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#1 May 30 2012 at 10:12 AM Rating: Good
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Hi! So I have some questions regarding RDM. I stopped playing right around when Visions were released, and now coming back I'm completely lost.

2 Big things:


Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?
I'm not entirely sure what to do merit besides the obvious MP/Enfeebling.
Which merited spells are actually useful?
Seeing as RDM are no longer desireable for enfeebles I was going to merit Bio III all the way for solo. Is that a good move?


Specifically in general, with the 99 cap what pieces should I be looking at?
What the hell are Magian staves? And are they better than the HQ staves?
Should I have an enfeebling set anymore? Cure set? Elemental/Nuking? Fast cast?
I really want a solo set for RDM/NIN (TP/WS) or any solo kind of gear set. Which pieces should I be looking at?

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#2 May 30 2012 at 5:44 PM Rating: Decent
Merit points rundown for RDM...

HP/MP: If you have any serious melee aspirations, they'd get more out of max HP than a mage will out of max MP. Personally, with the amount of idle refresh, spell refresh, and item based MP recovery available, I don't find the MP merits particularly appealing even as a career mage. I just don't need it.

Attributes: If you have any serious melee aspirations, they'd get more out of an attribute boost than a RDM will. If you're seriously RDM only, INT is nice for some extra mustard on your nukes and MAcc on your darkness based spells. If you don't nuke enough to care about 12 INT, MND is your other option for a little more potency and MAcc on your light based enfeebles. Though with how high Enfeebling caps, the amount of Enfeebling Skill and Magic Accuracy attainable in gear, and your base attributes on top of all that, the MAcc from Attribute merits are a drop in the bucket. 12 Attributes would make up 6 MAcc out of 720+ possible Enfeebling MAcc, for example. An increase of 0.8%.

Combat Skills: Better used for melee jobs. If you have them to burn, pair with your preferred WS(s).

Weapon Skills: These points are way better spent on a melee job, but Requiescat is a clear step up from Death Blossom for Sword RDMs. I never used Dagger on RDM much so I can't speak to RDM+Exenterator or how it compares to Evisceration.

Magic Skills: You can now have 3 magics fully merited. I go with Enfeebling, Elemental, and Dark because I play BLM, but I could see Enhancing replacing Dark as needed to hit 500 Enhancing which is the point at which quite a few enhancing spells cap. Most notably SCH's Embrava, and WHM's Boost/RDM's Gain line of spells. Enspell and Phalanx would also benefit if you melee.

Others: Most of these are personal preference, but if you melee -at all-, Crit Hit Rate is a must. Oh, and SE killed RDM/NIN tanking so you can forget about Enmity +, and think twice about Spell Interrupt Down.

RDM Group 1: I live comfortably without Convert merits, but if your mileage varies, go ahead and merit that. All 6 elements have their selling points, but I think the top choices are Lightning for Stun and Thunder IV MAcc (RDM is a great stunner in Voidwatch, but doesn't have the best Stun MAcc against some high end mobs), Ice for Para, Bind, and Blizzard IV, and Earth for Slow. Water for Poison, Fire for Addle, and Wind bring up the rear. Everything worth anything is Grav and Silence immune, btw.

RDM Group 2: One of each debuff is a good idea if you bring RDM to Voidwatch because they are procs which you are brought to hit. Aside from that, it's all personal preference, I enjoy a strong Phalanx II, others may prefer to get a smidge more Dia III duration, or Slow/Para MAcc/Potency. RDM Solos aren't as useful in the game any more, so Bio III should stay at 1.
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#3 May 30 2012 at 6:22 PM Rating: Decent
Regarding gear...

Magian staves are HQ staves on crack. They can be a bit of a pain to build, but they will absolutely blow level 51 staves out of the water; the Series I staves will do 18% more damage and lower your cast time by 14% but give 10 less MAcc, and the Series II staves will provide 40 additional MAcc and -14% recasts at the cost of 4.5% nuke damage compared to HQ staves. http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Magic_Affinity will give you the specifics.

