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#127 Mar 11 2007 at 8:47 PM Rating: Good
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Is there another camp at 54.. I can't seem to get past Promy's. If not, i'll suck it up with a party for those 4 or 5 levels
#128 Mar 12 2007 at 12:17 PM Rating: Default
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*** Level 31-34 ***

Gigas's Tiger (Rime Gigas) - Beaucedine Glacier
It's a good idea to set your Home Point at the Beaucedine Glacier outpost or Xarcabard outpost to save time after you die.

CAMP #2 (Good camp):
Head to (I-9). There is a ramp leading down into a large open area. One Gigas and one Tundra Tiger inhabit this area.

- Since only one tiger lives here, you probably won't get aggro'd too much.
- The area is very large, allowing great maneuverability.
- The ramp allows a perfectly safe place to rest.

- Can be bothersome and expensive to get to, especially if you die. There is no faster way to get here other than to walk.
- Be careful about resting in the tunnel that leads south of the area. A Tundra Tiger wanders back and forth along it.

unless im at the wrong camp right now, its not only very easy to get too (about a 10 second walk from the outpost), but about half your info for this camp is wrong.

first, theres (usually) a bat eye (it can wonder pretty far away, so its not always there)

while the camp IS pretty big, its still kind of hard to move around with out getting aggro, of course tonko/invis will prevent aggro entirely.

CAMP #2 (Good camp):

good? hardly! im getting 6~7k exp/hr atm there at lvl 31...using only the bear minimum equip (2 erimite rings, seers robe, and gloves, elvaan RSE boots, linen legs, 2 yew wands, and a emp pin.)


and /bow for awesome guide =)

edit: also, theres occationally two other tigers here.

Edited, Mar 12th 2007 4:24pm by ThePsychoticOne

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#129 Mar 12 2007 at 1:26 PM Rating: Decent
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You're talking about Camp #1. The one you quoted is almost all the way down by the Batallia Downs zone line. The Gigas roams that open area with three exits where you get to either go East towards Fei'Yin or South towards Batallia.
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#130ThePsychoticOne, Posted: Mar 12 2007 at 1:31 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) hmm... i went down the ramp at I-9... and if it is that first camp you really needa change that "decent camp" thing, lol
#131 Mar 16 2007 at 12:49 AM Rating: Decent
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NOTE: I think you need to be at CoP 5-3 or higher in order to access this zone. I was already past this point when I came here, so I don't know for sure. If someone can clear this up, I'd appreciate it.

I don't think anyone did clear this up for you but i did test this and I'm only on CoP 4-3 and i could enter so you don't have to be on CoP 5-3 or higher but I'm not sure if you can enter lower then 4-3

Edited, Mar 16th 2007 4:51am by tinnyangel
#132 Mar 16 2007 at 10:19 AM Rating: Good
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I'm not sure if you can enter lower then 4-3

There's no prerequisite at all for reaching the Pso'Xja goblin bat camp. The only parts of this zone that require anything special are the Shrouded Maw BC and Promyvion-Vahzl.
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#133 Mar 18 2007 at 12:52 PM Rating: Decent
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As far as blu is concerned, the Cape Terrugab Camp was awesome, once i figure out the spawns. I could get chain#5 consistently as long as I healed at the right time. Bringing alot of shinobi tabi make this easier, just pop one to heal.

However the Gustav tunnel camp has sucked *** for me. At all the the camps (central, east, and west) It took forever for the shepherds to wander to me, and they seemed to move alot more frequently when pulling, and i got ****** on pathing quite a few times. Blu cannot one shot these pets, so I have to pull to safe zone to kill.

My problems:

-Losing chain due to the shepherds movement patterns.
-Goblins stopping, draw my chakram, then moving again right after I throw.
-Leech pathing around infront of their bst.
-Crabs and Goblins making it impossible to get in position to pull a leech

Does anyone know an alternative for 49-54? I tried looking at goblin lvls at vana bestiary but it appears that goblin lvl is not necessarily correlating to the pet lvl. (IE goblins in terrigan and gustav are same lvl according to bestiary but their pets are significantly different levels).

Not trying to hate on this camp, I try to be open-minded on this stuff. I hated terrigan when i got there, and it ended up being the best camp I have had so far (on blu or blm). Just if anyone knows something I have failed to gather from guide please share.

Ne way thanks for the guide regardless, been a big help.
#135 Mar 20 2007 at 9:56 AM Rating: Decent
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Just a quick question here. Sorry if it has been asked before..

A friend and myself decided to level BLM, only level 22 atm. When it comes to Duo, how would that relate to camps for solo? I am assuming you may just need to go to a new camp a couple levels sooner, since you will have twice the fire power. Anyone go the duo route over the solo that could through a tip or two would be greatly appreciated.

