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Ukko's Fury WS Potential?Follow

#1 Sep 15 2011 at 10:12 AM Rating: Decent
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Hello, I just recently started to look at how to Calculate Ukko's Fury Damage and I wanted some of the guys more familiar with FFXI's Engineering to take a look at what I've come up with and see if it is in the ballpark of what other Ukko WARs have seen as well. Any insight would be helpful.

Subject Monster: Bluffalo Abyssea-Uleguerand
Attack 999: (Berserk + Red Curry Bun + Stalwart's Tonic which is always up in parties so Its in the macro now lol)
All Naturally Critical WSs have a Damage bonus when a Critical Hit lands. I strongly suspect that Ukko's Crit Bonus is x2. I would like to know if anyone else agrees or disagrees.

Average Melee hit: 289
Average Critical Hit: 735

With this information, I plug in Ukko's Fury's mods (60% STR, fTP of 2.0)
I WS with a Rancor Collar and Breeze Belt so fTP = 2.1

94 Base STR
71 Gear STR
55 Cruor STR (varies with zone status)
6 Hasso STR
226 Total STR = 135.6 STR mod

735 + 135.6 = 870.6 x 2.1 = 1828 x Crit Bonus = 3656 Base Hit (Crit)
289 + 135.6 = 427.6 x 2.1 = 898 Base Hit (Normal)
735 + 135.6 = 870.6 x 1 = 870 x Crit Bonus = 1740 (Crit)
289 = 135.6 = 427.6 x 1 = 427 (Normal)

This should give Ukko's Fury a Range of:
898/3656 (which would explain my frustration with using it outside abyssea)
427/1740 This would mean that Normally, landing both Crits would give 5396 which makes perfect sense in Abyssea however this WS's potential for Multiple Hits scares me...


I use Razed Ruins, Sanguine Scythe and Apoc, and with Apoc I have +15% Triple Attack (thats everyone I think lol)
Triple Attack can proc on both hits of this WS leaving the chance for a 6-hit WS.
6-Hitting and Landing all Critical's Could net an Average of 12,356 Damage which Ive seen some ScreenShots of people aready hitting what looked like 6/6 Crits so Im not surprised. But with 6/6 Crits + Blood Rage = 14,827

The Odds of getting 6/6 Crits with Blood Rage Up are like trying to hit a bullseye playing darts, blind folded, and standing 30ft back but that's still a big number... You would probably have to put on Mighty strikes + Blood Rage and pray...

Is my math wrong? I don't think my math is off on this, or if it is, its only by a Little bit, but Jesus... 15,000~? could you imagine doing a random Abyssea NM and your WAR just rips whole chunks of flesh from it while you guys still haven't gotten procs yet? Good Lord... Something has to be off, could one of the guys that are very familiar with FFXI mechanics take a look at this? I appreciate your time in reading this.

Edited, Sep 15th 2011 12:16pm by Yandaime

Edit: Revised fTP math

Edited, Sep 15th 2011 5:55pm by Yandaime
#2 Sep 15 2011 at 12:52 PM Rating: Excellent
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What you need to do is:

-Calculate the base damage for each hit of your WS ( IE: Your base D ). This is where the WS mod comes in - it is added to Ukonvashara's damage in calculating how much damage the WS will do.

-Calculate the base damage (D) of the first hit of the WS. This is the only one that is affected by fTP and breeze belt/gorget.

-Calculate your Atk/def Ratio gainst target mob - this is where criticals come in, they give you a bonus to this ratio for the hit that is critted.

-Add everything

I have no idea of where you got the numbers you posted after your STR, and couldnt make sense of it.

TybudX wrote:
The hardest part of this game is finding 5-17 other people who aren't retarded.
#3 Sep 15 2011 at 1:07 PM Rating: Default
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Ahh so the Gorgets only affect that first hit only, the descriptions on Data sources say "Adds Accuracy and +.1 fTP to all hits" which is why I got lost on that. I've found that formula before and it honestly gives me a headache because It would involve me doing testing to find what the Bluffalo's actual Defense is. The only thing I can tell is that my Attack stops giving a boost once I get around 740~/750 so that would be capped PDIF I'm sure but what value is capped PDIF exactly? And then there's the matter of trying to figure out what a Bluffalo's VIT is. I suspect it has a higher VIT than most Abyssea mobs as it takes less damage than most other mobs despite PDIF being capped. There's a lot of information there on Wiki but the more technical aspects are frankly esoteric :(

Thank you tho, I knew something must've been off, that's way too much damage, even for Ukko's
#4 Sep 15 2011 at 3:46 PM Rating: Default
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I see... From reading deeper into the formulas, I think I have a better understanding now of how the mechanics work. For instance Critical Hits cap at 3.0 Ratio but our PDIF (2 Handed Weapon caps at 2.2) so our Critical Hits wont exceed +26% of our High/Low Hits when PDIF is capped.

So if Im reading this right, you can use your Average Melee Damage to find fSTR of Mob
289 Average - 131(D) = 158fSTR which means Bluffalo have 52 VIT
But in then end, that's no different from plugging your Average hit in as D + fSTR then

Basically what I did was plug in the Melee Hits I was getting on Average in place of the D + fSTR (I believe they are one and the same, correct me if I'm wrong) which would still give the base hit as posted above. I do need to change the fTP on the successive hits tho
#5 Sep 16 2011 at 5:35 AM Rating: Good
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Weapons have a fSTR cap based on "weapon rank"

In all likelyhood, that fSTR is capped inside abyssea. You have way too much STR with atmas.


TybudX wrote:
The hardest part of this game is finding 5-17 other people who aren't retarded.
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