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Questions about build and Tanra set bonusFollow

#1 Sep 08 2013 at 3:55 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey all. I wanted to know some details about a certain build I like to play around with for fun and w/e use. I use this as /dnc for solo and also when me and my ls do things but everything is all abyssea stuff and old content. I'm not trying to do epeen dmg here obviously and I basically wanted to make a build that attacks the fastest and most and for nice tp gain when subbing dnc. I also wanted to note i wanted to use eponas ring for this build but I don't have it yet and wiki says double attack stacks with the weapon resulting in occ. atks 2-8 times. They don't mention that triple attack stacks with this weapon but my assumption would be that it does as triple attack does still work with faith baghnakhs but ofcourse I could be wrong correct me if I am.

Weapon: Ursa Majors (occ. atk. 2-4 times)
Ammo: Hasty Pinion
Head: Tantra Crown +2
Body: Tantra Cyclas +2
Hands: Nomkahpa Mittens
Ring: Ambuscade Ring
Ring: Oneiros Ring
Neck: Tantra Necklace
Earring: Tantra Earring
Earring: Brutal Earring
Back: Atheling Mantle
Waist:Twilight Belt
Legs: Tantra Hose +2
Feet: Savateurs Gaiters

My questions are is there something better for which ever slot for this kind of build? I thought of using the Ocelomeh set or the Juogi +1 also or a Thaumus coat. Also what is the dps of this build also if that can be answered? I thought I would cap haste so I had to add the hasty pinion to make it too 25% because of the n/1024 equation. I also wanted to max out on +Kick Attacks on gear so I have +13 there but of course i can't add those other weapons that have +kick attacks on them and I have 14% double attack and 2% triple attack here.

I also don't know what the proc rate is on the tantra set bonus kick attacks.. when I was playing with just 2 pieces it worked but was a very low proc so if you can answer me on what the proc rate is for all 5 pieces or just 2 pieces that would be great. Thanks.
#2 Sep 08 2013 at 4:28 PM Rating: Excellent
Faith Baghnakhs and the other Sea weapons are unique in their ability to stack with Double and Triple Attack. The OaT and Occasionally Attacks 2-4x weapons from Trial of the Magians do not stack with Double and Triple Attack, and Double and Triple Attack are calculated prior to the Occasionally Attacks 2-4x effect. There's an order of different actions that are calculated in order when attacking an enemy, and Double Attack, Triple Attack, and Quadruple Attack effects are calculated prior to Occasionally Attacks effects (if it calculates that a DA, TA, or QA procs, then the Occasionally Attacks effect can't go off).

Do you have access to Seekers of Adoulin? If so, and you've got quite a big desire for hitting quickly/hitting a lot, you may want to look into the new Skirmish gear. With proper augments, you can get +2% Double Attack on several of the pieces, and the best gear sets at the moment have a multi-hit spread like this (just through gear).

Double Attack +27%
Triple Attack +9%
Quadruple Attack +5%

Couple that with capped Haste (each piece of Otronif that you'd be using has a large enough chunk of Haste +% to basically cap out your gear haste) and your Kick Attacks, and you'll be swinging insanely quick, with tons of multi-hits on top of it.

It's generally accepted that if you're at 25% Haste, you don't need to go out of your way to equip something like Hasty Pinion to hit the 26% in gear needed to get the actual 25% gear Haste cap. The extra roughly 0.5% Haste you're really getting rarely is worth what you'd have to give up to get it. If you can get 25% (how it adds up on gear) then you're generally safe.
Lady Jinte wrote:

Vlorsutes' Negotiation Skill rises 0.2 points
Vlorsutes' Observant Parent Skill rises 0.3 points
Vlorsutes' Argument Diffusing Skill rises 0.1 points

#3 Sep 08 2013 at 7:18 PM Rating: Decent
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ok thanks. no don't have the expansion yet. But are you sure about the Double attack? because wiki says it does stack and when i used the occ att twice fists from magian the double attack worked.
#4 Sep 08 2013 at 10:24 PM Rating: Excellent
You wouldn't be able to eyeball it, but instead would need to run a parse program to see, but unless something's changed, the effects won't stack (you couldn't get a Double Attack to proc on one of the Occasionally Attacks X swings, and vice versa). Outside of Jailer weapons, which are unique because they activate through the consumption of a Virtue Stone, it's an either-or scenario, not both.
Lady Jinte wrote:

Vlorsutes' Negotiation Skill rises 0.2 points
Vlorsutes' Observant Parent Skill rises 0.3 points
Vlorsutes' Argument Diffusing Skill rises 0.1 points

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