As far as sets that one would use on RDM, I currently have:
1. Idle - A lot of Damage Taken-, Convert Damage Taken to MP, and Refresh. Get ahead while standing around.
2. PDT - Swaps to hit the 50% PDT cap if you can't do that in your Idle set. Useful in combination with Phalanx and AoEing things.
3. MDT - Swaps to hit the 50% MDT cap if you can't do that in your Idle set. Add in MDB or INT gear anywhere you can to lower the casting target's dINT for even more reduction. Personally, I don't currently have much need for this.
4. Fastcast - RDM gets native 30% Fast Cast, which means a Warlock's Chapeau and Duelist's Tabard will cap your fast cast. Remember that Series I Magian Staves have -14% Casting Time and stack fully with Fast Cast, so macro those in when applicable. Alternatively, a Duelist's Tabard +2 gives 12% fast cast compared to the NQ's 10%, meaning you can cap your fastcast using AF2+2 body, an augmented Jewelled Collar, Loquac. Earring, Estoqueur's Earring, and Prolix Ring. Edit: See also Swith Cape (+1).
5. Recast - Keep that Fast Cast set on, then put Haste gear on. Remember that Series II Magian Staves have -14% Recast Time. If you use the alternative Fast Cast set above, you will be able to hit 26% haste as well as 25% recast time reduction from Fast Cast. Add on a Series II staff for -14% recast, and you have an Utsu: Ni/Stun recast of 15~ seconds. Add on a BRD or Embrava, and it's 8.
6. Dark Magic - Mostly pieced together MAcc gear from other sets with recast gear on top because this is my high MAcc stun set. I don't really Drain/Aspir enough to bring a serious Dark Magic Skill set, or any Drain/Aspir enhancers.
7. Elemental Magic - A max Elemental Magic/MAcc set comes into use if you want to stick Elemental DoTs, which are procs in Voidwatch.
8. Max damage nuke - All your best MAB and INT.
9. MAcc nuke - Basically your Elemental Magic set, but if you have any huge pieces of MAB/INT gear that could replace a small amount of MAcc, go for it. Novio Earring over Estoqueur's Earring, that kind of thing.
10. Light based enfeebling - All your Enfeebling and MAcc, plus 1 MND = 0.5 MAcc (and 0.2% potency Slow/Para if uncapped dMND)
11. Darkness based enfeebling - All your Enfeebling and MAcc, plus 1 INT = 0.5 MAcc (and 0.2% potency Blind if uncapped dINT).
12. MAcc - Maximum MAcc gear, for junk like landing a Threnody on an EP mob you're farming for Magian Staves.
13. AF3 - Use the AF3+2 when buffing others with composure up for a duration bonus.
14. Enhancing - Gain-INT is handy for nuking, Phalanx for training mobs, 30 damage Enspell+KC=legit, barspell, barstatus, etc. Remember AF3 feet and back will boost your own buff duration.
15. Cure - Magian Cure staff, Heka's Kalasiris, Serpentes hands/feet, and Roundel/Phalaina/Oretania/Praeco will have you Cure IV'ing like you mean it.
16. Convert set - Even if I can live without convert merits, I still want to get the most out of 'vert when I use it.
XX. MND Potency - More popular back at 75 when PLD/NINs roamed the earth and slowing the mob's attack rate truly helped. I don't see the use any more, and scrapped my potency set for remembering to gain-MND before I debuff.

Rest assured, I don't have 16*16 pieces of equipment, and most of it is the same 2-3 pieces of gear showing up all over the place. Matter of fact, it's mix and match of this gear list.

