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Sorry to break up the futile typing and hand wringing that accompanies attempting to convince trolls of anything, but I posted the data we collected, Jinte. Not that it particularly matters, but they seem to have slightly adjusted the formulas since we tested so if I wanted to continue the testing I'd have to repeat a large chunk of what we did. I have 5 fewer base damage at 99 now than I used to.


It either weirdly looks like the Ranged Automaton uses both fSTR1 and fSTR2 and has a 50% DEX mod or it looks like it just uses fSTR2 and has a 30% STR mod and 50% DEX mod. The caps make me favor the first explanation, though.
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mmmm, the former sounds right from my results, and explains a couple of things, too. If you don't have them, a fair amount of my work can be found here and here, and if you want/need any more, I can dig up my testing notes, since I don't remember how many of them I sent your way. Not sure if you forgot or didn't know the Skill -> damage formula I figured out, or if you found that it was tweaked at all (judging from your 5 fewer base damage comment), but the final result I had was (((skill-5)/9)*3), which is why skill 0-4 don't increase your damage. That said, fSTR1 and fSTR2 combining would explain a LOT of ****...
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Reiterpallasch wrote:
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Am I the only one who clicked on this thread expecting actual baby photos [of Jinte]? o.O

Except if it were baby photos, it would be like looking at before and afters of Michael Jackson. Only instead of turning into a white guy, he changes into a chick!
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