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You know you've been a pld too long when...Follow

#152 Mar 04 2005 at 11:21 AM Rating: Decent
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lol 90% guilty of all of these the other 10% are things i cant do because of my lv ;;. i take pride in being a pld and protecting others we all do our noble duties /em salutes all pld's in here.

#153 Mar 04 2005 at 12:14 PM Rating: Default
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~when you are helping LS members out and you are level 65 and there is a level 75 pld there and you see the 75 plds HP go low so you use Cover on him/her.... >.>
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#154 Mar 04 2005 at 1:03 PM Rating: Decent
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when you eat 1000 exp dying as you save people in Yuhtunga killing six gobs at once wearing only Chocobo clothes and your shield.

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#155 Mar 04 2005 at 1:13 PM Rating: Decent
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OK, I did a few rate ups here and I HAVE to comment.

I am a newcomer to the game and I have been browsing the boards trying to figure out if I want to move to one of the Advanced Jobs. I admit, I was not thinking of PLD at all. I wasn't keen on the idea of tanking until I saw the humor shared in this group.

Now I'm settled.

Besides, I could relate to a few of the Provoke posts. I think that says something.

Thank you for putting a face on being PLD.
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#156 Mar 11 2005 at 11:44 PM Rating: Decent
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- When you know your rng is about to pull hate before the monster even turns and cast cureIII (cause you feel like using cover) before the ranger gets hit but by the time it lands the cureIII heals for max.

- When you tell the thf to SATA off of the ranger cuase you would rather be the one getting hit the entire fight. (this one really gets you some looks)

- When you die 3 times on one lizard tryin to lvl whm in the dunes and laugh about it.

- Cant stand being in a party with other tanks becuase they cant hold agro.

- When you yell at your screen when the pld in you party in the dunes doesnt use thier mp.

- When you yell at your screen when the pld in your party in the dunes only casts banish.

- When you know your going to die and there is nothing anyone can do about it 30secs before you die.( I love sitting back and watching as everyone in the party uses every hate gaining ability they got and it still wont leave you alone)

- When you die and giggle as you see how much dmg everyone else is taking from the same monster

- When you check how much def you have every ten mins
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#157 Mar 12 2005 at 4:57 AM Rating: Decent
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- when you can truthfully call yourself a "dirt connoisseur"
- when you take 300 damage from a sickle slash and say "meh"
- when you feel terrible that you lost hate to a sata viper bite
- when you scream provoke on 3 seperate mobs and tank them all in garliage citadel (without dying)
- when you go to dunes and beat the daylights out of every undead you see... just cause you're pld.

*P.S. It's true, my party feels worse when I die then I do. I spend the entire time while I'm weakened ready to tank, and comforting the rest of the party >.<*

*P.P.S. Was leveling Dragoon a bit in Dunes... and I voked... multiple times...*
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#158 Mar 13 2005 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
- When you tank in a party with nukehappy BLMs and crazy RNGs perfectly fine while reading this entire thread X_x;'
- When you do a search of PLDs in your level range in the same zone, find them, check them, and compare armor
- When you insist on tanking in the dunes as DRK because your WAR is an idiot (How hard is it to grasp the concept of voking every 30 seconds?!?!)
#159 Apr 22 2005 at 12:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Great posts by everyone, but here's one I have done too many times to count
You know you've been a pld to long when... you are driving on the freeway and a car speeds by you and you say to yourself "that guy just stole all the hate" and you speed up so that if anyone is going to get a ticket it's going to be you.
#160 Apr 22 2005 at 2:03 PM Rating: Decent
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OMG!! All so true! I love being a PLD, I hate trying to lvl any other job, I keep hitting my voke macro as a thf >.>

-You get hit for 753 from Tornado and live, then laugh about it, cuz the pt is trying to get the antican off of you, (in the red btw) and they can't do it...

