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Numerous repeat questions have been asked regarding Ranger recently, and all too often we direct these posters to the sticky. While an understandable direction to give, upon examining our sticky one notices the glaring lack of information. Back before the Ranged Accuracy update, back before Noct gear was released, heck back when Meat Mithkabobs were the food of choice for Ranger, the sticky was written. At the time, the guide was an excellent source of data, but due to a number of changes in the game, it has become outdated. As such, I feel like it is time for an upgrade. I will do my best to give a comprehensive overview of playing the Ranger job.

  • Table of Contents

  • I. The Job of a Ranger
    II. Job Traits and Job Abilities
    III. Races
    IV. Base statistics, Ranged Accuracy, Ranged Attack & other relevant Stats
    V. Sub job overview
    VI. Pulling in parties
    VII. Food Choices
    VIII. Weapons
    IX. Armor
    X. Acknowledgements

    I. The Job of a Ranger

    The Ranger job is considered a Damage Dealer (DD). Rangers rely on bows and arrows (archery), crossbows and bolts (marksmanship), and guns and bullets (marksmanship) for their main source of damage. In addition to doing damage, a Ranger is capable of inflicting “status effects” on their enemies using a variety of ammunition. More information regarding proper use of this ammo and weapon selection will be given in section VIII.
    Due to the presence of a ranged attacking weapon, Rangers are often called upon to pull for their party as well. While other jobs have better tools or reasons to pull, a Ranger still is called upon to fill this role. If you are not comfortable with pulling (not many are at first), you will get use to it after playing Ranger for some time. Pulling will be covered in section VI.

    II. Job Traits and Job Abilities

    In order to understand the job of Ranger, it first helps to understand our Job Traits and Abilities.


    Wide Scan: Level 1. Scans the area surrounding you for monsters and NPCs. They are displayed on your map. This trait receives an upgrade every 15 levels.

    Alertness: Level 5. Reduces the likelihood that a mob will detect you.
    Note: This trait does not mean you can completely avoid detection. It merely reduces the distance at which a monster will “aggro” (detect and chase) you.

    Accuracy Bonus I: Level 10. Raises Ranged Accuracy and Melee Accuracy.
    Note: Most people agree this gives +10 R Acc and +10 Acc.

    Rapid Shot: Level 15. Occasionally reduces the delay associated with firing a shot.
    Note: This does not occur on every shot.

    Resist Poison I: Level 20. Increases resistance to poison.
    Note: Increased resistance does not mean you will completely avoid poison attacks, although this does rarely occur. Typically it means that when poisoned, it will wear off a little faster due to our resistance.

    Accuracy Bonus II: Level 30. Raises Ranged Accuracy and Melee Accuracy.
    Note: I am not sure on the exact bonus, but due to current understanding of final Accuracy Bonuses, I’m going to call this +11 R Acc and +11 Acc. This brings the total bonus to +21 R Acc and +21 Acc.

    Resist Poison II: Level 40. Increases resistance to poison.
    Note: Just an increase to the effectiveness of the earlier trait. You still rarely see complete evasion of the poison.

    Accuracy Bonus III: Level 50. Raises Ranged Accuracy and Melee Accuracy.
    Note: Again I am going to estimate the bonus at +12 R Acc and +12 Acc for a total bonus of +33 R Acc and +33 Acc

    Resist Poison III: Level 60. Increases resistance to poison.
    Note: The final upgrade to our resist trait. Even at the final level, don’t expect this to kick in often enough to resist poison outright.

    Accuracy Bonus IV: Level 70. Raises Ranged Accuracy and Melee Accuracy.
    Note: The final upgrade has been determined to give +46 R Acc and +46 Acc, so I estimated this to be worth +13 R Acc and +13 Acc.


    Eagle Eye Shot: Level 1. Recast time: 2 hr. Fires a highly accurate and powerful attack.
    Note: This attack can miss, but it is still a rare occurrence. At higher levels, its relative power falls behind other attacks available to a Ranger.

    Sharpshot: Level 1. Recast time: 5 min. Improves Ranged Accuracy for 1 minute.
    Note: This ability also removes the distance factor associated with Ranged Accuracy while active.

    Scavenge: Level 10. Recast time: 5 min. Searches the ground to find items.
    Note: The items dug up are usually synthesis items required to make various arrows, bolts and bullets. Can sometimes find old ammunition as well.

    Camouflage: Level 20. Recast time: 5 min. Makes the Ranger invisible.
    Note: This ability allows a Ranger to walk past sight aggro mobs when in use. The time that camouflage lasts varies widely, so this isn’t a tool that one should solely rely on when invisibility is required.

    Barrage: Level 30. Recast time: 5 min. Fires several shots in one attack.
    Note: At level 30, this ability can fire up to 4 times. 5 shots can occur at level 50, and 6 shots at level 75. AF+1 hand armor will allow up to 7 shots. Once a shot misses in barrage, you do not fire the remaining shots. All shots fired will consume that number of ammunition.

    Shadowbind: Level 40. Recast time: 5 min. Binds the enemy.
    Note: A bound enemy will usually be released by damage (unless sufficiently higher level than the enemy). If no damage is done to the enemy, it will be stuck until the bind effect wears off.

    Velocity Shot: Level 45. Recast time: 5 min. Duration: 5 min. Increase attack power and speed of ranged attacks, while reducing attack power and speed of melee attacks.
    Note: This ability should be kept active full time once acquired. The only exception is likely a Kraken Club ranger. This method of play will be discussed later.

    Unlimited Shot: Level 51. Recast time: 3 min. The next shot will not consume ammo.
    Note: This is useful when firing off ammo which you do not want to lose. Generally used with ammo purchased using CP points, and “Winds” used in Sky.

    III. Races

    This is a touchy subject amongst many people, and is often debated. The best advice here is to pick a race which you personally like best. You WILL be looking at your character for quite sometime, so you may as well like his/her appearance. Any race can play any job, and all races will have their stronger and weaker points.
    Traditional RPGs would say that Tarutaru are the mage class and Elvaans are the fighting class. However, I have witnessed excellent Elvaan Mages, and excellent Tarutaru fighters. Gear and job knowledge can make a noticeable difference. There WILL be a difference between races, but it isn’t often a big issue. That being said, here is the basic breakdown of the races. I am listing the races in no particular order. I will discuss in the next section what all these stats translate into and their uses.

    Elvaan: The Hard Hitters
    Second Highest Hit Points
    Highest Strength
    Highest Mind
    Lowest Agility

    Galka: The Brick Walls
    Highest Hit Points
    Second Highest Strength
    Second Highest Mind
    Good Agility

    Hume: Everyday Man
    Average Hit points
    Average Strength
    Average Mind
    Average Agility

    Tarutaru: The Stylish Ones
    Lowest Hit Points
    Lowest Strength
    Lowest Mind
    High Agility

    Mithra: The Bulls-Eye
    Average Hit Points
    Average Strength
    Average Mind
    Highest Agility

    IV. Base statistics, Ranged Accuracy, Ranged Attack & other relevant Stats.

    Rangers need to concern themselves mainly with those statistics which increase Ranged Accuracy and damage. Less important in a normal party situation is our defense, but this should not be completely overlooked. The seven base stats and descriptions are as follows. I give mainly the stat descriptions that are pertinent to Rangers. Each one also has other effects, but these are unimportant for the Ranger job.

    Strength (STR): Strength affects how much damage a player does with melee attacks, ranged attacks and weapon skills.
    Agility (AGI): Agility affects a player’s ranged accuracy and evasion.
    Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity affects a player’s melee accuracy and critical hit rate.
    Vitality (VIT): Vitality affects a player’s physical defense.
    Mind (MND): Mind affects a player’s magical defense to White magic and light based damage from Holy Bolts.
    Intelligence (INT): Intelligence affects added elemental damage from elemental arrows. Some have also debated its role in possibly effecting status bolt usage.
    Charisma (CHR): This for the most part does very little for a Ranger. Yes, Hawker Knives do have +CHR, but notice they can be equipped by Beastmasters, for whom CHR matters.

    Of the above listed stats, the ones most relevant to Ranger are STR, AGI and MND. SE has said in multiple interviews that 2 STR gives a bonus 1 ATT, 2 DEX gives a bonus 1 ACC, 2 VIT gives a bonus 1 DEF and 2 AGI gives a bonus 1 Evasion and 1 R Acc. I do not recall if they reported the STR and R Att correlation, but this has already been deduced. However, all these stats do much more, and for a full run down, I urge you to read this page. It is present in VZX’s signature, someone much more informed about damage calculations than myself.

    Besides the seven base statistics, the other two relevant stats to a Ranger are Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Attack. Their names both provide ample description of what they do for a Ranger. Throughout most of a Rangers exp career of levels 1-70, a Ranger will follow the guideline of:
    R ACC > R ATT > STR > AGI
    Note: There are some gear exceptions to this rule, but that will be discussed in the weapons and armor section.
    As a Ranger approaches level 75, this priority order starts to change. This is mainly due to the final Accuracy Bonus, and more parties fighting T-VT (Tough to Very Tough) monsters, which translates into lower monster evasion relative to the players ranged accuracy. At level 75, I use the following rough guideline for normal shots:
    R Att > R Acc > STR > AGI
    For Holy Bolt usage I go by:
    MND > R Acc (I swap out a lot of R Acc for MND) > R Att > STR > AGI
    For Weapon Skill usage I like to go:
    STR > R Att > R Acc > AGI.

    The most important thing to realize is that each situation is different. Different enemies, foods and party set-ups sometimes mean I have to adjust my weapon/armor in a different manner. Honestly, I urge flexibility more than anything else. No two Rangers will use the exact same gear; as long as your set-up is done in a logical, intelligent manner, you should be fine.

    Ranged Delay is another important matter to Ranger. Ranged Delay is important for many reasons, mainly TP return and DoT. For a full discussion on Ranged Delay, please see this thread by VZX.

    V. Sub Job Overview

    Now we come to the controversial section. The sub job you decide to use should always depend on the circumstance. There is NO one sub job that is best for every single situation. A good Ranger has the ability to sub multiple jobs that will be of benefit, and can notice when the situation calls for different subs. Sub jobs are like food and weapons, different ones for different situations. Moving along...

    RNG/WAR: A Warrior sub job provides the most damage potential on a per shot basis for most of a Rangers career. This is mainly a result of Berserk, followed by Warcry (this ability pulls a LOT of hate for minimal damage improvement), the added STR, and perhaps the Attack Bonus (I’m not positive, but I think this effects Ranged Attack). Unfortunately, Double Attack from a Warrior does not work on ranged attacks, so we get no benefit there.
    The main drawback to a warrior sub job however is its survivability. Ranger has poor defense, low evasion, and no native parry skills. To put it bluntly, we are Glass Cannons and a Warrior sub job does very little protection-wise. We can use defender, but this defense bonus either balances out with Berserk so we have our neutral defense, or is used and then berserk is cancelled.
    Exp Party Usage: RNG/WAR is the most logical choice from level 1-28. Later on it is a situational sub job. These situations include, but are not limited to:
    Strong tanks, such as a Paladin you personally know who manages hate extremely well.
    Mobs with no AoE moves, or if they use AoE, a Bow Ranger outside of AoE range.
    Slow moving enemies if you are pulling.
    Other Usage: Most BCNMs, missions and quest fights are about longevity, not fast damage. In these instances, RNG/WAR may be a liability. In Dynamis, the damage you do is not nearly as important as staying alive. RNG/WAR, except perhaps when going to fight Dynamis Lord, is not a wise choice here. In Sky fighting gods, RNG/WAR can be quite enjoyable, but the Gods can drop you like a hammer. I only advocate RNG/WAR on Genbu and perhaps Kirin, but then I’m usually the only Ranger in our LS at Gods, and having me alive for Shadowbind and Winds is more important than my numbers. If your LS has enough Rangers, ask if you can sub WAR. Just be sure your Reraise Gorget is charged.

