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#1 Oct 05 2011 at 1:42 PM Rating: Good
Darqflame's Peon
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Camate wrote:

We are planning to update the test server extremely soon and we will be releasing the exact schedule in the information section. Below are the planned adjustments for scholar:
    • Light Arts will give a bonus to the effect and effect duration of Regen 
    • Dark Arts will give a bonus to the effect and effect duration of Helix spells 
    • Tabula Rasa will give a bonus to Regen and Helix spells’ effect and effect duration 
    • While under the effects of Tabula Rasa, there will be no recast times for Light Arts and Dark Arts 
    • The levels at which you learn Regen III/IV will be adjusted 
    • The levels at which Helix spells are learned, as well as their MP cost will be adjusted 
    • The recast time for Modus Veritas will be adjusted 
    • The effect duration of Klimaform will be adjusted.

#2 Oct 09 2011 at 9:38 PM Rating: Good
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From what I've been hearing (I will test later) is that when subbed, Helix Spells will perform the same as they do now when your main job is level 60 and you are subbing SCH which is a 60 second duration of the helix. When you are SCH main, under Dark Arts, the potency of the helix spell is increased (seems to just increase the base damage of the spell by about 15) and the duration is doubled.

Regen 1 is reporting to do about 21hp/tic with capped enhancing and light arts
Regen 4 is doing about 46hp/tic without AFv3+2 headpiece, with it, its around 50hp/tic
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Return1 argued with Mellowy and wrote:

Seriously, you won't be @#%^ing happy until SE releases a full sized Bahamut avatar you can @#%^ing ride and use to kill players that annoy you, one shot AV/PW/Shinryuu, and burn the FFXI nations to the @#%^ing ground for fun. All while actually restoring mp used instead of costing any.

#3 Oct 12 2011 at 3:15 PM Rating: Good
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It would seem to me that allowing our Helix spells, one of our few unique spells, to be equipped by /SCH renders our position in a little jeopardy. The issue here is that a fully equipped BLM would easily overpower us with their native MAB traits and available equipment, along with their higher skill rating and accuracy. So much so, I'm not sure a +15 bonus to base damage is going to help us much.

I can only hope these are are a step towards bringing tier 2 helix spells or some tweaks to make Modus Veritas more useful.
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#4 Oct 26 2011 at 7:24 AM Rating: Decent
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I read:

There are 2 main points to these adjustments:

• Allow scholar-like activity starting at a lower level
• Review Helix spells so that damage and usability are increased at higher levels

I'm sure this will be implemented in a completely sensible and tidy way so that scholars are more than second-rate... right??

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