fishing on the ferry one time. It felt like a hollywood celebrity sighting.
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