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CliffNotes: Schultz's Martial Theory
A Legitimate Resource Oh sh*t I Need Info Fast guide for Fledgling Military Academics

I. Foreword
II. Getting Started
III. What is Martial Theory
IV. Spell and Ability Catalog
V. Scholarly Style
VI. The Art of Geomancy
VII. Party like a Scholar
VIII. Going for your Master's
IX. Piled Hire and Deeper
X. Graduation
XI. The Tablet of Law
XII. Additional Reading
XIII. Conclusion & Bibliography

I. Foreword____________________________________________________________

Back in November 07, right after Wings of the Goddess hit store shelves, I started this guide as repository for Scholar related information, as I was going to begin leveling the job myself, and there wasn't much info out there. So I figured, hell, what better way to have a complete set of information than to create it myself?

I kept it updated for a while, then real life got in the way and it fell into disarray. I didn't have a lot of time to play, and for a while I had pretty much stopped playing altogether. Needless to say I'm back! At least, as far as trolling around and playing casually. That being said, I am finally going to go back to work on this guide, and get it updated to today's standards, in hopes that this guide can be a useful aide to any new players looking to take on the Scholar, whether it be their new main, or a potential sub job.

So without further to do, I hope you enjoy the guide: whether you're a new player looking to read a comprehensive introduction to Scholar, or a book and battle hardened Sage, looking for a quick link to the latest Helix formulas.

II. Getting Started____________________________________________________________

As one might expect, you're going to need to journey into the Wings of the Goddess areas to unlock this class. It doesn't really matter how you get to the past, but if you're looking for the shortest route to the NPC, enter the Cavernous Maw at (H-5) in Batallia Downs. You must be on a level 30 or higher job to obtain this quest.

Step 1:

Head to (J-10) in Batallia Downs [S] and scurry into the Barrow there to enter Eldieme Necropolis [S]. It's the same Barrow you'd use to get to the island with the Stone Monument.

Step 2:

Head straight once inside Eldieme Necropolis [S] and talk to the NPC Erlene at (J-8). She is dressed in a Scholar's gown and cap.

Step 3:

Erlene asks for 12xSheets of Vellum these can be obtained in one of two ways. Either through Leathercraft.

Sheet of Vellum
Dark Crystal
1 x Sheep Leather
1 x Rolanberry
1 x Gold Dust

Or head to the Crawlers' Nest [S] in Rolanberry Fields [S] and talk to Tucker at (K-8) inside. Tucker will only make his offer if you've already accepted the quest from Erlene. Tucker will offer to trade you one Sheet of Vellum for a stack of Rolanberries. You can only trade 3 times, so make sure to trade at least 4 stacks of Rolanberries per turn if you wish to obtain a full stack of Vellum

Step 4:
Ensure that you are on either Red Mage, Summoner, Black Mage or Blue Mage of any level and that you have 12 Sheets of Vellum and return to Erlene.

Step 5:
Trade Erlene 12 Sheets of Vellum then talk to her again. Proceed to use either Azure Lore, Astral Flow, Chainspell or Manafont then talk to her while the effect of the ability is still present.

Congratulations! You've unlocked Scholar.

III. What is Martial Theory?____________________________________________________________

Ok, so once you get past all the random nonsense about "Theory on the battlefield" and all sorts of other storyline jibber-jabber its time to delve into what a Scholar really is. The answer is some sort of weird bi-product of some strange lab experimentation. A hacked apart mixture of Final Fantasy's Sage and Geomancer in a Scholar-like shell. Unfortunately, without even the Libra spell to call their own. (Come on SE! For god sakes its been in the .dat files for ages) the only thing tying them to the previous incarnations of Scholar is their association with books.

Scholars make use of both Black and White magic, gaining access to Single target nukes up to tier III (IV when Addendum is used), Drain and Aspir, Protect and Shell up to tier IV, Raise and Regen up to tier II, Cure up to tier IV and the usual stealthy trinity of Deodorize, Sneak and Invisible.

Their ******* is very similar to that of a Red Mage's though for the most part they gain access to Black Magic sooner than a Red Mage, and White Magic later than a Red Mage.

also have access to Drain, Aspir and Regen II unlike Red Mages as well as status alignment healing spells like Poisona and the rest when the appropriate Addendum is used. However, their unique spells are far different than a Red Mage's.

Scholars have two types of unique spells. Storm and Helix spells. One of each of these exists for all 8 elements. Storm spells change the weather affect on the target to the corresponding element of the spell. Helix spells do large amounts of elemental damage over time corresponding to the element of the spell, with increased potency if that element matches the current weather affect.

