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What RDM things do you do in SoAFollow

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What RDM things do you do in SoA, What are you enjoying about SoA as a RDM, What are you disliking about SoA as a RDM

In Delve I've only found two roles:

1) Super Tank Support. Usually this is RDM/WHM with a Bard that swings by to Ballad me and then takes off for other things. Some people seem to think it's boring, I've kinda enjoyed it. From what I can tell, it doesn't seem like the more sought out tank support option, though I'm curious why it seems to be as last resort of an option as it appears to me.

I've done significantly fewer RDM/WHM + WHM/RDM tank support duos than RDM/WHM + BRD support duos, and I much prefer the BRD partner, but shouts very rarely seem to ask for a RDM for the purpose of Tank Support from what I have seen. Side Note: If the PLD only has aegis or only has ochain, I prefer the 'only has aegis' PLD personally. I've worked with one PLD that swapped between both shields a lot. It's crazy how much dmg a PLD doing that can mitigate.

2) Fishing Mobs. I'm sure this had to be half expected of me, but RDM/WAR, defender, taco (950 defense), -46% physical dmg taken, -14% chance to be crit (gear/merit), -35dmg taken phalanx. I can comfortably pull 5 mobs at a time, and even if no one sleeps them when I get where I want them, I'm not really scared for my life. I have to still somewhat work to stay alive, but it's not scary or anything. I don't think I would go beyond 5 mobs at this time as it doesn't seem worth the risk to slow the whole group down if I do manage to get myself killed. I still have room to improve and minimize the amount of dmg I take (slightly better drk rings), but in the grand scheme of things, it's nearly as good as it gets for RDM fishing in delve.

In Reives:

I usually RDM/NIN and hope I don't get more than two targets beating on me at once. I had a lot of success with joy/justice with t1 enspells when the expansion first came out. The bayld per tally (1200 to 1300) was pretty sweet and it definitely beat the socks off cure support since that was pretty much broken. Since the nerf to bayld per tick, I haven't bayld farmed very much, but I still go RDM/NIN and still sometimes use joy/justice, though I've tried alternatives like twilight knife/justice or justice/twilight knife, or bihkah/justice. I'd love to try Halachuinic Sword/Justice but I struggle to get a group when I'm not working, and the few groups I've tried weren't that great and didn't result in success so I still don't have the KI.

So far I'm liking a few pieces of the bokwus set for aeolian edge/sanguine within abys and nukes in general. I'm not very thrilled with what they did with the head/feet of the bokwus set as a RDM, but then I see the set that MNK can wear and feel the same way when I look at the ranged attack hands, as an example. Guess they have to make something for everyone. I do wish there were some RDM melee gear options, aside from the weapons, within SoA. I'm almost half tempted to take the bokwus head and turn it into a ws piece. I'm pretty sure you can go 15acc/10dex/10attack on it. It's too bad we can't have more than one, or I know for sure that would be in my future assuming something better doesn't come along.

Getting into some of this delve stuff at first seemed really difficult as a RDM. Hopefully I'm on a few people's radar and future invites won't be so hard. Seems like it's improving anway.
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I like the fact that I actually see shouts that include RDM. I like the fact that my enfeebles actually stick. I'm taking advantage of the increase of players and doing stuff that I should have done a long time ago.
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