    RNG/MNK: A Monk sub job provides very little benefit for a Ranger. Boost does not stack with Ranged Attacks, Chakra is the equivalent of a Cure II-Cure III on a five minute timer, focus works on melee attacks only, and dodge is not a huge boost for Rangers with our low evasion skill.
    Exp Party Usage: None.
    Other Usage: None.

    RNG/THF: A Thief sub job on a Ranger means one of three things. They are farming, they are using it to flee around town or they are a gimp in their party. Thief as a sub job adds Treasure Hunter, steal and mug which makes it a logical choice for farming monsters that won’t hit you too often. Thief also allows a Ranger to use Flee, a nice tool for running to and from places in town. However, the bonuses a Thief sub provides does not lend itself to a party atmosphere. Sneak Attack/Trick Attack do NOT stack with ranged attacks, so the one offensive ability offered from a Thief is not an issue for Rangers. The AGI from a Thief sub is identical to the AGI from a Ninja sub, so that is no reason to sub Thief over Ninja. A Thief sub will give two Evasion bonuses, but these bonuses aren’t too helpful, since a Ranger has poor Evasion skill in the first place. So offensively and defensively, subbing Thief in a party is inferior to other options. Using flee to pull is also unwise. On a long pull, the monster may go unclaimed even without flee, and then it depops. Using flee will just compound this problem.
    Exp Party Usage: None
    Other Usage: Farming, traveling.

    RNG/BLM: A Black Mage sub job is useful really only for one thing. Warp. The spells are dependent upon your magic levels, and the magic points will be pathetically low. The INT boost won’t make elemental arrows hit for enough extra damage to make up for other abilities/traits lost from other sub jobs.
    Exp Party Usage: None
    Other Usage: Quests or other times in which you want a free warp.

    RNG/WHM: Unlike other mage sub jobs, a White Mage sub actually has a few instances in which it is useful. It makes a great solo quest sub job, in which sneak and invisible are required. It is a great sub job for AF missions/coffers, in which fighting isn’t required. The main reason it is nice for these is to save Gil on silent oils and prism powders/shinobi tabi. There are very specific HNM fights in which some Rangers prefer to sub White Mage; however by the time you get high enough to participate in these fights, this information will become more available through individual Linkshells.
    Exp Party Usage: Only really conceivable if you own a machine/repeating crossbow, with a full MND set-up spamming holy bolts.
    Other Usage: A few HNMs, solo questing/exploring, searching sky for Gem mobs (have to know safe magic aggro ranges).

    RNG/RDM: A Red Mage sub job is similar to a White Mage sub for exploring/solo questing purposes. Otherwise, it is not particularly useful. Enspells don’t stack with ranged attacks, and defensive capabilities are based on Enhancing Magic level, which as a RNG/RDM is based on the sub job level.
    Exp Party Usage: None.
    Other Usage: Solo questing/exploring.

    RNG/PLD: A Paladin sub job will give defensive bonuses and a small mp pool for curing. However, this mp makes little difference in exp, and the lack of offensive bonuses makes this sub job useless. Even with Auto-refresh at 70 (available at 35 to PLD), your mp pool will just be too small for practical use.
    Exp Party Usage: None
    Other Usage: None

    RNG/DRK: Like a Warrior sub job, this will add attack bonuses and a little more STR. However, its job abilities aren’t as useful for damage as WAR is. Soul Eater is used sparingly by Dark Knights, due to the damage inflicted to the user. When subbed, this job ability just isn’t worth using. And Last Resort is just a weaker form of berserk. These job abilities generate large amounts of hate when activated, also a drawback from a DRK sub job. You COULD use the sub to stun at level 74+, but there are other jobs more useful in the stunner role. Also, you could try using Absorb: TP. But since Ranger has no native Dark Magic skill, the probability of this spell working well in exp is highly doubtful.
    Exp Party Usage: None
    Other Usage: None

    RNG/BST: A Beastmaster sub job could actually be a lot of fun, given a pre-requisite is met. The charm ability of any job subbing BST is dependent on the total level of the player’s beastmaster. If someone has BST at level 75, it will be possible for them to charm most of the same mobs as a RNG/BST as a BST/xxx. BST will have a better success rate, due to higher CHR, but this shouldn’t prove much of an issue until the Ranger level is close to the Beastmaster level. While not recommended for party use, it could make for fun solo work, IF the level of the player’s BST is sufficiently high. Be aware, you can not use jug pets if subbing BST.
    Exp Party Usage: Uncertain, though it may not work well.
    Other Usage: This could make for fun solo work. Sic your pet on the enemy, and then finish it off with Slug Shot/Sidewinder. Keep in mind Leave isn’t available until level 70.

    RNG/BRD: A Bard sub job is restricted due to the inability to equip musical instruments. In order to keep 2 song effects up, a Bard must use an instrument and these instruments can only be used by Bards. A RNG/BRD would therefore be restricted to one song, and with musical skills at only the sub job level, the bonuses from any songs would not be much.
    Exp Party Usage: Some people like to play with RNG/BRD from 1-20, for light party buffs. At those levels, Ranger has very few abilities from a sub job that provides any major bonus, so early on it is feasible. However, any use from this sub job quickly disappears.
    Other Usage: Chocobo Mazurka for getting around town slightly faster. Only works 74+.

    RNG/DRG: A Dragoon sub job is nearly worthless for a Ranger. Some jobs make use of a DRG sub from 20-29 for the Attack Bonus job trait. Some melee even sub DRG 30+, making use of gear activated with a DRG sub job to provide haste coupled with jumps for faster TP gain. However, haste in general is useless on a Ranger except for cases in which a Ranger is meleeing. Even so, the haste that can be acquired is just not worth it for a Ranger.
    Exp Party Usage: None. Although it could be humorous to watch a Ranger jumping.
    Other Usage: None.

    RNG/SMN: A Summoner sub job is useless on Ranger. Summons are costly in magic points, and a RNG/SMN will sorely be lacking in mp. The summons will also be only as effective as the level of SMN when subbed, so they will provide little to no damage. The only decent AoE buff that can be obtained from subbing Summoner is Aerial Armor from Garuda. This is not worth giving up offensive or defensive capabilities from other sub jobs.
    Exp Party Usage: None.
    Other Usage: None.

    RNG/SAM: A Samurai sub job provides a few tools for damage purposes and a light defense boost. Store TP and meditate are both nice for faster TP to perform more weapon skills, and Third Eye is a decent damage mitigation tool for physical attacks. There are a few problems with the abilities however. Meditate when gained from subbing SAM gives 60% TP, whereas a SAM will get 100% TP (without AF and other SAM gear). Also, this is on a three minute timer, so this isn’t exactly an ability that can be spammed. Third Eye is on a one minute timer, and will not block magical attacks. Therefore the DEF boost is mild. However, with the most recent changes to the SAM job, subbing SAM now gives a couple more benefits. These additional benefits only occur if wielding a 2 handed-weapon, so for RNG/SAM this means equipping a Fire/Vulcans Staff + Axe Grip. Hasso gives the user a boost to STR (+5 STR to a 75 RNG/SAM), melee attack speed and accuracy. Since the Ranger must be equipping a staff for this to be viable, Hasso for melee attributes are worthless for Ranger. In essence, Hasso gives a RNG +5 STR. The other addition to SAM, Seigan, can extend the life time of Third eye. This potentially allows a RNG/SAM to absorb multiple hits using Third Eye, but it is not as reliable as Utsusemi in which the number of hits absorbed is known. However, Third Eye can absorb entire multi-hit weapon skills, such as Pecking Flurry from Colibri.
    Exp Party Usage: This is only an accepted sub job from level 60 higher, as meditate is level 30. The Store TP traits available from subbing SAM are not great enough to make this a worthy sub job before level 60. Seigan is available to 70, making it more attractive as a sub job.
    Other Usage: On certain god/HNM fights in which TP gain is important with no nearby mobs to provide TP, subbing SAM is nice for a free 60% TP every three minutes. Certain mission fights such as Snoll Tzar are also nice with subbing SAM to allow for meditate to gain faster TP.

    RNG/NIN: A Ninja sub job provides a Rangers strongest defense, as well as small boosts to offense due to the ability to dual wield weapons that both provide stat bonuses. From a defensive standpoint a RNG/NIN at level 24 gains the ability to cast Utsusemi: Ichi, which generates 3 shadow images. These shadow images will absorb the damage from a single attack, as well as a single targeted spell. Magic spells that will hit multiple targets (-ga spells) will hit all shadows as well as the Ranger. At level 74 a RNG/NIN gains the ability to cast Utsusemi: Ni, which also generates 3 images (4 images are generated for Ninja main jobs), albeit at a much faster speed. Using tools (Shihei) to cast these spells will allow for a Ranger to have much better defensive capabilities than any abilities from other jobs.
    Exp Party Usage: Although most people will say Ninja is viable from 24/28-75, I will actually say it can be used from 1-75. At low levels (1-24) a RNG gets little if any huge boost out of one sub job over another. Pretty much the only differences are from base stat differences. My character is Elvaan; as such I chose a Ninja sub for the tiny AGI boost versus say using a Warrior sub. A Mithra on the other hand, may prefer the tiny STR boost from subbing Warrior early on versus the AGI from subbing Ninja.
    Other Usage: Great overall sub job in missions/BCNMs/Gods/Dynamis where longevity can be more important than personal per shot damage. Like a Warrior sub, the Ranger should take into account the situation, and then decide if this is the proper sub job or not. Another positive note is that due to the spells Tonko and Monomi, a Ninja sub job can also provide sneak and invisible at very low cost.

    RNG/COR: Corsair is a very useful subjob in the early levels, when other subs give very little benefit. At level 10, a RNG/COR can use COR roll for a small exp bonus. At level 22, a RNG/COR can use Hunter's roll for a very noticable Acc/R Acc bonus. However, the biggest drawback to COR is that only one roll can be put on people, instead of two.
    Exp Party Usage: A great sub job early on for a couple of party benefits. If you have a real COR in party though, change the sub.
    Other Usage: None.

    RNG/PUP: Puppetmaster as a subjob suffers from the need to equip an Animator, which goes into the ranged slot. As such, subbing PUP for RNG makes little sense. You could solo 1-10 using the automaton and melee attacks, but this would mean no skill ups for your ranged weapons.
    Exp Party Usage: None.
    Other Usage: None.

    RNG/BLU: Subbing BLU makes little sense for a RNG, as we have no native MP pool. All of the offensive spells are going to rely on your Blue Magic, which of course will only be as strong as your sub job level. And curing spells are better handled by another job.
    Exp Party Usage: None
    Other Usage: I'm not positive, but again I say none.

    RNG/SCH: With the introduction of WotG, SE introduced Scholar and Dancer. Both of these jobs make excellent subjobs, but typically for other jobs. A Scholar sub job will provide Sneak + Invisible, as well as a number of black and white magic spells. However, we would only have access to the lower level spells, making this undesirable for party play.
    Exp Party Usage: None.
    Other Usage: Exploring in situations where you require Sneak + Invisible.

    RNG/DNC: A Dancer has the unique job of party buffer/light healer who requires TP to do so. At low levels, where ranged weapon skills are sort of laughable (they are similar in damage to actual ranged attacks), using TP to provide small healing help is a decent reason to sub DNC. At much higher levels, it is a great sub for solo work on light hitting mobs. However, since Drain Samba will not work on ranged attacks, it's not as useful a sub for RNG.
    Exp Party Usage: Maybe at early levels for Drain Samba, but since you have to constantly melee the mob to keep the effect up, it isn't worth it early on. By the time you can use Curing Waltz, better subs are available.
    Other Usage: Excellent sub for exploring areas requiring Sneak and Invisible, due to Spectral Jig.

