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How to defeat Maat at level 70 Summoner?Follow

#1 Dec 28 2012 at 6:28 PM Rating: Good
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I astral flowed and used Judgement bolt, when Mr maat decided to 2 hour me right back and I died..I did move and quick, then I died..This is what is says on Wikki about the 2 hour..

1. Avoid opening with a 2HR unless you know that it will either incapacitate or kill his avatar. There is a high probability he will 2HR before you could turn your back if his Avatar is unaffected
2. Avoid using +1 pots. They will gve you the Medicated status effect and you will be unable to take any additional potions for 4+ minutes
3. Keep your distance from Maat, especially if his Avatar is trailing along. Hate will shift and having Maat and his avatar pounding on you will lessen your chances of an easy win.
The name of this game is to keep Maat from firing off his 2HR at all costs - so seperating Maat from his Avatar will be your main objective. Best approach would be to sleep it and eliminate that risk all together. A 2HR will only increase the chance of Maat firing off a 2HR as soon as he spawns a new avatar. Fair warning - Maat is incredibly fast on his feet and summoning his avatar. Keep as much distance between you and him when you are dropping, using pots, and resummuning your avatar. Best wishes to all you Summoners out there ^^

I seen someone at level 75 just use Fenrir with no 2 hour at all and won on youtube..Then again I am level 70. If I was just going to use Fenrir and no 2 hour at level 70, what would I need to take with me? I have the testimony again, so I hope not to mess up this time around. Any help would be cool.
#2 Dec 28 2012 at 6:35 PM Rating: Good
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This is kind of Funny. I forgot RR..ha..I was nervous and I just forgot..Also, I know most people astral flow and use spinning diva, but this guy said he could solo Fenrir, so that is why I didn't do any of that. Well I got saved anyways..and got Fenrir.

I just got Fenrir yesterday..So I could use him for the maat fight, couldn't I at level 70? With no 2 hour?

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#3 Dec 28 2012 at 8:18 PM Rating: Good
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See this guy when he 2 hour, that is what happened to me..I died after I used Judgment bolt, after I used it..Because Maat used his 2 hour and killed me and believe me I took off after using the 2 hour..It did not matter..Anyway this guy in this video comes back with Fenrir, although I am level 70, not 75, and doesn't use a 2 hour and wins.

#4 Dec 31 2012 at 8:43 AM Rating: Good
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I've not fought Maat on summoner yet, so I can't give you any direct advice, unfortunately. That being said, have you tried to copy the successful run on the other video? 5 levels shouldn't make *that* much of a difference, at least not a hard line between success and failure. It seems like he follows the same advice that's on the wiki, which is what I would recommend. Buff up, run in there and plant an avatar on him, then run to the opposite side of the arena and wait for your chance to resummon. Make sure your new avatars establish hate on both Maat and his avatar and then run away again.

Admittedly, some of the Maat fight is luck, and there's the chance that you'll just get unlucky and die to a one-shot Astral Flow. However, the single best thing you can do to help yourself win is just stay calm, don't panic, and make sure you're prepared before you go in. Upgrade your gear if need be, make sure you're stocked up on the right meds, and then just wear him out.

Good luck!
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#5 Dec 31 2012 at 10:46 AM Rating: Excellent
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Try using Shiva to Sleepga Maat's avatar?
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#6 Jan 02 2013 at 1:39 AM Rating: Excellent
It's random when Maat will use Astral Flow, so sometimes you'll have problems like the aforementioned video. One of the older methods of killing Maat on Smn, and one of the two ways to protect yourself from getting one shotted like that at the start, is to call out the Avatar of the element strong to what Maat has called out (Ifrit if he has Shiva, Garuda if he has Titan, etc), and Astral Flow bloodpact him right at the start. It will only do okay damage to him, but it will almost always take out the Avatar. Basically treat it like how you did the old lv. 20 solo Avatar fights if you ever did those, except choosing your preferred Avatar rather than relying only on Carbuncle.

Now, as soon as you use the AF bloodpact and it lands, you'll need to run all the way back to the entrance to recover your MP, since Maat runs quickly, and once your Avatar is dead he'll be coming after you fast, and he may have resummoned another Avatar by now, so be on your guard, since he might Astral Flow once he gets there.

Another method, the one Pergatory mentioned, is to just call out Shiva and have her use Sleepga on Maat (which will hit the Avatar as well) and then use her to beat him down with Rush. It'll temporarily keep the Avatar out of the picture, and if you get lucky, you might be able to defeat Maat before it even wakes up (Her Sleepga will last up to a minute, and with quick timing and some -Bloodpact Ability Delay gear pieces (Austere/Penance pieces for you for now), you can get in two Bloodpact: Rages in under a minute. Granted, you'll probably need to resummon Shiva once before your Bloodpact: Rage timers are back up, but if you do this right, then you'll really only need to be dealing with Maat, not both him and his Avatar.
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#7 Apr 06 2013 at 4:49 AM Rating: Good
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I went in as smn 99 5/5 +2 empy gear, and summoning skill 320, just to see if it was easier. I used predator claws right off and knocked maat down to 25% hp, right off he did astral flow and one shot me. Next time I went in and had my avatar kill his then went after maat, Used a pet that was strong against his avatar like diablos or fenrir. After killing his carby I resummoned a new pet like garuda and predator clawed him again, he went down fast after that. Main point to this is even with high level smn maats AF will still one shot you so dont be too impatient and go in guns blazing, plan ahead. Easiest maat fight ever for me was 99 blm. blizzja did 1951 damage with Good MaB gear on. One shot maat.

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