Their base stats are around the same as a Red Mage's as far as INT, MND and MP go. Besides their Helix and Storm spells, the Scholar's other unique abilities are their books, the White and Black Grimoire utilized through their job abilities Dark Arts and Light Arts. Each book has 5 abilities (7 including Group 2 merits) that they gain as they progress. These abilities allow their next spell cast to have an enhanced effect, such as 50% mp cost, 50% cast time, AoE or enhanced potency.

Using one of these abilities requires a Stratagem. When a Stratagem is consumed it will take 4/(total charges available) minutes to regenerate. At level 10, one Stratagem can be available at maximum. That number ups to 2 at 30, 3 at 50 and 4 at 70. Below 30 charges take 4 minutes to regenerate, from 30 to 50 they take 2 minutes, from 50 to 70 they take 1 minute and 20 seconds and post 70 charges take 1 minute to regenerate. When active as a subjob, only two Stratagem can be available at maximum.

So what does all this add up to you ask? A Hybrid, that's what. No, not a car that runs on batteries and petrol, a class able to switch between and function in multiple roles. Scholar is for all intents and purposes the Sage of Final Fantasy XI. Able to use Black and White Magic a little more potently than even a Red Mage they are capable at nuking, healing, buffing and de-buffing.

Scholar also serves as a fantastic sub job for White Mage. The only place a Scholar really suffers is in the support area, unlike a Bard or Red Mage, Scholar is unable to offer Haste or Refresh to the party. Despite this however, Scholar makes an excellent addition to many events, and works well with another support class like their melee capable counterpart and those musicians with the funny hats.

Scholars have a C in Club and Staff a D in Dagger and Throwing and an E in Evasion and Parry. They have a D in all schools of standard magic, that skill becomes a B when the corresponding Grimoire is open.

IV. Spell and Ability Catalog____________________________________________________________

Level 	 Spell 
04 	 Stone 
05 	 Cure 
08 	 Water 
10 	 Poisona「W」 
10 	 Protect 
12 	 Paralyna「W」 
12 	 Aero 
15 	 Deodorize 
16 	 Fire 
17 	 Blindna「W」 
17 	 Cure II 
18 	 Regen 
20 	 Blizzard 
20 	 Shell 
20 	 Sneak 
21 	 Drain 
22 	 Silena「W」 
24 	 Thunder 
25 	 Invisible 
30 	 Cure III 
30 	 Protect II 
30 	 Sleep「B」 
30 	 Stone II 
32 	 Cursna「W」 
32 	 Dispel「B」 
34 	 Water II 
35 	 Raise 
35 	 Reraise「W」 
36 	 Aspir 
37 	 Regen II 
38 	 Aero II 
39 	 Erase「W」 
40 	 Shell II 
41 	 Sandstorm 
42 	 Fire II 
43 	 Rainstorm 
45 	 Windstorm 
46 	 Klimaform 
46 	 Blizzard II 
46 	 Viruna「W」 
47 	 Firestorm 
49 	 Hailstorm 
50 	 Protect III 
50 	 Stona「W」 
51 	 Thunder II 
51 	 Thunderstorm 
53 	 Voidstorm 
54 	 Stone III 
55 	 Aurorastorm 
55 	 Cure IV 
57 	 Water III 
60 	 Aero III 
60 	 Shell III 
61 	 Geohelix 
63 	 Hydrohelix 
63 	 Fire III 
65 	 Anemohelix 
65 	 Sleep II「B」 
66 	 Blizzard III 
66 	 Protect IV 
67 	 Pyrohelix 
69 	 Cryohelix 
69 	 Thunder III 
70 	 Raise II「W」 
70 	 Reraise II「W」 
70 	 Stone IV「B」 
71 	 Ionohelix 
71 	 Water IV「B」 
71 	 Shell IV 
72 	 Aero IV「B」 
73 	 Fire IV「B」 
73 	 Noctohelix 
74 	 Blizzard IV「B」 
75 	 Luminohelix 
75 	 Thunder IV「B」 
79       Stone V「B」 
80       Protect IV「W」 
83       Regen III 
83       Water V「B」 
85       Animus Augeo  
85       Animus Minuo 
「W」*Accessible only when Addendum: White is active. 
「B」*Accessible only when Addendum: Black is active. 
Level 	 Job Ability (Recast) 
01 	 Tabula Rasa (2:00:00) 
	 Optimizes both white and black magic capabilities while allowing charge-free stratagem use. 
10 	 Penury (Consumes Charge) 
	 Reduces the MP cost of your next white magic spell by 50%. 
10 	 Parsimony (Consumes Charge) 
	 Reduces the MP cost of your next black magic spell by 50%. 
10       Addendum: White (Consumes Charge) 
	 Allows the use of additional white magic not normally available. 
25 	 Celerity (Consumes Charge) 
	 Reduces the casting time of your next white magic spell by 50%. 
25 	 Alacrity (Consumes Charge) 
	 Reduces the casting time of your next black magic spell by 50%. 
30       Addendum: Black (Consumes Charge) 
	 Allows the use of additional black magic not normally available. 
35       Sublimation (00:00:30) 
	 Creates a MP storage pool over time by draining your HP. The effect stops when the store MP  
	 is 25% of the Scholar's max HP or when the Scholar's HP drops below 50%. Using the ability  
	 a second time gives the Scholar the stored MP. 
40 	 Accession (Consumes Charge) 
	 Extends the effect of your next healing or enhancing white magic spell to party members 
	 within range. MP cost is tripled and casting time is doubled. 
40 	 Manifestation (Consumes Charge) 
	 Extends the effect of your next enfeebling black magic spell to targets within range. MP  
	 cost is tripled and casting time is doubled.  
55 	 Rapture (Consumes Charge) 
	 Enhances the potency of your next white magic spell. 
55 	 Ebullience (Consumes Charge) 
	 Enhances the potency of your next black magic spell.  
65 	 Modus Veritas (00:10:00) 
	 Increases damage done by helix spells while lowering spell duration by 50%. 
75 	 Enlightenment (00:10:00) 「Merit」 
	 Optimizes both white and black magic capabilities and allows access to both addenda for your next spell. 
75 	 Enlightenment (Consumes 2 Charge)「Merit」 
	 Increases the accuracy of your next White Magic spell. 
75 	 Focalization (Consumes 2 Charge)「Merit」 
	 Increases the accuracy of your next black magic spell. 
75 	 Tranquility (Consumes 2 Charge)「Merit」 
	 Your next white magic spell will generate less enmity. 
75 	 Equanimity (Consumes 2 Charge)「Merit」 
	 Your next white black spell will generate less enmity. 
79       Libra 
         Examines the target's enmity level. 
「Merit」*Must be acquired via the expenditure of merit points. 

