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*Once and for all let's answer these questions just one more time and be done with it. Please expand on these and I'll try to update this over time. Believe it or not I DO work so I'll do this a little at a time. If by some miracle some moderator helps us sticky this thread we can celebrate.*

To the regular posters, I'll be cut & pasting some of your information. I'll thank you now for your contribution...you know who you are if you recognize your words here. Plagiary is the highest form of flattery...sometimes you simply say it better then I can. I intend this to be a collective of all our ideas...so feel free to post recommendations and I'll try to update this post where necessary.

What is best sub for Rangers?

RNG/THF - generally used for farming and improved item drops. You get a nice amount of AGI with it, but not much hit points, and very little combat skills to fall back on.

RNG/WAR - fairly popular combo. This is the big damage one, with the added STR and Berserk you'll be pulling some big numbers. The drawback is you really need some good equipment and a level 31 BRD to hit often.
As odd as this may sound I'd recommend this for more advanced players. I found you really have to be careful to control aggro, it's easy to find yourself being chewed to pieces very quickly if you find your Barrage+Berserk does less damage to the mob than you expect.

RNG/NIN - Probably the most well rounded of the popular subs, and the most widely used. High natural AGI and dual archer/hawker knives will help your hits land very often, though for not as much damage as RNG/WAR. The other big thing with it is Utsusemi/Blink. If you don't know already, this lets you take no damage from 3 attacks. If you pull aggro unexpectedly this can be a lifesaver.

RNG/SAM - I think this one is probably dead by now. It was a popular idea when the game was first released in the US for PC, but realism with the accuracy and hate management set in and it wasn't so impressive anymore. Generally this is used at level 60+ where you can take advantage of the massive TP gaining skills of the SAM sub and unleash multiple Sidewinders.

Most the players on these boards seem to raise more than one sub to be a little more flexible (myself included). My advice is figure out what you want to do, and how you want to play, and then look at your subs. And if you don't know, raise a couple of them and try them out.

What is the best race for a Ranger?

In general, it is agreed that there is NO best race for Ranger that cannot be compensated by good gear.

• Mithra
Highest Accuracy - Mild Strength

• Hume
Decent Accuracy - Decent Strength

• Tarutaru
High Accuracy - Low Strength

• Galka
Mild Accuracy - High Strength

• Evlaan
Low Accuracy - Highest Strength

As you get into higher levels all the traits tend to even out (as long as you keep your equipment upgraded). Race doesn't make much of a difference once you're at a high enough level.

What are the important stats for a Ranger?

It's usually in this order of priority:

R.Acc > R.Attk > AGI > STR > anything else.

The "anything else" part can be divided between VIT or DEF or EVA depending on what you might prefer at the time.

Other important relationships to consider:

• 2 AGI = 1 R.Acc
• 2 STR = 1 R.Attk = 1 Attk
• 1 Attk does NOT have any affect on 1 R.Attk.
• Berserk is reported to to boost Attk only. But all evidence suggests that it is also boosting R.Attk as well.

Back in January there was an interview with a developer from Square-Enix about some of these stats:

Here it is

What gear should I be using as a Ranger?

Short answer -- use the best you can afford to use at the time. This usually requires the purchase of High Quality (+1) items because of the extra stats that will benefit us as RNGs.

Concentrate on your bows and arrows as a priority in making purchases. Then consider the best equipment based in the order of the stat priority mentioned above.

Key common items that are popular with RNGs include the Archer's Knife, Martial Slacks, and all the +1 Bows. Euryto's Bow, Hawker's Knife, & Fransiscas are among the end-game items some RNGs want later on.

Are Leaping Boots or the Hairpin required?

They are helpful & highly desired. BUT it's been somewhat mentioned over and over again here that they are NOT required for a RNG to be considered "good". Everyone will have to make their own decision whether the time and price of these items justifies the need to have them.

Should I level Archery or Marksmenship?

Ideally, level both. Here are the general relationships between the various ranged weapons:

• Bows = Elemental Arrows.
• XBow = Status Effect Bolts.
• Guns = High single impact shots.

Bullets are extremely expensive. So similar to the Leaping Boots and Emporer's Haipin question above, you have to decide for yourself whether the damage gained from them is worth the several times more in cost.

What food items do I use for a Ranger?

Windhurst Salad Agi +5 Vit -1
Wild Onion Agi +4 Vit -6
Meat Chiefkabob Agi +2 Vit -1 Str +5 Attack +22%
Meat Mithkabob Agi +2 Vit -1 Str +5 Attack +21.9%

Most common: Meat Mithkabobs

Note that it's been recently demonstrated by screenshots that STR *does* affect gun damage as well. Until there is some other way to disprove this demonstration, we can only assume this as fact.

