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Sch potential and why is it being overlookedFollow

#77 Oct 11 2011 at 3:08 PM Rating: Default
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svlyons wrote:
riznobi wrote:
It's self-defeating to write about a metagame, to read what's the best, and then play that. There's no fun in that, and then it was never your own victory. It's like buying a strategy guide and reading about the game before you play.

You might not think it's fun, but many people find their enjoyment in the execution of a strategy, not necessarily in its discovery.

And if you think taking information from other people robs you from being able to have "your own victory", what are you doing on a message board? So you can enable people to then look down on them later?

I'm on a message board to talk, and respond to people. Share idea's, and input my knowledge. I'm also here to learn. I'm deffinately not here to critisize everyone's opinion and spout off that certain things are the only way, and basically independant thought is wrong.

It's fine if you want to say all that, but the metagame is essentially a compilation of our knowledge of the game. It's insider information on how something works to change your actions. It means we can act instead of having to react. Essentially to know without having to learn.

It's not strictly a strategy. It's knowledge. You can use that knowledge to your advantage, or you can follow that knowledge without a single thought of your own. The metagame will never say free thinking is wrong.

It's not wrong to learn the metagame, but it will only cripple you to follow the metagame to a T. I stand by my statements. You can take the littlest part of them, and make your own conclusions, try to twist them so i've said something in error. You can fail at your arguments, and then try to make this an arguement about something else. It's a sign of a weak person to attack someone's views with such petty tactics.

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#78 Dec 13 2011 at 7:00 PM Rating: Good
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Stuff is getting too complicated here.

The point is simple. RDM and SCH should be one notch below WHM in healing. Therefore, since WHM has Cure 6, then RDM and SCH should have Cure 5. This maintains WHM superiority, and RDM and SCH competence.

Having only Cure 4, which is two whole notches below, is sad sad sad....
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#79 Dec 14 2011 at 11:11 AM Rating: Good
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It's ok, because SE has decided to let SCH and only SCH cast Regen on alliance members. Surely, that is the healing uniqueness that SCH has been lacking.

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