Level Job Trait

10 Resist Silence
20 Clear Mind
25 Conserve MP
30 Max MP Boost
35 Clear Mind II
40 Resist Silence II
50 Clear Mind III
65 Clear Mind IV
70 Resist Silence III
75 Stormsurge
76 Clear Mind V
78 Occult Accumen
79 Magic Burst Bonus

V. Scholarly Style____________________________________________________________

This section is devoted to the discussion of equipment for Scholars, including what stats a Scholar should be looking for, Artifact Armor etc. etc.

Scholar is looking for very similar stats as to that of a magic-focused Red Mage. Their focus spread over INT, MND and MP. Each Scholar should decide for themselves which of the three stats to focus on. While a Scholar subbing Black Mage may focus on INT, a Galka scholar may focus on MP and so on and so forth.

Above all though, any sort of equipment that gives magic skill bonuses is immensely useful. In particular, Elemental, Enfeebling and Enhancing bonuses, and to a lesser extent Dark bonuses.

The following is a quick and easy fool's guide to gearing your Scholar. The list is by no means exhaustive, but is meant to serve as a quick and easy reference for gearing up as you level, and a source for some of the more important pieces in a Scholar's wardrobe. High Quality gear is only listed if the Normal Quality gear is worthless, or the price difference is so marginal/the difference in quality so significant that the HQ version is highly recommended. If you've got the money to spend on the HQ versions of other stuff on this list, it's safe to assume that it's still good for you, and feel free to do so. For a full list of gear available to Scholar check out this list.

* Is used to indicate gear worthy of particular note. These pieces will last you quite a long time, and are worth looking into.

** Is used to indicate gear that will more or less last you forever. That's not to say there may not be a better piece of gear out there somewhere, but this is more than an acceptable, even at 75.

Levels 1-19

For the first 20 levels of your career; how you dress is not going to be that important, for the most part you're going to be soloing. Your focus is going to be on MP here, and hMP, and perhaps a little INT to help out with the low level nukes. There are only a few notable pieces of gear at this level. If you can, spend some time camping for Pilgrim's Wand, it's the only hMP weapon you can get for the next 40 levels, and you'll get a lot of use out of it.

