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#1 Oct 06 2011 at 8:55 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm going to apologize in advance for my ignorant of not wanting to bother going through every thread. I opened up a couple, though, but was just completely confused with the new content. It's been two years (or maybe almost three, I don't even remember) since I've logged on. My friend decided to finally play this game, so I figured I'd reactivate my account.

So my first impression when I logged on. Hagun is 20K, wha?!?! I worked my bottoms off for that GK, but whatever. Just about everything AH-able that I'm wearing is dirt cheap now. Why oh why didn't I see this coming and SOLD every bloody thing! I'd be filthy rich right now... seeing how the price of a lot of stuff is.

To the main reason I'm posting:

Honestly, I know I'll have to level up to the new cap since I'm only a puny lvl 75SAM, lol... sooooo, I just wanted to ask what should I be working towards now? Gear-wise. Because, like I've mentioned, I'm completely clueless. Also, is my entire gearset obsolete? What can I, or can't I use anymore? My 75SAM gear before I quit:

TP (WS):
Main: Hagun
Sub: Pole Grip
Ammunition: Tiphia Sting
Head: W. Turb (Wyvern Helm)
Neck: Chivalrous Chain (Snow Gorget)
Ear1: Brutal Earring
Ear2: Bushinomimi
Body: Haubergeon ( I forgot if I wore Haubergeon or Hachiman body for this :S )
Hand: Hachiman Kote (Alkyoneus's Bracelets)
Ring1: Rajas Ring
Ring2: Iota Ring (Flame Ring)
Back: Forager's Mantle
Waist: Swift Belt (Warwolf Belt)
Legs: Byakko's Haidate ( Byakko's or Shura :S )
Feet: Fuma Sune-ate (Fourth Schuhs)

It's been a LONG time. Again, I'm sorry if I'm asking anything that's already asked before, but please help me out. :(

#2 Oct 08 2011 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
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What you have currently is fine for now, but IMO, this is what you'll want to do

1. Get a soboro and a platinum grip +1 for now (keep the Hagun for now), but you'll want to work on the TP Bonus Magian trial GK and the multi-hit Magian trial GK (they'll pretty much be the hagun+1 and the soboro+1 when finished).

2. Get the Perle set (pretty simple to get, just need a bit of cruor for it) to serve as a bridge til you can finish up our AF3+1 (+2 if you have an ls/buddies that can help you get the items, but it's not necessary).

Optional: if you have an ls/buddies that can help, you could work for the SAM-specific accessories (I forgot the names of them, and where they are...)
The reason I say this is optional is cause the accessories you have on right now work just fine.

(I would get a bow and some arrows, but that's only if you need to pull a mob or two, but this is optional as well.)

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#3 Oct 09 2011 at 7:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for replying!

Alright, so I already have Soboro (My favorite GK til I could afford Hagun during that time). I did some researching on the Magian weapon, and I "think" I may be able to put the time into the Masamune, simply because it look so awesome. Is it possible to do multiple trial? I think up to ten? I'll probably work on the others too because everyone is saying Masamune seems to take a LONG time.

About the Perle, what are cruor? I guess that's the next thing I need to look up. Also about the AF3, every topic I've seen where people discuss their gear, everyone's wearing it. I went on FFXIclopedia, and the stats on all the new AF3 is retarded better than the stuff we used to have. Like, everything is hasted, and by a lot. O_O

My current account don't have access to Abyssea, though, so I'll have to buy that I guess. Do you know if it comes with the FFXI: Ultimate Collection? There's a registration code for a lot of expansion it seems, but iunno if Abyssea comes with that. Seems like I need it just to level up....

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#4 Oct 09 2011 at 11:56 PM Rating: Decent
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1. Yes, you can have up to 10 Magian trials at one time (on different weapons, since you can't have one weapon do more than 1 trial at a time).

2. Cruor is basically like the points you get from killing mobs with sanction/signet/(forgot the last one), just applicable to the Abyssea areas. Yeah, that's why you want to have access to Abyssea (exp/hour is insane compared to anywhere else in the regular areas), and it might be a bit difficult to get cruor in the beginning (since you only get 1 time extension stone when you first start out, and they replenish at 1/rl day until you get some abyssite that extends time allowed in there, amount held, and how fast they replenish). AF3 is obtained in Abyssea (just like the Perle/Aurore/Teal gear set), although you can buy the Perle/Aurore/Teal sets from the AH.

3. I heard that a new collection is coming out/is out (I forgot which...) that has Abyssea access in it, so you might wanna look that up.

I'm sorry that I'm so forgetful, but keeping track of gear/quests/rl stuff is very difficult, especially when you're just posting from memory, and not looking up things in another browser while typing.
The wise warrior will fight until he can no longer win; while the foolish warrior will never stop fighting.

MouserRDM wrote:

People think Dark Knights are the emo-boys of FFXI.

They ain't got nothin' on us Blue Mages. We kill monsters, eat their souls, and we don't even use barbecue sauce. And we're still hungry.

We're bastards.
#5 Oct 10 2011 at 4:04 AM Rating: Good
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You gears obviously 20 levels out of date.

Great Katana's you will want to work on. Pay close attention to the Masamune, Hiradennotachi, and the TP Bonus Keitonachi+3 (Keito can all be done solo). Starting work on the Keito is a nice trhing to do when you return for the first couple of days while you get the opening CS for Abyssea and your first Traverser stone and the 9 MAW's for Abyssea.

Getting Started on Abyssea.

The road to 95 is painless. Hook up with some old friends and ask them to get you 2 basic atma's and one zone boss kill done. Atma's are self equippable super buffs you can put on when enteriong abyssea. You need Lunar abbyssites to get them, one costs 100,000cruor, you'll get your second after one zone boss kill.

