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#1 Dec 17 2013 at 8:55 AM Rating: Good
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I'm new to BLM and enjoying it quite a bit, but I was wondering what peoples' opinions on merits were. With Stone being so darned MP efficient and me being an elf, I wondered if Stone Potency might give me the most bang for my buck as far as job specific merits go. Not sure what to follow that up with though. I guess if I'm going for efficiency Water Potency would be the next best thing. Does it even really matter that much? Is Elemental Seal Recast worth meriting at all?

Also, I have no clue about how to do AM II merits. I welcome any input on those.
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#2 Dec 17 2013 at 1:37 PM Rating: Excellent
Given how little AM II spells are really used, you could probably just unlock each for the sake of adapting to mob resistances and go from there. As for how efficient Stone is, as you said, something like Stone and Water potency might be better now in comparison to Blizzard and Thunder before. I wouldn't bother with Elemental Seal recast, since it really isn't worth it at all.
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#3 Dec 17 2013 at 4:37 PM Rating: Good
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I went Ice and stone potency. Blizzard 1 is still essentially free, (takes 11~ minutes for me to run out of mp continuously casting it, and convert is every 10 minutes.) but does about 115% of what stone does. Then if for whatever reason I'm ever entirely out of mp, I switch to Stone 1 since you have 5 mp/tick refresh and Stone is 4 mp. Could probably do the same with Thunder 1 if you're in some sort of party, but solo you spend way more mp recasting stoneskin->Blink-> Aquaveil-> refresh after every fight than you ever spend on nukes. With Thunder, I end up running out of mp at 9ish minutes and I'm screwed if the target has no mp to aspir.

At least until I can get me that Spaeokona Body. Then you can cast the tier 2's for the same cast as the tier 1's are today, and even Thunder 1 will be completely free.
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