-Laugh when you hold a 1200 MB Freeze (with out voking etc)

-Get pt inivtes when you're /anon and Invis for PLD (While on a a date with my baby)

#161 Apr 22 2005 at 4:43 PM Rating: Decent
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...when you go pubbin and see a bar fight and wonder which one to provoke, and which one to flash.. lol

...when you realise that you havent pt'ed with any other tanks for 45 lvls...

...when you know that sickle slash is just the spiders way of saying "WHY WONT YOU ******* DIE ALREADY!?!", we love you spiders, we really do...

...when you get holy you go to qufim and cast it on any undead that move, just because you can...

...when you get raise you run around being a raise ***** for about 6 weeks...

...when (Refresh) (Can I Have it?) was the most popular thing you said in a pt from 41-45 because the rdm didnt seem to realise that a pld needs refresh too ^^...

...when you've tried to lvl other jobs, but most of them stay at about 15-20 because you miss pld too much...

...when you love Fenrir more than any other avatar...

thats all i got ><
#162 Apr 22 2005 at 8:02 PM Rating: Decent
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HEHE! Just had to contribute.

-When your WAR/NIN dies from a 750 Death Scissors and you shrug off that very next 375 Death Scissors in the next fight.

-When doing a Promy mission you wonder how the **** you ever kept hate without flash.

-When you have 2 BLM in the PT casting freeze at the same time and the mob does not look away.

-When you go to the Dunes and you cast Holy Circle during the day time.
#163 Apr 24 2005 at 11:43 PM Rating: Decent
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-you get ****** when DRK's use souleater.. not because they are adding hate, but because they lose HP
#164 May 13 2005 at 9:12 AM Rating: Decent
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you know youve been a pld too long when (At lvl 48):

you dont fear Jet Stream, Sickle slash, or any Exoray attacks.

you love training undead where-ever and whenever you can.

you go down to qufim to help parties at the lake come nightfall.

you dont care if you get red hp as any other job.

you are uncomfortable when you arent taking hits.

you find yourself hitting your voke macro when lvling jobs without that ability.

you feel a burning need to tank anything and everything no matter how hard it is.

when you have to equip a round shield you think it looks too pansy.

All of the above i am guilty for.... <3 PLD

#165 May 14 2005 at 1:05 AM Rating: Decent
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-When you get so bored of not dieing you start trying to get yourself killed.....Guilty

-You just join the party and already start giving orders..Guilty

-When Mages start testing how strong your hate is,Per say BLM's nuking the crap out of somthing WHM just wasteing cures just for the heck of it......Not Guilty......YET

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#166 May 16 2005 at 10:31 AM Rating: Decent
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-when in mid battle you get a bad pop / link and start mashing you Flash macro, then the shield bash macro, only then do you realize you are leveling War...

-when the Blm MB freeze for 1200+ damage, starts running behind you, and you ask what they are doing cause the Mob never moved. >:) Did that for the first time this weekend, talk about a grin on my face you couldn't slap off. :D

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil, for I am the meanest son of a ***** in the valley. "

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#167 May 17 2005 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
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lol last night i was leveling war in sauromugue against weapons for my pld sub - 5/6 of us were from my ls (GreyHavens). PT was:
Barric - PLD32/WAR16
Fluffybunnyfeet - BLM30/WHM15
Tulili - BRD32/WHM16
Hebrilith - WAR32/THF16
Miraa - WAR31/NIN15
Gulian - WHM31/BLM15 (i think) - (a pickup whm to complete the pt)

well, i kept ripping hate from SA Sturmwind (250-400 DMG) - and whenever barric voked hate back off me i automatically re-voked when he took hate back >:D even though thf should be behind the mob i just couldnt stop voking by instinct lol, i cant get outta a pld state of mind where i always need to tank >.>

#168 Jun 02 2005 at 11:14 AM Rating: Decent
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Hate to see this thread die......

This is a lot of why I want to be a Paladin.