Atma of the Voracious Violet
Atma of the Razed Ruins

Having those 2 atma's will make your leveling process more enjoyable along with putting you more in line for DMG out put.

After getting the above done you can chose on the path you want to do next - work on an empherean weapon (the MAsamune), get the Unkai armor pieces and gear sets, level up other jobs, complete the abyssea story line, collect atma's and abyssites (recommended).

For maximum use in abyssea - having one of these jobs leveled is also recommended: NIN, MNK, THF, BLU, WHM, BLM. It'll allow you to make a 3-4man team with players at your equipment level and work through content together.

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#6 Oct 10 2011 at 3:40 PM Rating: Decent
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I don't think any of the people I used to know even plays anymore. Haven't seen 'em. I need to order the Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition before I can do anything involving Abyssea, so I'll have to wait til that comes in.

The Getting Started on Abyssea is really helpful though, and I'll definitely keep checking that out. I think in the meantime, I'm gonna try and solo some FoV to level up, cause everyone is probably leveling in Abyssea. Thanks again for responding guys, can't wait til the new edition gets here.
#7 Oct 14 2011 at 8:43 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok, so I've got Abyssea!

My progress so far is I've broken the level 75 limit, I can exp til 80 now. Hurray for spare merit points! I did some other research on the Atma, and it seems I need a party/alliance to get them O.O so that may probably be awhile. I started the GK Trial, and here's a stupid question: do I have to do the trial with the weapon equipped? Yeah, you prolly do like all the other weapon related stuff. Since I can solo Keito, is that absolutely acceptable til I can find a group/friends to finish the better GK?

Right now I'm trying to visit all the Maw for Abyssea, so is there a quicker way to get to each area after that, or do I still have to enter the Maw?

I'm full of questions it seem, lol >.< so please bear with me.
#8 Oct 16 2011 at 12:03 PM Rating: Decent
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Most atma's can be earned with shout groups if necessary. they are less common now, but still pop up on occasion, or build your own.

The keito is perfectly acceptable while you work on other content. Still reccomend setting sights on either hiradennotachi or masamune(first is mostly soloable except VNM kills, and WoE sucks). Another option is Kikugosaku. requires killing an NM that also drops a very nice back peice very commonly(100%?)

Once you get to a maw, and enter it atleast once(make sure to obtain status before leaving or you need to wait 1hr before entering another maw), you can teleport to it from any of the 4 cities via NPC usually in the port zone.
#9 Nov 09 2011 at 6:50 AM Rating: Decent
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To keep a long story short (and pleasant):

Dump your Hagun. It has never been a spectacular piece, and now Trial of the Magians blow it out of the water. I, and i'm sure everyone else, simply cringes whenever i see someone use Hagun at 95. Or even worse, the Fay weapon that looks like Hagun. Keito+2/+3 has the same TP bonus mod, but does it with a base Weapon Damage of 100, and can be obtained in under 3 days of work if you push yourself a little. Masamune is clearly the best alternative, but will take you a long and frustrating time unless you dont mind cutting in lines and dragging people into Abyssea to fight over 1~2 drops while you yourself take the upgrade materials.

Keep your earrings, there are some alternatives, but very little that's just as good.

Keep your Rajas ring, there are some alternatives, but again very little that's just as good.

Your back piece is not bad and could be kept (or augmented if you're lucky), but there's 3-4 mantles that outdo it. Atheling Mantle is one you should look into.

As for all other unmentioned pieces, there's better alternatives available.

All armor pieces can be replaced with Empyrean Armor +1 or +2. Early on, as commonplaced as it is, you could technically just wear the 10k gil Perle set. It's better than what you have at 75, short of your legs perhaps.

And ofcourse, mostly all items have some rare power-house drops from NM's that can replace them even at 95. But that's for another time.
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#10 Nov 09 2011 at 10:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah, Hagun is utter crap now. But when I was still playing, with a pricetag of 3M, I was considerably gimp without owning one. But of course, I'm not regretting it. I might keep it for a keepsake, but I probably won't be using it ever again. And so, here's my progress so far!

Okay. I've been pretty busy with learning Abyssea and doing stuff. I reached level 95, lol. My oh my, it was pretty painless. The same night, I took my 75THF to 95 as well, simply because Sandmasterr said it'd be useful to lowman content. He was definitely right.

KojiroSoma: Yup. Right now, my gear is "almost" all replaced with the Perle set, but I'm extremely iffy on taking off my Byakko's Haidate, cuz that one particular piece took me so long to get. I'm sorta mixing and matching the perle with some of my old stuff to keep the Haidate. The only Perle piece I'm wearing is body and legs, and the rest became a macro swap. I also got Ace's legging as a new feet, so that'll do until I can finally obtain our AF3+2. That might take me some time, actually.

Sandmasterr: Why did you mention levelin' another job, lol. THF was my absolute (second) favorite job (b/c DRK was initially) and now that I've 95'd it, I'm fallin' all over again! I've done a lot of lowman stuff on SAM because my current LS lets me, but I'm finding THF to be even moreso useful on a lot more stuff, so it's a job I'm focusing on atm. I'm gonna have to thank everyone for posting, it's helped a lot.

I beat all 9 zone boss, got all 3 lunar abyssite, obtained a lot of useful Atma: RR, VV included. 4/6 Caturae, and can't wait to Brew (Yeah, I found out what that was) the daylights out of Shinryu for the Twilight gears.

Sorry it took awhile for me to post, but I've been checkin' if there was any new post tho. :S
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