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#27 Apr 06 2006 at 12:25 PM Rating: Good
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I have uploaded a video of my Maat fight for those who are interested.. I wish i had one for my first attempt, I had no idea what to really expect..

Video vs Maat

It is a hard fight, but there is room for error. I made a lot of simple mistakes, did not finale everything. I notice he sings again after you finale him. So I left him with bad buffs like etudes while I could. I did not use the Opo-opo Necklace method.

Also, one thing I had noticed after the fight when I watched the video, after you sing paeon again you must drink another hp regen food. I was too nervous to realize during the fight, but its okay.

Also. I wouldn't recommend doing Spirits Within -> Spirits Within. I don't know jack about what to skillchain with since.. I never melee. Lastly. I notice he will use ws around the same time that you build up 100 tp (probably coincedence) and when he is about 30% hp left. I was lucky and did not get hit with Asuran Fist this time in the video..

The only advicfe I have to give is to stay calm. My first fight resulted in a pathetic loss because I was overexcited.. (and he use Minuet 4 -> Asuran Fist while finale is on recast ; ;) Also. Running up to where I was in the video asap is a good idea, so you can see what he buffs with.

Stuff Used:

Weapon: Wing Sword (only got wind damage effect once, not really needed)
Shield: Did not use
Instrument: Only Horn +1. I left Requiem instrument in Mog house ; ;
Head: Noble's Ribbon
Body: Scorpion Harness
Hand: Tiger Gloves
Leg: Choral Cannions
Feet: Choral Slippers
Back: Amemet Mantle
Waist: Gleeman's Belt
Neck: Spike Necklace
Ear: Melody Earring x2
Finger: Phalanx Ring x2


Hi-Potion x21 (Used 19, would have used another but fight ended)
Icarus Wing
Pamama au Lait x5-6 (don't remember.. used 2, remember to use after every finale or when recasting paeon)
Sole Sushi (use it first before anything else!)


Sword 175
Evasion 201 (cap)
Singing 212 (cap)
Wind 212 (cap)

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#28 Apr 06 2006 at 3:40 PM Rating: Decent
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Nice work Aitsu, rate up ^^
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#29 Apr 13 2006 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
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I've been reading posts here for a few days now and have been little worried i would get owned. But i figured owell i got a test lets give it a whirl. Now mind you my swordskill was only 163 so no SW which people say is a must. So i grabbed an opp-opo necklace,spike necklace,blink band and went to work. Here's how i faired:

sleep to 100tp
use blink band
Equip spike necklace
Pop defense food and selbina milk
2hr double paeon
Pulled with Elegy
Fast blade > Icarus wing > Fast Blade
Foe Requiem
Magic Finale

I was kinda excited because he was half dead before he even hit me the 1st time. Elegy is a must. I knew he didnt ws yet and thats what i was fearing. As he starts casting str etude i start finale. He then unleashes a combo for 279. Then he start casting dex etude so that gave me time to potion to full. The fight ended about 30 sec later.

So to everyone that says SW is a must this is not true. With a blink band and 2hr elegy and requiem on him he's a piece of cake. So just go in with some confidence and be ready to be impresssed with your power

DaProphet:1 Maat:0

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#30 May 11 2006 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
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I finally beat BRD Maat on like... the 10th-ish try.

My setup-
Main- Joyeuse (Oh god this is so worth getting)
Offhand- Elegant Shield
Head- Carapace
Body- Carapace
Hands- Carapace
Legs- AF
Feet- AF
Back- Jester's
Waist- Gleemans's
Neck- Fang Necklace (NQ, but signed by friend {good luck})
Earring- Melody X2
Ring- Loyalty X2
Insturments- Horn +1 & Frenzy Fife
Level- 70 BRD/BLM (for warp incase i went over time)
Items- Taco, Pamama Milk, Yag Drink, TP wing, and piles of hi-potions (NQX2, +2 X1, +3 X14-ish)

Strategy- Paeon V and Dragonfoe Mambo used as my personal buffs. Ate items, 2houred, buffed up, and pulled maat with elegy. Used TP from tp wing right away, and dispeled maats songs and landed requiem VI on him. Joyeuse made this fight incredibly easy. It made my TP gain very fast, and hits rather hard and quickly.