    Recommendations: For exp parties, I strongly recommend either RNG/WAR or RNG/NIN as viable sub jobs from 1-75. RNG/SAM is a viable choice from 60-75. Pre level 24/28 when a Ninja sub job becomes worthwhile, most sub job combinations are ok. Just be prepared to turn some heads and have to answer a few questions if going RNG/BRD in Valkurm Dunes.
    For missions/Gods/HNM/Dynamis/Limbus, RNG/NIN and RNG/WAR are the most common, with RNG/SAM and RNG/WHM seeing some limited usage.

    VI. Pulling in Parties

    Now that you have been given a good basis on what makes a Ranger tick, it is time to discuss the role of Ranger in a party. A Ranger is a strong damage dealer, but in addition to being a DD we are also seen as a logical choice to pull. The jobs that are most commonly viewed as pullers are Ranger, Thief, Samurai and Bard (usually post-39 with Elegy). Many other jobs can pull as well, but often times those jobs don’t carry around the tools needed to be an effective puller. Generally the best puller is determined by experience and knowledge, not just their job.
    The first thing any puller should do is to make a pulling macro or two. The typical pulling macros I use are as follows.
    Macro 1
    /p {Found it!} <t>.
    Macro 2
    /p {Fishing} <t> <scall 18>
    /ra <t>
    I prefer two macros for early level pulling for a couple reasons. First, sometimes you may not have noticed an afk announcement that was given. Also, it is possible another pop occurred back at camp. In either situation, the party can alert you so that you don’t end up bringing a mob back to an unprepared group. I also like to make use of the auto-translate function, as sometimes not all party members can speak English. I even add a call in my actual pull macro, if doing so I recommend using a non-annoying call. My last comment regarding party chat in macros is that less is more. If you have some clever line to say, spamming it does not make it increasingly funny. If you wish to see the text, use /echo chat instead of /party chat in the macro to avoid annoying your party.
    The next thing to take into account is to know your target prey, as well as any surrounding monsters. You need to know if the monsters will link with others, as well as knowing their aggressive tendencies. Some monsters, such as Goblins, will always link with other Goblins, and become aggressive on sight. Other monsters, such as Crabs, never link with other crabs. They will however, at high enough levels, become aggressive by sound. It is very important to know your targets behavior so that you can pull monsters in a safe manner. If you are uncertain as to the linking and aggressive tendencies of the monsters, feel free to ask your party. It is highly unlikely that no one will be able to give you an answer.
    Once you are armed with macros and knowledge, you are set to pull. Whenever starting out a party as the puller, I always allow the mages to fully buff up the party and then rest their mp to full. How often you can pull comes down to the parties’ hp and mp; as such I always like to start out with a full tank of gas, so to speak. In order to pull the monster, a Ranger will fire a shot at the monster to gain claim on the monster. This is best done from maximum firing range, so that the monster doesn’t hit you on the run back to camp. (Note: Above level 24, if you party as RNG/NIN, the shadows from Utsusemi come in handy for protection if you have a long pull and the mob catches up.) Once you get back to camp with the mob, your tank will usually provoke the mob away from you, at which time you switch roles from puller to DD.
    After the monster is dead (or very near death) it is time to go find another monster to pull to the party. Keep in mind that at low levels, you typically need to give your healer (and Paladin if present) time to recover mp. They do not need to gain back full mp, but they will need to recover some of their spent mp. How long you allow them to rest varies greatly from party to party, but as a general rule in early levels, you typically should find out how much mp they are comfortable with for your next pull. As the party goes on, I adjust my pull timing depending on the performance of the party. There is no reason to give too much resting time for an overly cautious mage, but at the same time the speed of pulls must be balanced with mp recovery if you hope to pull monsters at a good rate. Do not be paranoid about needing high mp, but at the same time do not be reckless and pull when the available mp is too low. Find that happy medium.

    VII. Food Choices

    A commonly asked question is “What food should I eat as Ranger?” Unfortunately, there is no one answer for this question. What food you are using depends upon what monsters you are fighting, your gear selection, and your overall Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Attack. I wrote a guide on this a while back entitled Feeding your Ranger, for some reason I can’t cut and paste it, so I’ll just retype it.

    The first thing that a Ranger needs to understand when choosing a proper food is what the most beneficial stats to receive from food are. The two main stats a Ranger should concern him or herself with are Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Attack. Additional stat bonuses that are helpful include Strength and Agility, while other stat bonuses can be helpful in other respects, i.e. Mind, HP and accuracy.
    What is less understood by lower level Rangers, and even some high-level Rangers, is that a food which works at level 75 may do very little at lower levels. This is because a great number of foods work by increasing your stats in percentage increments, instead of by raising a stat by a set amount. In order to determine the proper food, you need to know what your base stats are. While this may be a trivial matter for normal melee characters to know their Attack, our Ranged Attack values are not shown in the equipment screen. However, formulas for Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Attack have been determined, and the formulae are as follows.

    Ranged Attack = Combat skill level + Ranged Attack from gear + STR/2 +8.
    Ranged Accuracy = Combat skill level + Ranged Accuracy from gear + AGI/2.*
    Or past Combat skill level 200
    R Acc = 200 + (Combat skill level -200)0.9 + Ranged Accuracy from gear + AGI/2.*

    Using these formulae, info on food from Somepage shows recommended food types for Ranged Attack on a level by level basis. While there may be a few foods I don’t agree with for the level range given, it should be obvious by using the above formulae what foods are good choices.
    Unfortunately, what this site fails to address is what Ranged Accuracy foods are best suited for various levels. All too often I hear of Rangers using Sole/Squid Sushi in Valkurm Dunes, just because they know it to be a great Ranged Accuracy food at mid to high levels. Using the most common mistake of using Squid Sushi at early levels, let’s examine how it stacks up versus other Ranged Accuracy foods.
    Squid Sushi: +15% Ranged Accuracy
    Tentacle Sushi: +19% Ranged Accuracy, caps at +18 Ranged Accuracy
    Flounder Meuniere: +15 Ranged Accuracy; +14% Ranged Attack, caps at +25 R Att
    Until you can achieve a total Ranged Accuracy of 100, Squid/Sole Sushi actually gives less Ranged Accuracy that Flounder, and Tentacle Sushi will still give more Ranged Accuracy up until a base of 120 Ranged Accuracy.
    Using the above formulae and web site, you should be able to come up with a food type that will work best for your Ranger. As a parting thought, I would recommend that you always carry Ranged Attack and Ranged Accuracy food. No two situations are the same, and sometimes one food will be preferred over the other. Until you get a good idea what food you will need ahead of time, I urge Rangers to be prepared by bringing both types.

    * - Assuming the Ranged Accuracy formula mirrors that of melee Accuracy.

    VIII. Weapons

    Rangers have a number of weapon types we can choose from. For melee attacks, a Ranger commonly uses Axe and Dagger, but is also capable of using Sword and Club. A Rangers main source of damage however comes from their Ranged Weapons and ammunition choices, as such our melee weapons are generally chosen in such a manner as to enhance our Ranged Attacks. As discussed in section IV, the stats that you generally want to boost are Ranged Accuracy, Ranged Attack, Strength and Agility. Increasing Mind for Holy Bolt damage is typically done through armor slots, so Mind discussions will be saved for the armor section.
    For Ranged weapons, Rangers have three main types, and they fall under either Archery or Marksmanship. Archery consists of all Long and Short Bow type weapons, whereas Marksmanship consists of all Crossbow and Gun type weapons. Typically, the Long Bow type weapons will be the best bet for Archery. When choosing whether to use Bows, Crossbows or Guns, the available weapons and ammunition should both be examined. It is wise to keep both weapon types skill capped; this is easily accomplished in the course of a normal exp party. I will first examine the melee weapons, and then the ranged weapons as a normal progression.

    Dagger: These are typically used to increase Ranged Accuracy and AGI.
    Bronze Dagger/Knife: Level 1-6. Really, no other daggers are out there. Oh well.
    Beestinger: Level 7-27. The AGI +1 is the only stat you get for these levels for Ranged stats from daggers.
    Archer’s Knife: Level 28. This is a hot knife. However, it is easily replaced at level 30.
    Hawker’s Knife/+1: Level 30-60. This knife is a slight improvement over the Archer’s Knife. If taking Ranger up past sub-job levels (level 37), pick up two. If you can afford the Hawker’s Knife +1, then the life of this knife goes to end-game.
    Chiroptera Dagger: Level 38-60. This knife is better than an Archer’s, comparable to a Hawker’s, but Hawker’s +1 beats this out. I still carry mine for the sheer look of it.
    Mercurial Kris: Level 50-75. Unlike other useful Ranger knives, this one provides no Ranged Accuracy benefits. What it does offer however is fast TP gain. The "Occasionaly Attacks 2 to 3 times" effect occurs quite often. However, like most Ranger knives available, it does not inflict large amounts of damage. This is likely best used with guns, as they allow for melee with the least amount of impact to ranged damage.
    Trailer’s Kukri: If you have been using an Archer’s, Chiroptera or NQ Hawker’s Knife, this knife will win out. This knife is a very nice boost to Ranged Accuracy.

    Axe: These don’t provide Rangers any boost until level 63. But at end-game, these weapons are great.
    Fransisca: Level 63. This provides a very nice boost to Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Attack. It is also “free” in that it drops from Aquarius, a rarely camped NM in The Boyahada Tree.
    Kriegsbeil: Level 70. This axe is likely the last axe you’ll need for Ranger if not melee range. It still hits quite hard though.
    Woodville’s Axe: Level 72. I don’t see this used as often anymore. But if going RNG/NIN using a gun, the extra melee damage from this and a Kriegsbeil both add up nicely. Not as good as Kriegbeil + Fransisca though.

    Club: There is only one club you should ever consider using as a Ranger outside skill-up parties.
    Kraken Club: Level 63. The damage on this club is low, but the extra effect of attacking 2-8 times kicks in a lot. The only reason I see for a Ranger using this is to melee to 100% TP and spam Slug Shot with a Gun + Silver Bullets.

    Sword: The only reason I leveled my sword is for Spirit’s Within. Otherwise, there are very few swords worth equipping as a Ranger.
    Ifrit’s Blade: Level 65. +3 STR in an offhand weapon as RNG/NIN isn’t too bad.
    Wing Sword +1: Level 69. +3 STR and AGI also aren’t bad for an off-handed weapon. Price though makes this piece less desirable for the limited use it gives a Ranger.
    Ridill: Level 70-75. This sword is an excellent weapon for a melee Ranger looking for a fast TP build. Like the other weapons that can attack multiple times, this one has no Ranged Accuracy/Attack bonuses. However, by level 70 there is plenty of other gear to make up for this. The only problems with acquiring this sword is it's rarity and the competition. It is a rare drop off of Fafnir, one of the three "Land Gods", meaning that it takes an HNMLS to take him down. Also, every Warrior in the LS will be vying for the sword as well, as it is one of a WARs best weapons.

    Staff: Ranger does not have native staff skill, but that’s not the issue. For melee weapons, the stat bonuses are what counts.
    Fire/Vulcan Staff: Level 51. +4/5 STR and +10 Ranged Attack is hot. This is a common weapon when playing as RNG/WAR or RNG/SAM, as dual wield is not available.
    Light/Apollo’s Staff: Level 51. May or may not be useful for RNG/WHM doing a Holy Bolt build. I have seen no difference in the added damage using this staff, but then I’ve only tried it in a few instances.

    Now that melee weapons have been discussed, it’s time to discuss a Ranger’s bread and butter, the Ranged Weapons (and ammo).

