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#1 Dec 24 2012 at 10:10 PM Rating: Decent
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I am back to game now for a few months and almost have sword capped as a level 99..however I am in need of pointers on how when what where....I have never done a Ws trail or Weapon trail not even before my 3 year break from the game...I would like to still play on Rdm when I can though i realize the job has been downplayed greatly nowadays....Just wondering where i should start whats a good sword to work on or what Ws i should be trying to complete...I spent at least half my FF time solo thus the intrest in keeping my Rdm alive and growing it much stronger then its just above average status...any and all pointers are greatly welcomed..please thank you and well merry christmas it seems..
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#2 Dec 25 2012 at 9:51 AM Rating: Good
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Well, the actual WS quests are pretty straightforward. Go the proper NPCs, spam some WS/SCs with the trial weapon in your main hand, take it back, go somewhere to kill an NM, go back, profit. Nyzul WS require getting the base weapon from Nyzul itself, then just some WS spam based on how high your disk is. Magian weapons will have varying objectives, but I'd just say if you have some reliable help, shoot for an Almace. If not, Flame/STR swords are probably the next bet with PDT/Earth situationally appropriate. If you need a hold-over sword until those are higher level, can try and get the JSE drop from the Uragnite in Grauberg[A]. Here's the sword trial list for easier viewing over going through the Moogle.
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#3 Jan 04 2013 at 12:01 AM Rating: Default
After having done 15 million magian trials myself for swords alone... You can get some nice weapons out of them. It all boils down to how you play and how much time/effort you want to dump into them. I love rdm and it's really my only job so i do lots to make it the best i can.
Here's a list of good options:
Str sword is a great off hand weapon. painfully expensive to finish due to flame geode prices but still one of the best off hand choices.
Almace as main hand weapon. Not as good for RDM as other jobs due to our utter lack of dex gear but still it's an empy weapon.
Double attack sword: So many people overlook this wonderful piece. 11% DA plus max skill temper is 31% DA!!! plus it has a nice 62 dmg rating. That is not too shabby.
Vit sword for -pdt taken is good for tanking situations. We dont do it often but we can. With the right gear rdm can hit -pdt cap. Mix with phalanx, protect 5, and stoneskin and we can take a beating.
AGI+ sword if you want to main hand a dagger and use Exenterator. Plus the eva plus is nice since ours naturally sucks.
And lastly, I personally like the store tp sword. 17 more store tp on one weapon helps out.
As for WS, get req for sure. it really is our best one. and do savage blade if you haven't. Using /dnc and reverse flourish you can self skillchain with req then savage blade if you get lucky. (more DA really helps pull this off reliably) Every self SC you do is free damage and makes you look cooler when people see a melee rdm kickin it!
#4 Jan 06 2013 at 4:51 PM Rating: Good
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DairynRakalago wrote:
Double attack sword: So many people overlook this wonderful piece. 11% DA plus max skill temper is 31% DA!!! plus it has a nice 62 dmg rating. That is not too shabby.

It's overlooked because Fire Shikargar is almost always equal or better DPS, same with AGI for Exten. Dual Fire Shikargars will beat a MND combination for Req. Shabby? No. Best? Not really.
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