What crafts should I work as a Ranger?

There seems to be a lot of competing information on which crafts are good for what purpose. While it may be ideal to master all of these crafts, market price fluctuations can sometimes be cheap enough you should just purchase parts from other crafters rather then make everything yourself from start to finish. My only recommedation is to keep an eye on crafter posts to see what the latest trends may be:

Trade Links

It's suggested you should aim to work on Woodcrafting for arrows, Alchemy & Goldsmithing for bullets.

Do high level Rangers have problems finding groups?

Generally speaking, based on feedback from multiple posts from Rangers over 50+ here, including yours truly...the concensus is "No". Rangers are currently enjoying a pretty good reputation for performance out in the field right now, and most PT leaders recognize the level of commitment it takes to get a Ranger up past 45.

That being said, you'll occasionally have those nights where you will have dead spots with nothing going on...but overall, we have yet to hear from any RNG 50+ say that they have a lot of trouble finding a PT.

Rangers are usually desired to play the role as both damage dealer, and puller.

Arrow Swapping

Perhaps one of the more interesting and fun things about Ranger combat is the ability to switch arrows to meet any given situation. Suppose you needed to swap out your finest Silver lined arrows for your weapon skills... or say your normal arrows are ineffective against a creature but you had some fancy ice arrows at hand? Well... a common practice for RNGs is to set up special macros to handle these swaps for us:

/equip ammo "Scorpion Arrow"
/wait 2
/p Using Barrage!! Poor fella...
/ja Barrage <me>

• swapping arrows DO NOT reset your TP. Swapping *weapons* do. • Make sure you slip at least one or two seconds of wait time in between commands to avoid any commands from being misfired.
• Some players choose to place a second "equip ammo" command at the end of the macro to swap back to your original arrow type. The alternative is to leave just one /equip command at the start of every macro so it just takes care of itself each time. You decide.

What are Quivers? How do I make them?

In whichever city is first in conquest, you will find a Mithra with the travelling circus/minstrels/whatever. This group can be found in Southern San d'Oria across from the Auction House, Windurst Woods near the fountain, or Port Bastok near the Gustaberg gate, depending on which city is first in conquest. The Mithra in question is sitting off to the side instead of actually performing with the group.

You will need 1 carnation for EACH stack of 99 arrows. Carnations can be purchased at the flower shop in Upper Jeuno for around 60 gil a piece, or purchased from Auction House under Materials >> Alchemy. She will only quiver full stacks of 99 arrows.

Simply trade the arrows and the carnations to the mithra at the same time, and she will give you the quivers in return.

You can trade several stacks of arrows and several carnations to her at once so you don't have to do a separate trade for every single quiver. For example, the most slots you can trade to someone at once is 8, so you can trade 7 stacks of Silver Arrows, and 7 carnations (all in one stack) to receive 7 quivers all at once.

Quivers can be stacked, with up to 12 quivers in one stack. This means that you can carry a total of 1188 (12 x 99) arrows in a single inventory slot.

You can not equip a quiver in the ammo slot. Simply "use" a quiver, and it will be broken back down in to the 99 arrows that make up the quiver, which can then be equipped in the ammo slot.

How much arrows would I be using as a Ranger?

There's simply no way to measure this accurately. Simply stated we should be using as many arrows as needed to get the job done. We commonly say you should use just enough arrows to keep at the "hate line". In other words, get a feel for how many arrows you can shoot out before the tank has trouble keeping the MOB's attention away from you.

You'll be using less arrows if your PT is efficient...more arrows if not.

Generally speaking, it's been agreed that a typical Ranger will use on average 2 stacks of arrows per hour. So if you plan for 3 hours of fighting...look to bring at least 6 stacks of arrows with you, and perhaps a couple extra stacks for good luck.

Ranger AFs

In the interest of keeping this FAQ guide reasonably concentrated on the global details, I'll just post a link here to another post. All the best information for this can be found at two places:

• RKenshin's Tips

• Killing Ifrit

How much money do I need to start a RNG?

Not as much as you would expect. Of course, the more money you have the better, but most of us started our Ranger careers with maybe 80K-120K in the bank.

If you do nothing else (i.e., no farming, crafting, fishing, etc), that money should last you till about level 20. Most of your expenses will be for arrows and bows. A lot of pre-20 levels you can recycle the gear you used from your first job as there really isn't any RNG specific gear yet.

