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Started playing again... completely clueless.Follow

#1 Apr 09 2012 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey guys!

I'm a 70 SMN and totally overwhelmed by all the new stuff in-game.
Could someone give me a little hint of what i should do know?
As in: What's appropriate gear for me atm? Where should i go level?
Or maybe has a good updated link to a guide? all i can find is older stuff.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

#2 Apr 09 2012 at 7:59 AM Rating: Excellent
Have you already done your limit breaks? If so, I would suggest getting into a worm party in Aby~La Theine. You will probably be asked to /whm to help cure the party, but you will level incredibly fast. If you prefer a slower approach so you can try to keep you skills capped, then your best bet would be solo'ing. (most people level then go back and skillup these days).

If you haven't beaten your limit breaks, then start the Aby quest line (Joachim in Port Jeuno) to start your stones rolling, then join a GoV in Bostaunieux Oubliette. Since you will need to stop every 5 levels, it makes more sense to stay out of Aby IMO.

Edit ~ Adding this in here ~ I suggest reading up on Aby because it can be quite overwhelming when you first start in on it. You will also want to get MM Atma before you really start doing anything inside, as the +15 refresh is insane.

I'm not sure on gear for level 70 other than relic from Dyna, but eventually you will want to get your AF3 set. Relic can also be upgraded now and is pretty nice to mix and match with other pieces.

If you are serious about SMN, then you will also want to work on the Trial of the Magian staves for - pet perp and - blood pact ability delay. They allow you use your other gear slots more wisely for refresh, pet accuracy, pet haste, etc. Here is the full staff trials link, and here are a couple of the ones people find as must haves:
Garuda Staff
Pet MAB Staff
Shiva Staff

I would also suggest perusing here and checking out Pergatory's item sets.

Good luck to you!

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#3 Apr 09 2012 at 8:39 AM Rating: Excellent
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Thank you so much! Good thing that this isn't overwhelming at all! ;)
But at least i got a check list now. Seems to me that the +15 Refresh thing is crazy important for me.
First of all i'll read through everything you just gave me, so i can at least pretend to know a thing or two.
I'm very serious about SMN, since i bought the game years ago it was the only class i was seriously interested in. That didn't change much.
It's a little frustrating to see people gaining levels that fast, considering the fact that it used to be a lot harder back in the day and something to be proud of. Not sure i'm a big fan of that. One of the reasons i loved ff xi was the fact that you really needed to work for every little accomplishment.

but thanks a lot again for the detailled answer. you rock and it really helped me to a get a much needed clue about the game's current status.
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