Lv10 Astral Ring*
Lv10 Eremite's Ring
Lv10 Brass Hairpin
Lv10 Pilgrim's Wand*
Lv14 Friar's Rope
Lv18 Yew Wand+1
Lv18 Garrison Boots

Levels 20-29

Alright, finally we're moving on to the good stuff; there's a lot more pieces of notable gear in the 20s. You should be able to start filling out most slots of your gear with useful stats. In particular the Baron's set offers a lot of great pieces for an up and coming Scholar that can afford it. And of course at 29, the Seer's set is an absolute must have for any magic using class that can wear it, offering a great deal of beneficial stats on all of its pieces. Pick up a Mohbwa's Sash+1 as soon as you can, this hMP belt is one of the best you can get your hands on for quite a while. If you have a higher level job, or some higher level friends, it might also be worth pursuing a pair of Mycophile Cuffs, excellent hand gear that should last you until AF.

Lv20 Black Tunic
Lv20 Silver Hairpin
Lv20 Baron's Chapeau
Lv20 Baron's Saio
Lv20 Baron's Cuffs
Lv20 Baron's Slops*
Lv20 Mohbwa's Sash+1*
Lv25 Morion Tathlum*
Lv25 Mycophile Cuffs*
Lv25 Carect Ring
Lv26 Holy Phial
Lv28 Shaman's Belt
Lv29 Seer's Crown
Lv29 Seer's Tunic*
Lv29 Seer's Mitts
Lv29 Cunning Earring

Levels 30-39

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! The thirties are all about the accessories; capes, earrings, necklaces, rings you name it. If you happen to have a Tamas Ring, you should definitely start using it, otherwise your older INT, MND and possibly Astrals will suffice. If you're dead set on having the best INT and MND, the HQ rings at 36 might be worth looking into. Also with Black and White capes you'll finally be able to make decent use of your back slot. You can grab the HQs here, or wait until the 40s to get a Red Cape+1 and just go with the NQ(s) for now. All of the skill earrings are at lv35, these are long time investments, and will be useful as macro pieces even at 75, they are however, very expensive. Whether or not they're worth it to you at this point is entirely a matter of opinion. If your strapped for cash, don't worry you can live without them. Also, if you haven't already, look into doing the quest for Mannequin Pumps. As a side note, late 20s and early 30s includes RSE, quite a few races have a few pieces with INT, MND and MP on them, so look into your own race's RSE to see if there are any useful pieces for you.

Lv30 Morion Earring
Lv30 Tamas Ring**
Lv32 Black Cape
Lv32 White Cape
Lv32 Solid Wand
Lv35 Enfeebling Earring**
Lv35 Elemental Earring**
Lv35 Dark Earring**
Lv35 Mannequin Pumps*
Lv36 Wisdom Ring
Lv36 Solace Ring
Lv38 Geist Earring
Lv38 Mountain Gaiters

Levels 40-49

The calm before the storm is the best way to describe the 40s, this is the home stretch before a plethora of upgrades in the 50s. There's a few noteworthy pieces of gear regardless. Pick up a Red Cape+1 as soon as you can, this should take care of your back slot until the 70s. Also it's time to replace your Mohbwa's Sash+1 with Qiqirn's Sash+1, this should also last you to end game as your hMP belt. The Astral Earring and Moldavite Earring are both great earrings and will have their uses at 75 if you can muster up the time to camp, them or in the case of the astral; the money to buy one, but neither is absolutely necessary. Far easier to pick up a Promise Badge is a great source of MND for enfeebles, and is relatively cheap if you can't complete the quest yourself. If you have the means Boroka Earring and both of the Kshama Rings are worth picking up, but again they're not necessary to progress.

Lv40 Qiqirn's Sash+1**
Lv40 Electrum Ring
Lv40 Ether Ring*
Lv40 Magic Slacks
Lv40 Mohbwa Scarf+1*
Lv41 Reverend Sash
Lv43 Red Cape+1*
Lv45 Astral Earring**
Lv47 Moldavite Earring**
Lv48 Promise Badge
Lv48 Rose Wand+1
Lv49 Boroka Earring
Lv49 Kshama Ring No.5
Lv49 Kshama Ring No.9