Of course, as you level, you'll be selling some of your gear back so your funds can be stretched as you go.

Still, the RNG career is one that demands a constant stream of income. So get in the habit of making money as soon as you can.


OK, I'm cheating when I include this as a Frequent Question. But I think it's important to mention a commonly overlooked scenario when players are trying to find the "fastest" way to build a RNG.

Being "fast" doesn't necessarily just mean powerleveling your levels as fast as you can, you'll have a much easier time if you can get everywhere faster too. And that's where travel speed comes to play.

Forget just RNGs for a sec, if I had to rebuild any new character from scratch I'd first concentrate on traveling:

-- Airship Pass (get rank 5)
-- Chocobo (get to 18)
-- Outpost ports (do supply quests)
-- Get Flee (lvl THF to 25)
-- Get Warp (lvl BLM to 17)

In almost every MMO, your ability to travel anywhere fast is going to make your game that much more fun.

I don't think you'll regret having any one of those things above...no matter what job you end up sticking to. As a RNG, you'll spend a good deal of time questing, farming and crafting. So traveling quickly is the key to helping you build this character.

Ranger Equipment Guide

Link to original post for color keys and recommendations.


Bronze Axe (1) -> Beestinger (7) -> Bone Axe (13) -> Battleaxe (20) -> Archer's Knife (28) -> Hawker's Knife (30) -> Fransisca (63)

Ranged (Bow)

Shortbow +1 (1) -> Longbow +1 (5) -> Royal Archer's Longbow (10) -> Hunter's Longbow (12) -> Power Bow +1 (16) -> Great Bow +1 (30) -> Battle Bow +1 (40) -> War Bow +1 (50) -> Eurytos' Bow (55) -> Sarnga's Bow (59) -> Master Caster's Bow (71)

Ranged (Crossbow)

Light Crossbow +1 (1) -> Legionnaire's Crossbow (10) -> Crossbow +1 (12) -> Power Crossbow (25) -> Zamburak +1 (30) -> Arbalest +1 (50) -> Heavy Crossbow +1 (60) -> Othinus' Bow (67)

Ranged (Gun)

Hakenbuechse (6) -> Bandit's Gun +1 (15) -> Tanegashima +1 (19) -> Arquebus +1 (22) -> Pirate's Gun +1 (27) -> Serpentine Gun (34) -> Musketeer Gun (50) -> Matchlock Gun +1 (56) -> Hellfire +1 (70) -> Culverin +1 (73)

Ammo (Bow)

Stone Arrow (1) -> Bone Arrow (7) -> Iron Arrow (14) -> Fang Arrow (15) -> Beetle Arrow (17) -> Poison Arrow (19) -> Silver Arrow (24) -> Horn Arrow (29) -> Scorpion Arrow (40) -> Ice / Fire / Lightning Arrow (45) -> Demon Arrow (60) -> Patriarch Protector's Arrow (60) -> Kabura Arrow (70)

Ammo (Crossbow)

Bronze Bolt (1) -> Blind Bolt (10) -> Acid Bolt (15) -> Venom Bolt (25) -> Holy Bolt (30) -> Mythril Bolt (40) -> Darksteel Bolt (52) -> Gold Musketeer's Bolt (60)

Ammo (Gun)

Bronze Bullet (1) -> Bullet (22) -> Silver Bullet (50) -> Cannon Shell (73)

Head Armor

Circlet (1) -> Leather Bandana (7) -> Compound Eye Circlet (9) -> Royal Footman's Bandana (10) -> Kingdom Bandana (15) -> Lizard Helm (17) -> Emperor's Hairpin (24) -> Brass Mask (27) -> Centurion's Visor (30) -> Iron Visor (37) -> Corsair's Hat (44) -> Raptor Helm (48) -> Hunter's Beret (54) -> Coeurl Mask (69) -> Optical Hat (70) -> War Beret (70)

Body Armor

Robe (1) -> Leather Vest (7) -> Tunic (8) -> Royal Footman's Tunic (10) -> San d'Orian Tunic (15) -> Lizard Jerkin (17) -> Brass Scale Mail (27) -> Centurion's Scale Mail (30) -> Iron Scale Mail (37) -> Combat Caster's Cloak (43) -> Brigandine Armor (45) -> Royal Knight's Cloak (50) -> Hunter;s Jerkin (58) -> War Aketon (70) -> Kirin's Osode (75)