    Archery: This is usually a good choice from level 1-30, 40-50 then 55/60-75. It is always recommended to carry your bow and ammo anyhow, as some parties call for archery and others for marksmanship. Just be sure to always keep it capped.
    Shortbow/+1: Level 1-4. This is the only bow available. You may as well use it.
    Longbow/+1: Level 5-9. This is just your typical upgrade.
    Royal Archer’s Longbow: Level 10-11. Just another upgrade, nothing special here.
    Hunter’s Longbow: Level 12-15 or 12-29. This is your first nice Bow. Some people prefer this over the next upgrade. It is a bit more accurate, but less damaging.
    Power Bow +1: Level 16-29. These are cheaper than the NQ bow, which are used in the Mog House safe expansion quest.
    Great Bow +1: Level 30-39. Time for another upgrade.
    Battle Bow +1: Level 40-49. Again with an upgrade. Need to keep our weapons up to date after all.
    War Bow +1: Level 50-54/59. Anyone catch on to the upgrading trend yet?
    Eurytos’ Bow (E-Bow)/Vali's Bow (V-Bow): Level 55-75. Here it is the ultimate Ranger Archery option. This bow hits hard and fast. If you can afford one, by all means grab it. The Rare/EX version, Vali's Bow, is dropped from the original NM who dropped E-Bow. The E-Bow is now only available via BCNM60. If you can't get this bow don’t fret, another option is just around the bend.
    Selene’s Bow (S-Bow): Level 60-75. Referred to by some as the “poor mans E-Bow”, this weapon is anything but poor. It puts out comparable damage to the E-Bow, although it will lose out in total Damage over Time (DoT) due to the E-Bows faster rate of firing. It is an acceptable archery option if E-Bow is beyond your pocketbook.
    Yoichinoyumi (Fully upgraded relic bow): Level 75. If you have this bow, chances are you need to get a tan. Go outside. :p (I’m jealous)
    Loxley Bow: This deserves honorable mention as the fastest bow in the game. Not very strong, but it does make a fun farming toy.
    There are other bows 70+, but since the introduction of the S-Bow, these other bows have lost their usefulness. Also note almost all bows I listed are the +1 version. Unlike melee weapons, Ranged weapons get a HUGE boost on the HQ models. Take the time to get the HQ versions, or stop playing Ranger. They are seriously that big of a deal.

    Arrows: The progression of arrows is fairly straight forward. Use the most recent arrows available, with few exceptions. Almost all arrows can be quivered by trading a full stack of arrows and a Carnation per stack to the Mithra who travels with the Circus that resides in the town possessing first place in Conquest. No quivering is done when a tie for first place occurs.
    Wooden/Stone Arrows: Level 1-6. These are all you can use. NPCs sell them dirt cheap.
    Bone Arrows: Level 7-14: Another ammunition upgrade, these are also sold by NPCs.
    Fang Arrows: Level 15-23/28. These are stronger than the Level 17 Beetle Arrows, but are unquiverable. Upgrade level depends on preference.
    Silver Arrows: Level 24-28. These are stronger than Fang Arrows, but don’t give the bonus to Ranged Accuracy that Fang Arrows give. This comes down to preference.
    Horn Arrows: Level 29-39. Just another ammo upgrade.
    Scorpion Arrows: Level 40-???. Another ammo upgrade, but with a twist. These can be upgraded at level 45 with elemental arrows which contain no Ranged Accuracy bonus, level 50 by Bodkin Arrows which rarely appear on the AH, or by level 60 with Demon Arrows.
    Elemental Arrows: Level 45-49/59. Fire, Lightning and Ice arrows. Depending upon your preference, you may go for these over Scorpion Arrows. These provide more damage per shot, but don’t have the Ranged Accuracy Bonus.
    Bodkin Arrows: Level 50-59. These do slightly less damage than elemental arrows, but have the same Ranged Accuracy bonus as Scorpion Arrows. Upgrade to these if your server AH has them available.
    Elemental Arrows, Part II: Level 55-75. Wind, Water and Earth arrows. These arrows are rarely found on the AH, due to the difficulty in obtaining some of the ingredients. However, if you can find them on your servers AH, they have been reported as useful. The damage has been said to rival that from Holy Bolts, using Intelligence to help either lower resists or increase damage.
    Demon Arrows: Level 60-75. These are excellent arrows, and depending upon price these can be your main arrows for TP gain up to end-game. They also have a nice Attack Down effect that lands quite often in exp.
    Marid Arrows: Level 65. Two more base damage over Demon Arrows, with no added effect and no Ranged Accuracy bonus. I’m not a fan of these, but hey, someone keeps buying them on my server.
    Kabura Arrows: Level 70-75. These are great arrows. Outside of Conquest Point (CP) ammunition, these have the best damage rating, with a decent Ranged Accuracy bonus. The silence effect doesn’t land often, but that is of little concern.
    Patriarch Protector’s Arrow (PPA) and Grand Knight’s Arrow (GKA): Both of these arrows are purchased using CP, and are only to be used with Unlimited Shot so they aren’t lost. The PPA is the most accurate and damaging arrow in this game. The GKA is not worth spending CP on.
    Because of the PPAs high Ranged Accuracy, this is the perfect arrow for which to use a full Ranged Attack/Strength set-up. It is only slightly stronger than a Kabura Arrow, but +40 Ranged Accuracy on an ammo piece allows for much of the normal Ranged Accuracy armor to be swapped out.
    Note: There are some status effect arrows. Poison (19) Sleep (35) and Paralysis (70). These are rarely used, and are not relied upon for their effects in exp.

    Crossbows: This is usually a good choice from 15-39 and 67-75. However, they are useful at all levels once acid bolts become available. Status Bolts are what help make crossbows so useful. Just like with archery, it is recommended to keep marksmanship capped as both types of weapons have their strengths and weaknesses. Often times crossbow will do less personnal damage, but with the extra damage inflicted thanks to the status bolt debuffs, your party as a whole will be doing much more damage.
    Light Crossbow/+1: Level 1-9. It’s the only thing available unfortunately.
    Legionnaire’s Crossbow: Level 10-11. Well, at least it’s an improvement.
    Crossbow/+1: Level 12-19. Just another upgrade for the crossbow.
    Almogavar Bow: Level 20-24. This is a decent crossbow for the level. Another upgrade.
    Power Crossbow: Level 25-29. Another upgrade, nothing special here.
    Zamburak +1: Level 30-37/49. This is a handy crossbow, and its life span depends upon your preferences come level 37.
    Rikondo: Level 37-49. More base damage than the Zamburak +1, with a slight Ranged Accuracy boost. Zamburak has a larger Ranged Attack boost. Pick whichever, they both work well.
    Arbalest +1: Level 50-59. Your next upgrade to crossbow, nothing new here.
    Heavy Crossbow +1: Level 60-66. The next upgraded crossbow, as before nothing new.
    Othinus’ Bow (O-Bow): Level 67-75. This is THE crossbow. It can be a pain in the butt to acquire, but without a doubt, this weapon reigns supreme for exp parties.
    Gastraphetes: Level 75. Fully upgraded Nyzul Mythic crossbow. Unless all the additional bonuses to this weapon are out of this world, I wouldn't recommend it. If you feel the need to upgrade a RNG weapon, I'd suggest doing a Relic at this point.
    Repeating/Machine Crossbow: This deserves honorable mention as THE fastest crossbow in the game. Some people make use out of this weapon using a Mind build for rapid holy bolt damage. It sounds like a fun toy, but even holy bolts get expensive spamming them this fast.

    Bolts: Whereas arrows have many available upgrades to damage, bolts have few pure damage bolts, but many different types of status bolts.
    Bronze/Crossbow Bolts: Level 1-14. These are the only bolts available early on. They are sold by NPCs cheaper than the auction house.
    Acid Bolts: Level 15-75. These Bolts are what make crossbow so good. The Defense down effect they give helps the whole party do more damage. The effect is not stackable upon itself, but can be reapplied when it wears. There will be certain monsters that you can not land acid bolts on, if this is the case, crossbow is generally not as effective of a weapon. These bolts should be in every Rangers inventory from 15-75. In addition to lowering a monsters Defense, it can be used to overwrite certain monster Defensive buffs such as Scissor Guard from the often fought crabs.
    Sleep Bolts: Level 20-75. To be honest, I haven’t used these in a long time when partying. But when soloing, these bolts are nice to allow reapplication of shadows. They can also come in handy for crowd control in a party.
    Venom Bolts: Level 25-29. Although these are nice damage for their level, these are generally only used by thieves who are unable to use better bolts.
    Bloody Bolts: Level 25-75. I haven’t used these in exp parties in ages, but they are great for solo and farming work to keep alive.
    Holy Bolts: Level 30-75. These bolts don’t have as high of a damage rating as Mythril and Darksteel Bolts, but the added light effect on these things are excellent. I do roughly the same amount of damage per shot using these that I get using Darksteel Bolts, unless the monster is strong to light. The added effect does not stack with weapon skills or barrage though, so you’ll need something else for those abilities.
    Mythril Bolts: Level 40-44. These bolts, although having a higher damage rating, do less damage on normal shots than Holy Bolts, due to the light effect of Holy Bolts. Carry some of these for weapon skills or barrage however.
    Black Bolts: Level 45-51. Like Mythril Bolts, these only really useful for WS and Barrage.
    Darksteel Bolts: Level 52-75. I use these for TP whenever a monster is strong to light, weapon skills and barrage. These are great bolts, but I just find that on many mobs, my total damage from Holy Bolts match these.
    Gold Musketeer’s Bolt (GMB): Level 60-75. Like the PPA mentioned above, this is purchased using CP. Same use as the PPA, but made for crossbows. I’ve fired away 7 of these on accident. Be careful.

    Guns: The last group of Ranged weapons, the gun is a highly damaging weapon. They typically have the longest delay of any weapon as well, so be prepared for some time before firing. Until level 22, guns just are not worth the cost since their damage is so low early on. Guns make great weapons from 22-29, and most often from 50-75. As such, I will only recommend the weapons in those ranges. Most Rangers however choose to skip the gun from 22-29, partly due to cost reasons.
    Arquebus/+1: Level 22-29. A limited range, but at these levels gun is really strong.
    Musketeer Gun: Level 50-51. This is the first introduction to guns. A nice weapon, but soon eclipsed by its recrafted version.
    Musketeer Gun +1/+2: Level 52-69. This is a great weapon, and will deal the highest damage on a per shot basis for quite some time. Just be ready for massive delay.
    Hellfire/+1: Level 70-75. Both of these guns can put out insane damage. Just be aware of the high delay, as noted earlier.
    Culverin/+1: Level 73-75. This gun I consider for very few occasions. It makes an excellent choice for a Kraken Club wielding Ranger, who fires only on Weapon skills and barrage. It may also be useful for the Dynamis Lord fight, in which massive damage must be done fast. Its drawback is that it works only with Cannon Shells, which are stackable only to 12.
    Annihilator (Fully upgraded relic weapon): Level 75. Again, if you own this weapon, I say you need to see the sun. :p

    Bullets: There are really very few bullets you should ever consider for your Ranger.
    Bullets: Level 22-29. This is highly damaging ammunition for these levels.
    Spartan Bullets: Level 30-???. Using these for a stun effect is sort of odd. Gun has such a high delay, and stun is usually required immediately. So I’m not sure if they find any use.
    Silver Bullets: Level 50-75. This will be the main ammunition used when using gun.
    Cannon Shells: Level 73-75. For use with the Culverin/+1 only.
    Heavy Shell: Level 75. For those of you who have ever lost CP ammo, be prepared for a challenge with this piece of ammunition. It drops off of King Vinegarroon in Western Altepa desert, no easy task. It can only be used with the Culverin/+1, but what a bullet. The damage from this thing is only exceeded by the damage you'll do to your gaming system if you misfire this shell.

    IX. Armor

    A Ranger’s armor should be chosen in such a way as to maximize the damage dealt, as opposed to concentrating on negating damage taken. Similar to weapons, this is done by equipping gear that possesses Ranged Accuracy, Ranged Attack, Strength, Agility and in certain situations, Mind. Until endgame most Rangers will be dress quite similarly, as the available gear options are limited.
    Note: I will not give gear advice for level 1-9. This is because on all my jobs, I usually just grind out the solo exp for these levels wearing Fishing or Mining gear. These levels go by so fast, that I like to keep my available inventory space open. Plus, you aren’t in a party yet, so only your exp is affected. HOWEVER, once you start partying, you should always be wearing full armor.