PS: Kudos to OP, that is a great guide. Rate up!
#136 Mar 20 2007 at 3:25 PM Rating: Decent
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certain camps tend to lend themselves to duo exp very well. However, I'd wager that in the 50-60 range, where you can oneshot the pets with AM, duoing would in fact be slower.

But the camps that require 3 nukes, or 2 nukes and a drain like happens early on (I'm thinking of castle zvahl and cape terrible, I started my solo climb at 42 btw) would both work well, albeit you'll have to duck out or go solo a little earlier than you'd like. I'd wager 1-2 levels prior to the actual end marked by the OP would be smart.

Another idea if you like to duo is even through 50-60, you could duo some times. In gustav you could each take a camp there and oneshot your own mobs, but be close enough to get high chains with little to no effort. Then just disband the party when exp stinks and still chat/hang out but while solo exping. Same could be done in Newtown Movapolis, the 58-60 range. Pso'jxa has just one camp though....would be a tad annoying there, if not impossible.

Then post 60, duoing in ToAU areas is great because then you're not duoing pets per se, but rather just very low HP mobs. From what I hear, the RNG mobs in Aydeewa (sp) Subterannae are great duo fodder.
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#137 Mar 22 2007 at 4:34 PM Rating: Decent
Terrairis wrote:
Does anyone know an alternative for 49-54?

There's a camp in Upper Delkfutt's Tower that uses single bat targets of the same level range (53-55) as the leeches of Gustav. It worked really well with a 52-54 DRG, and I kinda wish I had found it sooner. There is often more than one BST Gigas wandering around, so if you're able, you can move to the next target without having to wait for a respawn. My record was a solo chain 7 at 53 thanks to 3 BSTs constantly popping bats. =D

However, be warned that it's a very dangerous camp. There are sound-aggro bats in most tunnels on the 11th and 12th floors, magic-aggro dolls and pots out in the middle of the rooms, and sight-aggro Gigas pretty much everywhere. You'll want a RR earring for sure. The best camp I found was on the 12th floor against the South East wall (I-9 or so, you'll probably be moving around a fair bit to avoid aggro). You can also rest quite safely in the middle of the 12th floor, just don't use any magic near the dolls. In emergencies, there's a zone to the Stellar Fulcrum at F-10, although getting there requires sneak to pass the bats without aggro, and anything attacking you will interrupt the teleportation device.

Something else that just occurred to me is that there may very well be people killing your BST Gigas trying to get the pop items for Alky / Pallas since the update, so be sure to do a /sea before going. It's a fairly quick trip if you've got the key from mission 3-3, but it's still disappointing to get up there and find nothing to kill.

Hope that's useful. It's definitely the craziest camp I've ever soloed at, but can be fun and excellent exp if you're careful. ^.^
#138 Mar 27 2007 at 12:08 PM Rating: Decent
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couple o questions

Is this not stickied?? Seems I always have to hunt for it!

Also, is there another place for 42~ish? Seems Castle Zvhals on
Valefore is always busy, which kinda stinks just a tad.
#139 Apr 03 2007 at 11:13 PM Rating: Decent
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*Information already posted by another member*

Edited, Apr 4th 2007 4:10am by Superllama
#140 Apr 08 2007 at 12:12 AM Rating: Excellent
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Guide edited on Sunday, April 8, 2007. Changes include:

- Added references to several alternate camps that have been listed throughout the thread, including:
  • Alternate Camp from 26-28: Gigas's Bats in Lower Delkfutt's Tower. See Bikpik's post on page 1 of this thread for more details.
  • Alternate Camp from 30-33: Goblin's Gallinippers in Attohwa Chasm. See Shanshin's post directly below this guide for more details.
  • Alternate Camp from 36-44: Gigas's Tiger in Xarcabard. See TidusxXx's post on page 1 of this thread for more details.
  • Alternate Camp from 38-40: Gigas's Tiger in Xarcabard. See mattnumbers's post on page 3 of this thread for more details.
  • Alternate Camp from 44-48: Tonberry's Elementals in Pso'Xja. See Shotzie's post on page 2 of this thread for more details.
  • Alternate Camp from 44-49: Goblin's Rabbit in Cape Terrigan. See PandyCelebrindor's post on page 3 of this thread for more details.
  • Alternate Camp for around level 45: Tonberry's Elementals in Temple of Uggalepih. See Ludomancer's post on page 2 of this thread for more details.
  • Alternate Camp from 49-54: Gigas's Bats in Upper Delkfutt's Tower. See Chomolungma's post on page 3 of this thread for more details.
  • Alternate Camp from 59-64: Alporhan's guide in his "Awesome solo :: 59-64" thread.