<item>Atar I</item>
<item>Vourukasha I</item>
<item>Vourukasha II</item>
<item>Vayuvata I</item>
<item>Vayuvata II</item>
<item>Vishrava I</item>
<item>Vishrava II</item>
<item>Apamajas I</item>
<item>Apamajas II</item>
<item>Haoma I</item>
<item>Haoma II</item>
<item>Arka II</item>
<item>Arka IV</item>
<item>Xsaeta I</item>
<item>Xsaeta II</item>
<item>Terra's Staff</item>
<item>Ombre Tathlum</item>
<item>Arbuda Grip</item>
<item>Wizzan Grip</item>
<item>Verse Strap +1</item> <~~ Least valuable, will replace with Merciful Cape for Stun.
<item>Dls. Chapeau +2</item>
<item>Zelus Tiara</item>
<item>Estq. Chappel +2</item>
<item>Zenith Crown</item> <~~ 5 Enhancing Magic Skill Augment
<item>Hedera Cotehardie</item>
<item>Heka's Kalasiris</item>
<item>Dls. Tabard +2</item>
<item>Anhur Robe</item> <~~ Would replace with Nares Saio
<item>Estq. Sayon +2</item>
<item>Brego Gloves</item>
<item>Dls. Gloves +2</item>
<item>Estq. Ganthrt. +2</item>
<item>Eradico Mitts</item> <~~ Would replace with Nares Cuffs
<item>Serpentes Cuffs</item>
<item>Rubeus Spats</item>
<item>Portent Pants</item>
<item>Estqr. Fuseau +2</item>
<item>Crimson Cuisses</item>
<item>Eurus' Ledelsens</item>
<item>Dls. Boots +2</item> <~~ Would replace with Nares Clogs
<item>Estq. Houseaux +2</item>
<item>Serpentes Sabots</item>
<item>Stoicheion Medal</item>
<item>Twilight Torque</item>
<item>Jeweled Collar</item> <~~ Fast Cast augment
<item>Dark Torque</item> <~~ Aesir Torque
<item>Enhancing Torque</item> <~~ Colossus' Torque
<item>Enfeebling Torque</item>
<item>Wanion Belt</item>
<item>Phasmida Belt</item>
<item>Flume Belt</item>
<item>Olympus Sash</item>
<item>Casso Sash</item>
<item>Romanus Cape</item>
<item>Twilight Cape</item>
<item>Estoqueur's Cape</item>
<item>Altruistic Cape</item>
<item>Umbra Cape</item>
<item>Strophadic Earring</item>
<item>Hecate's Earring</item>
<item>Estq. Earring</item>
<item>Novio Earring</item>
<item>Loquac. Earring</item>
<item>Roundel Earring</item>
<item>Prolix Ring</item>
<item>Strendu Ring</item>
<item>Irrwisch Ring</item>
<item>Omega Ring</item>
<item>Dark Ring</item> <~~ DRing lol
<item>Dark Ring</item>
<item>Diamond Ring</item> <~~ Nares Cap

Atar II half way done... Arka I I may not be able to summon the willpower to do.

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#4 May 30 2012 at 8:56 PM Rating: Excellent
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Might be a good way to scare him, there. ;)

Anyway, since you're fresh back, I'd just prioritize getting to 99 first, then you can start dabbling with merits alongside trials for new gear. Magically, I went Enfeebling/Elemental/Enhancing and this is a pretty solid combo for BLM and SCH, too. WHM would also benefit from 2/3 (Meriting Healing even with recent adjustments probably isn't wise). Other magic schools are too job-specific if they're not your mains.

I don't see many people talking about 1:1 Convert ratios these days, but that can affect how you distribute your HP/MP. I was Hume, so I just balanced it out. I tend to find MP the more valuable resource, even with all the new auto-refresh gear, as translating that MP to HP through cures gives you an effectively larger HP pool. When it comes to AoEs that really want to kill you, it's a hell of a gamble assuming those HP merits will save you. Ideally, you just want to avoid the damage or be better prepared for it through buffs and -DT gear.

My personal melee aspirations for RDM aside, I find STR to be the universal best stat to boost via merits. INT only shines a little for the nuking jobs, with a lesser nod toward those who like the Shattersoul WS (RDM can't use). STR, however, is pretty much vital to anyone who ever even considers picking up a weapon, wiggling its way into added ATK and other calculations. MND fails because enfeebles cap and reaching such caps isn't too difficult with today's gear.