Levels 50-59

Elemental staves and artifact armor, the 50s are the absolute jackpot as far as gear is concerned right up until end game. Things you pick up here are going to be vast improvements over most of your existing gear, particularly for the main 6 slots. Additionally, a lot of the gear in the 50s for mages like Scholar will be useful even in end game situations. If you don't already have them from other jobs, now is the time to pick up all 8 elemental staves. There really is no exception to this rule, there is no excuse not to have them. Some might argue that a few of them are not necessary; namely the Water Staff, and though this argument may have been valid in the days of yore when even normal quality elemental staves ran for over a million, their low prices today make them an absolute must have. Now if you have money to spend, or are looking to start preparing a head of time; there are HQ staves you are going to want to pick up. It's worth picking up almost all of them assuming you don't have something better at 75, but if you're looking for a good idea of which are most important, let's talk about that for a minute. NQ elemental staves give +10 M.Acc and +10 "MAB" of their corresponding element. HQ staves give +15 M.Acc and +15 "MAB." Though Light Staff is tremendously useful for healing, aside from Dia, Scholar won't often be casting light based spells that gain any benefit from either M.Acc or "MAB," so it's really not a big issue. Earth, Wind and Ice, the same trifecta of elements most useful to Red Mages can easily be applied to Scholars as well. Aquilo's Staff for Paralyze, Bind and Blizzard; Auster's Staff for Gravity and Silence; and Terra's Staff for Slow are probably the most worthwhile HQ staves to pick up. It may also be worth investing in a Vermillion Cloak, Scholar's only option for a Refresh body barring Ixion's Cloak. As a last note, if you're into doing ENMs, Automaton Assault offers RSE earrings which may or may not be useful for you as a Scholar depending on your race.

Lv50 Nazar Bonjuk*
Lv50 Storm Cape
Lv50 Hale Ring
Lv50 Balrahn's Ring**
Lv50 Beak Necklace+1**
Lv51 Earth Staff**
Lv51 Wind Staff**
Lv51 Ice Staff**
Lv51 Fire Staff**
Lv51 Water Staff**
Lv51 Thunder Staff**
Lv51 Dark Staff**
Lv51 Light Staff**
Lv52 Scholar's Bracers*
Lv54 Scholar's Loafers*
Lv55 Raptor's Strap+1*
Lv55 Cobra Hat
Lv55 Cobra Coat
Lv56 Scholar's Pants
Lv58 Scholar's Gown**
Lv59 Vermillion Cloak**

VII. The Art of Geomancy____________________________________________________________

Despite Scholar's spiffy little outfit and so called "Stratagems" the heart of the new abilities they bring to the world of Vana'Diel lies in Geomancy. Now it's certainly not the same as it has been represented in other Final Fantasy titles, so leave your **** arguments at the doorstep and lets delve into this new representation of Geomancy.

Change the weather, and damage enemies more potently when your spells match up with the weather. That's what Scholar's new Storm and Helix spells are all about. What sort of benefits can these spells bring to the table of a Party, Assault, Campaign battle or any other event?

Storm Spells

The first of Scholar's two new varieties of environmental magic are the Storm spells. Scholar's first Storm spell, Sandstorm becomes available at level 41. A buff, Storm spells can be cast on a friendly target placing them under the effect of the corresponding weather effect.

Not only do weather effects improve magic and abilities of the corresponding element, they open up some interesting gear options by making certain pieces of equipment that may have been extremely situational before a great choice when a Scholar is in the party.

(*Gear list to be added*)

Helix Spells

Scholar's offensive environmental magic, Helix spells are damage over time. Compared with most previous DoT spells, Helix spells are high damage, hitting for triple digits a tic at high ends. Helix spells are greatly improved when used during a corresponding weather effect.

Certain areas will always have potent weather effects active, others may change, leaving the Helix's potency up to the changing winds. Helix spells damage per tic is the same as the initial damage with which they hit for every tic afterwards. The damage dealt is almost entirely based on the Scholar's INT versus the INT of the target. Meaning essentially, that while these spells will do spectacular damage for their MP cost to normal enemies with lower INT values; they will suffer terribly on HNMs and other mobs with incredibly high INT.

VII. Party Like a Scholar____________________________________________________________

With Scholar's wide range of abilities and versatility, you can bet your first born you're going to spend most of your time healing. The unfortunate fact that Treasures of Aht Urhgan made offensive magic an enigma in parties combined with the fact that Scholars[b] have status healing spells and the ability to restore their MP ensures that 9/10 times a [b]Scholar will be healing in a party.

Fortunately, with some of the Scholar's best damaging spells like the Helix series being so cheap on MP this doesn't always mean a Scholar won't be able to dish out some damage as well. In addition, Scholar's Accession Trifecta (Phalanx, Stoneskin, enspell) can really help to mitigate the damage the party receives, or supplement it against enemies weak to magical damage.

VIII. Going for your Masters____________________________________________________________

Merits to come.

IX. Piled Hire and Deeper____________________________________________________________

So you want your Masters in end game, is that right? Well, Scholar may suffer against certain HNMs but they are far from useless in other end game activities. Let's take a look at Scholar and what it provides at various end game events.

