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#1 Sep 19 2012 at 12:03 PM Rating: Decent
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I developed a fascination with PUP during a break from the game, and quickly unlocked and leveled it when I came back. H2H skill was already capped from MNK, but auto skills suffered.

Mostly, I've played solo or duo on PUP using the Soulsoother head, which has brought my magic skill within 3 levels of cap. However, it is far past time to get my melee and ranged skills leveled.

When using a DD frame, which subjob do you veteran PUPs prefer? PUP gets access to plenty of mage gear, much of which I have already, so /WHM is a possibility. However, my /DNC sub is also leveled. I'll probably still solo or duo to level melee/ranged skills, so we're not looking at anything harder than a decent challenge. I am likely to be doing Grounds of Valor, so no Aby buffs either.

Also, not meaning to start any arguments here, but I wanted to know if/where I can make improvements in my gear. I have crappy H2H atm, but I am working on better. A big one for me is whether or not to use elemental gorgets/belts. Not all are in favor of them, but that was mostly on a different job's forum.

Here's my TP gear:
Head: Oce. +1
Body: Toci's
Hands: Cirque +2
Legs: Cirque +2
Feet: Athos
Neck: Faith Torque
Ears: Brutal/Ghillie+1
Rings: Epona's/Rajas
Back: Vellanus' (please give me a better option!)
Waist: Twilight

There's not too many changes for WS. Cirque+2 head, Pyrosoul Ring, Light Gorget/Belt for Stringing Pummel. DEX earring in place of Ghillie+1 for Shijin, along with Athos Tights, DEX ring and Light Gorget/Belt. My Cirque feet are still only +1, one of 2 jobs that need jewels of voyage atm.

One last thing. I fail at math, but I do trust it.
Inia - Odin Server
#2 Sep 19 2012 at 3:43 PM Rating: Decent
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From my experience in leveling skills, you just need to start where your pup can hit things, jumping into abyssea with a melee skill equal to lvl 20 isn't going to help you. There was a guide poster down the thread a ways that told the players to use either mage or ranger frames and skill up on worms in A. Uleg. I would suggest either doing that or finding an easy Exp party and moving away from the group so you can do some solo while having some help/TE popping. The percolator attachment is suppose to help with all skill ups on the automaton so that would really help with your range and melee, although it is unclear how it effects the skill ups or if maneuvers are needed.

As far as the Elemental belt and gorget go, the elemental belt is probable the best piece for shijin from my understanding because the effect activates on all hits of the weaponskill. However the neck piece can be replaced, usually with something like moepapa or the agasaya's. The elemental belt on SP isn't bad but not to many choice are available, I'm personally trying to get a prosilio for SP.

Hope this helps.
#4 Sep 20 2012 at 7:09 AM Rating: Decent
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For skilling up I used this guide.


tl;dr version: Take whatever skill you want to level and divide it by 4. i.e 300/4 = 75. That should give you an idea of where you need to skill up.

I'm currently level 90 so I don't know where to skill up past Abyssea worms though.

As for subjobs I use /nin, /war /dnc for my DD frames. I use /nin or /war if I want to use my TP for weapon skills. I easily can keep myself alive using role reversal/shadows. /dnc if I'm farming cruor in abyssea parties and I'm too lazy to keep up shadows and what not.
#5 Sep 20 2012 at 9:20 AM Rating: Decent
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Thank you for the advice on where to skillup my automaton, though that's not what I asked.

I'm very interested in anything that will improve my weaponskill numbers (other than improving my weapon, which I know is a big part of the calculations). I have done some research, but maybe I missed an option somewhere. All set if I want to nuke on my own as PUP/BLM though >.< /sarcasm

While I'm asking questions, is there a good guide about using maneuvers? I've pretty much been figuring out what maneuvers to use when and with which frame as I go, but without a guide, it is likely I have missed something important. Some of the attachments make it fairly easy to tell they require a maneuver (like the refresh attachment), but not all. Looked at the sticky, but I didn't see that particular topic.

Is 3 the max number of maneuvers that can be active at one time? Someone mentioned 15 maneuvers, but that was with Kenkonken, something I am not going to have anytime soon.
Inia - Odin Server
#6 Sep 20 2012 at 11:08 AM Rating: Decent
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The 15 maneuver thing was that a puppetmaster using kenkonken can use 15 maneuvers back-to-back and not overload.

I actually asked about a WS gear here. There are a few options depending on what you have available to you. The high end being getting Thaumas and Athos, and the low end using AH and somewhat easily acquired gear like the elemental belts and +2.

For a maneuver guide, the maneuver related to the attachment will activate the attachment. Check this, under the attachment section lists all the maneuvers related to abilities and traits. There are also decision making maneuver that influence which WS or spell and automaton will use. If you check the frames in the wiki link they list the maneuver that will influence the WS. As for the spell usage I don't know all the details on them.

Hope this helps.
#7 Sep 20 2012 at 11:42 AM Rating: Good
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Regarding your TP set: very good, almost the best you can get without Neo Nyzul gear. I'd only use Cirque Necklace over Faith (you're not getting to a new damage tier with just Faith), and use Pantin Cape over Vellaunus.

As for WS, this is what I use for Shijin (Weapon is Oxyuranis fire), and the improvements I could use (without counting NNI gear, unless you tell us you have access to it).

neck "Spike Necklace"; ---> Gorget is a bit better.
head "Oce. Headpiece +1";
back "Pantin Cape";
feet "Cirque Scarpe +2";
legs "Cirq. Pantaloni +2";
waist "Pipilaka Belt"; ---> Prosolio is better, which says a lot about or total lack of Att.
ring1 "Rajas Ring";
ring2 "Thundersoul Ring";
hands "Cirque Guanti +2"; ---> Mustela gloves are the new best WS hands, I quit the game before they were released, but will be my first purchase upon returning.
body "Toci's Harness";
ear1 "Thunder Pearl"; ---> Jupiter pearl is a bit better for a lot more gil, if you're rich, go for it.
ear2 "Brutal Earring";
range "Turbo Animator"; ---> Higher leveled animators are better, of course.

As for Stringing Pummel (which in my experience, and with my gear, performs a bit worse than Shijin):

back "Pantin Cape";
ring1 "Rajas Ring";
hands "Cirque Guanti +2"; ---> Athos are better, Mustela even better. Unless... (see below)
body "Toci's Harness";
ear1 "Kemas Earring";
ear2 "Brutal Earring";
neck "Soil Gorget"; ---> Tjukurrpa Medal is better if you don't have Acc problems (and on the kind of mobs you fight, you won't).
head "Oce. Headpiece +1"; ---> Outperforms Cirque +2, as it has 3% TA from pairing it with Toci's, as well as that hefty 13 Dex for the dDex bonus to crit.
range "Turbo Animator";
legs "Cirq. Pantaloni +2"; ---> Athos is better, and if you have also Athos hands, the combination beats Mustela gloves thanks to the 3% crit rate set bonus.
feet "Cirque Scarpe +2";
ring2 "Spiral Ring"; ---> Epona may be worse, equal, or better, depending on many factors. But with better gear, Epona wins, so you can save 1 inventory and be good. I need to change this upon returning, btw >_>
waist "Sentry Belt"; ---> Prosolio to the rescue! This one is not half bad, though.

Also, depending on the situation of capped/almost capped/way below cap dDex, several neck/back combinations will be better than others, often involving Tjukurrpa Medal, Pantin cape, and the two rancor items.
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