    Royal Footman’s Bandana: Level 10-23/29: This piece gives + AGI. Not a huge boost, but it’s better than anything else. The +1/+2 versions of this piece add in a few HP, if you feel like buying them at 15. The extra HP isn’t that groundbreaking.
    Emperor/Empress Hairpin: Level 24-53. This is the single best head item for Ranger until AF. However, it is only slightly better than the next option, as the +DEX isn’t worthwhile for Ranger, and the +Evasion is not going to help out with our already low evasion skill. This is a better head piece for Thief or Ninja, but if you can afford it then by all means use it. If you can’t, don’t sweat it. Using the next option will not make you gimp.
    Noct Beret/+1: Level 30-53. If you already own the Pin, then don’t bother with this piece. Otherwise, this is a very nice head piece for what is available. If you are taking Ranger all the way, buy the Noct +1 piece over the NQ. While the difference is marginal early on, in later levels all the little extras will add up.
    Voyager Sallet: Level 41-53. This drops in Rivern – Site #A01. While it is a nice piece for STR, no one will criticize you for not using it. Especially since most Rangers focus on Ranged Accuracy, and by default AGI, at these levels.
    Hunter’s Beret: Level 54-70/75. Our artifact armor (AF) head piece. Rejoice in the fact that most of the Ranger AF is nice. In my opinion, this is out first strong head piece. You can upgrade this to a Hunter's Beret +1 with Limbus access later on. The HQ version is one of our best TP headpieces.
    Optical Hat (O-Hat): Level 70-75. This hats greatness is matched only by its ugliness. For a Ranged Accuracy set-up, this piece reigns supreme. It can be a pain to get though.
    War Beret/+1: Level 70-75. This is a nice head piece for those unable to get the Optical Hat. I used my War Beret until 74, when I finally got my O-Hat.
    Zha'Go's Barbut: Level 71-75. This in an excellent all around head piece that just screams RNG. This is undoubtedly the best TP headpiece out there. This drops from the StrongBox BCNM fight in Beadeaux [S]. Good luck getting one.
    Enkidu's Cap: Level 72-75. A decent alternative to an Optical hat or War Beret. Nothing great for RNG, but it's decent.
    Scout’s Beret: Level 73-75. Our AF2 head piece, which drops in Dynamis-Jeuno. It is a great piece for farming or a Mind build using Holy Bolts. I’ve noticed the recycle effect kicks in about 1 every 5 shots I take. Others have noted differently, I’ve heard some claim from 1 to 5 up to 1 to 3.
    Wyvern Helm/+1: Level 75. This is an excellent head item when looking for a Strength build. I also like the Fire resistance for Ninja monsters in Dynamis.
    Skadi's Visor: Level 75. This piece is not worth working on for a RNG. Unless of course you just want the full set, but keep in mind the set bonus isn't worth it for a RNG, as our bonus from Critical hits is not as substantial as for melee.

    Feather Collar +1: Level 7-13. The NQ version is worthless, but the Ranged Accuracy bonus on the HQ version is nice for a few levels.
    Wing Pendent: Level 7-13. If you don’t feel like paying for the above collar, this pendent gives an AGI boost, and is better than nothing for a few levels. Note this is a quest reward and can not be requested or purchased.
    Ranger’s Necklace: Level 14-75. All I can say is that SE gifted us with an EXCELLENT piece of equipment just for unlocking the Ranger job. For many Rangers, this piece stays on their neck almost their entire Ranger career.
    Peacock Charm/Amulet: Level … I am actually not going to recommend this piece, except for the special case of Kraken Club Rangers. Giving up +5 Ranged Attack from our Ranger’s Necklace is not worth the gain of +5 Ranged Accuracy, but for a Kraken Ranger, melee accuracy is extremely important for TP gain. If you have one for a melee job, that’s great. I just can’t recommend this piece.
    Jagd Gorget: Level 40-75. This is a very slight improvement upon the Ranger’s Necklace. I wouldn’t spend the 1 million gil it costs on my server for only 1 Ranged Attack, but I suppose if you want to max out every stat then go ahead.
    Reraise Gorget: Level 56-75. This is actually just thrown in for one reason; end game activities, in which you can’t rely on others to raise you. It grants the effect of Reraise II, and is a requirement of many Linkshells for Dynamis participation, HNM work, Sea Jailers, etc. It is also nice if you party without a White Mage, and you don’t want to eat a Raise 1 if you die.
    Promise Badge: Level 70-75. Although this is equip able at level 48, I hold off on recommending this piece until now. It is an excellent piece for a Mind build, and I don’t recommend going hog wild on the Mind build in early levels by throwing all Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Attack items out.
    Light Gorget: Level 72-75. The elemental gorgets are macro pieces for weapon skills only. This piece is available through the quest “In the Name of Science” in Tavnazian Safehold, and requires Sea access.
    Faith Torque: Level 73-75. This is the best neck piece available for a crossbow or gun Ranger. Available in Sea only, it is dropped from the Jailer of Faith. You definitely need a strong group of players, and lots of attempts, to get this item to drop.
    Hope Torque: Level 73-75. This torque is the best neck piece for a Bow Ranger. Also only available in Sea, it is dropped from the Jailer of Hope. Again, this is no easy task.
    Qiqirn Collar: Level 74-75. Nice change of pace from a Rangers Necklace. 1 less R Acc for 3 more R Att. The -Acc and -Att is of no consequence for a RNG, so pick one up if you'd like. Or go kill the Qiqirn that drops this.

    Earring selection for Ranger is limited for quite some time. Be aware that earrings such as Beetle Earrings are generally useless for a Ranger, as +Attack does not increase our damage from Ranged weapons.
    Shell Earrings/+1: Level 10-19. Honestly, the only reason I suggest these earrings is to increase resistance to fire and water based attacks. Both are commonly seen when fighting Goblins, Crabs and Pugils at early levels. There really are no good earrings for this level range, so don’t worry too much.
    Shield Earrings: Level 20-30/35. Again, not many earrings help out for Ranger purposes at these levels, but the +HP is at least something.
    Genin Earring: Level 30-75. This earring has a nice latent effect of +4 AGI, but in order for this to be active, you must be subbing Ninja. A bit pricy for my tastes, but if you don’t mind spending a lot of gil for a marginal improvement over the next piece, it is an excellent choice. Note: The Beater Earring looks great. Unfortunately, its latent effect only works when subbing Ranger. So to a Ranger main, it is useless.
    Drone Earrings: Level 35-75. This is an excellent earring that will last quite some time. It is the HQ version of the Wing Earring. Drone Earrings are fairly inexpensive, and last very long. Don’t be cheap and use the Wing Earring. Farm for 30 minutes and you can afford Drones.
    Vision Earring: Level 50-75. This earring is available through Assault. It gives a decent Ranged Accuracy bonus in a slot that previously had no such bonus.
    Waetoto’s Earring: Level 55-75. Tarutaru only earring, that is dropped from a level 60 ENM. It is Rare/EX, so it can only be acquired through the ENM, and only one can be used. It is a nice earring for a DD job for Tarutaru.
    Triumph Earrings: Level 67-75. These earrings give a nice little boost to STR. Definitely worthy of consideration in an end game earring.
    Fenrir’s Earring: Level 70-75. During nighttime, this earring is incredible for the +10 Ranged Attack. Just be sure to swap it out in the daytime.
    Divine Might Earrings: Level 72-75. Honestly, now that Rangers don’t commonly melee anymore, I will not make any suggestion on which earring to choose. Bushinomimi is nice for the STR+2, and if you have or will have a Samurai raise to high level, it is a great earring. Otherwise, most people just go with the Suppanomimi for the Dual Wield effect. If you are able to pick an earring, but aren’t sure of your choice, wait until you level another job that can actually use the earring before deciding.
    Novia Earring: Level 75. I include this for one reason only. Sometimes you're in a long fight, and you want to try and keep the monster off of you. Throwing on -7 ENM is a step in that direction. Note that our AF2 also has -ENM on it that stacks with this. It can help out in those types of situations. Keep in mind if you're talking exp or zergs though, that you may as well skip this earring and go for straight damage.

    Royal Footman’s Tunic: Level 10-15. Note that while using this, you can’t use headgear. Honestly, there isn’t much at this level, but some people like the idea of a Hooded Ranger. To each their own I guess, as there is not much to choose from.
    Scale Mail: Level 10-15. If you choose to skip the hooded look, this is a fine piece of armor.
    Trailer’s Tunica: Level 15-29. If you can get this piece, go for it. It looks like a Field Tunica, but it is the best there is for this level. Not as though that’s saying a lot…
    Noct Doublet/+1: level 30-57. This is an excellent body piece for Ranger. If you’re going all the way, get the +1 version. It will last quite some time. Low defense, but then we shouldn’t be getting hit. Much…
    Shikaree Aketon: Level 50-75. This is the first upgrade from Noct +1 that I would consider. It is not easy to acquire, but it is a worthwhile piece. Past level 58, it becomes a situational piece. I still use mine at times.
    Jaridah/Akinji Peti: Level 55-75. This piece serves as a nice piece of armor before AF, but like the Shikaree Aketon it becomes situational past AF. The Accuracy and Attack would be nice for melee purposes, which is generally restricted to Gun and Kraken Club Rangers.
    Hunter’s Jerkin: Level 58-75. This body piece should be worn with pride. Sure, it may make you look like a Girl Scout, but it is an excellent body piece to use until end-game armor becomes available.
    Black/Flora Cotehardie: Level 58-68. This body piece is nice for a STR build when firing off Sidewinder or Slug Shot. Because of the loss of Ranged Accuracy when using this over AF, I suggest using this with Sharpshot and/or a PPA.
    Blue Cotehardie/+1. Level 69-75. This is a slight improvement over the Black/Flora Cotehardie. I recommend it be used in a similar fashion.
    Archer’s Jupon: Level 71-75. This is a nice piece of body armor for a STR build, and is available just when most Rangers should start thinking about a STR build. Dropped off of an NM Antlion in Attohwa Chasm, some Rangers love this piece. I’m not a big fan of the negative Ranged Accuracy, but it does have it benefits.
    Pahluwan Khazagand: Level 72-75. Available from Assault, this is a great body piece for anyone looking for either an upgrade from AF or for the Ranger looking to melee while firing. Tests done on the “Increases rate of Critical Hits” have varied from showing no effect to a +3% critical rate. However, the +10 Ranged Accuracy and +10 Accuracy together was a good enough reason for me to get this.
    Scout’s Jerkin: Level 75. Ranger AF2 body piece, dropped in Dynamis-Xarcabard. It is mainly for show; I see little reason to use this when fighting.
    Kirin’s Osode: Level 75. This is generally regarded as THE best Ranger armor. Dropped from Kirin in Sky, it will take you a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get this piece. Be warned, you will likely have competition amongst other LS members for this piece.
    Denali Jacket: Level 75. Who can argue with a man-blouse? Weaker than an Osode, Skadi's, or Mirke RNG set-up. I'd relegate this to town gear myself, but if you have no other level 70+ body pieces yet, it's passable.
    Skadi's Cuirie: Level 75. This a good alternative to Kirin's Osode, although much more expensive and rare to acquire. This piece has very high Ranged Accuracy, but is definately lacking in power.
    Mirke Wardecors: Level 75. This is a possible reward from "A Crystalline Prophecy" mini-expansion. The Wardecors are unlike any other armor, in that you can choose 2 additional upgrades to add to this. The 3 upgrades most applicable to a RNG are Snapshot, R Acc and R Att. Luckily, this body piece can be easily re-quested, so if you want to try different pieces, you are free to do so.


    Levels 1-26, there is no hand armor that really gives any kind of bonuses useful for a Ranger. I just recommend wearing whatever helps your Defense. Scentless Armlets do give some Evasion, but for the most part gloves early on are just useless.