T1 Merit situation hasn't changed much since the old days. Convert has always been the most popular. Rest is up to you. Ice used to be the popular choice since nuking with the Aquilo's Staff also brought the +15 elemental skill, making Blizzard our most accurate nuke line. Even with our low end Dark skill, Stun is typically an accurate spell. Problems tend to arise more there on mobs who build immunities over time, which is also why I didn't suggest meriting this like Tert did. I wouldn't call chainspell stunning a frequent happening these days, either.

T2 merits are trickier. I can't recall if SE's implemented the proc changes to VW yet, but if they haven't, you'll basically need 1 point in every debuff in case it's a trigger proc. If they have, we wiggle back to older days where, if you're investing in Phalanx, it's 5/5 or not at all (I'm of the not at all camp since you'll probably be /SCH and can AoE T1 if you REALLY need -30+ DT on others). 2 in Dia III seems to be popular, giving it a minute duration. Bio III is another all or nothing, with only being useful for kite solos... which aren't really prominent anymore with other jobs being able to kill the same **** more quickly without other issues like claim loss or regens. Blind II isn't worth it since anything hard you'd want it on will probably have capped ACC anyway. Revisiting my comments on MND merits, this brings us to Slow and Paralyze. If you're going 2/5 in Dia III, this will leave you 8 points to fiddle with in these 2 spells. I'd personally suggest going 5/5 Para with the remaining 3 in Slow. Para would also benefit from the Ice magic merits if you did them. Either way, don't expect to rely on these spells with NMs until SE decides to roll out their enfeebling adjustment patch in some nebulous future point they've talking about for probably over a year now.

But yeah, for now, just focus on 99ing yourself. The merits will come as you do other things. On the magian end, you'll definitely want to work on your armor set. Immediate staff upgrades would involve Ice, Lightning, and Cure. Melee, if you're inclined, is an Almace (with Sword merits since I didn't mention those. Enhancing is also a must for RDM here between Enspells and Temper). You'll probably need to Atma hunt and handle various Abyssea clears, too. So that's something on your plate, as well. Basically kill all the zone bosses and do Shinryu. Might be tricky depending on how many friends you still have around, but not impossible.
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#5 May 30 2012 at 11:32 PM Rating: Decent
So that's what's been happening to my Stuns...
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#6 May 31 2012 at 2:53 AM Rating: Excellent
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Out of curiosity, what have you been fighting to see resists?
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#7 May 31 2012 at 11:31 AM Rating: Excellent
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Thanks for the feedback guys! I appreciate it.
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#8 May 31 2012 at 3:31 PM Rating: Decent
Later on into slower Bismarcks, the Provenance Caturae, Kalasutrax, Uptala, and Aello come to mind when I think of Stun resists.

Oh, and Ig-Alima.
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#9 May 31 2012 at 9:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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Sounds about right. Kala is certainly a bad one for resists since you'll want to be stunning some of his moves to keep his -DT from building. :/
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#10 Jun 04 2012 at 12:16 PM Rating: Excellent
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Seriha wrote:
T2 merits are trickier. I can't recall if SE's implemented the proc changes to VW yet, but if they haven't, you'll basically need 1 point in every debuff in case it's a trigger proc.

It should just be on the test server right now.
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#11 Jun 06 2012 at 5:22 AM Rating: Good
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To add onto what the others posted. Get a 500 Enhancing set build, it is that great.

25 to any stat alone makes it worthwhile. For melee it's a 20% Temper DA and 30 point enspell, otherwise more resilient aquaveil, better barspells ect..
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#12 Jun 21 2012 at 11:40 AM Rating: Good
Figured I'd say it for any future readers, since Bio III and Blind II are no longer Voidwatch procs, don't merit them for that reason. I'm hesitant to say for any reason, but if there is a reason to merit them, I am unaware of it.
There are two kinds of people in FFXI, those doing the laughing and those who don't know what's funny.
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