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Just returned after a long absence and remembered that after many a long year of love/hate with FFIX, i'd rage-deleted my character that had been worked on since the Beta and had everything done, so i am starting again from scratch, which i'm not too upset about as the journey is the fun right not the ending.

What i am mighty dissillusioned about however is all this easymode fast-track exp nubbery that seems to be FFXI these days, Lv60s in bronze subligars, Lv99s with less of a clue than a lv10 fresh to the dunes had in the old days, OMFG the things i've seen in just a few days back in Vanadiel.

Anyway, i've always been a solo/duo kind of guy although my old partners in crime are long gone, i did RDM solo 1-75 back in the day before FOV. I do NOT wish to participate in 17 other people whiffing at a gusgen mines skeleton/oubliette leech for hours on end, and i'm looking to play in the same oldschool way i loved so much. So to further that aim, i have settled on the BLU job as the ideal way to do so as it's requirement to learn spells from different mob groups at different levels makes travelling the world like a grumpy old man who can't adjust, doing FOV pages in out of the way zones a much more rewarding and sensible tactic to reach 99 as a fully skilled up, spelled out, knowledgeable BLU.

I'm running a RDM sub, just because i love the job and know it inside out so i can meld it into my BLU play organically. Seems to be working out nicely so far and from what i've been researching seems like it should be good in the future for running all the metric tons of missions/quests/addons/AF etc etc that i now need to redo all over again. I needed to recruit some help for the level cap increase "frigicite monsters" that are impossible alone under the level cap but from what i've seen so far i think BLU/RDM is one seriously self-reliant job combo, as powerful as my RDM/NIN i'm not sure, we will see later on when i can tackle some of the 75+ nasty things i used to provoke into trying to eat me. If i'm an idiot for subbing RDM please let me know, but it seems to make sense to me.

Currently, i'm BLU55/RDM50, cowering in the bowels of uncapped Pso'xja fighting some diremites and snolls to get Filamented Hold and Cold Wave, i'm making sure i have EVERY spell as soon as it's pertinent even though i know some of them are going to be a little pointless. It's a little rowdy down here due to the AH being a wasteland these days i'm seriously under-geared, but not dangerously so due to experience and planning armouring me well enough.

Ah well, no more 6man parties and hours of solo is leaving me with a lot of urge to converse "just not enough to want to join alliance to do so" so i thought i'd drop in and say hello to the BLU forums where i will be trawling for info over the coming weeks. If anyone on Asura server has recently started a new character, enjoys duo, and/or is working on old content etc, drop me a /tell or drop me an LS pearl if it's not one too intensely into rushing through the game and has some oldschool members.

Been reading a lot of info on the new content on FFXIcyclopedia this last week, picked myself up a traverser stone etc. If anyone has any other similarly generic tips for a returning player, i'd appreciate them.

I do have one particular question, probably will have more in the coming days....

What do you think the most pertinent craft/tradeskill for a BLU would be ? I like the idea of trying to put some crafted items on the AH, just to make it a bit more useful and alive again. Is there a particular group of mobs we find easy to farm, or particular crafted items that are useful to us that would make a specific craft suitable for me to start working on ?


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I have an LS that might work for you. Ultra casual, so no expectations (but people may not drop everything to help you either) some members do some non-burn leveling in out of the way places. You can look for me online, Olor, though I don't know if I will get online tonight.

Or check this thread for some sack holders: http://ffxi.allakhazam.com/forum.html?forum=33&mid=1359936887107039059&h=50

Also! Just a word to the wise, it is fine to want to do things your own way, but it really isn't necessary to insult people that take part in burns etc. Most of the best geared/most knowledgeable players out there prefer to burn their exp because they'd rather spend time perfecting their gearsets and macros and working on high level/new content vs exping.

To suggest folks are noobs because they are wearing crappy gear when they are synced down 30 levels beating on prey that gives 1 exp. isn't going to make you any friends. It's great that you enjoy the process of gaining exp, and when you do get to 99 I am sure you will appreciate having taken that time - but it's really not necessary to look down on people who choose to burn/skill and then spend the majority of their time perfecting gear etc.

Live and let live and you'll find the world a more friendly place.

lolgaxe wrote:
When it comes to sitting around not doing anything for long periods of time, only being active for short windows, and marginal changes and sidegrades I'd say FFXI players were the perfect choice for politicians.

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I understand where you are coming from. I personally do not like to burn. It makes skilling up very difficult. But there are so few parties out there nowadays that it makes leveling tough. I may not have been around since beta, but I was around when mobs in Valk would kill everyone when it would come back from a zone. Those days had their fun points. One thing I would recommend is subbing dnc not rdm. Majority of the time, dnc works out best for blu. I did use /thf for getting frenetic rip because it requires you to break the horn so that the imps would use it. So I would use sneak attack and sickle slash on the imps back. It normally worked but it was tough sneaking up on the guys. I do not recommend trying to get body slam yet. Unless you have some high level help. I died to one in Mount Zayolim and I was level 99, if memory serves. The big trouble was their ability to dispel your bufs and do 100 points of damage per buf dispelled. They also do quite a bit of damage per their regular hits. I think it finally used petro eyes on me. Body slam is really useless but I wanted all of the spells.You will definitely want frenetic rip and hysteric barrage for the fight with the level 70 cap guy. He is said to be tougher then Maat. I did beat him my first try but others have said he is really tough. Do as much youtube research as you can. Disseverment will be one of your best friends. So I recommend getting it as soon as you can. Be careful, though, as it is dangerous to have cast on you. My character is not in game right now. I cannot afford it yet. But, if you are ever in Ragnarock or you want to keep in contact with me, just send me a private message. I have all the spells but maybe one or two. And they are the one from the NM monsters.
I know most of my jobs are over 90. But I have not played in over a year. My favorite job is Blu level 99.
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