    Custom M/F Gloves or Wonder Mitts: Level 27-61/75. Hume and Tarutaru RSE gloves both give a hefty boost to Strength. The RSE gloves from other races don’t give beneficial stats for a Ranger.
    Devotee’s Mitts/+1: Level 30-75. These are useful for firing Holy Bolts because of their +Mind. They should be put in via macro for this purpose only. At high levels, these are less useful for a Holy bolt build, as you can get MND elsewhere, and gloves become much stronger for RNG.
    Noct Gloves/+1: Level 30-54. These are decent all purpose gloves for a Ranger, since our hand armor is limited for a long time. If taking Ranger all the way, get the Noct +1. These used to be useful up to end-game, but ToAU changed that.
    Hunter’s Bracers: Level 52-75. These are the Ranger AF hands, and they aren’t that great for most instances. Do not wear these for anything other than Shadowbind or maybe if you need the Dexterity for melee in skill-up parties. Most jobs have useless AF outside of job abilities, just be glad we only really have one useless piece. Don’t let its use prevent you from getting these though.
    Jaridah/Akinji Bazubands: Level 55-75. These are a slight improvement on Noct +1. They are good overall pieces that will last to end-game.
    Deadeye Gloves: Level 60-75. These gloves drop from the new ISNMs in ToAU. The slow is of little concern for Ranger, since neither haste nor slow effects the rate of Ranged Attacks. It is a nice pair of gloves for the Ranged Accuracy bonus, until you can earn something better.
    Creek M/F Mitts: Level 62-75. High level Tarutaru RSE gloves, these things are great for a Strength build. The other races high level RSE gloves do little for Ranger.
    Scout’s Bracers: Level 71-75. The Ranger AF2 gloves that drop from Dynamis-Windurst. These are ok gloves for someone without the other end-game pieces. They aren’t great, but they’re ok.
    Pahluwan Dastanas: Level 72-75. These gloves are very good for those who don’t have access to the final end-game armors. Outside of Sky and maybe Tarutaru RSE, this is as good as it gets.
    Crimson/Blood Finger Gauntlets: Level 73-75. These gloves are godly. They are made trading Cursed Gloves or Cursed Gloves -1 and the Wyrmal Hands Abjuration (dropped from Seriyu) to a priest in the San d’Oria Cathedral.
    Hunter’s Bracers +1: Level 74-75. This is the upgrade Ranger AF hand piece, and is only available once you have sea access. The ‘Enhance “Barrage” Effect’ adds one shot to barrage, and is only active if equipped while shooting the barrage. Like the Ranged AF hands, most people just use this as a macro piece.
    Seriyu’s Kote: Level 75. These gloves are also dropped by Seriyu (hence the name). An excellent Ranger item, many Ninjas also like this piece for the +AGI to assist them in evasion set-ups.
    Skadi's Bazubands: Level 75. If you're unable to acquire the sky hand armors, this is a great choice. It lacks raw Ranged Accuracy, but does provide a little more power via the 5 STR and 10 R Att together. The +5 AGI also helps a little bit.

    Rings for a Ranger are very straight forward. Most of our best rings give +Ranged Accuracy and –Accuracy. I suggest using your Nation ring until you reach a point when useful rings are available.

    Courage/Reflex Rings: Level 14-15. I only suggest these +STR or +AGI rings at these levels because nothing else is available.
    Bone Rings +1: Level 16-20. The first set of Ranged Accuracy rings. I always suggest the +1 version, as these rings are typically cheap.
    Beetle Rings +1: Level 21-34. The next set of Ranged Accuracy rings.
    Bowyer Ring: Level 29. I never used this ring, as it wasn’t available when I leveled Ranger, so I’m not sure as to it’s life span. However, the latest I would keep this is likely level 45.
    Rajas Ring: Level ???-75. This is the best ring you can possibly get from completing CoP, unless you are strictly and always will be a mage. It is an excellent Strength ring, but I honestly wouldn’t use this on Ranger until end-game anyhow, when we finally start focusing on a Strength build. However, if you want to use this right at 30, I doubt anyone would say much.
    Horn Rings +1: Level 35-44. The next upgrade to Ranged Accuracy rings.
    Marksman Ring: Level 40-54. A slight upgrade to the Horn Ring +1, without the -Accuracy. One of these can replace the Carapace Ring +1, and lasts until Scorpion Ring +1.
    Carapace Rings +1: Level 45-54. Another upgrade to the Ranged Accuracy rings.
    Scorpion Rings +1: Level 55-69. Yet another Ranged Accuracy ring update.
    Sniper Rings +1: Level 63-75. I know what you’re thinking. “Sniper Rings +1, are you nuts?” Well yes, I am slightly nuts, but that’s besides the point. The reason I put these in starting at level 63 is strictly for a Kraken Club Ranger. You will want all the accuracy you can get and these rings are tough to beat for that reason. They are costly, but no where near the cost of the club.
    Merman Rings: Level 70-75. The final upgrade to Ranged Accuracy rings, these also aid in reducing magical damage. That can be a big plus in end-game scenarios.
    Behemoth Rings/+1: Level 70-75. The other final upgrade to Ranged Accuracy rings; these give a little defense and HP boost. Some prefer Merman Rings, others prefer Behemoth Rings.
    Flame Rings: Level 74-75. For those looking for a boost to your Strength, these rings are nice. Typically Rangers wait until 70+ to start worrying about a Strength build, and these are quite nice.
    Aqua Rings: Level 74-75. These rings give a hefty boost to Mind for Holy Bolt users, and still provide a nice boost to Strength. Definitely a nice set of rings for crossbow Rangers.
    Bellona’s Ring: Level 75. Dream on. This ring can only be acquired by defeating Absolute Virtue. Yeah, I think a Relic Weapon may be easier.

    From 1-23, there is no back piece that is useful for a Ranger. Just go with defensive back pieces until then.
    Nomad’s Mantle/+1: Level 24-60. It’s not that this is a Godly back piece, it’s just that Ranger gets very little useful items for back for quite some time. There are some pieces later though.
    Beater’s Mantle: Level 30. Do not buy this, as it only works if your sub job is Ranger.
    Royal Army Mantle: Level 55-60. This is a CP back item available through San d’Oria, or Jeuno guards if San d'Orian. It’s a decent piece for a few levels.
    Amemet Mantle/+1: Level 61-75. The +1 version is a Rangers end-game back piece. The NQ version is usually dirt cheap, but save up for the +1 version.
    Jaeger and Gunners Mantles: Level 70-75. Purchased using Ancient Beastcoins, and only available with Sea Access. These mantles are situational at best. Given their cost, I wouldn’t worry about purchasing them.

    Honestly, until level 30 there is little in the way of good Ranger Belts. Even then, the selection of useful belts is slim.
    Brave Belt: Level 18-29. This is a nice belt for extra STR, but be aware of the negative agility. I never used one, as I'm Elvaan and I focused more on Ranged Accuracy/Agility at these levels. However, for Strength deficient races such as Mithra and Tarutaru this looks like a nice belt.
    Gun Belt: Level 30. Do not buy this. It only works if your sub job is Ranger.
    Mercenary Captain’s Belt: Level 30-49. This is a decent belt, and is available for purchase using CP points to buy from Windurst.
    Vanguard Belt: Level 45-49/51. This belt is available from an ENM in Monarch Linn. It has a higher Strength bonus than the Mercenary Captain's Belt, but no added AGI. However, by this time there is plenty of gear with Ranged Accuracy, so this belt can be used in place of the aforementioned belt.
    Life Belt: Level 48-75. This is a fine belt for melee reasons, but useless when firing. This is recommended for Kraken Club Rangers.
    Royal Knight’s Belt: Level 50-51. This is an upgrade to the Mercenary Captain’s Belt. It is purchased using CP from San d’Oria.
    Royal Knight’s Belt +1/+2: This is an improved Royal Knight’s Belt, and it can last until end game.
    RSE Belts: Level 70-75. Depending upon your race, these belts may be a nice upgrade. Keep in mind the Sashes are generally better for DD use, but the Tarutaru Rope is decent for a Mind build with Holy Bolts.
    Scout’s Belt: Level 70-75. This belt is dropped in the newer Dynamis areas. It is definitely a strong end-game belt, just tough to acquire.
    Korin Obi: Level 71-75. This Obi is only available to those with Sea access. This allows the user to get the benefit of Lightsday all the time. Handy for a Holy Bolt set-up, but little else.
    Venturer’s Belt: Level 71-75. This belt comes from ENM. This is a nice belt for the end-game Ranger looking for something new.

    Scale Cuisses: Level 10-16. Just defense, nothing special yet for Ranger.
    Lizard Trousers: Level 17-23. Again, just another defensive upgrade. Nothing good yet.
    Garrison Hose: Level 21-29. If you want, these are nice pants for the Strength. Not groundbreaking, but then not much is for legs at these levels.
    Martial Slacks: Level 24-29. These have a decent AGI boost, coupled with the bell-bottom look.
    Noct Brais/+1: Level 30-55. Just like with other Noct pieces, this is the best a Ranger gets for quite some time. Purchase the +1 version if taking Ranger all the way.
    Bastokan/Republic Cuisses: Level 34-54. These pants are great for Ranger; unfortunately they only work when fighting in an area controlled by your nation. I swapped between these and Noct for a long time. Because of the new armor and the use of these in restricted areas, I am recommending a shorter life span than previously.
    Virgo Subligar: Level 50-75. These subligar have two uses. The first is to trade these in to get your Shikaree Aketon. The second is to garner attention by wearing white panties. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on your character. As a side note, does anyone else find it disturbing what happens when you give these underwear to Brygid? She comments on the texture, color and odor of these panties. She's all of like 8 years old, and commenting on the smell of someones underwear? Hmmm.
    Jaridah/Akinji Salvars: Level 55-75. This leg piece is available because of ToAU. These are nice pants, and can last until end-game leg pieces.
    Hunter’s Braccae: Level 56-75. These are great pants for a Mind set-up with Holy Bolts. They are also good to macro in with Sharpshot. Other than that, I get little use from these.
    War Brais/+1: Level 70. These used to be a great piece before acquiring end-game gear, but this was pre-ToAU. Now I see less reason to recommend them for Ranger.
    Dusk Trousers/+1: Level 72-75. These are great Ranged Accuracy pieces, but the negative effect to movement speed can be annoying. Macro these out if you are pulling.
    Pahluwan Seraweels: Level 72-75. These pants are great for a Strength build. Start doing assault, as these are a nice leg item.
    Scout’s Braccae: Level 72-75. Ranger AF2 pants that drop in Dynamis-San d’Oria. They are excellent pants, and the –Enmity is always desirable. If you can upgrade these to the +1 version via Dreamworld Dynamis drops, by all means go for it.
    Crimson Cuisses: Level 73-75. These are nice pants for making you go zoom. They increase running speed, and that’s about it.
    Byakko’s Haidate: Level 75. Unless you are normally in melee range, these are wasted on Ranger. Haste does not affect ranged attacks, so I only recommend using this to a Gun or Kraken Club Ranger. As such, expect to be near the end of the lotting line for these.
    Galliard Trousers: Level 75. These used to be great for a Strength build, but with the introduction of Pahluwan Seraweels, I don’t see the point in getting these.
    Denali Kecks: Level 75. These pants offer a very small R Acc bonus with some AGI. They're ok, but you can do better.
    Skadi's Chausses: A modest boost to R Acc, R Att and most notably +7 sTP. If you are using them for the Store TP, be sure that they actually allow you to fire a WS one shot sooner. Otherwise, the pants are beat out by Pahluwaan for a WS.

