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#1 Aug 09 2012 at 6:45 AM Rating: Decent
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New to RNG and in real need for help on distance,

I have a couple of questions :
1) Does ideal distance change from weapon to weapon of same type ( for example lvl x long bow and lvl xx long bow ) or it is the same for the same type? and if so what are the ideal distance for each type ?

2) Is it worth it to stay back and not melee to gain the few points of acc/att ? or people only do it for WS ?

#2 Aug 12 2012 at 4:55 AM Rating: Excellent
1) Longbows keep the same "sweet spot" distance regardless of their type. The sweet spot distance only varies for the more generalized ranged weapons, like bows, crossbows, guns, etc. Short bows I believe do have a sweet spot in between the sweet spots for longbows and crossbows. The distances are approximately as follows.

Longbow - ~10 yalms
Shortbow - ~7-10 yalms
Crossbow - ~7 yalms
Gun - ~ 4 yalms

Now, the actual distance varies on the size of the mob, with a mob with a larger size having a proportionally more distant sweet spot (i.e. a Longbow might have a sweet spot at 13 yalms for a monster the size of a Buffalo)

If you're not aware, the message when your ranged attack hits the monster varies depending on the sweet spot, so if you pay attention to the message in relation to the mob, you can learn the sweet spot pretty easy. If it says that the attack "hits squarely" you are near the sweet spot for that ranged weapon for that mob, but just a little too far or a little too close. If it says that the attack "strikes true" then you are at the sweet spot for that ranged weapon.

2) Most Rangers nowadays will focus on obtaining a 4 hit build as /Samurai or a 5 hit build as /Warrior so that they can shoot the mob 4 or 5 times and have enough TP to weaponskill. They then, rather than focusing on having the mainhand weapon be one for them to use for melee purposes, they have it to improve their ranged attacks instead. A few of the staple weapons include the Vulcan's Staff (for the +Str and +Ranged Attack), the Mekki Shakki (for the +Str and +Store TP), and the Aluh Jambiya (for the +Str, the +Att, and the +Critical Hit Damage).

Using a Vulcan's Staff or a Mekki Shakki gives the Ranger the added bonus of grips such as the Rose Strap, the Uther's Grip, and others along those lines. The Aluh Jambiya shines more for /Warrior than /Samurai because /Warrior gains the trait Fencer, which gives a +5% crit hit rate and a TP bonus for weaponskills, but only affects the player if they're using a 1-handed weapon. They cannot be Dual Wielding and they cannot have a 2-handed weapon equipped for the trait to take effect.

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I find it hilarious that you answered this.
You have drg, blu, mnk, nin, war and blm? Can you come bard? Come bard.
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