Opal Earring (10) -> Shield Earring (20) -> Genin Earring (30) -> Drone Earring (36) -> Fenrir's Earring (70)


Feather Collar +1 (7) -> Ranger's Necklace (14) -> Peacock Charm (33) -> Jagd Gorget (40) -> Coral Gorget (56) -> Spectacles (59)

Hand Armor

Cuffs (1) -> Leather Gloves (7) -> Royal Footman's Gloves (10) -> San d'Orian Gloves (15) -> Lizard Gloves (17) -> Brass Finger Gauntlets (27) -> Centurion's Finger Gauntlets (30) -> Iron Finger Gauntlets (37) -> Mage's Cuffs (38) -> Hunter's Bracers (52) -> Coeurl Gloves (69) -> War Gloves (70) -> Blood Finger Gauntlets (73) -> Seiryu's Kote (75)


Windurstian Ring (1) -> Copper Ring (1) -> Brass Ring (7) -> Tourmaline Ring (14) -> Bone Ring (16) -> Beetle Ring (21) -> Horn Ring (35) -> Marksman's Ring (40) -> Carapace Ring (45) -> Scorpion Ring (55) -> Lightning / Fire Ring (65) -> Coral Ring (70) -> Behemoth's Ring (70)


Rabbit Mantle (1) -> Traveler's Mantle (12) -> Lizard Mantle (17) -> Nomad's Mantle (24) -> Midnight Cape (30) -> Bat Cape (46) -> Federal Army Mantle (55) -> Amemit Mantle (61)


Blood Stone (1) -> Leather Belt (7) -> Lizard Belt (17) -> Mercenary Captain's Belt (30) -> Survival Belt (38) -> Royal Knight's Belt (50)

Leg Armor

Slops (1) -> Leather Trousers (7) -> Scale Cuisses (10) -> Lizard Trousers (17) -> Martial Slacks (24) -> Centurion's Cuisses (30) -> Republic Cuisses (34) -> Iron Cuisses (40) -> Steel Cuisses (50) -> Hunter's Braccae (56) -> War Brais (70) -> Dusk Trousers (72)

Foot Armor

Ash Clogs (1) -> Leather Highboots -> Leaping Boots (7) -> Royal Footman's Boots (10) -> Light Soleas (13) -> Royal Footman's Clogs (20) -> Winged Boots (24) -> Brass Greaves (27) -> Air Solea (28) -> Centurion's Greaves (30) -> Republic Greaves (34) -> Hunter's Socks (60) -> Coeurl Ledelsens (69) -> War Boots (70)

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yaa ^^ Nice job

lol, I saw a few things from one of my posts in there :D

I'll add in all the information I know/have given out also. If anyone ever needs one of these questions answered, just post a link to this thread :D

RNG Weapon Skills

- LVL 3 -(Skill 10) Flaming Arrow/Hot Shot: Fire Damage- TP Enhances damage output

- LVL 13 -(Skill 40) Piercing Arrow/ Split Shot: TP Enhances the defense cut

- LVL 26 -(Skill 80) Dulling Arrow/ Sniper Shot: INT down status added to the mob; TP Enhances the critical hit rate

- LVL 55 -(Skill 175) Sidewinder/ Slug Shot: 4x the damage, low hit rate; TP Enhances hit rate

- LVL 60 -(Skill 200) Blast Arrow/ Blast Shot: 2x the damage, short range; TP Enhances the hit rate

- LVL 66 -(Skill 225) Arching Arrow/ Heavy Shot: TP- Enhances critical hit rate

- LVL 72 -(Skill 250) Emperial Arrow/ Detonator: TP- Enhances damage output

RNG Abilities Past lvl 40 (from an old thread asking whats after 40)

-LVL 40-
Shadowbind- Binds the enemy (Not very effective against enemies much stronger than you).
Resist Poison II- Higher resist against poison (Passive).
Wide Scan III- Larger scanning range.

-LVL 50-
Accuracy Bonus II- Increases accuracy of physical attacks (Passive... Both normal and ranged attacks).

-LVL 51-
Unlimited Shot- Your next ranged attack will not be deducted from your ammo count. Not effective with Barrage.

-LVL 55-
Sidewinder/Slugshot- 4x the damage; Low hit rate. TP Enhances the hit rate.

-LVL 60-
Wide Scan IV- Larger scanning range.
Blast Arrow/Blast Shot- 2x the damage; Short range. TP Enhances the hit rate.

-LVL 66-
Arching Arrow/Heavy Shot- TP Enhances critical hit rate.