    Bounding/Leaping Boots: Level 7-28. These are the best boots for a Ranger at early levels. Depending on your race, you will likely have different outlooks on your upgrade possibilities. If you can’t afford Leaping Boots, then you can camp for the Bounding Boots. Just be aware that these are really nice boots, in case you decide to skip them.
    Strider Boots: Level 20-75. These boots are good for two things only. Pulling and showing off. The additional movement speed is nice, but getting a pair is a royal pain.
    Wing Boots: Level 24-28. These are basically the Same as the previous boots, but with defense. Not much of a change, but upgrade if you want.
    RSE Boots: Level 29-59. Every race gets a good pair of RSE boots for Ranger. Hume, Elvaan and Galka all get +3 AGI, the same boost as the above boots. Mithra and Tarutaru get nice +STR bonuses. Use these boots all the way to your AF, they are nice and inexpensive compared to Leaping/Wing boots.
    Bastokan/Republic Greaves: Level 34-59. Like the Bastokan/Republic Cuisses above, these have limited usefulness. However, they are great boots for quite some time. Use as you see appropriate.
    Jaridah/Akinji Nails: Level 55-59. These are decent boots, with a slight improvement over RSE. Nothing huge, but these are still a nice alternative.
    Hunter’s Socks: Level 60-61/69. The Ranger AF feet item, these are a decent piece of footwear. Lifetime depends on Race.
    Creek M/F Clomps and Marine M/F Boots: Level 62-75. The Tarutaru and Hume high level RSE boots are great pieces of gear and can last quite some time.
    Rutter Sabatons: Level 67-75. These boots are a nice addition to any Ranger making a Strength build. The NM that drops these is slightly annoying, but the boots are worth it.
    War Boots/+1: Level 70-75. These are decent boots and can last until end game foot gear is acquired.
    Crimson/Blood Greaves: Level 73-75. These are Leaping Boots on Acid. These are decent boots, but there are better end-game boots out there.
    Scout’s Socks: Level 74-75. Ranger AF2 foot piece dropped in Dynamis-Beaucedine. These are excellent boots, definitely a strong footwear item. If you can upgrade these to the +1 version, do it.
    Suzaku’s Sune-Ate: Level 75. These boots have two purposes. First is with a Mind build for Holy Bolts, second is a macro piece when fighting monsters with high damaging fire based attacks. I always equip these when fighting Ninja type monsters in Dynamis.
    Denali Gamashes: Level 75. There are better choices for MND shoes, and better choices for damage. Skip these.
    Skadi's Jambeaux: Level 75. What's that you say? Kirin stingy with those Crimson Cuisses Abjurations, you've killed Simurgh and he refuses to drop the boots? Well, these are another solution for those who want the increased movement speed. The 3 STR and 5 R Acc are nice little bonuses as well.

    Based on the above guide, you can see that Ranger has quite a few gear options later on in their career. I will not advocate any one set-up, but I do urge the fledging Ranger to logically put together their gear. Understand what goes together and why. Use of gear-swap macros for different ammo types will help make for a more effective player. Lastly, do not judge a player by what they wear in town. I often wear odd set-ups in town just for fashion reasons. The gear a player puts on when it’s time to fight is what counts.

    X. Acknowledgements

    I would like to take this time to thank those posters on these forums who have provided me with lots of useful information, differing opinions, and just plain someone to help me procrastinate at work. From RKenshins AF Guide and impressive screenshots of Ranger damage, to Kamenas original Sticky guide, to VZXs work with explaining Ranged Attack formulas for normal and weapon skill attacks, I say thank you. Many others have given me great advice on these forums as well. To all the Ranger Forum regulars (you know who you are), thanks for providing me with hours of fun debate and discussion regarding this job.

    As a final note, if I have erred in some part of this guide, please feel free to point it out and I can correct any mistakes. I want this to be informative for all Rangers, new and old. Any constructive criticism is welcome.

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    #2 Sep 08 2006 at 7:01 PM Rating: Decent
    783 posts
    Pretty good! I'm sure this will be stickied.

    Just a few things I noticed while browsing through:

    Might want to add Ridill & Mercurial Kris to weapons list, as well as elemental staves for the new elemental arrows (Wind, Earth, Water), as well as some info on how these new arrows work. They aren't too widely used yet realy... but the add effect on them can rival holy bolt add when you stack +INT gear, and the elemental staves boost damage by at least 10% as well. Also I don't see the rare/ex bullet for Culverin (Heavy Shell I think?).

    Might want to add a section on solo'ing strategies for ranger, that would be spiffy.
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    Just a note on the weapon recommendations:

    You should point out that xbow is really a premier weapon at low levels, particularly at LV15. Acid Bolts can dispel Defense Up moves (e.g. Scissor Guard) before mages have access to Dispel.

    There's no reason that any RNG should be using anything but xbow from 15-25, for sure. Gun is only good when you get off of mobs with defense buffs (crabs, pugils) and on to mobs without them (mandies). Archery really doesn't do much at all pre-40.
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    Extremely well written guide, one of the only good RNG guides I was able to find.

    About to level RNG soon, always loved leveling marksmanship so I'll be bookmarking this guide. Going to be coming back and forth to read this guide so it'll be an extremely large help seeing that my LS only has 1 75 RNG who's seldomly on.

    *Points to name* TaruTaru RNG ftw :3

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    very nice, good info for those wanting to pick up rng, I would also like to add a piece of gear that might be of interest that was left out though : earring slot *hollow earring*
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    The full STR/ratk mode when using Unlimited Shot + PPA is worth mentioning, because that's what PPA all about. PPA only have very small base damage difference from non-CP best damage arrow, but HUGE accuracy bonus
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    A few pieces of gear that haven't been mentioned:

    Flora Cotehardie: L59-70 (WS swap only; not recommended unless using on other jobs as well?)
    Deadeye Gloves: L60-70
    Brave Belt: L18-44 (Alternative to the Merc. Capt's Belt; I use this in 30 and 40 caps)
    Vanguard Belt: L45-49/51 (+3 STR > +1 AGI, IMO)

    Also, the Royal Army Mantle can be purchased by non-San d'Orians, just requires more CP to do so.
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    Thank you all for your input, I have added the suggestions where applicable. Any more suggestions, please keep them coming. A soloing section also sounds like a good idea, I'll just need some time to think one out. I don't often solo on my Ranger anymore, as I can usually solo faster and cheaper with my Monk.
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    Marksman's Ring is a good alternative to one of the Horn rings at 40; it's one more RAcc, with no Acc penalty and 2 DEF, and not too expensive if I recall correctly (at least on Bismarck).

    Also, this needs to be a sticky liek whoa =D

    EDIT: This might be more of a nitpick, in which case I apologize, but underlining the names of the armor pieces might make for an easier read, like you did with the weapons and ammo.

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    Nice job.

    1 thing though, are the race specific belts in the 70's. Like the Mithra have Jungle Sash, etc... Might want to add those for the Waist slot. Good job none-the-less.

    PS: Could add Strider Boots in there as well. They ae great for pulling fast moving mobs, like Raptors.

    Edited, Sep 11th 2006 at 12:16pm EDT by Avoklex
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    Thanks, I forgot about the Marksman Ring. I also finished underlining the armor choices; I intended to do so earlier, but work called me away.

    Thanks for the RSE Belt suggestion. It also reminded me about the Korin Obi when I checked on the belt stats. As for the Striders, they would indeed be nice for pulling fast movers. However I'm pretty sure Raptors run at flee speed, and these are still slower. It would be nice on long pulls, but the cost to me makes them more of a show-off piece.
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    Still is looking really good for up and coming Rangers, even seasoned vets who want to try some new things out ^^
    It's only after we lost everything do we begin to realize, how the fvck did i get into this ****!

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    Cyth wrote:
    Thanks, I forgot about the Marksman Ring. I also finished underlining the armor choices; I intended to do so earlier, but work called me away.

    Heh, I know how that is =D

    Anyhow, again, awesome guide, and a much needed update to what we have.
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    Wanted to say thanks... I have been leveling RNG...and most of my high level RNG friends don't know/remember what it was likg being low level...so it is hard for them to make suggestions to me to help me be the best RNG possible.

    I am trying to concentrate on Ranged Acc and Attack gear mosly...bcause that is the stuff I can use for both RNG and COR (another job I am finding I like very much)....

    I did want to ask about a Vision Ring and Mighty Ring. They both are available just a bit before Bone+1...and both items have charges to add enchantments...of Ranged Acc+ and Ranged Attack+...
    Are they worth using?
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    Nice guide. Just a few things.

    Vision Ring and Mighty Ring are beyond excellent, as noted above.

    Precise Belt; ToAU item, +5 RACC and ACC.
    Deadeye Earring; +20RATK (I think) enchanment from pulling strings ENM
    Qiqirin Collar; NM drop in Aydeewa Subterrene +4 RACC +8 RATK -4 ATK and ACC

    World: Asura
    THF 75, RNG 64, WAR 55, DRK 45, NIN 40, BST 40, RDM 30, BLM 19, WHM 15, MNK 14
    #16 Nov 06 2006 at 6:54 AM Rating: Decent
    11 posts
    Nicely done, RNG 28 now myself and been using this guide some. Everything looks real good but 1 more possible suggestion for the waist would be the Galka RSE belt @ 50.
    Desert Belt
    Def: 5
    HP +20
    STR +2
    AGI +3
    INT -5

    *edit* heh in my haste this morning forgot to put the name ^_^b

    Edited, Nov 6th 2006 at 4:23pm PST by Levain
    McCain: I was a POW and I want this milf for my Vice President.

    I lol'd.
    #17 Dec 20 2006 at 10:47 AM Rating: Decent
    223 posts
    There are some lvl 70 RSE belts that gives str like Hume and Mithra
    Nekozuko 78.2 Clothcraft ^^ Leathercraft 6.? :(

    Ukiki: Goldsmith 20.0 16.??? Smithning
    #18 Dec 20 2006 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
    4,681 posts
    I am aware thank you. They are listed under belts, under the more generalized heading of RSE Belts: Level 70-75. I'll assume that most people who have read or will read this thread, will also be able to check the Equipment listing to the left (or the AH) to discover if their races belt/sash is applicable to Ranger.
    RNG:75 MNK:75 WHM:75 BRD:75 BST:75 SAM:75 WAR:75 THF:75 BLM:75
    DRG:72 SMN:63 DRK:55 NIN:49 PLD:42 RDM:41 DNC:37 SCH:37 BLU:37 COR:20 PUP:22
    Woodworking:88 Cooking:60 Alchemy:60 Bone:60 Leather:60 Cloth:60 Smithing:60 Gold:54 Fishing:33
    #19 Dec 26 2006 at 2:37 AM Rating: Decent
    9,209 posts
    Might as well to include some Skadi's armor from recent update.
    Princess ThePsychoticOne wrote:
    int stands for int.

    #20 Dec 27 2006 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
    4 posts
    I would first like to thank you for posting such a tremendous wealth of knowledge and guidance for those of us that are thirsting to become a great Ranger at all levels of play. I have learned a lot from this guide and have become even more open to switching out gear and having a full inventory just for one job's sake. I think you've done a great service for the Ranger community and would like to show my appreciation by, ironically, questioning one of your statements of unrecommended usage of an item.

    With all due respect, as I am not a 75 RNG, nor have I much experience with the high-level industry of FFXI (while I've played MMORPGs for 7+ years and have the ability to critically think about gear that most people could not imagine ever having in games like EQ or WoW..) I would like to bring into question your inability, or rather, reluctance to recommend the Peacock Charm to any Ranger.

    Peacock Charms are going to be useful to the extent of strong recommendation for the sheer fact that things like Barrage and.. well.. just general ranged attacks.. benefit greatly from having an even "excessive" Ranged Accuracy. While +5 Ranged Attack adds up, you've said yourself that as you level up the little "addiotional amounts here and there" are more significant as such gear becomes available. Surely for at least level 33 to 50's when you can start getting the ToAU r.acc/r.atk pieces you can recommend using PCC instead of Ranger's Necklace. The extra 5 Ranged Accuracy with an already significant amount due to rings and daggers.. makes Barrage, in the least, a more reliable tool when finishing off a mob if you can't trust your tank to peel it off mid-fight.

