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#1 Oct 11 2011 at 10:45 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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Wow... ok i posted a really long post and of course computer froze and lost it. Anyway ill do my best to remember... All right im posting to talk about a good idea that i think would benefit evryone greatly. Who else misses the times when the dmg you did actually meant something(like against greater colibris in old lvl 75 days)Abyssya is as many have called it "easy mode" to EXP in. What SE should do is put up a unlockable zone(tho not as hard to unlock as say Sea) that would be an alternative to abyssya EXP partys. Now in final fantasy theres always been "ultimate zone" or zones wich really strong monsters and great rewards. What i am thinking is create a zone or zones where the monsters actually present a challenge, meaning you would need good gear to EXP on them really well. Making accuracy a much sought after good stat again(making as the monsters in the zone would be very strong)Who else misses fighting in exp ptys with fraps and comparing your dmg to other players in your pty? When performance was about gear and skill and it wasent boring, mindless, and purely grinding experience that abyssya is. There is different options for this, se could make these new monsters break the 600 EXP cap and be superior to abyssya(but of course these monsters would be very hard to kill for most players)"or" make the exp similar to abyssya but put special rewards to exp in this new area, like special credits when you kill monsters there( like abyssya cruor system)but they could make it more diversified, for example buying a lvl 99 scroll of ultima for lots of credits and make it sellable,meaning gil would be more valuable again and it would balance evrything out. Also this new area would be perfect for relic weapons as there acc+ and atk+ would actually mean something and wouldnt be completely wasted in abyssya. Also, in the new zone SE could put for ONCE cool monsters to fight, like behemoth style cool. Monsters that are actually fun to fight, have them have tought abilities that people would need to try to counter or avoid. Make some of the monsters extremely powerful but have them give Insane exp. If SE did what i have posted i truly believe the game would be much much funner and i would absolutely love to test my skill against these new monsters. One last thing, SE could put new HNMs in this special zones that need many people to kill again, that have awesome items that people want. Make most of these items rare(except the ridiculous powerful items).... yes not rare\ex but rare. As long as it stays easy to make gil this would be very cool. Who else wants to get Genji items on there nin with awesome stats like throwing skill+100 for an extreme example. I hope se will see this somehow and think about this post as i would play ffxi till the end if something like this was implemented. Thanks for reading.
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Thankyouformakingmeblind. Smiley: bah

Taking a break.
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also posted on general forum, some1 lock pls
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The days of real parties with 6 people grinding for xp were generally no different than grinding for xp now. Either way it's soul-crusingingly boring and repetative. I honestly do not see any difference at all in xp grinding between colibri and abyssea except the difference in xp gain. You fight and kill things that don't give much fight back continuously, over and over again, for hours. What put it in your head that there was any diference at all? There's no more or less skill involved in XPing in abyssea as there was on colibris. The only difference is the omgwtfbbq massive WS numbers that really don't mean much because EVERYONE is doing them, and the higher rate of xp gain. Why would I want to go back to the same old thing for a tenth the xp, when I'm doing the exact same thing now for ten times as much? There was no skill involved in the old days of xp parties, except maybe in your puller, and that hasn't changed now. There was no need for epic gear in the old days of xp parties, it helped to have epic gear, but things generally died just as fast as they did without it. I don't see what you're complaining about. I don't get the comparison that you're trying to make. Things are no different now than they were then, except you've got a billion and one gimps running around in embarrassingly bad gear with their skill lvl 200 lvls under cap because of the speed with which they can gain xp these days. Is that what you're complaining about? If so, just say so and quit trying to make comparisons that don't make any sense. Perhaps you meant NMs and HNMs and such? Because your post seems more like you're trying to complain about there being no more challenge in those rather than in getting xp. If so, I suggest you go try voidwatch. It's quite enjoyably challenging after the ease of abyssea NMs.
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