- Added a reminder that this guide is listed on Wiki.

- Deleted the section about the Pso'Xja camp that said it may be required to be past a certain CoP mission to enter it.

- Fixed several aesthetic, grammatical, and spelling errors.
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#141 Apr 09 2007 at 6:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Checking out camps at level 58 today, /search revealed a low-60s Japanese BLM playing solo in Mamook; he had a "yellow dot" search comment that said something about a pet camp. As his level was some way above mine, I didn't take special notice of it at the time, but afterwards wondered whether there was a suitable pet camp in Mamook. There is a Mamool Ja's Lizard listed at the Vana'Diel Bestiary and on Somepage as level 68 (same as the Bibiki Bay rabbit pet) and 6 spawn points are cited. Has anyone here found a camp there? It might relieve congestion at Bibiki Bay.
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#142 Apr 09 2007 at 12:42 PM Rating: Decent
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There are tonberry summoners with elementals the same level as the ones recommended for 40-44 in Castle Z. Has anyone given these a try?
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#143 Apr 10 2007 at 6:23 AM Rating: Decent
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There are tonberry summoners with elementals the same level as the ones recommended for 40-44 in Castle Z. Has anyone given these a try?

I haven't tried these myself, but a while back my friend was doing a search of that area and commented on why a 40 something BLM/NIN would be out there. The player's search comment was mostly japanese but I'm fairly certain he was soloing the pets, so it may certainly be doable.
#144 Apr 10 2007 at 6:46 AM Rating: Decent
3,432 posts
I tried the tonberry thing at level 41/42 last night. The elemental pets in the first part of the temple of ugly are the right level, but there really isn't a good camp. Namely there's one spot in a hall that kinda works if the tonberry harrasser is at the far end, but doesn't work if he walks into the middle. The other spot is in the thf knife room, which I found to be very dangerous b/c of all the non-walkable chests, which cause some funny pathing, often making the elemental loop around and be seen by it's master.

After that I tried out the demon warlock's pet near the zone to uhligard range (however it's spelled), that was kinda odd, and less death prone than the tonberry in Temple U. However, it still wasn't very good. The problems were, that if you camped by the zone line, then the demons could still see you and aggro mid-fight, or if you camped above the demons, they would bring about 5 demons if the elemental got seen by it's master.

I'm now at the recomended camp.
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#145 Apr 10 2007 at 12:22 PM Rating: Decent
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wow, let me just say, the camp in xarcabard around J-7 is amazing exp, just hit chain 5 solo. The pulls can be a bit hard though if you don't have experiance pulling, 2 giga's pop here, normally spread around in bad places.

Edited, Apr 10th 2007 4:28pm by MrDudee
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#146 Apr 11 2007 at 9:03 AM Rating: Decent
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At 44 moved to the cryptonberry harraser camp. This one is good, but at 44 it's somewhat difficult to kill an elemental if you get multiple resists.

There can also be a lot of waiting for the cryptonberries to be in a favorable possition for a pull, making it difficult to get past chain 2 there.
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#147 Apr 12 2007 at 12:55 PM Rating: Decent
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There can also be a lot of waiting for the cryptonberries to be in a favorable possition for a pull, making it difficult to get past chain 2 there.

I had this problem at first, but then I realized there's no sound aggro anymore (how I hated you you stupid eye in Zvahl), so tonko'd up and went to rest in the middle of the cryptonberries ^_^ so whenever the mob turned the right way and I considered myself having sufficient mp, I'd run back a little and pull. Of course that led to some close calls when I was greedy and pulled with only 200 mp >.>. But anyways, with that way I could pull consistant chain 3 at the very least, usually 4 unless the berries just refused to cooperate, rarely 5 (more of a not enough mp issue).

Also every now and then I pulled the ele to the opposite end of the hallway if both berries decided to hang out at the front of stairs for extended periods of time, but that was very risky.
#148 Apr 16 2007 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent
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from Wstwd :At ~62-66 you can solo the qiqirn enterprisers at the I-10 entrance to Aydeewa from Wajaom Woodlands pretty safely. There are 4 that pop here, all fairly close to the zone but far enough apart from each other to avoid links. Cast blink, stoneskin, and make sure to nuke from a distance, as they will hit you very hard if you stand too close. Otherwise they only use a ranged attack which will not interrupt your casting. I generally had to sleep them at about 25-30% and rest some mp back to finish them off

I just wanna say ty for this post. Great guide, I've been following it on and off from about lv 40. I'm not the biggest fan of pets only because the chances of dieing are always there. Enrerprisers however are a completely different story. Exp is a little slower but the only chance of dieing is if you literally fall asleep. They don't aggro, they will link but these ones don't run away so they won't go get any friends. Haven't been able to chain these yet but 500+ exp with band, 350ish without which is nothing to laugh at. I would have to say that if you were duoing these with another BLm you should be able to hit chain 3 (since there are only 4 of them at the I-10 entrance. Only once when I have gone in there was there another BLM so I ran around looking for another camp and found one. H-6 there is a straight stretch with 1 on one end and 2 on the other. These must be sight linking because not once did I link. Only danger here is there is no zone close but again they sleep easy.

