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#1 Apr 10 2013 at 10:12 PM Rating: Decent
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Trying to solo farm Itzpap Scales (13/50 atm), and it's a total cake-walk except for Tunga. I go BST/WAR for the extra red procs, flux-warp to reset proc if it's something I can't cover, and have been quite successful except for Tunga. He's a real ****. Anybody have advice on taking him down solo on BST? I can do it with Raphie, but with the gil I spend on mulsums/jugs/food, I'm probably better off buying pops from a merc LS. Any helpful info from other BST who have solo'ed him?
#2 Apr 11 2013 at 1:18 AM Rating: Excellent
I've not done it on Beastmaster before, but I would imagine that Dipper Yuly, being a Wind-based mob as well as being very evasive (since he's a Thf), would probably be able to tank him pretty well. Maybe put Atma of the Earth Wyrm on as well so that he'd have an even easier time with resisting Slow and Petrify. I've done Tunga as Summoner with Garuda before with no hitch, so using Dipper with Earth Wyrm should work just as easily.

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#3 Jul 19 2013 at 2:16 PM Rating: Good
Sorry about necroing it, but was out of the game for 2 years. He is probably done with items.

I did it with Discreet Louise and Fatso Fargann for the Water resist to MAYBE help with added effect decrease(Didn't look like it). Plus those are my favorite jugs. Louise is a BEAST!

His only biggie is the chainspell breakga and added effect poison(Worst). I would say DG/RR/MC are your best bet. You need the RR for the added DD. Thinking if you do it in the daytime, sacrifice the MC for Sea Daughter(More hp regen in day but slow 5%) and help with damage with Bora Axe(Safe) or run up and Rampage + snarl.

Did Zeta's(5 used swapped pet @5%) and made sure to buy healing salve 1/2 and clear salve 1/2 for emergencies. Later on the poison will tic down fast so make sure you watch it and try to DD faster.

Tunga was fairly easy solo, but /war would be harder for red only because if hate changes, you are left defenseless and it hurts. Next time ill just bring my wife as Nin/war to proc red.

Gear was Aalak's axe/Guillichard+2/Spurrer/Moepapa/Ferine necklace/Ferine Legs+1/Mirke(+15acc/att). Used a pretty good reward setup and zeta's are pretty cheap. No Mulsums used.

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