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karieyh vs lancer'sFollow

#1 Apr 17 2013 at 7:32 PM Rating: Default
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Has anyone compared empy +2 head/body with the Karieyh head/body for tp gear?

Lancer's Mezail +2
DEF:40 Attack+20 Polearm skill +7
Wyvern: Occ. absorbs damage taken

Lancer's Plackart +2
DEF:66 STR+14 DEX+14 Accuracy+14
Attack+14 "Store TP"+10
Wyvern: Grants food effect

Karieyh Morion
DEF:38, STR+16, DEX+16,
Accuracy+10, Haste+6%

Karieyh Haubert
DEF:79, STR+18, DEX+18,
Attack+25, Double Attack+2%

also comparing for bst/drk tp
83 - WHM 82 - BLM
77 - SMN 76 - DRK

I solo for xp on odd job combos. SMN/THF FTW!
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#2 Apr 18 2013 at 5:31 AM Rating: Good
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Would definitely stay with +2 body armor for DRG, and BST can use +2 body as well, and DRK,can use Pak corselet. The head is a toss up, DRG needs attack always but if you do higher end content, the DEX+16 and acc+10 could help you if you have any accurracy issues for Tping... As oppopsed to hands which are great for DRG TP, legs and feet for Stardiver ;)
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#3 Apr 18 2013 at 6:25 AM Rating: Excellent
If you doing need the Phorcys Salade for the Store TP for an X-hit build (you'd want it if you tried for a 5-hit build with a 492 delay lance), the Lancer's Mezail +2 would be better in lower level content, and the Karieyh Morion would be better for situations where you need more accuracy.

The Lancer's Plackart +2 is pretty irreplaceable when it comes to the Store TP for an X-hit build while still retaining great stats. The Str, Dex, Accuracy, and Attack are great, and being able to give your wyvern the full effects of whatever food you're using will in turn boost his damage output too. I know that output isn't great by any means, but sometimes every little % helps. That being said, the Karieyh is a solid piece for weaponskills if you don't have Phorcys Korazin.

As Hyunkyl said, the other pieces of Karieyh are pretty amazing for Dragoon. The hands are great for TP if you don't have Ares +1, and the legs and feet beat any other options for Stardiver (and the feet beat out any other option outside of augmented Huginn Gambieras for Drakesbane as well).
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