Result- Maat killed in 5 minutes, 0 seconds. Record set, finally uncapped.

After trying this fight many many many times and loosing, i finally decided to go all out and get the Joyeuse. It was a 9 hour camp, but it was so worth it for the last bard sword i will ever need.
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#31 May 15 2006 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
I thought I'd add my reply since I beat maat first try. I went at lvl 69. I made some mistakes but I guess I got lucky, maat didn't do any huge ws's on me.
I brought charisma gear and battle gear to make sure I'd land requiem and elegy first try but I forgot to equip my battle gear the entire time as well as wore my opo opo necklace and blink band the entire fight, lol. I used a stun knife because I didn't have sword to 175 yet, my dagger was capped though. It only stunned him once.
I did everything noted in these guides, I went in naked, slept to 120% tp used blink band. I ate a Shallops Tropicale and persikos aulait and pineapple juice for finales. SV paeons and pulled with elegy, requiem and finale everytime it came up, I built tp to 200% before I used clycone, then popped a Icarus Wing and did it again. Then I just made sure I was above 600hp by popping hi-potions.
Anyways just before SV wore off I noticed maat was already at 50%, with 2 ws's and the requiem. I also brought hi-potions +3, i think I chugged about 8 of them, he had me down to 250ish hp after using combo on me, he never used ausuran fists on me thank god, im taru. After I did my 3rd clyclone he gave up!
Just thought I'd let others know that it can be done with poor equipment and dagger! :-)
#32 May 31 2006 at 9:45 PM Rating: Decent
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I tried in full evasion gear from head to toe. I had my wind skill gear macroed in for debuffing. I didnt bring enough potions and I wasnt doing enough dmg. I followed the basic strat that is on this site. I have 199sword and still was a slow fight by the time i died he was still like 40% HP ><.

Next time I think im gonna go in full Attack gear and bring 40 Hi-Pots or something lol or maybe try the defense.
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#33 Jun 11 2006 at 5:19 PM Rating: Decent
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WTF im now 0/6
1st 3 times i was tryying new things. And now Ive got Gear potions and everything down pat. I can keep myself 900+ out of my 1003 HP the entire battle.
Weapon-Rune Blade
Head,Body,Hands- Carapace
Legs,Feet- AF
Rings - Moon Rings
Earrings - Melody
Back-Jester's Cape+1
Instruments- Flute+1 EbonyHarp+2 and Horn+1.
I have no problem stayying alive I bring 25 Hi-Potion+3s, 12Sleepping Potions (4 per battle), 3 Persiko Au Lait things ,2-3 Tav. Tacos, Vile Elixir+1, and an Icuras Wing.

I sleep to 100 use Blink Band, eat taco, regen food, SoulVoice 2xPaeon. Then I engage WS use wing WS again. The I debuff Requiem, Elegy, Finale.
Throughout the whole battle I use potions and keep myself very healthy for Spirit's within.

Heres the problem in the last 3 fights I have had a Maat WS problem. @ about 40% always I get him and have 100TP around then for a 4th WS during fight. I have full HP and he freaks!. This last time I was only at 800ish HP when he gets to 40%. He asuaran fists me for 650ish! I pop my Vile Elixir+1 and he Asuaran Fists me again! so now Im down to 200HP I pop a Hi-pot+3 and he Asuaran Fists me a 3rd ******* time. He does it so fast my potions dont even register in the chat log.

How can he possibly Asuaran Fist me 3 times in 10-15secs. I have a good enough reaction time to hit my macros inbetween the Fists but it doesnt really matter no matter What I lose.

And its not like those are the only WSs he uses, he also has used Spinning Attack, Shoulder Tackle, One-Inch-Punch, and Tackle(which isnt even a WS) but he uses these around 60% giving me ample time to recover my HP because they only do like 130ish.

Im 0/6 on Maat but 9Asuran fists in 6 fights (8 of them being in the last 3 fights).

Help Me Out Please What am I doing that triggers his Fisting Freakout.

