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#1 Apr 08 2012 at 10:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Heya kinda new to VW whats pup main goal in VW like procs and so on what do i need and what do i need to focus on when people call out pups turn do somthing? Thanks for any info just want to be ready to rock out on whats need from me as a pup.
#2 Apr 09 2012 at 7:29 AM Rating: Decent
Pup procs have been reduced to just Armor Shatterer to being our only exclusive proc. So you really want to go in with the ranger frame and just do as much damage possible while helping the mnk get H2H procs if they come up.

Edit: in T4 or jueno fights that is. City fights 3 and lower mobs die to quickly for everyone to be on it so only be on it if your stagger(Auto or h2h) is called.

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#3 Apr 18 2012 at 10:33 AM Rating: Good
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PUP ought to function more or less like MNK in terms of staggering the Voidwalkers. PUP has access to every single H2H weapon skill that MNK does apart from Asuran Fist. It sometimes baffles me as to why PUP always plays second fiddle to MNK for Voidwatch, although I suspect the reason is largely because MNK is a difficult job to @#%^ up and has a lot more HP than PUP which counts for quite a bit in Voidwatch.

However, I can think of one Voidwatch battle that PUP should theoretically be a huge asset aside from mere staggers, and that's in the fight with Botulus Rex. When ya consider that magic is king when fighting Botulus and that enmity is a huge problem (hence the demand for wildfire corsairs), it seems obvious that PUP with the ability to stagger and deal essentially hate free elemental damage would be a tremendous help. Good luck finding anyone willing to let you try it though.

Speaking of PUP in voidwatch, do we actually know if Atmacites effect pets? I would expect them to given the behavior of Atma, but I've never heard any information on the subject.

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#4 Apr 18 2012 at 2:22 PM Rating: Good
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Good idea! When I get home from work I'll pop a t1 and see if my regain from atmacite works on my automaton. Easiest way I can see testing it.
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#6 Apr 20 2012 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
I like to correct a mistake I made. I got confused and thought that the adjustments made for the final chapter of the fight effected all the fights. Until further notice all pet weaponskills will be triggers in the the earlier chapters.
If cookies were milk and milk was cookies. Would Oreo's still be america's favorite brand of milk?
#7 Jun 24 2012 at 6:34 PM Rating: Good
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I have been going PUP/MNK to VW for months now.
That's because I'm the one shouting and made the run.
Funny enough, while started earlier, I used to bring a MNk. Having the impression that they do make good damage.
Suddenly, during my runs, I was the one steal all hates except when I have good WAR in my ally.
And some MNK are even useless die a few sec at start and weakened for the rest of the fight, while I am still alive while tanking or not.
That's proving to me that, not all MNK are doing good dmg. I don't consider myself output good dmg.
Since those failed MNK with empry weapon.... I am now not considering MNK is a must job to go for all VW runs, unless they proved to me that they are well DMG over my PUP.

Myself bring PUP/MNK, I am covering all PUP and MNK proc, except AF. That's better than bringing a useless MNK and wasted a spot. And my ally can cover almost all proc even a free spot to bring a BST.

Besides, PUP is calling hint master! Every 10 sec from deploy for hint, WS for hint, if you are using RDM frame, magic hint whenever you made it nuke. And yes, TS to steal its TP to do more SP ws.

Most importantly, knowing what yourself are doing and what kind of dmg you can take and survive.
Your temp item allows you to survive almost the entire fight for most VW including Pil.

Above statement has not yet proved in PW area though. I am still farming gears atm.
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#8 Jun 24 2012 at 9:30 PM Rating: Good
Yesterday i said 'bump it!" and took PUP to VW. I have to say i was pleasently surprised.

Went PUP/WAR and it was a blast. I have Victory Smite, but was using Stringing Pummel and it was tearing stuff up. Had Klaxon set to WHM and he did great, between RR and oils i had zreo problem keeping him up.

And the truly best thing, that really sped up the fights, were the hints. I didn't know until yesterday that the hint system considers EVERYTHING a pet does as an action on the master's part. I was getting hints in a constant stream and it was just outstanding. I got asked several times how the **** i was getting hints so fast. And i was getting all the hint types; magic, WS, and JA.

I hate VW. But as my shell is currently on a VW kick i'm sucking it and showing to every run. I'm really pleased that my favorite job can contribute so well. My PUP is definitely on the short list of jobs i bring now.
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#9 Jun 25 2012 at 12:03 AM Rating: Decent
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Good to know!
Yes ! we are trigger hint master for VW :)
Not many appreciate this, they would just thought heavy damage is the key to win.
I can safely say this, 95% of my runs are smooth and easy and some of my sarcastic joke fun :p
5% was the 'bs no hint Pil fight' ....
#10 Jul 02 2012 at 4:18 PM Rating: Good
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Having an always in demand VW job in COR (and to a much lesser extent, NIN), I don't often get much chance to use any other job in VW. However, a couple PUP ideas that pop into my head:

* Lately I'm really interested in the possibility of /PUP as a viable VW sub for someone who doesn't really need their subjob for another reason. Would work particularly well for backline jobs. Sub would realistically only be for proc, but any job can use the lv1 Animator to force an automaton ability for an easy proc that in so many runs is completely absent. It sucks when you see an EX/HV Automaton ability and you just have to ignore it when it's SO easy to hit. Do all of your mages REALLY need their subs? Perhaps a BLU, or even a non-WF COR or a BRD? I might even leave the puppet un-deployed unless needed for a proc, but would be so nice to have if you get that stubborn (and surprisingly common in my experience) automaton proc.

* As for hint-machine, the posts here are dead on that PUP is great in that role. I'll note that /DNC adds even more hints, by adding in some steps/flourishes you get even more hint spam PLUS 6/8 of the DNC JA procs (which are also often missing in VW setups). Between Deploy, pet abilities, WS, steps, and flourishes it would be pretty difficult to ever have to be waiting on an ability timer to get more hints.
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