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#1 Apr 29 2011 at 11:35 AM Rating: Decent
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So I got my SCH to 12 last night, i !@#$ing love it so far. I have been using basic BLM and WHM macros for my spells, (/ma "Stone" <t>) but what are some useful Macros for SCH Job Abilities? Also how do you show those recast timers so i know when a Stratagem/Spell is available?

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#2 Apr 29 2011 at 3:39 PM Rating: Excellent
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Any functional SCH macro set will be stupidly complex. I designed mine, inspired on many I saw posted here and there, and took me a whole morining to write them all. Although it has its flaws, it allows me to switch between arts, use stratagems, and use the main spells of each arts with enough speed an efficiency to be pretty competent... And I still lack the space I would need to incorporate more some spells.

I use a macro book that uses 9 sets: General dark and light arts books, and then healing, enfeebling/-na (light), enhancing, storms, nuking, enfeebling (dark), helix. Each set has the alt line with the stratagems and links to the other sets of that art (for example, a dark arts alt line is always: add. black, parsimony, alacrity, manifestation, ebullience, nuking set, enfeebling (dark) set, helix set, blank, light arts. Alt+0, in all sets, sends me to the other arts. A analogous setup of the alt line is in the light arts sets. Then in the Ctrl lines, I have the most important/used spells of each type. I have the corresponding earth, water, wind, fire, ice, thunder, dark, light element spells in the sets that can use that setup (nukes, helices, storms), and then other convenient arrangements of spells in the other sets.

It took me some time to get used to it, it has several flaws, and I've been perfecting/tweaking it continously, but overall it works pretty well.

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blindsyde84 wrote:
Also how do you show those recast timers so i know when a Stratagem/Spell is available?

/recast "Ability Name"

For Stratagems, the /recast command will only work if you are under Light or Dark Arts, and you use a Stratagem appropriate for that Art (i.e. you can't do /recast Parsimony when under Light Arts). It'll show how many stratagems you have and the amount of time until you get your next stratagem.

My Dark Arts macro does Dark Arts first, then /wait 1, then /recast "Addendum: Black". That way, I'll see how many stratagems I have the moment I switch into Dark Arts. My Addendum: Black macro has the same recast right at the top. And each of my stratagem macros do the same. If I go to use Parsimony, I see how many stratagems I have, and how long I have to wait if I don't have any. If I want to see how many stratagems I have without actually using one, I just hit the Addendum Black macro or Dark Arts macro.
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