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How to get Scholar some loveFollow

#1 Aug 11 2011 at 12:17 PM Rating: Default
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I was thinking weather spells should be allowable for magian trials, maybe give 1 point per kill instead of 5. So we dont break the game and share some love for the Scholar.
#2 Aug 16 2011 at 8:20 AM Rating: Default
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That would be great to give people the ability to do the weather magian trials at any time in places where weather does not occur very often. We would definitely get some love for that. Also, here are a few other things I could think of:

Job Ability:
Scan/Peep - Display's target weaknesses and red, yellow, and/or blue proc weakness triggers.

Perfect Storm - Allows caster to apply 2 storms (even the same weather twice) to PC target or 2 helix spells to mob target.

Primeval Tap (large recast) - Allows caster to trigger an enemy weakness with the next spell or weaponskill provided the required proc weaponskill or proc spell is not currently available to anyone in the party.

Fear - Terrorizes target.

Entice - Confuses target and gives a chance that the target will attack itself.

SuperNova - Deals huge non-elemental AoE damage to all surrounding enemies.

Float - Causes target to hover slightly above the ground. (Immunity to Earth/Quake-type spells)

Stop - Causes target to quit moving for a period of time. (maybe similar to stun)

Reflect - Gives a chance that spells cast on a player are reflected back to caster.
#3 Aug 16 2011 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent
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I do like the idea of being able to put on double weather effects (should prolly make it to where they can't be overriding weather effects, like ice and fire weather effects (could make it to where if snowstorm is active, and firestorm is put on, then you lose snowstorm; or if firestorm is up, then snowstorm misses (as examples, could apply to any storm effect))), and counting as 1 point for magian weather trials (would make life a heck of a lot easier).

The problem with those spells would be, if we got them, but whm and blm didn't, they'd be *****ing up a storm bigger than any we can make, plus the recast timers and/or mp cost would have to be very high to extremely high. The other problem with the other two JA's, would be that they'd only see use in Abyssea(even then, limited use, depending on what your group is doing in there), and would almost render the Discernment Abyssite useless, when some ppl worked their butts off just to get it.
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