Kings, Wyrms, Three Headed Nasties and Friends

HNMs such as Nidhogg, Vrtra and Cereberus are the places where a Scholar's abilities tend to suffer the most. Currently Scholar simply can not get enough elemental magic skill to consistently land nukes on enemies of this magnitude and the damage formula for helix spell relies so heavily on caster INT vs target INT that they tend to do only tiny amounts of damage to HNMs even unresisted.

If Scholar is your best or only job capable of participating in these events you're mostly going to be focusing on using your abilities to heal and support your allies. Accession can be useful here in particular for casting Stoneskin or Phalanx on your entire party.


Scholar is neither an amazing or bad addition to a Dynamis group. Crowd control in Dynamis is almost exclusively Sleep based leaving it usually to the Red Mages and Black Mages. At the same time monsters in Dynamis are far less resistant to helix spells making them possible sources of damage, if the monsters aren't going down too fast for the spell to fully proc. Mostly, Scholars would serve as statue killers along with any other Black Mages or support healers in this situation.


Being a smaller 18 man event Limbus is one of the oldest events where Scholar can really start to shine. With the combination of Accession + enspells, stoneskin and phalanx Scholars can provide a lot of useful support. In particular, the ability to bestow the entire party with enspells will in most cases double a melee character's damage on elementals and other physical resistant mobs found in Limbus. Scholar's[b/] ability to heal and keep their MP up with [b]Sublimation is also useful for the relatively fast pace of Limbus


The smallest event considered to be end game, Assault is a perfect place for Scholar to show it's potency off. Helix spells will do great damage against most enemies, and the Scholar's versatility pays off here with Assault missions varying so much in what sort of tasks they require the party to preform.

Nyzul Isle

Although considered to be an Assault, Nyzul Isle draws from a separate loot pool entirely and has its own rules and different enough requirements that I've decided to make a section exclusively for it. Nyzul Isle is very fast paced and requires little to no down time, making this a great opportunity for a good Scholar to shine. Sublimation and the Scholar's grimoire abilities make Scholar an excellent support healer if the party setup allows. In most cases Helix spells will work well against the enemies as well.


Considered to be almost over-powered in this event, Salvage is arguably one of Scholar's most shining performances. Because of the Scholar's versatility it can be chosen as one of the earliest classes to have it's spell-lock removed, thus opening the Scholar's party up to healing and after unlocking job abilities the offer of Accession trifecta (enspell, phalanx, stoneskin) is to great to pass up. Especially when the group needs to make quick work of Flan or other physically resistant enemies and does not have a lot of Black Mages.


Another impressive stage for the Scholar's academic abilities, Einherjar's fast pace makes Scholar and its Sublimation ability a great choice for a support healing class. More importantly, the necessity for large amount of crowd control coupled with the fact that most enemies build resistance to sleep extremely fast makes it very difficult for Red Mages[b] and [b]Black Mages to tackle the job alone. That's where Scholar's Manifestation ability really comes into play. Manifestation + Gravity & Bind as a Scholar with a Red Mage subjob allow for an excellent addition to the crowd control crisis that Einherjar often becomes.

X. Graduation____________________________________________________________

So you're ready to graduate from the Academy, is that it? Ready to prove that you're a master Scholar.? This section is devoted to Genkai 5 and breaking the Lv.70 limit cap for Scholar.

(To be added.)

XI. The Tablet of Law____________________________________________________________


"This sacred relic is said to bear the very inscription of divine will itself. Balrahn took it for his own as a trophy of war following a successful campaign against the Mamool Ja tribes. However, even the most spirited of efforts by the empire's foremost scholars has yet to shed any light on the weapon's true meaning or significance."

Tupsimati were the Tablets of Law worn by the God Enlil in Sumerian Mythology. Inscribed on them were the Laws of the Universe.

In Vana'Diel the Tupsimati is a legendary relic said to have been taken from the Mamool Ja by Balrahn himself. A staff the Tupsimati stands in position to take the role as Scholar's ultimate weapon.

Let's see what happens next update!

XII. Additional Reading____________________________________________________________

Scholar Compendium
Subjob Discussion
Official Scholar Ding Thread
Effects of Grimoires in %'s
The difference between magic schools and magic skills
Forum Name Poll
SCH Subjob Information
Weather Gear List
Kanican's Livejournal - Scholar in Endgame

XIII. Conclusion & Bibliography____________________________________________________________

Although far from complete I was able to compile a decent amount of information, as much as I need at this time for Scholar. I'll be adding more stuff as I level and as more people level and discuss the job. In particular, things such as subjob choices, party roles etc. Keep on studying!... or something.

