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#1 Aug 21 2011 at 8:29 PM Rating: Default
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ok I just came back from a 2 and a half year break from ffxi I had family issues that needed resolution. It the time I was a lvl 60 pally and was getting use to the fact that at this point i needed to change my gear to a DD set to be more effective at tanking. I was working on Lvling NIN to 37 because I was told that post 73 or so the new thing was sub nin for merit parties and such... I come back now and im being told that pallies arent even used any more... I asked about exp parties and they told me that every one goes to abyss or somthing and go from 30 to 90 and then just skillup there abilites... ok... so now I have a question... what do i do now... pally is my main job... my highest job. I havent even gotten all the relic armor for the job yet (i still need the chest armor)... this is heart breaking... There has to be a way to get pally to the lvl cap and still have fun ... I refuse to stop playing Pally I love this job... You guys have been playing in this new world what are my options?
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#2 Aug 22 2011 at 8:28 AM Rating: Good
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I'm lazy, read this.

First, come to terms with that this is not the old game you once played then find a good linkshell if you haven't already.
Second, start getting set up for Abyssea. Begin accumulating the stone key items immediately.
Finally, level whatever you want. No one cares what your job is for xp parties unless you find one of the super rare 6-man parties.
See link as to why PLD is "useless," but the short of it:
  • PLD does not fit the perfect lowman model
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#3 Aug 24 2011 at 1:06 AM Rating: Good
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It's true that Paladin does not fill the role that it once did, but I happen to find that the job is a lot more fun to play now that it doesn't. Now, let me first say that Paladin isn't my main job, and I don't play it as often as I do other jobs, but it does have a special place in my heart as a fun job to play.

First of all you should familiarize yourself with Abyssea, because a lot of the gear that you will be wanting, as well as pretty much all of your experience points will be coming from there. There's a lot to absorb on how it works, so get going on it ASAP.

Next, realize that you're probably not going to be tanking generally anything in abyssea at all unless you've got incredibly epic gear and skillz, and great support. People use THFs MNKS and DNCs to tank there because they can dish out ridiculous amounts of dmg to keep hate and they have near perfect damage mitigation, requiring very little in the way of support. in the face of that, PLD doesn't really stack up.

I've found that once I got good DD atmas, a pretty epic DD set, and a Badelaire +2 for the Chant du cygne WS I can dish out a pretty good deal of damage. I'm not the best DD on PLD, I know, but you can surpass just about anyone with mediocre gear/atma if you put the work into getting the gear. In abyssea for experience points no one cares what job you are so long as you can hit things and toss a few cures when needed, just be aware that you're not going to be tanking. They may as you to flash a mob off the puller, but there's really no way you'll be keeping hate with an entire alliance of people doing their best to top each other in WS dmg.

I'm pretty lucky in that I both have many other jobs to choose from to fit the needs of a group going after NMs and stuff, and a social LS that lets the PLD take a crack at tanking some of hte bigger stuff every now and then. And we use PLDs for a lot of things outside of abyssea like KSNM99s, gods, older HNMs etc. PLD can still do very well as a tank outside of Abyssea.

So basically:

Realize you won't be tanking pretty much anything in abyssea.
Familiarize yourself with Abyssea ASAP.
Try to get good atma.
Build a good DD set of gear.
Have fun, don't let anyone tell you not to play your favorite job because they think it's worthless. PLD can do quite a few things, including an impressive array of red and blue abyssea triggers, backup healing, great DD with the right gear/WS and it can still hold it's own as a tank outside of abyssea, and inside with the right support, though not as efectively as other jobs most of the time. You can also solo quite a few things pretty effectively if that's your thing.
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#4 Sep 19 2011 at 3:09 PM Rating: Decent
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I just recently started a new account to enjoy some of the newer expansions and to have the chance to play the missions I never had the chance to. I used to be a main healer on my last account and enjoyed it quite a bit. However, after playing a few other MMOs Paladin has become my favorite class.

A couple things I've noticed about the game is yes, Paladin doesn't really stack up anymore as a tank because of all that they added, with almost any class able to tank from damage mitigation it's insane. I sometimes find myself missing old school parties in the dunes and enjoying every aspect of the game. I almost shudder to the idea of some who just spam up to lv90 in a job all in the span of a day.

The game is supposed to be fun, and time consuming might not be too much fun, but the reward is so much sweeter. My advice is to just take your time. I have yet to really try Abyssea yet but it seems that Paladins will still be needed for many things. Some of the insane god like monsters that they have for example... I doubt many classes can hold on long against the toughest bosses and that is where Paladin will shine. The rest of the time, we can pretty much solo anything else the game has to offer.

So far as an up and coming character, and Paladin, I've enjoyed what I've seen so far in some of the newer content. I hope you can find your way to play your favorite job to its fullest! ^_^
#5 Sep 24 2011 at 10:47 AM Rating: Good
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I can attest that Paladin can be a very fun job in Abyssea. It fits both low and high man situations quite well. The occasional NM that can dish out 2k damage TP moves would hit a paladin for half of that in some cases. You also have a decent amount of WS and some spells that can hit yellow, red, and blue procs. If you're /rdm or /nin, you can proc 9 of 13 red !! on NMs, and 9/15 blue blunt procs (assuming you're up to snuff on your WSNMs).

Your ultimate goal in Abyssea is to work towards an Almace though. Badelaire +2 is decent and good if you happen to have a bunch of WoE coins lying around, but if you got the resources for it you should definitely work for it. Once I got Almace, I was able to tank in and out of Abyssea much easier, and that will help your alliance dish out more damage. I'm working on Ochain now and am 58 Azjada horns away from completion.

Don't let anyone tell you "lolpld" if you want to bring it in Abyssea - but again to echo what was said, do not expect to tank NMs. Use DD atmas (even if you do end up tanking - I still use Apoc RR and VV most of the time) and try to put out as much in the damage realm as you can.
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