Yeah, just call me sentimental.
Name: Sithion
Server: Hades
Race: Elvaan
Job: 27WAR 14MNK
I am truly looking forward to the moments when I can say "Go on without me, I'll hold them off!" I do not fear death. I only wish to do it with Honor and in the service of others.
#169 Jun 03 2005 at 11:03 AM Rating: Decent
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Mine 2 gil:

When you manage to Keep hate when i pop Souleater->Berserk->Blood weapon->Last resort-> Provoke

When you get mad at me cos you realize im a drk

When you insist in your pt to Kill undead in the dunes at lvl 15

When you are reading a thread called You know you've been a pld too long when...
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#170 Jun 03 2005 at 12:49 PM Rating: Decent
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-You have to buy the lvl 60 Gold/Gilt Armor because you think the AF armor is too flashy for your Royal Great Sword. (Guilty)
-You sit in water to "clean" your armor. (Guilty)
-You make/create the actual AF armor to wear to a Convention.
-You actually try to order Tav. Tacos at the local Mexican resturant. (Guilty ><)
-You ask a Red Lobster waitress if they have the Shallops Tropical special.
-You buy the most defensive armor for your WHM.
-You tank as a WHM.
-You go to Souplantation and create your own Tav. Salad.
-You try to create the +1 version of the Tav. Salad.
-You are lvling DRK and still use sword and shield.
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#171 Jun 03 2005 at 1:14 PM Rating: Decent
2,315 posts
When you keep reading this post and keep relating to it and keep feeling the comradery and then want to go home and do all the things in this post and then do it.

And you have 2 Invincible macros, your regular one...and your special one:

/ja "Invincible" <me>
/wait 1
{Invincible} >> <me>!
/wait 1
Run! Save yourselves and leave me to die, my sacrafice is for you and I do it without hesitation or resentment!
/wait 1
Leave me to die the noble death I am deserved. Come <bt>, let us finish this mano y mano.
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#172 Jun 05 2005 at 11:28 PM Rating: Decent
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- you think being the pld automatically makes you team leader(sorry team, but the shiniest armor should have the highest authority)

- you give the fishing rod back to the elvaan kid, not even knowing that you have to for the AF weapon quest, because it's just the "right thing to do"

- you try to cover the PL even though he's about 50 levels higher (seeing a taru whm take damage just makes me feel yucky)

- ... and then you remember that you're a taru whm yourself ><

- you want to sub something besides war just to see if you can still hold hate without voke (no one would ever let me XD, but i really think having "Counter" would be fun with a mnk sub)

- you get mad every time you see a high level drk in AF, because you just want to show them the light (did FFiv teach us nothing?) (Cecil is my hero^^)

- you make a new character just to see what it would be like to be a pld of a different race (i don't even plan on getting any other advanced jobs)

- you don't like using the abbrev. pld, so every now and then you use the auto-translater and say (Paladin) just to make it look more important

that's all i got... /cheer (Paladin)
#173 Jun 06 2005 at 12:44 AM Rating: Good
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... when you level another job to 75 and start rebuying all your pld equipment because you missed tanking D:a
#174 Jun 06 2005 at 1:11 AM Rating: Decent
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when you are lving nin as a subjob and forget that nin 2hr isn't invincible -_-;;;
#175 Jun 06 2005 at 1:25 PM Rating: Decent
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- You sit down in a cafe in real life and start thinking, where'd i leave my sword and shield
-or- i can tank that big guy, who's in??

-when you run to voke the mobs that have been called for help on, despite the fact you are already tanking another mob for your pt

-guilty on 99% of this stuff! lmao
Tarquine - PandAsura
#176 Jun 06 2005 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
657 posts
-when you agree to tank a 65+ NM at level 51 for a friend just to see how long you can last. >;-)

-when you fight the NM Pug for your AF boots, get hit by Screwdriver for an insane amount of damage, fall, get raised, and start tanking it again. (Thanks Dainid, Joshuaf, and all the members of Cheapskinks for helping) /kneel
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil, for I am the meanest son of a ***** in the valley. "

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