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PLD/RDM compilation info guide to Soloing, Exp Follow

#52 Apr 10 2007 at 6:08 AM Rating: Decent
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Additional PvP info: PUP

Take out the puppet someway and the PUP will go down. With out the puppet PUP is just a mnk. Be aware that the puppet can cast silence.

ADD Question.

I have a entier set of MP boosting gear for the purpos of pre buffing / regain mp when weakend from death(it happens)

starting out in my norm gear(as seen in my sig) I have about 370 MP

Now this is gear that have been able to afford or aquire....... my crafting and farming skill isn't all that good, but this is what I have for my MP boost.

Head:Electrum Hairpin +25(untill I can get a Farie Hairpin +55)
Body:Adaman Cuirass +8 (Utill Blood Mail + 42)
Hands:Magna Gauntlets +24 (untill I can get a pair of Wood Gauntlets:Elvan male lvl 66 rse gloves +55)
Legs:nothig atm (untill Blood Cuisses +27)
Feet:nothig atm (untill Homam Gambieras +31)
R.Ring:Electrum Ring +20
L.Ring:Mana Ring +15(untill I can get a Ether Ring +30)
R.Earring:Insomnia Earring +15
L.Earring:Death Earring +10 (untill Antivenom or Desamilion Earring +15)
Waist:Hierarch Belt +48(BEST 5K IVE EVER SPENT!!!!!)
Back: nothing atm (untill Merciful Cape or Altruistic Cape +25)
Ammo:nothig atm (unitll I request for Phatom Tath +10)
Weapon:nothing atm (untill Kirin's Pole +20)

All of that totals out to +165 and +436 from my wish list. With that amount of mp you will not need to waste time from rest from buffing, which will give you more time in using the buffer. This is also good gear when you ever want to pl someone. *Shuttter*

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#53 May 24 2007 at 12:33 AM Rating: Decent
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So I finally capped my Enhancing magic after spending 5 days power leveling it from 175 to 210 and let me just say... WOW what a difference.... Enghorr just wanted to ask if you have any updated NM's or gear suggestions since your last one?
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#54 May 24 2007 at 11:41 PM Rating: Good
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Hiya, well Im still working on updated pld/rdm guide. Working on my Future homam set and other gear atm so it will take more time but I will say this....

Ice trousers
-gives ice spikes spell as strong as the RDM one as if you had RDM enhancing magic skill
-3 min duration
-50 charges
-2 min cool down

I got 3 of these, and I swap them and rotate. I can solo IT and NM I fought before easier with these, I am currently meriting sentinel due to this strategy I came up with.

Basically: (picture in your mind)

By steps
3 min ice spikes > Sentinel > swap new 1 > cast(by the time sentinel wears off) > Ice spikes again 3min >

As you can see if you merit Sentinel down to 4 min 10 secs it works awesome with the ice trousers (ice spikes) I will tell you this trousers are awesome, I paid 50k for each but they are freaking awesome. I was able to duo Detonator(gun final wsnm) with a COR with this. I been able to take down the ones I fought before easier and other stuff. Its a situational piece and I recommend it to any PLD/RDM or any PLD period.

The paralyze proc rate is sick, as most rdm will tell you Ice spikes is one of the best paralyze except before ParalyzeII(which is awesome) since that new merit came out. However for BUFFS purposes Ice spikes wins. Combine our ability to survive and casting buffs as /rdm Ice spikes gives us the opportunity to recast our buffs more smoothly due to mobs being paralyze a lot. We dont have to depend on Ice shield anymore if we had ice trousers on, just use a stronger shield.

Note* If you use ice trousers(ice spikes) the legs will activate , so dont bother using ice shield since its the stronger of the 2. I still use ice shield though since if ice spikes from ice trousers is down, I would have my ice shield to depend on during sentinel while waiting for next rebuff, but I guess its up to you.

Oh ice trousers owns vs Multi hit mobs like the Kraken club BCNM 60 lol I own that **** with ice spikes whoot!

hope this helps! /salute

Edited, May 25th 2007 2:42am by Enghorr
#55 Sep 25 2007 at 9:20 AM Rating: Good
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Nice guide... just two things.

MP order of lowest to highest amounts of base MP are Taru, Mithran, Hume, Elvaan Galkan. It's the exact opposite of who has the most base HP.

Second, do you have any weaopn alternatives? 98% of the people on every server do not have a Joy-toy or K-Club. I understand that you list them for faster kills, and that they may be optimal (as they are a given as an optimal weapon for most jobs that solo), but are not always needed.