This has been the worst week of my life IG.
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#34 Jun 12 2006 at 5:52 PM Rating: Decent
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I know no1 is posting but Ill keep telling my story see if some1 reads This is my post from KI of todays Maat try.

Ok I have 202 Sword Skill got the last .3 for 202 in maat today >.>
Im killing him fast I definetly had 2mins left when he was @ 50% today.
I spam finale every time he puts a buff up basically. Remedies is a good idea also thank you.

Today I had np keeping my HP up once again and not sleeping to 100 TP helpped alot I just used a Icuras Wing instead. I was doing great and was rebuffing my songs when he was @ 50% HP he hit me and gave me 300TP from it, from this I started to Hi-Pot+3 to full I was @ like 800 from buffing and he Asauran Fists me... I vile elixir+1 and he elegys me, I think im safe cause he didnt do it twice in a row. I use another Hi-Pot+3 to try and get near full HP when he Asuaran Fists me a 2nd time I start spamming Hi-Pots again and after I get one off he does his 3rd Asuran Fist FTL.

If I just hadnt buffed nad spammed potions instead I would have won I think. Cause of SW @ 300TP. I had requiem and elegy on him not stop also.

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#35 Jun 23 2006 at 10:57 PM Rating: Decent
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I want to share my fights with Maat…1/2. . I’d like you to know I fought him with an EARTH STAFF. Yes that’s right. I am a 70 Tarutaru. The first round was close, the second a pushover. Here’s the gear set ups:

First attempt:
Earth Staff (staff skill 201)
All relevant song+2 instruments (except for paeon, only NQ was available) and Frenzy Fife
Carapace Head, Body, Hands
Tiger Trousers
AF feet
Asura neck-something? Adds a few +1 stats
Melody Earrings (maybe? Not sure. May have used Round 2 earrings.)
Loyalty Rings
Gleeman’s Belt
Amemet Mantle (borrowed)
Blink band

Second Attempt:
As above, but replaced Melody with Shield Earrings, and Loyalty with (borrowed) Sun Rings.

Items (both):
Tav Tacos
Hi-potions x8
Selbina Milk
Reraise Scroll
Icarus Wing
Apple Juice (2nd round)

Created separated macros (some of which were incorrect >.< ) and battle strategy (leaving some things out or forgetting some things too >.< ) It’s tense in there!

Round 1 (aka how to ***** things up-skip if you'd like)
Entered with gear on (forgot to take off first…) Forgot to use reraise scroll… Used blink band, ate taco and milk, ran up to arena. Soul Voiced, attempted to use paeon macro but they were set up wrong :/ so quickly went into menu and fixed them while casting. Hit Maat with Lullaby hoping to buys a bit of time—no good. Elegy, Requiem macro failed so quickly casted and adjusted that, Earth Threnody (b/c of Earth Staff). Did a poor job of watching my own debuffs—I think Maat knocked my Paeons off a couple times and I don’t even know about food and milk. Nor did I dispel Maat very well or watch his songs. I think he had march on quite a bit. Recasted songs before SV went out, missing Requiem however before timer ran out.
Now, Mine and Maats HP were slowly dropping, but mine faster of course. I popped a few hipots now and then. I image I was hitting 75% of the time, but maybe more maybe less. SV elegy on yourself is not fun either :/ Maat did some WS shortly after SV ran, I forget which (combo maybe?) I recovered mostly. My TP was slowly gaining, say 150% at this point. As it neared 200, I Sinewy Etude’d and popped the Icarus Wing. However, Maat somewhere around here Dragon Kicked and my HP was in the red, and I had been popping hi-pots one after another around this point too. His HP was around 30-40% I wager when I hit 300tp, and I figured I could finish him off. Full Swing after equipping Frenzy Fife (had forgot to do it throughout the battle tho) for 305 dmg. “Ouch, That’ll hurt in the morning!” Well, not enough I guess, cuz he didn’t give up, and after I tried to pop a couple hipots but I had a) run out and b) was now medicated (tho I didn’t noticed until later) he Asuran Fisted for (only?) 331 HP…I was in the red at that time and I think I had around 300. So close fight, but not close enough.