Special Thanks (Bibliography Lite)
Allkazaham Posters
The ImmortalAlchemist of Doom

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Thanks Koyo ^^ I was wondering if that worked but didn't have any confirmation ^^ !! Added it. I'll be adding more to this guide as more info becomes available and as I level it higher. In the mean time I hope it is of some sort of use to someone. Keep on scholaring!
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i dunno if it's been posted elsewhere but:
Tabula Rasa - Scrapped Tablet(basically refering to blank slate)

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Reiterpallasch wrote:
Glitterhands wrote:
Am I the only one who clicked on this thread expecting actual baby photos [of Jinte]? o.O

Except if it were baby photos, it would be like looking at before and afters of Michael Jackson. Only instead of turning into a white guy, he changes into a chick!
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Congrats on Sticky, hope some of those JP get to 60+ here so we can see what kind of damage Helixes do.
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Yay someone with initiative, I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.

EDIT: This thread might be useful to include:


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VawnLakshmi wrote:
I am a little concerned to google 'Ninja Monkey Boobs Cake' at work.

(I'd be a bit concerned to google that from anywhere)
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Needs confirmation, and I cant get to my game...

Im pretty sure that when I used Black Arts, it raised my enfeeble to level 256. I believe that qualifies as B+. I was naked at the time, and have no merits in that, so it should all be from the JA used.
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Also! Just as a quick note for those of you who don't have BLM/RDM/SMN or BLU at a level that'd be 'safe' to get them to the Necropolis to show off their 2-hour ability for the 'Arcane tap' effect that Erlene asks for to attune yourself to the Grimoire, and to finish the flag quest.

If you take the Rolanberry Fields maw, you can actually get to the Necropolis on Batallia Downs without a single aggro, sans Sneak or Invisible. Did this myself, since my BLM is my highest of the jobs that have the required 2-hour at 24, and I made it there in plain daylight, without a single aggro.

Just my two cents. ^_^
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I believe the Job Ability list may be wrong.... I'm only a level 10 scholar but I do know we get the job abilities "Dark Arts" and "Light Arts" at level 10.

Dark Arts: Increases Elemental, Dark, and Enfeebling magic.

Light Arts: Increases Healing, Divine, and Enhancing Magic.

Also there is an ability that makes the next spell you cast cost 50% of its normal MP cost... but I don't remember what it is.

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This dood already listed it, but its under strategems and is called Penury. That will decrease magic cast of which ever art you have open by 50%
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Heya, been gone a while. Been busy with finals so haven't had a chance to really update this or play Scholar for that matter ! XD

So with break coming up hopefully I'll get a chance to play more, and write more! I've got a lot of reading to catch up on Scholar-wise. If anyone's reading this and thinks something should be in here or some post should be in the links section let me know!

Any information I actually put in this post I make sure is 100% or close to 100$ proven and factual information, but I'd love to link to discussions.

Added a section on Geomancy, hope to add more concrete numbers and information there soon to serve as a useful reference.

Well time to sleep, skiing in the morning.

Cheers and such~
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I don't exactly understad how stratagems works.. I checked wiki and this guide but still don't understand how it works.

So some questions:
1. To use the abilities "Dark Arts" And "Light arts" do you need stratagem charges or ar they like normal abilities? In that case, whats the delay/duration and are their delay tied like say, a pups manuever or a cors rolls?

2.Are Dark Stratagem and Ligth stratagems using charges from the same source? Meaning at lvl 10 can you only use either Penury or Parsimony or can you use penury, cast a whm spell, switch to dark arts, use parsimony and cast a blm spell at a short interval.

Not sure if I'm clear enough.. what I wanna know is which ability timers/charges are tied and when are they used.

EDIT: Did some more research and found some answers but more questions arising...
Light arts/dark arts are on a 1 minute timer, but do they share timer?
You can hold 1 stratagem charge before lvl 40 but is that 1 light and one dark stratagem or only 1 for both?

EDIT2: Took my scholar to 10, for anyone wondering, Light/dark arts do not share timer, the timer is 1 min.
Light and dark stratagems are on the same timer, so at lowlvl you can only use 1 stratagem/4 min.

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^^ I went ahead and updated the post, sorry I haven't had a chance to level Scholar recently and almost forgot about this post.

One thing I do want though, I don't really have time to browse the forums at the moment, so please if you're reading this and have a post you think is worth mentioning in the additional reading section.

Please let me know ^^!