Again its not mind blowing exp but it is exceptionally steady, low low chances of dieing and you can freely hold conversations with 2-3 people and solo and eat your lunch at the same time and I cannot say I ever had that luxury when I solo on DRG.
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#149 Apr 17 2007 at 9:53 PM Rating: Good
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It has lately seemed like the Newton Movalpolos camp for the upper 50s is almost constantly in use, so I wandered around and found a couple others. They both have advantages and disadvantages, but I don't think either are quite as good as the D-11 camp.

F-10 / F-11: your prey is on the east side of the gates at F-10. The easiest way to get here is to go east past the D-11 camp, and, assuming the red gates are open, camp on the south side of the gates. The dead-end tunnel behind you is completely safe.
The major disadvantages of this setup are the lack of a zone in the case of aggro and the fact that there's always going to be a Moblin (Lengthman, I believe) between you and your target. It's ok for jobs that pull the bat back into the tunnel, but might be riskier for a BLM. The tunnel east of these gates might also work, but you'd have to watch for aggro from behind.

E-7: your prey is on the south side of the gates at E-7 / F-7. The fastest way to get there is to hit the J-8 zone from Oldton and turn south at the gates (if the red gate is open).
You've got the advantage of a zone right behind you. You've got the disadvantage of a Goblin Fireman and a Moblin Tankman who like to hang out in the same area as the Foreman. Any of these three enemies can wander as far back as inside the entrance of the tunnel, so be careful where you rest. If you're finding that the Fireman and Tankman are between you and the Foreman, you can pull these two and zone them until they re-pop in a more convenient location. When all three are behaving well, there's really very little aggro to worry about; the problem is convincing them to all behave for a whole exp session.

If, for either of these camps, the red gates aren't open, you can still access them. This involves a trip through Mineshaft #2716.

If you've never been there before, here's one method: talk to Twinkbrix at E-13 of Oldton, then trade him 1-10,000 gil to play his dice game. 10k is the best odds, but even at that it's still a 50/50 chance of winning. Once you win, you can pay him 2k in the future to get warped to the Mineshaft.

Zone from the Mineshaft back into Newton, and follow the path until the junction (I/J-9)just beyond the first gates. If you want the F-11 camp, turn south and stay left all the way until you get there. If you want the E-7 camp, go straight west at the junction, then NW where it opens out a bit. You want the tunnel going north from G-8; follow this NW until you reach the camp.

There are a couple other Foremen hanging about the zone, but those were the only two I found that had convenient camps located nearby.
#150 Apr 19 2007 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
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Can someone help me find the Pso'Xja camp for level 54 (Goblin's Bat)? I can't seem to find it, maybe I'm just geographically impaired ><

Edit: Found it. Kick *** camp, but dealing with my drunk *** room mate screwed up my chains. :)

Edited, Apr 20th 2007 1:32am by Epysian
#151 Apr 20 2007 at 4:58 AM Rating: Good
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Just needed to say this: tons of people have found this guide, and that is all well and good. But please, the moment you arrive at a free camp, put your camp location and target in your /seacom. The words Goblin, pet, camp, Black Mage are all in auto-translate, and many more. Then enter in the location of your camp! Why you ask? Well there are two camps in Bibiki that work very well and can easily support two BLMs- on pandy I usually seem them referred to as "North" or "South"- if I see one is taken and no other /seacom, I'm heading out there. This is just one example- Newton in the 50s has at least 3 camps I've used. Many places have multiple camps and its good to know where one person is to avoid clashing with them over mobs.

This is more for the protection of the camp than anything. Myself and the vast majority of people I've run into during my soloing will respect a /seacom more than anything- **** I've logged out the previous night at an exp camp, logged back in the next day to see a BLM and simply checked to see how long they are staying...There have been times I've waited an hour just conversing with the BLM who's exping and having a grand time, then the camp is mine. But no /seacom, and if I waste my time coming out there I'm going to try and outpull you end of story. If nothing else, to teach you a simple lesson....don't waste other's time....just put in a **** /seacom.

Edited, Apr 20th 2007 8:59am by PandyCelebrindor
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