-LVL 70-
Accuracy Bonus III- Increases accuracy of physical attacks.

-LVL 72-
Emperial Arrow/Detonator- TP Enhances damage output.

RNG Macros (ones I use as examples)

-Name: Barrage
/equip ammo "Demon Arrow"
/wait 2
/p Using |Barrage|!! Poor fella...
/ja Barrage <me>
/wait 9
/equip ammo "Ice Arrow"

-Name: Sidewinder (This weapon skill format is generally the same for all of my weapon skills)
/equip ammo "Demon Arrow"
/wait 2
/p Using |Sidewinder| on <t>!! 4x the damage!! WOO!!
/ws "Sidewinder" <t>
/wait 3
/equip ammo "Ice Arrow"

-Name: Unlimit
/ja "Unlimited Shot" <me>
/equip ammo "Ptr.Prt. Arrow"
/p Using |Unlimited Shot|! time for the big bad arrow ;)...
/wait 15
/equip ammo "Demon Arrow"

-Name: UNSide
/ws "Sidewinder" <t>
/p Using |Sidewinder|!! Uber-arrow equiped! :D
/wait 3
/equip ammo "Demon Arrow"
/wait 1
/equip ammo "Demon Arrow"

-Name: Prep (I use it before the Barrage/WS macro)
/ja Sharpshot <me>
/wait 2
/ja Berserk <me>

-Name: Eagle (2-hour)
/p Using |Eagle Eye Shot| on <t>!! Ha, he's screwed...
/ja "Eagle Eye Shot" <t>
/wait 2

-Name: Pull (Use when I pull)
/p |Found it!|[<t>!!] <pos> TP:[<t>] <call8>

-Name: Stats
/p |Ranger||Heavy Shot|/|Slug Shot|[TP=<tp>] <call14>

-Name: Provoke
/p Using |Provoke| on <t>!!
/ja Provoke <t>
/wait 29
/p Provoke Ready!

-Name: Camouflage
/ja Camouflage <me>
/p Using |Camouflage|!
/wait 1
/em hides behind a leaf...

-Name: Scavenge
/ja Scavenge <me>
/wait 1
/em finds a Eurytos Bow.

-Name: Recast (For finding time until next use for abilites)
/recast "Berserk" or "Utsesumi: Ichi"
/recast "Sharpshot"
/recast "Barrage"
/recast "Unlimited Shot"

And here are some other ones for equipment swaps with AF items.

Name: Sharpshot
/equip legs "Hunter's Braccae"
/wait 1
/ja Sharpshot <me>
/wait 3 (or 2, not sure)
/equip legs "War Brais"

Name: Barrage
/ja "Barrage" <me>
/p Using |Barrage|! Poor fella..
/wait 2
/equip legs "War Brais"

Sometimes I cut off the Sharpshot macro with the Barrage macro, since I usually use them one after the other, so I put the equipment change at the end of the Barrage macro too.

Name: Shadowbind
/equip hands "Hunter's Bracers"
/wait 1
/ja Shadowbind <t>
/p Using |Shadowbind| on <t>!! Don't touch it ><
/wait 2 (or 3, not sure)
/equip hands "Noct Gloves +1"

Race Choice (my version ^^)

Ok, race doesn't matter, there is no true best race for RNG. It all depends on what type of RNG you want to be.

Mithra- Highest AGI race, so you will hit more often than any of the other races. But, also has lower STR, so your damage will hover around the middle range. DEX bonus has no important benefits for a RNG, merely increases critical hit-rate. Choose this race for the best hit-rate and decent damage.

Taru- Has the second highest AGI, so you will hit a little more often than the other two. But, also has the lowest STR of the classes, so will do the least damage. Of course, don't think it'll make a huge difference, its just slightly less then normal, you’ll still be out damaging most of the other jobs. Choose this race for the second best hit-rate, and decent damage.

Evlaan- Has the highest STR of the classes, so they do the most damage. But, they also have the lowest AGI, so miss more often. Choose this race for the highest damage, and a decent hit-rate.

Galka- Most rounded out race to choose, has a good amount of AGI, relatively high STR, and also a lot of HP and VIT. So it helps a little bit with making you a little more durable. Choose this class for a little better than decent hit-rate and good damage.

There is no best... It all depends on what you want out of this job.

Keep in mind that all weaknesses of each race can be more then compensated for by higher level equipment and job abilities. Once you get to lvl 30-35+ there is so much equipment available you could cover up any weakness your race or sub-job choice may have.

Race Choice (another one of my versions, lol)

Any race can be a RNG, its just some have accel in certain fields that others don't.