Oh and I still need to add the AF quests I know~
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I've made this comment/question in other threads but have yet to receive an answer, so I'll post here where many people read. :)

I've been looking through threads on storm spells, but I am still wondering if we have found any more use for them other than increasing the chance of getting a more potent spell. I remember way back when during the pre-expansion frenzy, a description of SCH had contained a small blurb about bringing more excitement to the world of skillchains. Perhaps they meant that with a storm spell the mage might have a higher magic burst, but I was hoping deep down that storm spells might increase damage output of weapon skills that have elemental properties, or perhaps if the opener (or closer) of a SC had the corresponding storm spell cast on them, the additional damage from the SC would be greater.

Having the weather at our fingertips is such an awesome element of the job to me (ha ha, yes, pun intended) so I hate to think that all the spells do is -sometimes- increase spell damage output, and give people a reason to get equipment that receive stat bonuses from weather in the environment. I do recall a party I was in with a SAM who had a G.Katana that had "Lightning: Attack +10" or something, but I'm REALLY most interested in whether or not anybody has made any skillchain discoveries.


(edit)Oh, also, wiki says:
"Skillchains, being based on one or multiple elements, are also increased in power in their elemental weather. For instance, during the above Fire weather, Liquefaction and Fusion will have a chance to do more damage." But that doesn't say anything about one party member having Firestorm cast on them, so /shrug+/sigh....

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SingingFoolnVT wrote:
I've made this comment/question in other threads but have yet to receive an answer, so I'll post here where many people read. :)

I've been looking through threads on storm spells, but I am still wondering if we have found any more use for them other than increasing the chance of getting a more potent spell. I remember way back when during the pre-expansion frenzy, a description of SCH had contained a small blurb about bringing more excitement to the world of skillchains. Perhaps they meant that with a storm spell the mage might have a higher magic burst, but I was hoping deep down that storm spells might increase damage output of weapon skills that have elemental properties, or perhaps if the opener (or closer) of a SC had the corresponding storm spell cast on them, the additional damage from the SC would be greater.

Having the weather at our fingertips is such an awesome element of the job to me (ha ha, yes, pun intended) so I hate to think that all the spells do is -sometimes- increase spell damage output, and give people a reason to get equipment that receive stat bonuses from weather in the environment. I do recall a party I was in with a SAM who had a G.Katana that had "Lightning: Attack +10" or something, but I'm REALLY most interested in whether or not anybody has made any skillchain discoveries.


(edit)Oh, also, wiki says:
"Skillchains, being based on one or multiple elements, are also increased in power in their elemental weather. For instance, during the above Fire weather, Liquefaction and Fusion will have a chance to do more damage." But that doesn't say anything about one party member having Firestorm cast on them, so /shrug+/sigh....

Edited, Aug 1st 2008 6:24pm by SingingFoolnVT

Well there's the obvious gear bonuses like Desert Boots give movement speed+ when under the effect of sandstorm etc. Other than increasing spell potency and activating gear like gorgets, obis and desert boots there's not much else they can be currently used for as far as I am -aware-. As far as SCs go, it depends on if the game checks the target or the initiator of the SC for a weather effect, or both. Test it out and tell us your results.
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great write up, but why is it so wide, i have to scroll back and forth to read it ; ;

It's PSU as in Pennsylvania State University not any phantasy star crap.

Pronounced P S U not sue.
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psubond wrote:
great write up, but why is it so wide, i have to scroll back and forth to read it ; ;

Your browser sucks? I think I may have fixed the issue, I'm fairly certain the long unformatted text beneath the ability explanations was to blame, that said... upgrade your bowser, even old Firefox knew to not set the <div> width to the unformatted text~ ^^

Edit: Planning on adding in merits and more updateded info over this coming winter break.

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This is a really silly question, but if you have already achieved level 75 on another job, do you have to do "Survival of the Wisest" to break level 70 limit cap? (Is it specifically for Scholar, or if you have done a Genkai 5 limit break are you in the clear?)
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Please, update this list for equipment! It helped me so much!
#22 Apr 26 2009 at 11:16 PM Rating: Decent
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It's not a silly question Bellemithra Smiley: smile But to answer it; no, as long as you've beaten another L5, whether it be Maat, Raubahn, Qultada, Lalia, whoever, you do not need to do any other L5 for any other job. A lot of people find it to be a rite of passage like myself, or they do it for fun, but it's not required.

@Newspaperbuff: Glad it was helpful to you! I wasn't sure a lot of people would use that section, and I've been so busy my head is spinning, I did take some time to update it to Lv60 though, and I plan to finish it soon.
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Need to change spell list Reraise to level 25 as it has changed.
#24 Nov 26 2010 at 6:29 PM Rating: Decent
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Updated spell, trait and ability list, more to come possibly when I have spare time since I'm playing again.
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