Round 2
Traded Loyalty for Sun Rings. This time I entered naked, remembered to use reraise scroll, and added apple juice to the finale-protection list. Blink band, taco, milk. Macro’s were fixed this time. Ran up to arena, SV, 2x paeon, elegy, requiem, threnody. Watched his buffs better this time, I recall finaleing, I think, 2 marches and a minuet, leaving dextrous and quick etude later on. Also noted him finaleing my reraise and maybe a milk, tho I know 1 juice wore of its own and I redrank, maybe a milk as well. I also managed to recast all songs before SV wore.
This time things were quite different. Had very little problem with HP. I used 2 or 3 hipots (I think 2…), that’s all the whole fight; HP nvr dropped into the yellow: the defense minimized his dmg and paeon kept up with things. I think he finale’d a peaon, but that was shortly before I recasted anyway. I switched to Frenzy Fife shortly after second recast set. I used 1 hipot midfight or so, and another after One Inch Punch. His HP was dropping faster this time, and mine not as fast. I do know I parried once ^^. His HP was around 30% when my TP was 160 or so and he did One Inch Punch for not too much. Now, as I was approaching 200 TP, I was just about to use Icarus Wing for 300 tp and wallop him when…the jerk gave up! He had I suppose 20% hp or so.

I have to say, the fight left me rather unsatisfied despite my victory, lol. The fight lasted 6 mins 31 secs. Some things to note: I only had the +CHR from the Gleeman’s belt, and my songs always stuff on him just fine. I DID NOT sleep for TP. Also, in round 3 he used only 1 WS the whole time (compared to 3 the former). I NEVER used a WS at all the whole fight…and at 180 tp or so with a staff, and figuring Maat’s hits on me, that means I hit him like (only?) 16 times, give or take.

Why such a different between first and second? Some of it might be luck. And if gear effects Maat’s stats, that may have made the difference. Also it was earth day, and I don’t know if that effected elegy or the earth staff dmg or power in any way (albeit surely small).

But anyway, I hadn’t really heard of this being done with an earth staff, and a fellow bard strongly disbelieved I could do it, heh, but I wanted to try and well it seemed to work well. Of course it took some skilling to get staff to 200, but not too much. I think the def build was good; I was fairly proud his Asuran Fish did “only” 331. But what is most important perhaps, is that with this way of slowly but surely dwindling his HP, Bard truly is Bud Light’s “Mr. Requiem Damage Dealer” (insert musical notes here). But man, I really wanted to hit him with another 300tp full swing…oh well, maybe I’ll face him again : )

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#36 Jun 25 2006 at 11:11 PM Rating: Decent
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*envies* Ashlei

well im gonna try to do the same way Ash did

fyi: Full Swing --> Full Swing = FIRE SC

lets hope it works this time im 0/5

spent prob like 300k by now and consumables

*miauw miauw* *cat jumps on <NAME>'s back*
#37 Jul 15 2006 at 2:24 PM Rating: Decent
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So I beat Maat today, about a half an hour ago actually, and I kicked his *** to the curb! : )
On my first try too! :D

I followed a TON of the strategies on this Forum.

First, I went the Defensive route.

Carapace Head
Carapace Body
Choral Cuffs
Choral Cannions
Choral Slippers
Loyalty Ring +1 x2 (Chr +3, Def +2)
Melody Earring x2
Jester's Cape +1
Gleeman's Belt
Bird Whistle, Spike Necklace (Which I forgot to macro in but Meh x.x)

For weapons I used...

Rune Blade
with an Elegant Shield

Now for Items, I brought with me 14 Hi potions, 2 Hi potions +2, and 2 Hi potions +3, one Icarus Wing, 3 Pear au Laits, and 3 Melon Juices (Ill explain the refresh)
Although, I only used I think 4 Hi potions throughout the fight, the Huge regen you can get with Paeon makes things very easy.

Now many brds have tried the Evasion route, In my opinion, that route sucks.
I know it can work, but brds have some of the lowest AGI in the game of ALL the jobs, they werent meant to evade that well lol. Another thing to know about the evasion route is that it costs a LOT more if you plan on buying the equipment, and Evasion can only take you so far.

My skills were at...

