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#1 May 31 2011 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm a recently returned played and am curious if Abyssea has made a Ranged Ninja viable as a DD. Focus on either a ninjutsuskill/MAB set for rotating ninjutsu nukes, or a r.acc/r.atk set throwing Chakrams (Assuming no new Shuriken have been released, a quick glimpse only showed me a Chakram with +10 Throwing skill)
#2 May 31 2011 at 3:21 PM Rating: Good
A ninjutsu focus is definitely viable, and has been discussed recently in other threads on this board, so I'll let you look through those. As for throwing, I personally don't see it being that useful compared to ninjutsu or melee, not to mention the lack of a weaponskill for it. Admittedly, I don't use throwing for anything but pulling, so perhaps there is some potential there that I am missing, but I personally just don't see it being an effective option when compared to ninjutsu or melee.
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#3 May 31 2011 at 4:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Ninjutsu works great.

Throwing is useless for damage. None of the weapons do much damage.
#4 Jun 01 2011 at 2:33 AM Rating: Good
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I'll second the Ninjitsu being good.

Nukes can be boosted to well over 1K DMG each using gear and atma.

Also, when I first read the title I thought it said 'Raged Ninja'

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#5 Jun 01 2011 at 10:56 AM Rating: Good
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I completely agree with Sandmasterr Scholar as I've also made a nuke gear set and have used it along with the proper atmas in abyssea to do 1k+ nukes. I wouldn't totally rule out ranged as a supplement damage while meleeing. I have Sange fully merited(time to reuse is 5 mins) and I used it prior to the update where we could go beyond lv 75. I would avg 500 dmg per use, and a tp return of 30ish in limbus,dynamis, and merit groups. Recently I tested it in abyssea against one of the lizards in abyssea Misareax Coast, and did 750 dmg(my throwing skill was only 300 at the time). My atmas in use were RR,GH, and Apoc. I plan to cap my throwing skill again, and continue to use it as I did in the past. It's a nice way to push your damage further while meleeing imo. Here's what I have macro'd when using Sange..
Head: Optical hat
Neck: PCC
Body: War Shinobi Gi
Hands: Ninja Tekko +1
Legs: Ninja Hakama
Feet: Ninja kyahan +1
Earrings: Dronex2
Ammo: Manji Shuriken
Rings: Sniperx2
Back: Amemet mantle +1
Waist: Hurling Belt
#6 Jun 02 2011 at 4:45 AM Rating: Decent
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Ninjutsu with proper atma/sub/gear is great in abyssea and outside you can still throw some nice 1k+ MB with merited san and futae, in low man dyna makes a huge difference on thfs and plds for kill speed.
IMO throwing isn't a viable option just for the lack of ws and decent ammos. I merited sange lately because i never gave it a try and i had some merit and koga shuriken lying in my mog for ages... i was very surprised seeing a 1147 on a wotg mission mob so i really hope SE will decide to add some affordable ammo (iga shuriken?) and finally some ws.
Unluckily at that time i forgot to switch back to ungur so i lost my precious stack of koga shuriken ;_;
would be really great to be able to put on innin once in a while and just focus on dd instead of tanking each and every mob
#7 Jun 06 2011 at 1:36 PM Rating: Good
Personally have gear sets for both, but until there are natural ranged weapon skills for NIN (it does have access to Sidewinder and Slug Shot via /RNG), a ranged NIN will never come close to meleeing or Ninjutsu. I'm in agreement with everyone else, if you want to do something from a distance, the far more useful option would be Ninjutsu.
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