    Pairing PCC with my Hawker's Knives +1 and Horn +1 Rings.. and lots of other pieces available to add up to AGI and R.Acc... I'm going to be pretty damn accurate. I'd say if people are going to play an expensive job, then holding one's self up to having a PCC to switch out at least for Barrage will make them more effective at pulling off a full Barrage and will allow them to hit more accurately, cutting down on the expense of firing off arrows in hopes of a speedy mob kill. (For those of us that won't stop shooting til we hit, damn it!)

    I'd recommend this over a Ranger's Necklace.. but perhaps I do not see the significance of a harder hitting ranged attack if you can't better supply a guarantee to hit.. or work toward that. Perhaps keep both the Ranger's Necklace and PCC around until you can find a really serious upgrade when the job trait accuracy bonus really launches your ability to hit.. I can then see substituting out. But if you're going to wait until end-game to substitute Ranged Accuracy for STR gear for Weaponskills, then why start early with a like-wise substitution when most bows come with a substantial +r.atk and the +r.acc. is the basic key to doing any damage at all? I'd say the +5 r.acc is much more significant at least in the lower levels until a more appealing neck piece is available or switching out becomes second nature due to need for versatility. Many of my RNG friends have told me that you want to hit 9/10 of the time before you start sacrificing for the permanence of STR gear.. So why at an inaccurate time of your RNG career would you take +5 r.atk. over +5 r.acc. when you can't even guarantee 7/10 at that level?

    Lastly, having a PCC can allow for you to focus on r.atk. foods by +5 r.acc. more than you could originally stand to substitute. Let's face it, if a 75 WHM or 75 SMN is going to find a PCC useful in melee situations, and they do, but it's not going to be the only neck they ever wear.. I'd at the very least recommend a PCC as a switch-out neck, making the switch after correctly gauging your ability to hit or for Barrage circumstances.

    Pardon my presumptuous nature, and I in no way am questioning your wealth of knowledge as not only an experienced Ranger but also a person that respects spreading his wealth of knowledge; I would just like to better understand why you would recommend Sniper Rings +1 for a melee Ranger because of skill-ups or K.Club or whatever, very situational, but you can't find the heart to recommend a very good piece for even a ranger that has auto attack on with Hawker's Knives +1 sitting in his frail hands.. launching very accurate attacks with his mammoth E.Bow.

    Thanks for humoring a critically thinking Ranger-baby.

    Sagerin - Odin
    #21 Jan 02 2007 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
    4,681 posts
    The reason I don't recommend a Peacock Charm, except for the rare case I stated, actually has to do with the amount of R Acc available to a RNG from level 30 on. Let's look at a typically well equipped Ranger at level 35, as well as a so-called UBER geared Ranger. I'll go with RNG/NIN in both cases. This is just observing R Acc boosts.

    Main- Hawkers Knife: R Acc 11, AGI 2 ~> Total R Acc = 12
    Sub- Hawkers Knife: R Acc 11, AGI 2 ~> Total R Acc = 12
    Ranged- Great Bow +1: R Acc 2
    Ammo- Horn Arrow: R Acc 5
    Head- Noct +1: AGI 2 ~> Total R Acc 1
    Neck- Ranger Necklace: R Acc 5
    Ears- Drone Earringx2: AGI 6 ~> R Acc 3
    Body- Noct +1: R Acc 3
    Hands- Noct +1: R Acc 2
    Rings- Horn Rings +1 x 2: R Acc 10
    Back- Nomad Mantle: AGI 1 ~> R Acc 0.5
    Waist- Merc. Capt. Belt: AGI 1 ~> R Acc 0.5
    Legs- Noct +1: R Acc 2
    Feet- Tough call, RSE/Leaping/Winged makes this AGI or STR. No boost given.

    That is +57 R Acc through gear. Swap out Archery for Marksmanship and you drop to +50 R Acc in gear. (Unless you swap out more gear for +MND as well)

    Your Uber geared RNG will have most of the same items, except Hawkers+1x2, Empress/Emperor Hairpin, P Charm, Genin Earring and Nomad +1. This give 10.5 more R Acc, so 10 or 11 more R Acc, depending on Base AGI. So you can achieve +67 to +68 R Acc with the uber gear. Or +62 to +63 R Acc without P Charm. Plus don't forget all RNGs get roughly +20 R Acc from job traits.

    Typical: +77 R Acc
    Uber: +87 to 88 R Acc
    Uber w/o P Charm: +82 to +83 R Acc

    To me, the difference between +82 R Acc and +87 R Acc just isn't worth the investment. Given the diminishing returns on R Acc, I also question if the extra 5 R Acc is even worth it. Many RNGs say it isn't worth it, and for most instances (certain melee set-ups excluded) I agree.

    Let's face it, if a 75 WHM or 75 SMN is going to find a PCC useful in melee situations, and they do, but it's not going to be the only neck they ever wear

    My Club and Staff are both capped on my WHM. I enjoy getting to melee, and can definately agree with a P Charm being useful for TP gain (Light Gorget on Hexa). A WHMs best melee skill unmerited is Club at 256, and for SMN it is Staff at 250. Being able to hit is obviously important, and a WHM or SMN needs all the Acc they can get if meleeing anything above a T. A RNG however has Archery and Marksmanship caps of 269 (again, discounting merits). This, when combined with natural Acc Job Traits and the insane amount of normal R Acc gear available, makes a P Charm not as useful to a RNG in most instances.

    I would just like to better understand why you would recommend Sniper Rings +1 for a melee Ranger because of skill-ups or K.Club or whatever, very situational, but you can't find the heart to recommend a very good piece for even a ranger that has auto attack on with Hawker's Knives +1 sitting in his frail hands.. launching very accurate attacks with his mammoth E.Bow.

    I only recommend the Sniper +1 rings for a KC Ranger, because even with capped Club a Rangers club skill is still only 200. Every little piece of Acc a RNG can get is vital to get the Club hits to land at an acceptable rate. By comparison, a RNG caps Knife at 240, and as such they have a much higher weapon Accuracy.
    RNG:75 MNK:75 WHM:75 BRD:75 BST:75 SAM:75 WAR:75 THF:75 BLM:75
    DRG:72 SMN:63 DRK:55 NIN:49 PLD:42 RDM:41 DNC:37 SCH:37 BLU:37 COR:20 PUP:22
    Woodworking:88 Cooking:60 Alchemy:60 Bone:60 Leather:60 Cloth:60 Smithing:60 Gold:54 Fishing:33
    #22 Jan 03 2007 at 9:19 AM Rating: Decent
    I am trying to setup macros for the Ranger job but have run into some trouble. I can switch between my crossbow and bow easily. Problem is I cant get the ammo to switch. I want to set it up so I can start off with an Acid Bolt for defense down then switch back to regular bow for DD.

    If anyone can assist me with this Id appreciate it. Also any other Macro's or tips about the Ranger job is welcome!

    thank you
    #23 Jan 03 2007 at 10:08 AM Rating: Decent
    4,681 posts
    I don't recommend swapping weapons, as this leads to TP loss (Ammo slot can be swapped without TP loss, but not the Ranged slot). However, if you really want to swap as you said, I suggest the following.

    One macro pallette for Crossbow, one for Bow. Make multiple firing macros, one for each type of Bolt/Arrow you use. In each macro, include an equip line for the Ranged weapon as well. As long as you are using the same ranged weapon, this will not cause TP loss going from say Acid to Holy bolts. This also guaruntees that when you want to swap weapon types, the change will occur.
    RNG:75 MNK:75 WHM:75 BRD:75 BST:75 SAM:75 WAR:75 THF:75 BLM:75
    DRG:72 SMN:63 DRK:55 NIN:49 PLD:42 RDM:41 DNC:37 SCH:37 BLU:37 COR:20 PUP:22
    Woodworking:88 Cooking:60 Alchemy:60 Bone:60 Leather:60 Cloth:60 Smithing:60 Gold:54 Fishing:33
    #24 Feb 09 2007 at 1:32 PM Rating: Decent
    10 posts

    I was wondering if anybody does have any source(s) as to what food is best for ranged accuracy depending on your level. I know above it says you can calculate it but it appears that not all the foods that give ranged accuracy on somepage display a cap.

    For example squid suishi says 16% r. acc. but does not display a cap. Does that mean it doesn't have one?

    I am interested in this for my throwing as a ninja.

    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
    #25 Feb 14 2007 at 4:47 PM Rating: Decent
    60 posts
    This is an older thread but perhaps some answers can still be rendered here?This whole post is a very good one commenting on alot of aspects.The one thing i noticed that is very important and left out is any mention of a RACCY cap at various levels?
    When we start talking about insane RACCY in the 50+ from gear alone then why the heck does ranger MISS more than any other job in the game except say an elven DRK?Ranger is the only job in the game that without UBER raccy and even with can miss several weapon skills a night.Ranger also gets raccy boosts from level traits as well.I would have to say RANGER gets more tools to raise accurracy than ANY job in the game,so why do they miss so much?

    I have played ranger more than i care to say,but i have noticed ridiculous things happening.Now just for the sake of proving things to myself i have tried saving up high TP like 200+ before doing a WS.Now on several occasions over many different players doing ranger[my own players]i can do 5x regular hits in a row then when i have TP at the 200+ i kick in sharpshot and guess what?MISS..bah.I mean this happens far more than i care to accept as being realistic.We have more accy gear than any job in the game and we miss more,those two things alone not adding in[food/sharpshot/job traits]should no way in hell add up to less accurrate RACCY.

    I do have my own take on this ,as perhaps there is a stat on mobs that varies in there raccy defense.This in the way DEX/AGI and VIT come into play the same way for melee.I dont know all the formaulae for raccy and the mobs defense to it,but i do know there is alot more to it than just our own RACCY.
    #26 Feb 15 2007 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
    4,681 posts
    When we start talking about insane RACCY in the 50+ from gear alone then why the heck does ranger MISS more than any other job in the game except say an elven DRK?

    This is a common misconception. DRKs properly geared can have just as high of a parsed accuracy as say a MNK with an identical amount of Acc gear. The reason many people "feel" that DRKs have poor accuracy stems from their high delay weapons. Missing a single attack hurts tremendously for a DRKs TP build, whereas a single miss for a Monk who is guarunteed to attack twice per round isn't as noticeable. RNGs likewise do not miss more than any other job (at least after they fixed R Acc/R Att from the first "fix"), however their misses are more obvious. Especially since we can't double attack while shooting, there is a perceived notion that we "miss more". Yes, we all hear the "horror stories" of missing a shot against a level 1 bunny. Well, the same thing has happened to me on other level 75 jobs.

    As for your bit on Slugwinder, it is to be expected that we will miss more WS than any other job end-game. Disregarding SATA WS (which are guarunteed to land), lets look at the most often used WSes at end-game.

    Monk: Asuran Fists- 8 hits
    Warrior: Rampage- 5 hits (6 hits with NIN sub)
    Thief: They have SA and TA.
    Dark Knight: Guillotine- 4 hits, Rampage- 5 to 6 hits, Spinning Slash is often used with SATA.
    Dragoon: Penta Thrust- 5 hits
    Ninja: Blade: Jin- 3 hits
    Samurai: Tachi: Gekko and Tachi: Kasha- ???
    Ranger: Slugwinder- 1 hit.

    Notice anything? Almost all other weapon skills are multi-hit. Most WS don't miss when you have multiple chances for them to land.

    Let's say that you have parsed 95% R Acc. The chance that you'll miss a Slugwinder is ~5%. (I approximate because the WS description does make note of it's inaccurate nature.)

    Now let's say that a Monk is parsing 90% Acc. The chance that they will miss an Asuran Fists under normal circumstances (not blinded/flashed) is 0.000001%.
    RNG:75 MNK:75 WHM:75 BRD:75 BST:75 SAM:75 WAR:75 THF:75 BLM:75
    DRG:72 SMN:63 DRK:55 NIN:49 PLD:42 RDM:41 DNC:37 SCH:37 BLU:37 COR:20 PUP:22
    Woodworking:88 Cooking:60 Alchemy:60 Bone:60 Leather:60 Cloth:60 Smithing:60 Gold:54 Fishing:33
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