Sword - 201
Evasion - 201 (capped, 211 with Melody Earrings activated)
Parrying - 86

Singing - 212 (capped, 217 with Choral Cuffs)
Stringed - 212 (capped)
Wind - 212 (capped, 215 with Choral Cannions)

I actually managed to evade one of Maats attacks and also Parry another one of his attacks with these stats.
With these stats too, I was hitting for about 40 damage and would hit about 4/5 of the time, and Maat would hit me from 70-80 damage. I think one time he did hit me for 90 damage though and one of his Crits did 170 dmg.

Food I used was...

Tav. Taco (Cant remember how to spell it, but pld tanks use this mostly as their food)

Now the reason I had the Melon drinks were for two reasons...

1- Another thing for Maat to Finale, so instead of Finaling your Regen, he'll Finale your refresh

2- This will activate your Rune Blade latent effects, which pwn the Cermet Sword +1 in my opinion, not to mention, the Rune Blade looks 100 times cooler lol

The Rune Blade's Latent Effect is Dmg 43 and Dex +5, its regular stats are Dmg 39, Delay is 236 with and without the latent activated.
The Cermet Sword +1 wins in delay, I think its 219, but the Dmg on the Rune Blade easily makes up for it, and when the Latent is activated, then its a LOT stronger than the Cermet Sword +1.
Another thing to note is that both swords cost about 100k.

Before talking to Maat and entering the BC, unequip everything, this way your stats reflect his, its a rumor, but if it helps, then I say go for it.

Also remember to be very calm, you WILL have butterflies in your stomach at this point.

Now as soon as you get into the BC...

- Use your food.
- Then run to Maat but don't engage.
- Then use Soul Voice.
- Sing Army's Paeon x2
- Then use a Pear au Lait.
- Then use a Melon Drink for your Rune Blade.

Now this is where the fighting begins...

- Sing Carnege Elegy first, this is the most important defensive tool a brd can do in this fight. It makes Maat REALLY slow.
- Then sing your Foe Requiem VI to him, this is one of the best offenseive tools a brd can do to Maat. With Soul Voice, it will do 12 HP/3 secs to Maat.
- Then Sing Magic Finale, this is another extremely important thing to do, as it makes Maat have to re-sing his buffs on, which will take him time, which means you can cause more damage to him.

The songs that Maat sang to me were...

- Battlefield Elegy (yuck, this made me attack slow, and have a bad Finale timer x.x and I probably could of had the record if he didnt sing this...)
- Foe Requiem VI
- Magic Finale

Some of the buffs I noticed he used were...

- Valor Minuet IV
- Dextrous Etude
- Swift Etude
- Advancing March

These are the ones I noticed, he mighta pulled one off that I didnt see.

In the end of the fight strategy, just keep whacking him with your sword, sing Finale whenever you can, and try to rebuff yourself and debuff Maat before Soul Voice ends.

One last thing to remember, beating Maat takes luck. You can be the most {Impossible to Gauge} bard out there, but if he decides to Asuran Fists your ***, then theres a good chance you might lose.
The only weapons skills I had to deal with were Howling Fist for 220 and Spinning Attack for 80, thank god. <.>

If you do lose, dont get discouraged, getting your Test is very easy, and you can use getting your test to try to skill up more of your stats to use against Maat.
And getting back your lost exp is easy, you're a brd lol.

If missed anything, then Ill be sure to /slap myself.

Goodluck to all you brds out there :)

Remember, {Bard} {Power} {Impossible to Gauge} Maat {Too Weak}!

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#38 Jul 15 2006 at 6:17 PM Rating: Decent
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I just beat him this morning on my first try! I read this thread religously because all of the bards in my linkshell said they've had to fight him over 10 times. And i got him with my first! So thank you for all of your information, it really helped me out!

By the way, Joyeuse and 190+ sword skill is the key! :)
#39 Jul 24 2006 at 8:35 AM Rating: Default
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For everyone who is about to fight Maat, i just finished him and i won without any problems at all.
It IS possible to win without the opo necklace and, tho rare, its possible to win without potions but i wouldn't recommend it.