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#56 Sep 26 2007 at 6:39 AM Rating: Decent
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yea actually there so many new different swords and gear that has been added which I think most of us all love. I just got back from a 7 month break and I saw all these new goodies and Im so happy. I personally like that sword Hauteclaire

The new armors which are great and best addition for PLD are:


there awesome, but so hard to get. Im working on my askar set right now. Everyone really have different fighting style and gear set up as pld/rdm.So many options lol but if I were to replace my Joyeuse It would definitely be a Huateclaire
#57 Oct 12 2007 at 3:46 AM Rating: Decent
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DiaII to it first to remove
high def, then BioII

dia and bio don't stack.

edist: misread your giude actually, never mind. Maybe try rewording that part to make it less confusing :(

Edited, Oct 12th 2007 7:52am by Xkallybhur
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Gear stuff:
#58 Nov 02 2007 at 9:44 PM Rating: Default
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Ehlona wrote:
-Most thfs will try to sleep bolt you or blind bolts then sata
-Use poison potion on you
-With your shield and phalanx, just fight thf head on

slight correction: a good thf will have garuda dagger+bloody bolts for PvP, and that usu. = dead pld. yes i've done it before, and yes i have killed a pld/rdm with full koenig/access to all the best EQ, and yes it was an easy, and short(< 2min) fight.

To be honest, you're right. The OP apparently never actually fought a THF before. Any THF higher than level 40 knows about Bloody Bolts, and how important they are. First thing I would do, is take the same startegy I do when PvP on a THF in Ballista with my RDM/NIN. Yes, defense is important, but I find the best way to beat a THF is getting enfeebles to stick. Use little spells to knock out their shadows, then dump Silence, Gravity, Blind, Slow, and Paralyze on the THF. After that, they will curse the next seven generations of your family lineage. I'm not sure a PLD/RDM has that kind of enfeebling skill unless they have lots of merits and enfeebling gear.

I don't think this is really much of a great guide. Any guide that says you need a Joyeuse or K-club, plus all the high end gear to solo, is simply crap. If you put Bards in high end gear, and gave them weapons like a Joyeuse or K-Club, they could solo too. This doesn't say anything.
Winthorp Donaldson: Monk. Pally, Scholar, Summoner, White Mage (Ultros Server) (FFXIV)

Arbelas: Sith Marauder (SWTOR)

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#59 Nov 06 2007 at 1:51 PM Rating: Decent
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They were just tips* to fight THF, it doesnt mean its the best way to fight THFS nor how THF fights. In PvP you make your own technique, do you think I will reveal all the good tactics? (no) second thing, this guide was being made since 04 I just didnt post it until 2006(many equipment has been added).

In regards of K-Club or Joyeuse you don't necessarily need them, its just good tools for pvp and solo. Any PLD/RDM know the tp Build, DOT on joyeuse and uses for chivalry with the TP, Spirits within is awesome. BTW I agree on Enfeebles vs Melee, I always enfeeble all melee(Slow, BioII, Blind etc) because it always sticks and hardly resisted unless have a /mage sub.

So many of you that criticize me have such small vision, a lot of you didn't even think This combo was possible long time ago. Whoever thought PLD/RDm can solo Aquarious, NMs, Avatars, solo missions, etc with this combo? Now so many PLD level /RDM for this sole reason and its fun to have another versatile job for your playing experience. I been on break for long time now, and I plan to still play FF and improve this job. If your not a PLD/RDM nor even associated to it and have nothing good to add please dont post.

If you have something good to add, send me a message and I will add it to the guide after I read it.
#60 Jun 09 2008 at 1:42 PM Rating: Decent
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hey this is really cool info me and some of my fellow PLD in my LS have been thinking bout trying out the Brick Wall tank set up so this is lots of good info
and to disagree with post BIO and DIA should stack
#61 Jun 09 2008 at 5:28 PM Rating: Decent
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hi thanks for reading appreciate it.., yea needs to be updated since I got new gear and updates since then... well its common sense, dia and bio dont stack... one cancels out the other... anyways Im still downloading update...switching to morning shift soon, more play time for me hehe and OMFG "Reprisal" its like a dream come true...

Edited, Jun 9th 2008 8:29pm by Enghorr
#62 Oct 16 2008 at 3:46 AM Rating: Decent
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With the addition of reprisal and atonement, the leader of my LS solo'ed VV in I believe 23 minutes as pld/rdm.


I'd love to try and repeat this feat, but my gear comes nowhere near close to his. I'll just try some smaller stuff.
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