  • Mithra
  • Highest Accuracy - Mild Damage
  • Hume
  • Decent Accuracy - Decent Damage
  • Tarutaru
  • High Accuracy - Low Damage
  • Galka
  • Mild Accuracy - High Damage
  • Evlaan
  • Low Accuracy - Highest Damage

    As you get into higher levels all the traits tend to even out (as long as you keep your equipment upgraded). Race doesn't make much of a difference once you're at a high enough level.

    AF Guide

    I made a thread with a guide for all the AF quests for RNG... Here is a link to it. I may just re-post it here at one point, but it's huge, so for now I'll just put the link :D.



    Again, great job on the post Kamena. Just wanted to add some extra stuff along with some of my opinions, I'll try to add more as I find it. Hope this helps to anyone who needs it :D

    *Added in /recast Macros
    *Added in a link to my AF Guide
    *Added and updated/fixed macros
    *More macroes!

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    Post corrected:

    Seems pretty solid. You may want to make guild recommendations for Marksmanship(Alchemy and some Woodworking) and Archery(Woodworking). Bolts of course seem spread out over smithing, alchemy, AND woodworking. phew I guess woodworking would be best with either Alchemy or Smithing. ouch

    Edited, Mon Apr 26 23:00:03 2004 by DieselEdge
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    79+1 Alchemy/60 Woodworking/29 Smithing/51 Goldsmithing/21 Bonecraft/16 Cooking
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    ah, ok...guild recommendations I'll hunt around for the threads in the crafting section to post here. I think there's way too much detail in those threads to repeat here in this simple FAQ. As mentioned, Alchemy and Woodworking are probably most related to our class. I'll update shortly.

    RuKenshin... thanks ^^ I forgot about the macros.
    #5 Apr 22 2004 at 11:13 PM Rating: Default
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    Nice information. Even listed all of the weapon skills and gave a description of them, I like that. This should be a real sticky so (maybe) people will read it first, instead of asking the same questions repeatedly. Wishful thinking I know.
    #6 Apr 23 2004 at 5:52 AM Rating: Good
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    I've noticed a few other forums on Allakhazam have sticky threads in them, like the BST forum... If they have them, there has got to be a way for us to get one. Who do we ask though?
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    Great post so far guys! Just want to add a bit myself.

    How to balance the budget

    There's a number of ways to keep up with the costs of being a Ranger with good equipment.

    Generally the easiest, there's a few ways to approach this.
    First is to check out the big sellers in the AH. Early levels Silk Thread (Crawlers) and Beehive Chips (Most bee/wasp mobs) will be good sources of income. Later you may consider harder mobs such as Walking Trees and Forest Tigers in Jugner.
    Another way to go is to hunt low level beastmen. They drop gil directly so you can be sure you're not putting in more arrows than your getting back in gil. Also most beastmen have some drops that will sell for decent prices.
    You can also look for certain niche markets. Where there's some demand for an item, but not a huge demand. Typically there's less competition over the mobs that drop those items, and they tend to sell a bit faster without having to cut prices drastically.
    One thing that will make this much easier is to have a THF of level 15 or higher somewhere in your job description. This will greatly improve the chance of drops and make farming go that much faster.

    NM Hunting:
    NM's can provide a lot in the way of funding if you're lucky. The best one's are usually camped continuously, however if you're lucky enough to claim the mob, and get the drop you can make enough money to get you through the lower levels in one fell swoop (or one shot as the case may be ^^).

    Once the Mining/Harvesting Points for an area are learned this can be very good source of income. Typically it's worth the investment in Harvesting equipment if you're going to pursue this seriously. The only drawbacks to this are 1) Large inventory space or a mule needed for selling items 2) Competition in the best areas.

    Similar to Mining/Harvesting in the fact that equipment and knowing the best spots makes a difference. But it's a little different since your fishing skill has to be raised somewhat for this to be most effective.

    As Kamena said before, Woodworking and Alchemy are the two best crafts for us. They allow us to make not only ammo for ourselves, but once a high enough level is reached, produce a sizeable income. The chief disadvantage to this is it takes a fair amount of time and income initially to become proficient at it enough to turn consistent profits.

    Prices will vary according to location and sometimes time of day for certain items. By knowing where to buy low and sell high you can turn a profit just as you would in the stock market. Buy low, sell high.

    I know this is a little skimpy in some sections, but I figured when we get some better/more detailed suggestions on certain parts of this I can edit this and add them in.

