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#1 Feb 10 2012 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
Continuing in my noble series of largely academic, thinking-out-loud, marginal-usefulness-at-best type posts!

I can't decide if I want to bring and use a Witful Belt or not, on BLM as well as other jobs. How/did you guys work this puppy into your macro/spellcast systems? I can't come up with an elegantly abstract enough rule I'd like to program it into my Spellcast with yet. As it stands I may just have to have a "witful" rule at the end, afterthought style ;(!

*Fastcast in precast set always appreciated
*Cursory test showed it performs roughly on par with a 6% haste belt for recast timers (16 second recast stun with both Witful and Phasmida on RDM)
*Quick Magic actually handy sometimes (stun, zerging, utsu, buffing, etc)
*I don't actually have a Ninurta's, so my next best pure haste choice for non-Phasmida/Twilight Belt jobs is Goading, which has +Enmity. Gross! Oh, and I'm pretty sure Witful > 5% haste belts. Not at liberty to test that right now.
**Tested a bit more thoroughly, naked+Witful performed worse than naked+Goading for recast purposes. I guess it only tied Phasmida on a lucky break (and because Phasmida put me at 26 haste, so it was more of a 5.5 than a 6 haste belt). Which brings me to another point, Witful's bonuses aren't just haste, but half haste and half fast cast, which is handy if you are capping haste outside waist slot.

*Quick Magic sends out a spell in your precast set, which is by definition not what you want your spell to go off in.
*Quick Magic on a spell you aren't about to recast any time soon is pointless, and many spells have gear worth using, or even counted on for set bonuses or w/e
*Not only the waist slot is sacrificed, you're stuck in all your other precast gear. Some spells you need do right the first time, Sleepga for instance.
*If the efficiency of this piece as a fastcast swap is on the order of magnitude of whether or not you sneeze, how important is it really?
**That's the whole point of a spellcast dummy, you get this piece's fastcast effortlessly because you bothered to think ahead! Now figure it out >:o!

My current best guess as to how to do this is a brute force afterthought rule at the end of my spellcast. Figure out what spells I want to bother with the up and downsides of quick magic on, and just list 'em.

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#2 Feb 10 2012 at 7:30 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm not a fan of the "occasionally quickens spellcasting" mod in general; when it comes to effects that can dramatically affect the "flow" of battle, I prefer ones that are more consistent in activation. I guess if your spell is already near instant anyway like with Stun, you can use it for that.

The instant cast on the Atma of Apocalypse, for instance, is noticeably a hindrance to me many a time (one basic example being with Utsusemi: Ichi). But I tend to tolerate it for the sake of unlimited Reraise >_>

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#3 Jul 16 2012 at 7:48 AM Rating: Decent
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I for one am loving this belt. Stacked with Impatiens you see the instacasts proc way more often. It does ***** up with macroing gear sets etc. depending on your set up but if you throw it in there in certain situations youll do way more damage in a shorter period of time. I also noticed that when the quickened spellcasting goes off it totally diminishes the spells cooldown. Atleast this is what has been happening to me since I started using Witful/Impatiens.
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