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#302 Mar 04 2009 at 7:03 PM Rating: Good
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KingGalkaKhael wrote:
Well, tried the Castle Keep camp yesterday and I must say it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Bastok had control of the region so I used the Republic head piece for MAB+5 which seemed to help a lot with the elemetals resisting.

The Morbid Eye was the BIGGEST pain at that camp. It almost constantly was facing me when trying to make pulls for chains so I ended up only getting a chain 3 at the most. I ended up zoning that dumb mob about 10 times, lol.

Had a few times when I casted too late and the demon turned around and came in pursuit after me with his elemental. The zone, luckily, is very close and I didn't die one single time from 41-43. ^_^

I know this is nearly a month after you posted this, but did you try the Castle Keep camp at 40? I ask because i'm 40 as well and not liking the sound of most of the BST pet camps from 40-44. Haven't actually gone to one as of yet, but I have 80 INT as BLM/NIN, and currently 3 levels below cap on elemental, and 5 below cap on dark. Is this camp better because the zone is closer? Will the elementals resist too much to get a reliable kill? Should I really grind out one of the other camps until 41, then go for the keep?
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#303 Mar 07 2009 at 7:30 AM Rating: Good
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Just a little comment on the 49-54 Goblin's Leech.

I found myself waiting quite a bit for the Goblin Sheperd to crawl his behind back to me so I wouldn't aggro the other mobs when i used the suggested camp. Then I saw another Blm camping at the entrance of that route (right when the map changes in Gustav Tunnel). When he left, i decided to give it a shot. Much better alternative. There will be bats lurking behind you but no worries, they're easy prey. Also there's a rock there you can hide behind as you rest. So u can just blast off a Freeze, heal, and repeat. Great chains and much faster Exp/Hr!!

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#304 Apr 14 2009 at 1:54 PM Rating: Good
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This is just genius!
Can the same camps be used to duo around the same level?
I'm glad I found this cause getting a party with my BLM is always pretty slow
Thanks ^^
#305 Oct 27 2009 at 7:05 PM Rating: Excellent
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I had a really rough time in Gustav at Lvl 50. Couldn't 1 shot the leeches as Elvaan with RDM or NIN sub. Got them down low enough that a hit from ice spikes would kill it. My biggest problem was that since I could not 1 shot them I had to wait sometimes up to 10 minutes for the Goblin to turn around (he was looking directly at my camp 85% of the time. When he wasn't looking right at me the other goblin or the crab were always placed where I could not make a pull. I had almost every +INT I could get for level 50, only could have gotten a couple more INT, but the gear wasn't available. Also was using Moldavite, and have Elemental merits from my RDM.

It was a very frustrating time, took me 4 hours to make 4k exp. I should have just went back to Terrigan, but I was stubborn and was trying really hard to make it work.

Level 51 changed everything it is a great camp at 51. I managed to reach level 53 in a couple of hours.

In summation, if you are level 50 and Elvaan, you may want to wait until 51 before migrating here, unless you can manage +32 or so INT, or have INT merits.

Edit. Wish I had read the post a couple of posts up from mine before I failed so miserably at 50 here. Maybe the other camp he is referring to could work better.

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#306 Nov 28 2009 at 11:27 PM Rating: Good
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BruteMoosey wrote:
This is just genius!
Can the same camps be used to duo around the same level?
I'm glad I found this cause getting a party with my BLM is always pretty slow
Thanks ^^

Yeah but the EXP will obviously be a bit lower but sometime it's better to take lower EXP and not risk dying.
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