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    Excellent job! Bump for you.
    We do not learn by experience, but by our capacity for experience.

    #9 Apr 23 2004 at 1:26 PM Rating: Good
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    I've noticed a few other forums on Allakhazam have sticky threads in them, like the BST forum... If they have them, there has got to be a way for us to get one. Who do we ask though?

    I think there's a general Allakhazam forum where I've seen maybe a couple posts from people asking for certain posts to be stickied. I can ask...but I figured we can wait a couple days to see how this thread is received first.
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    I would say Bonecrafting should be mentioned, because it creates all the arrowheads. Often times this is the most expensive component of your arrows.

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    #11 Apr 24 2004 at 3:58 AM Rating: Decent
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    melee weapon skills to keep up to date: Dagger (for archer/hawker knives), MAYBE axe (for francisca).
    #12 Apr 24 2004 at 4:20 AM Rating: Decent
    26 posts
    Gun Rangers should consider studying Alchemy and Goldsmithing (not smithing) to make bullets ^^
    #13 Apr 24 2004 at 4:38 AM Rating: Good
    610 posts
    I knew my crafting links might need adjustment :) I'll add to that later.

    Gun toters might want to offer more specific tips if you like and I'll update that. I don't remember seeing any particular gun question that would be considered "frequent"...but if you have some thing particular we should know about post away and I'll add to the bundle ^^
    #14 Apr 25 2004 at 2:10 AM Rating: Good
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    Marksmanship(Woodworking) and Archery(Alchemy and some Woodworking)

    Damnit I got those switch around ><

    It should be Archery should do Woodworking and Marksmen should do alchemy and some low level Goldsmithing(silver ingots) and Woodworking(bolts).
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    Great post. ^^
    Is there a way to get this to be actually stickied?
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    Love the post...great job Kamena! Since I've been described at the "crafting b**ch" for our linkshell, I figured it was appropriate that I pick up the slack on the crafting part of the FAQ...

    When it comes to crafting, any discipline is great for any class, but for Rangers, Woodworking is by far the most useful. Being able to mass produce your own arrows for less than store/AH prices puts you a step ahead of others, and allows you to be flexible with how many you need, when. To level Woodworking effectively, you can effectively make any of the "x9" (Beetle at 39, Horn at 49, etc) arrows 7 levels below the required level with advanced imagery. To bridge each type of arrow, there are usually fairly cheap furniture synths that will allow you to get enough skill to continue onto the next arrow.

    Bone Arrow (Lv7, DMG9)
    Woodworking (9)
    Earth -> Arrowwood Lumber, Yagudo Fletchings, Bone Arrowhead

    Iron Arrow (Lv14, DMG14)
    Woodworking (27)
    Earth -> Arrowwood Lumber, Chocobo Fletchings, Iron Arrowhead

    Silver Arrow (Lv24, DMG19)
    Woodworking (30)
    Earth -> Ash Lumber, Yagudo Fletchings, Silver Arrowhead

    Beetle Arrow (Lv17, DMG12)
    Woodworking (39)
    Earth -> Arrowwood Lumber, Chocobo Fletchings, Beetle Arrowhead

    Fire Arrow (Lv45, DMG29+element)
    Woodworking (47)
    Earth -> Arrowwood Lumber, Bird Fletchings, Fire Arrowhead

    Horn Arrow (Lv29, DMG17)
    Woodworking (49)
    Earth -> Arrowwood Lumber, Bird Fletchings, Horn Arrowhead

    Ice/Lightning Arrow (Lv45, DMG29+element)
    Woodworking (57)
    Earth -> Arrowwood Lumber, Bird Fletchings, Ice/Lightning Arrowhead

    Scorpion Arrow (Lv40, DMG24)
    Woodworking (59)
    Earth -> Arrowwood Lumber, Insect Fletchings, Scorpion Arrowhead

    Demon Arrow (Lv60, DMG34)
    Woodworking (69)
    Earth -> Arrowwood Lumber, Black Chocobo Fletchings, Demon Arrowhead

    Past arrows, various other crafts can be leveled to support Ranger as well. Goldsmithing/Smithing/Alchemy provides access to making bullets...

    Bronze Bullet (Lv1, DMG3)
    Alchemy (38), Smithing (6-8?)
    Fire -> Bronze Ingot, Firesand

    Bullet (Lv22, DMG46)
    Alchemy (41), Goldsmithing (18)
    Fire -> Brass Ingot, Firesand

    Silver Bullet (Lv50, DMG81)
    Alchemy (52), Goldsmithing (24)
    Fire -> Silver Ingot, Firesand

    With Alchemy and Woodworking leveled, you can make Shihei, which is the cornerstone for using a Ninja as a subjob...

