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Question I really should know the answer to but don't..(ToM)Follow

#1 May 11 2012 at 10:36 AM Rating: Excellent
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It was always my understanding that physical acc (usually)> physical att, so without really thinking about it, I made myself a pet acc staff. Then I started to notice that generally SMNs, including some very good SMNs, use the pet att staff.

So, is the att staff better? And, if so, why?

Slightly related, my physical rages are still missing more than I care for, which I assume will only happen more if I bite the bullet and make a new staff. Am I doing something wrong with the rest of my gear (aside from being too poor for a waist slot)? I've barely played since February, so it wouldn't be surprised if I missed something.

Here is my physical rage set:
<main>Shareeravadi +2</main>
<sub>Vox Grip<sub>
<head>Caller's Horn +2</head>
<neck>Sacrifice Torque</neck>
<body>Caller's Doublet +2</body>
<hands>Summoner's Bracers +2</hands>
<lring>Evoker's Ring</lring>
<rring>Fervor Ring</rring>
<legs>Evoker's Spats</legs>
<feet>Summoner's Pigaches</feet> <------- (working on +2)
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#2 May 12 2012 at 11:56 AM Rating: Excellent
Given the change to the effects of summoning magic skill to where skill over the cap improves accuracy, Summoners able to have a large amount of skill past the cap have high enough accuracy to where they don't really need to worry about gearing too heavily for accuracy anymore for their rages except in some very high-level content (higher Voidwatch NMs, Provenance, etc)

For the most part your gear looks fine (doesn't really differ much from mine), though I'd probably use Caller's Spats +2 over Evoker's, you pointed out you have no belt yet, and I assume you don't have an Astute Cape from "Sea" since you didn't list it.

In that case, what all are you fighting that you tend to see this accuracy issue so much? I won't say that my accuracy with Bloodpact: Rages is flawless, but that difference in skill between our two gear sets isn't that great, and my accuracy is fairly decent.
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#3 May 12 2012 at 6:48 PM Rating: Excellent
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No, I don't have an astute cape. I actually forgot all about it :( But thank you for the tips.

The accuracy issues could be all in my head, I guess. Mainly I noticed it while doing trials (yes, accuracy issues in abyssea, on trash mobs), but perhaps what I was attributing to missed hits on p. claws was actually non-crit'd p.claws, or something. (Come to think of it I do have pretty solid numbers in VW when RR/other atmas aren't skewing things.) I know my skill is a little under cap, but gear still pushes it over cap for the accuracy bonus. Summoning skill is just awful to level...

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#4 May 15 2012 at 9:23 AM Rating: Excellent
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Are you sure you're missing hits with Pred Claws, and not just failing to crit? You can land all 3 hits on Pred Claws and still do 400 damage due to not having any crits. All physical BPs have an accuracy floor of 70% so it's literally impossible to be under that even if your summoning skill is zero.

I suspect it's in your head. I second what Vlor said, use Caller's Spats +2 over Evoker's, I suspect you don't need the accuracy.
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