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Ukon hit builds and all that JazzFollow

#1 Feb 25 2013 at 1:02 PM Rating: Good
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Let me preface with a few key points:
1) I have only recently returned (back almost 3 months) after not playing since the moogle expansions. So there's still a LOT of information that is old to you guys but really new to me.
2) I will most likely be finishing up my Itzpapa scales this weekend and unlocking Ukon 85.
3) These questions are more geared for outside of Abyssea and for the upcoming new content. AKA I want to assume no outside KI buffs and just do it with gear.
4) I have been trying to read up on this before asking a bunch of annoying questions, but the first thread that discusses any of this in detail is from when the level cap was 90 and obviously out of date.
5) I just found out about FFXI calculator and downloaded it, but have only just begun fiddling with it. As far as I know, it won't make gear suggestions for me.
6) I am fully merited (including full STR merits) and my Gaxe skill is only a few points from being capped.

So I'm looking for advice on how to build a six hit or a five hit build for Ukon depending on what's feasible for me.

Ukon has a 482 delay. Based on what I've read this means a 6 hit build requires 27 stp and a 5 hit build is 53 stp.

In 2009 (when I last played), haste was lord of all stat boosts, so I am assuming that I must keep my haste at 25.XX% = 26%. Therefore stp choices will be secondary to keeping haste capped?

Here's what I wear now and will propose to wear this weekend when I unlock the 85 Ukon:
Any and all constructive criticism is welcome.
(I know my gear is somewhat patchwork- please keep in mind that I just recently returned and my linkshell likes to farm stuff for other people besides just me. It will take some time to get some of the obvious upgrades like NNI gear and high end VW stuff.)
Also, I'm not uber-rich. I have to prioritize when making upgrades because gil is a factor. I'm not going to spend 2 mil to get +2 STR. It's not that I don't want to- I literally just can't atm.

Main: Ukon (Dies Irae atm, but not after this weekend!)
Sub: Claymore/Pole
Ammo: Fire Bomblet
Head: Fazheluo Helm (haste +5%)
Neck: Rancor Collar
Ear1: Ghillie Earring (looking to upgrade this, just not sure to what. Not even close to having WotG done...)
Ear2: Brutal (stp +1)
Body: Ravager's Lorica +2
Hands: Brego Gloves (haste +4%)
Ring1: Rajas (stp +5)
Ring2: Tyrant's (stp +4)
Back: Atheling Mantle
Waist: Bullwhip Belt (haste +7%)
Legs: Ravager's Cuisses +2 (haste +7%)
Feet: Ravager's Calligae +2 (haste +5%)

total haste: 28% Overkill I know, but haven't bothered fiddling with gear since currently I spam Abyssea which is too easy to really matter. All decisions about gear have been pushed off till Ukon, which is (hopefully) happening this weekend.
total stp: Assuming /SAM it's still only stp+25

One relatively easy upgrade I was planning to make is to a Goading Belt to clear +27 stp and still have 26% haste. Two other easy options are a Rose Strap (stp+4) or a White Tathlum (stp+2). But if there are better ways to work my gear set that don't want a Goading Belt, I'm all ears.

Since you've been kind enough to read this far...

Main: Ukon (Dies Irae atm, but not after this weekend!)
Sub: Claymore/Pole
Ammo: Fire Bomblet
Head: Ravager's Mask +2
Neck: Snow Gorget for Raging Rush (obviously needs to change)
Ear1: Ghillie Earring (see above)
Ear2: Brutal
Body: Grim Cuirass
Hands: Ravager's +1 (been too busy with Ukon to +2 these)
Ring1: Rajas
Ring2: Ruby Ring (Here is an example of not wanting to spend 576756724856 gil to get +2 STR)
Back: Atheling Mantle
Waist: Caudata Belt
Legs: Ravager's +2
Feet: Ravager's +2

As I stand in my mog in my WS set I have +45 STR.

I am fully open to suggestions on either/both sets. Please feel free to fire away!

Edit: I know some of this has been addressed here, but since the scope of my questions has broadened quite a bit, I just figured it would make sense to start a new thread rather than bump a previous thread and be somewhat out of topic.

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BlueLand wrote:
You can always take a screen shot of the 1017 error and set it to your desktop background, its like playing FFXIV from work
#2 Feb 25 2013 at 5:12 PM Rating: Good
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Think you forgot +8 STP on Ravager's body+2 tho ;) And yes Goading belt would be a welcome change for your starting set and Zelus Tiara might open some options on TP for you to use different hands :)

For WS, Rancorous mantle and Breeze gorget or Rancor Collar+ Atheling mantle could be an option, and you could use Relic+2 legs or Avant+1 legs or Ogier's legs to WS, can also use Ravager ammo for WS too ;)
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#3 Feb 25 2013 at 5:29 PM Rating: Good
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Wow, awesome thanks. I had no idea the forums on FFXIAH were like that. When last I played all that type of info was being posted on here. Anyhow, thanks for taking the time to help me out! :)
BlueLand wrote:
You can always take a screen shot of the 1017 error and set it to your desktop background, its like playing FFXIV from work
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