    Shihei (x33)
    Woodworking (29)
    Wind -> 2x Bast Parchment, Black Ink

    Black Ink (x2)
    Alchemy (4)
    Dark -> Nebimonite, 2x Windurst Tea Leaves, Distilled Water

    Bast Parchment (x12)
    Woodworking (45), Alchemy (29)
    Lightning -> Elm Log, Moko Grass, Distilled Water

    Hope this helps!
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    Rated some posts up due to great content, this should be stickied, at the very least bump'd

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    #18 Apr 28 2004 at 12:43 AM Rating: Decent
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    great guide, i'm thinking about leveling up a ranger soon this will be very helpful ;)

    I think this one is probably dead by now. It was a popular idea when the game was first released in the US for PC,

    i wish the same would happen for rdm/nin's(or melee subbed rdm's in general heh) :| can you rangers share your wisdom to the oodles of rdm/[insert melee subjob here] -_- just take a quick look at the rdm forums and look at the crap we have to put up with lol :P

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    yeah, I noticed other jobs argue a lot more on these boards.

    Aside from some light arguments here and there, we've been able to avoid that here for some reason.
    #20 Apr 28 2004 at 5:38 AM Rating: Decent
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    Kamena wrote:
    Aside from some light arguments here and there, we've been able to avoid that here for some reason.

    Because we all agree that cheap RNGs suck.

    In contrast, look at the proliferation of cheap NINs in the NIN board.

    "Blink tanking is too expensive!" Wow, 4k an hour. I can't stop crying.

    Edited, Wed Apr 28 06:38:44 2004 by redvenomweb
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    Great Post - BTT
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    Awesome, congrats Kamena! The post has been stickied ^^

    Finally, lol... After about 10 post where I've seen you say "Wow, this really should be stickied, too bad we can't :(" we finally have one.

    Just one question, how'd you manage to get it stickied? I might try it with the AF guide, I noticed that after a while the links to old threads break, so I don't want that to happen, lol. I would just move it here, but it's huge, probably best to keep it in its own thread to find easier.
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    #23 Apr 30 2004 at 1:45 PM Rating: Excellent
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    Yes, I was thinking the AF guide should be stickied too but wanted to step carefully because I'm not sure exactly if where I asked for this is the wrong procedure.

    Basically it's in the "Forum Feedback" section of Allakhazam's general game forums. I lurked there for about a week and noticed maybe a couple other posts for stickies there.

    Maybe you can add a followup under my same post:

    #24 May 01 2004 at 7:14 AM Rating: Excellent
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    Thanks, I made a post there just a little while ago... Should be a sticky soon ^^
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    about crafting... I generally agree that Woodworking and Alchemy are the best to get into for a Ranger, but I'm surprised nobody mentions Leathercrafting. Leathercrafting, in particular, is farming dependent and the Ranger is arguably the best farmer job in the game. Granted, Leathercrafting is not for the faint of heart or those who lack gil - I lost a *lot* of money crafting lvl 7-11 - but it pays back in spades. I hope to make good money ram farming by turning all those Ram Skins I get into Ram Leather. ^^
    #26 May 07 2004 at 8:24 PM Rating: Decent
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    Hey guys great info:)

    I would strongly recommend getting your woodworking skills up really high, but be careful of getting one of them past 60 cause then you will be penalized when you decide to raise another one past 60. Woodworking is a great way to of course make your own arrows while you are in a party (provided you did all the Gobbie bag quests) carry a few different arrows ( ie. elemental arrows, demon arrows, kabura arrows, kari arrows) if you are higher lvl rangers. Also it might be a good idea to try to lvl your boneworking skills to make the different arrow heads according to your tastes. If you get tired of partying alot just check it out and it will be fun to do so instead of spending over 30k a stack of demon arrowheads ( on Pandemonium server). As mentioned in other posts, alchemy is good if you prefer to make your own bullets (all sorts). Its a really easy way to level your woodworking from 20 onward by making the arrows and selling them back. So that way you get most of your money back and you lvl your skills at the same time. However once you top out at lvl 59 ish (scorpion arrows) it gets a little expensive to get from 60-70. I stopped at 60 for the time being until I am able to get to lvl 60 to use demon arrows. No point in making weapons that I cant use yet. But just thought I would list some things I did to give a general idea of how many different skills you can do to maximize your rangers experience.
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