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#1 Jan 23 2011 at 12:49 AM Rating: Decent
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OK, got 8/8 Caller's Seal's: Feet sitting in my Satchel (Gary was quite generous), but no Caller's Pigaches. I'm thinking of farming it as well as some Ferine Ocreae (5/8 on that. Seps wasn't quite so giving). The question is how to quickly force amber lights without needless risk. Should I take on an Ephemeral monster and hope it doesn't try for a -ga III early or just build on amber from regular targets? Another question is how much amber does it take to spawn AF3 chests, if at all?

Update: Got the Caller's Pigaches earlier this morning, as well as BLU, SCH, and PUP footwear. When it rains, it pours.

Update 2: Never try to solo Opo-opos on BST. It ain't worth it.

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T1 VNMs are easy and give 6-7x more amber than regular mobs. 2-3 of them, depending on how many abyssites you have for gold chests, is a good amount to start spawning big chests, but not getting excessive amount of key items from them. Boots can drop with 0 amber light as well, altho it's rare.

T1 VNMs are also a good way to get pearl, because they give it every time, unlike ephemereals.
#3 Jan 23 2011 at 2:56 AM Rating: Good
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If you are using RR you and your pet will often interrupt casting w/ just crits. otherwise go /dnc for a readily available stun. Ephemerals work just fine. remember they cast as soon as aggro'd either let pet take it, or be ready to stun first thing. If I'm only fighting 1 they often don't get a 2nd chance to cast.
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#4 Jan 23 2011 at 5:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Another question is how much amber does it take to spawn AF3 chests, if at all?

Not much, if any. I've seen chests with two pairs of feet with maybe 1 or 2 amber lights. Current theory is not to cap out your amber lights, so you don't get spammed with Key Items from the big gold chests. So you might want 2 Ephs but not much more. Apart from that you want capped pearl lights and to be killing as much stuff as possible. The biggest problem when you're solo is kill speed, so if you can get help it might make a big difference. Happy hunting.

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