My setup:
Cermet Sword+1 (sword skill 177)
Elegant Shield
All Regular xp instruments
Carapace Helm
Spike Necklace
Melody Earrings x2
Jaridah peti
Carapace Gauntlets
Ametrine ring x2
Feral Mantle
Gleeman's belt
Darksteel subligar
Vampire Boots

Ok, this was by far an easier fight then i thought it would be due to all of these horrifying posts. I only used 1 hi potion and i didnt need to. I was at 675hp and decided to use it to get out of yellow although it wasn't neccasary. Anyway, i went in, ate a steamed crab and used a icarus wing. Got closer to maat and used my 2 hour and doubled up on paeons and pulled him with elegy. Used a Selbina Milk and Yag drink (mostly to block Finale) and began the fight with Spirits Within. I used Finale whenever he casted somethin on himself and made sure i kept all songs up. He went down without any problems at all but im guessing i got really lucky. He used 2 WS, one inch punch and tackle, but luckily he missed them both. I hope everyone else wins without too much trouble.

p.s. i heard in a rumor that maat has the stats that you come in with so before i entered, i unequiped everything and requiped it all when i got insied the Burning circle. I'm not sure if its true or not but it only takes 10 secs so why not. Also i heard that Maat uses strong WSs like Asuran Fists more frequently after 7-8mins go by so killing fast without sleeping yourself for TP may be the best method to use.

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#40 Aug 01 2006 at 2:06 PM Rating: Decent
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Just beat him. My sword skill was at 161, I'm impatient.

70 Mithra Brd

15 hi-pots(used 10)
1 hi-pot+1(unused)
1 hi-pot+2(unused)
4 sleeping pots
1 selbina milk
1 orange juice
1 icarus wing

Weapon: Wing Sword
Sub: Elegant Shield
Range: Horn +1, Ebony Harp +1, Siren Flute
Head: Blink Band, Darksteel Cap(no carapace in stock)
Neck: Opo Necklace, Spike Necklace(forgot to equip)
Ears: Melody Earring x2
Body: Carapace Body
Hands: Carapace Hands
Ring1: Coral Ring(to start maat with -9 acc) Phalanx Ring(forgot to equip)
Ring2: Crossbowman's Ring(to start maat with -14 DEF) Phalanx Ring(forgot to equip)
Back: Amemet +1
Waist: Gleemans
Legs: AF
Feet: Stumbling Sandals(to start maat with -10 dex -10 agi), AF

Went in, slept to 100%, popped blink, SV, paeon V, milk + juice(did in wrong order, whoops), Paeon IV. ran up and requiemed, elegy'd, Fast Bladed(80 damage), popped icarus wing, fast bladed(100 damage), and just wore him out. Finale'd whenever i could, requiemed and elegy'd before SV wore, and never had to again. popped hi-pots to keep me up whole time. his best attack was a 300 damage howling fist :D
#41 Aug 06 2006 at 11:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Tried him at 69 Hume BRD and I'm 1/1 on Maat. He did NOT use Asuran Fists on me, so it may be true that at 69 you do not have to worry about that WS.

Cermet Sword +1
Elegant Shield
Horn +1 and Ebony Harp +1
Carapace Helm
Opo-Opo Necklace/Peacock Charm
Melody Earrings
Carapace Breastplate
Carapace Gauntlets
Phalanx Rings
Amemet Mantle +1
Gleeman's Belt
Beak Trousers
Choral Slippers

This guy DOES hit hard on regular hits even with defense gear.

First, make sure you have a macro set JUST for Maat. It makes things easier. I put all the pre-battle stuff (like sleeping potions) on CTRL and the Battle actions on ALT (songs/potions).

I went into BCNM with Opo Necklace on and slept to 150% TP. Then I ran up so that I could see Maat and use my Selbina Milk and Apple Juice (so he will dispel this instead of my Paeon). Then I used an Icarus wing and did Soul Voice > Paeon IV + Paeon V, ran forward, pulled with Elegy, immediately used Finale, then Requiem. From this point on, whatever he dispelled. At 300% TP I got as much HP as I could and did Spirits withing for a bit less than 500 damage. Maat didn't have much HP left (about 40%).

