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Well... Polearm?Follow

#1 Aug 21 2009 at 12:22 PM Rating: Good
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Hi, apologies if this is an insanely stupid question but I'm just about to start levelling PLD and was wondering if there is ever a situation where busting out a Polearm could be useful? I have 8/8 polearm merits so the gap would be closer between Sword and Polearm, so at the lower levels at least it seems like it might be viable.

At the colibri camp at East Ronfaure [S] for example at 37 my sword skill would be 114 while my polearm skill with 3 active merits my skill would be 100. A loss of 14 accuracy/attack is quite a bit but considering the bonus piercing damage you'd get I wonder if this would be a reasonable combo, assuming spammed Crab Sushi.

I havent started levelling PLD yet so I may be missing something obvious to anyone who has levelled the job (such as perhaps missing the shield being more dramatic than I'm taking into account) but.. where does my idea fall apart?

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#2 Aug 21 2009 at 12:39 PM Rating: Good
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If you're tanking, the reduction in damage you take through shield is significant (both directly through shield blocks and the extra DEF they give, and indirectly - e.g. by shield bash interrupting spells/JAs, or at later levels through shield blocks allowing you to do things like cast utsu without being interrupted when hit). And don't forget we also get TP for shield blocks now! Using polearm would remove this source of damage reduction from you, and you would notice the lack. You'd also miss out on shield skill unless you were syncing.

I've messed around with staff and great sword in things like beseiged and PLD can put out some good numbers (especially /SAM. or /THF for pure epeen WS damage lol), but our polearm skill is lowest of the three 2H weapons. And 2H weapons don't really get the massive edge over 1H weapons until you start getting things like double attack or hasso from sub, by which point the skill difference will have widened and you'll be losing out on an awful lot of accuracy, merits/2H bonuses or no.

If you're just DDing*, polearm will still be less accurate for you than sword, but sword WS suck until Vorp, so I guess if polearm gets a decent lowbie WS then it might be a viable option if you're syncing. It might be worth trying, if you're in a party with friends and you're not gimping your defensive stats to do so, or you're just messing around for a mission or key farming etc, but don't count on being able to do it in a pickup. The utility of shield is just too great to lose for day-to-day stuff.

*which is fun but highly unlikely to happen given the general lack of tanks for exp

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#3 Aug 21 2009 at 4:25 PM Rating: Good
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Fast blade is actually a pretty good WS for the level.

But yes, 7% hit rate is pretty big at 37 before you can even put on woodsmans and a tilt belt. Not to mention you loose your shield, in which case the PT may as well invite a WAR. Shield Break > piercing bonus. Also keep in mind PLD can't actually equip any good polearms at that level.

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