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#1 Mar 19 2012 at 9:44 PM Rating: Decent
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Greetings all,

I played for a number of years and due to some unavoidable circumstances (divorce, moves, etc.) I have been off the horse for about 2 years now, but lately I've really been missing the thrill of the game and want to come back... herein lies the problem, I left ffxi as a SAM75 and after looking at all the new additions to all the jobs, coupled with a few of my personal preferences, I very much want to be a pld main when I rejoin, however everything I am reading about the added content gameplaywise, by players, seems to be very anti-pld, and almost outright making the job obsolete... my questions are simply this: 1) is there any actual merit to this impression I'm getting or is it simply ranting? 2) either way, will it be worth joining the ranks of the pld when I can or will it simply waste my time and I should consider taking the reins of sam again or another dd job?

playing other rpg games I simply fell in love with tanking and tho I know the tanking in ffxi is a little slower paced than in other games there is just something exhilarating about being responsible for keeping everyone else on their feet to keep doing their part of bringing the mob down, so some good news about pld would make my day lol...

any answers to my two measly questions or constructive comments would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
#2 Mar 20 2012 at 12:30 PM Rating: Decent
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hmm... for the most part my questions have been answered in other threads... no pld tanking in aby but yes in vw... but does that still run into the whole enmity cap problem? (not saying the cap is the problem, talking more about every melee easily reaching it) SE might think about taking a page from other games books... they have some good ideas that might be beneficial to the issue but not detrimental to the games balance or the need for strategy and careful planning... but that's just my 2 gil...
#3 Mar 31 2012 at 3:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Well, unfortunately the fix to the enmity problem is using a Relic or Emp weapon.

DD's have grown in power tremendously, and the only way we can keep up is by having a spectacular weapon ourselves.
I wish this wasnt a thing we had to do to be relevant, but there's no other way.
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#4 Apr 07 2012 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
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Would a mythic suffice as well? Because I very much like the Burtgang or would the slight added dps from Excalibur and Almace make that much of a difference? Honestly, like I said in my earlier post, they could easily fix the issue without changing anything systemwise if they implemented a few outside ideas. In Warcraft the warrior tank has an ability that he/she uses on a DD that would transfer a percentage of hate generated by that affected DD to the tank, certainly a similar ability would help PLD generate more enmity and also help counter decay thus keeping the enmity at a sufficient level, keeping the mob on the PLD without having to do anything drastic like adjust the enmity cap or anything. Or in D&D tanking classes have a trait where they get free hits out of turn when their targeted enemy takes a swing at anyone else, this again would indirectly assist PLDs generate enmity though not as significantly. Perhaps if SE were to use either one of or a combination of those ideas it would help a lot. I don't know if these would be difficult to write in or even possible but they seem like at least fair ideas to me. Anyway the more important question was what I asked earlier about where Burtgang ranks against Excalibur and Almace when it concerns hate generated by DPS. Because if I had to burn a lot of time and effort for something I'd rather it be something I actually want, considering I'll already have to fully upgrade Aegis and Ochain to keep myself well rounded for all situations.
#5 Apr 09 2012 at 8:19 PM Rating: Good
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The MAIN reason you don't really want to consider a mythic....

The time it takes to get one. Seriously, look at the requirements for a Burtgang. They are NOT for the even remotely casual player. Camping the ToAU kings is a complete and utter joke (spent 1.5 weeks IRL waiting for him to spawn, never logged off, never saw him, and we had someone on and watching 24-7), the alexandrite requirements will require a lot of gil and/or salvage running, and finding people to get through assaults if you haven't already can be a royal pain. Plus, Burtgang does NOT increase the PLD's damage output, which is one of the biggest determining factors in whether a PLD can compare with the max enmity situations.

Aegis vs. Ochain is also a matter of debate. Getting both will take some time and you'll definitely need help (none of the iron plates mobs were particularly soloable when I was more active in playing), but are worthwhile goals. As for wanting both? Totally depends, but really, it's not worth spending the time on both. Get the one you have more ability to put time in to.

All in all, if I were to consider building a PLD at this stage and I was debating my options, I'd personally consider getting the Empy sword and an Aegis. Splitting efforts between the two can net some positive gain and has elements that a PLD can solo towards before asking for help on some of the bigger fights.
#6 Apr 09 2012 at 10:50 PM Rating: Decent
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Well time shouldn't be an issue when you have your mind set on a goal IMO but I certainly see your point, although I believe a more accurate statement would be that Excalibur and Almace increase your damage more than the mythic, because certainly Burtgang can put out higher numbers than most if not all of the rest of the options, quite honestly one of the main reasons I have my eyes set on it is purely for the aesthetics, its an extremely handsome blade, on that same page I also find Almace very aesthetically displeasing but hey to each his own right? As far as the shields I certainly 100% plan on getting them both as they will both have their own strengths in certain situations tho if aegis is that much easier I'll probably make it my first goal, as I do intend on working on the shields, getting creed +2, defending ring, PDT/MDT sets, all that stuff before I invest time on a weapon, just makes more sense
#7 Apr 24 2012 at 5:43 AM Rating: Good
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Just a quick input you might want to know about Defending Ring;

King Behemoth and Behemoth are no longer timed spawned NMs but popped NMs.

To pop Behemoth you need an item that drop in KSNM99, and Behemtoh then have a chance to drop a pop item for King Behemoth. According to wiki, the item to pop NQ is 100%, item to pop HQ 10% ish and D.Ring 5%. Item to pop HQ sell for about 7-8.5m (ffxiah as referance)

Mathing it out it would require:
A) 19 800 Kindred Seals (99 x 200)
B) 155 000 000 gil (average of 7.75m per item x 20)

So basicly it's worse that relics, by a lot at the moment.
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