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#27 Apr 18 2013 at 7:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Honestly, ppl are making it sound way more complicated than it is. I have duo'ed PLENTY of Sobeks as NIN/WAR + WHM/BLM. It's a cake-walk. WHM stuns Tusk. Not a big deal. As mentioned, if the NIN has over 3k HP and the WHM keeps them topped off (Regen IV + occasional cures), Tusk won't kill the NIN even if it doesn't get stunned. It's honestly WAY easier than this discussion makes it seem.
#28 Apr 19 2013 at 12:36 AM Rating: Excellent
RPGguru wrote:
kinda want TH for 2 skins, but ended with 0 skins dohhhh. so i guesss 1 is better then none lol.

If you're going to solo it, you're better off just going with the guaranteed one skin and doing it Nin/Dnc. With as many times as I've done him and other Abyssea mobs, TH doesn't really seem to help in getting that second drop when you're counting on it.

kimjongil76 wrote:
Professor Shock Vlorsutes wrote:
RPGguru specifically asked whether or not Ninja could, then asked if it was possible on Beastmaster. Besides, I'm certain that if he were going to go solo it, that he'd want to do it on a job that has a high chance of success rather than one that, for starters, absolutely needs their SP ability to win, and can easily get tripped up. Scholar MIGHT be able to solo it quicker than any other job, but the conditions have to be so perfect for it to do so that it is easily one of the worst jobs to use if you wanted to solo it. A Ninja, a Beastmaster, a Puppetmaster, etc can solo it easily and effectively most every time they fight it.

Are you clueless or just like sounding smart but show how little you know how jobs work. There is absolutly nothing that can go wrong with a sch casting kaustra and run away for 10 to 30 seconds. This is the easiest nm to kaustra in abby due to him being a lizard and weak to dark. Put blink and stoneskin up. Use mab temp. Pop regen 5. If your truely worried you will die in 10 to 15 s3conds dont even run. Just pop off your job abilities before you pop off the nm. Use fantastic if your scared. Cast kaustra. By the time fanastic wears sobek is dead even if he 8s there beating you down for zero dmg.

He got zero skins. I did him over 120 times and no loss of a fight ever. First almace for me then an empy for a friend. Its a 100 percent win and a isl gives you ja back. And he could pop off three sobeks one by one in three minutes.

Please never play sch. I am sure if you do you will be a whm wanta be. Trying out keep up healing. But never understanding the things you can do to make ab6 farming easy. He has sch job so use it.

Atma cosmos mm and ultimate. Dark weather and a staff. Good luck.

Maybe i should make a video of this to show everyone how killng him is easier than killing an easy prey mob in that zone. Tell me how windower video works and i will dedicate the video to you. Making you my student and to teach you how to play the job well.

Edited, Apr 17th 2013 10:58pm by kimjongil76

I have played Scholar and I play it quite well, because for one I'm well aware of flaws that it has (just like every other job has its flaws). Your method to defeat Sobek or other Abyssea NMs is very quick, but it's easily the riskiest of all jobs that can solo it. If it dies to the DoT while unclaimed, then you lose your drops. If your skillchain gets interrupted at any point, then a good chunk of your Kaustra damage is lost, and that opens up the chance of something happening that might result in you losing. The first step in becoming good at a job in this game is learning and accepting what their weak points are, and you're not doing that when it comes to this "strategy" of yours.

I've went out and killed Sobek before on Scholar just using Kaustra, just to see what it was like, and needless to say I wasn't impressed by it. Yes, it was quick, but I instantly saw the inherent dangers to soloing him that way, and I wouldn't risk killing Sobek on Scholar again because I have other jobs that I know can solo him with far less risk.

In my personal opinion, if he's in a situation where he has to solo Sobek, then Ninja is the better job to use for many, many reasons.

I pose this question to you. As a whole, the FFXI player base play jobs based on what works. Sure, you get the "unique snowflake" every once in awhile that wants to play a job in some unique way, but as a whole, players play their jobs in the manner that is considered the best for that job. Ninjas, for example, weren't meant to be tank jobs, but people saw the potential of that job to be able to be an effective tank, and quickly adopted it as a tank job. Prior to nerfing the enmity of their songs, Bard was an effective tank on HNMs because of how much enmity their songs could pull, and people quickly adopted them as a tank job for as long as that lasted. I could continue on with listing examples, but you get the point. If this melee/Kaustra-oriented play style was as good as you make it out to be, why isn't it considered the norm for how Scholar is played nowadays? Scholars have been able to do what you've been doing for months now, so it's not a matter of it being something that others haven't looked at yet. People don't play Scholar that way because they know that, when it comes to damage dealing, they're better off just nuking than doing some elaborate skillchain/Kaustra combo.

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