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Ares +1, in light of SoA gearFollow

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I'm way late to the Salvage party...just started on ye olde Salvage 2 weeks ago. I've got all of the necessary pieces for the Ares set, but I haven't started creating the actual Ares pieces yet or doing Salv2 to try to +1 them. Before I spend all that gil building Ares (Orichalcum Ingots, Bloodwood Lumber, and the like are fairly pricey for a poor guy like me) and dump all the time/effort into +1'ing them, I'd like to know which Ares +1 pieces are still "worth it." I'd imagine a lot of it is now outclassed by SoA gear. Thoughts from the pros?
#2 May 14 2013 at 10:16 AM Rating: Decent
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Right now the Kyklos guide has the following Ares+1 in it for Bloodbath (the best Great Axe in the game right now) and Ukon (which I list because I have it).

Bloodbath TP: No Ares +1
Bloodbath WS: No guide, but I guess we can use the Upheaval Mighty Strikes MAX (No Ares) and Conq WS MAX: Ares+1 in body slot
(Provides 16 STR, 16 VIT, Attack +6%)
Ukon TP Max, Restraint Down: Ares Gauntlets +1 and Ares Legs +1
(Provides 17 STR, 8 DEX, 9 VIT, Acc +8, Attack +8, Haste + 10%, Triple Attack +2%)
Ukon WS Max: Ares Legs +1
(Provides 8 STR, 8 DEX, Triple Attack +2%, Haste +6%)

In my opinion, you should be getting a Bloodbath ASAP unless you plan on waiting to see what happens with 99 R/M/E (and assuming you have a 99 R/M/E - if you don't you should get a Bloodbath ASAP and upgrade that.

Next, I don't think the Kyklos fully incorporated the upgraded Mikinaak gear, which has two paths damage paths:

Path A: Base stats + 15 Attack, +10 Acc, +10 STR
Path B: Base stats + 15 Acc, +10 Attk, +10 DEX

For Bloodbath Upheaval, the WSC modifier is 100% VIT (let's assume you have 5 merits)
fSTR is a factor depending on enemy VIT and your STR (4-6 STR increases fSTR by 1), so more STR on gear will help

Assuming the first set using Ares +1 is the body, I think it's better to upgrade Mikinaak Breastplate with Path A to have a total of 25 STR, 15 VIT, 28 Acc, 33 Attack because you lose 1 VIT and assuming a base attack of 800-1000 (6% of that from Ares = 48-60), you are losing 2.5-14.5 attack). However, you are gaining 9 STR and 28 Accuracy.

The Ukon Max TP setup doesn't seem to have Ares+1 affected by Mikinaak gear, but I use Kariey Head, Hands and the Ravagers Legs because I need more accuracy. I'll probably complete Ares +1 legs because of the trip attack on them. In the long run I forecast Ares+1 hands being irrelevant for WAR.

The Ukon Max WS setup uses only legs. If swapped with Path A Mikinaak you lose 8 Dex, Triple Attack +2% and Haste +6%, but you gain 15 STR, 35 Attack, 10 Accuracy, and Weaponskill Accuracy +10. That seems like a fair tradeoff for a STR based weaponskill. Yes you lose the great spikes but you are more consistent overall. However, I will still get Ares+1 legs because I'm 1/3 done with them.


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