I kept dispelling every chance I could, and after my 6th or 7th Finale, I recasted all my buffs and debuffs, and from that point on my job was just to stay alive until Maat gave in.

I even forgot to equip my Peacock Charm. And yes, my accuracy was pretty bad at 181 Sword skill. Maat's accuracy was not bad at all.
#42 Aug 14 2006 at 4:28 AM Rating: Decent
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I fought maat last night as a 68 brd, was going ok got him to about 35% with 650 hp left. I was using a hi potion when Asuran fists hit me for 400, started to use another hi potion when bam! Asuaran fists hits me for 300...dead. WFT, is he able to do WS's twice now? I was so pissed off. Any one else have this, is it normal?
#43 Aug 18 2006 at 1:15 PM Rating: Decent
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Beat Maat last night on my dry run. Level 70 Taru BRD, sword skill 201, evasion skill was around 160.

I thought I'd be doing this a few times so after getting my testimony the night before, I thought I'd just go in and see how it was, get rid of some of the butterflies, whatever.

Company Fleuret
Elegant Shield
Whatever HQ Instruments

Carapace Helm
Wind Torque
2x Melody Earring +1
Scorpion Harness
Choral Cuffs
1 Loyalty Ring, other slot was empty
Amemet Mantle
Gleeman's Belt
Choral Cannions
Choral Slippers

Went in naked, popped a Tavnazian Taco and re-equipped myself. Sang Paeon while I was getting situated just to fill HP. Popped a Selbina Milk, ran in, engaged out of range, SV Paeon x2, Elegy, Requiem, Finale, and then started in on the melee. Missed my first Fast Blade, but a few minutes and a Combo for ~225 and a Dragon Kick for ~350 later, he gave up. I was pretty floored... no meds, no TP wings/Opo Necklace, no Blink Band.


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yeah hi all,

eh well i finally made it with my last attempt before i was going to try to do it with WHM.

Well anyways beat it on 9th try, so 0/8 before that *mega rofl*

Mithra BRD 70 / WHM (not during fight)/ all melee skill capped except parrying

Method for my success : EVASION
WP : Cerment sword / no shield
Head: EMP
Body: SH
Hand: Crow bracers
Legs: BRD AF
Feet: BRD AF
Ear : Dodge rings *2
Finger: Phalanx rings *2
Waist : Gleemans belt
Back : Amemet mantle
Neck : Spike Necklace
Food : Jack-o-lantern

all in all i think thats about 36 evasion wtho the songs

as i went in i slept for 250% TP (incl Ica Wing) with OpoNeck and did all the other stuff
come in naked 0_0 (might help)

Slept for TP
Ate the food
Equip gear / 2hr use
Cast 2 mambos with right instrument (inst + 5 evasion too so 41 eva + 2 songs)
Slowed Maat and started to fight

He missed with 2 WS
and a lot of other times too

Lucky me we missed that often towards the end when the songs wore off it was getting more and more nasty
I swear he gets mad acc (or other hidden effect when in low hp)
Had to use Vile Elixir+1 and 1 Xpotion

Had 52 secs left (not too proud but still beat him)

My tips:
For every race there seems to be a good method to beat him
Mithra = Evasion / Sword
Taru = Def / Staff
Elv = ...
Hume= ...
Galka= ...

Read the other posts they are very helpful thanks for all contributions to this forum
*miauw miauw* *cat jumps on <NAME>'s back*
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I'm looking at the self skill chain, Cyclone to Cyclone for Detonation. Can someone veryify for me that the macro to do this is:

/ws "Cyclone" <bt>
/wait 1
/item "Icarus Wing" <me>
/wait 3
/ws "Cyclone" <bt>

Mainly I'm concerned about the wait commands. I want to make sure that I don't get a "You can't do that now" error, without waiting too long and missing the SC.

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Was kinda worried about facing Maat today. I been reading all these threads about how much trouble Maat was for them. I believe I was lucky for Maat only did Combo and Raging Fists.

Gear and Preperation:

Darksteel Cap
Carapace Body
Chroal Cuffs
Gleeman's belt
Choral Cannons
Choral Slippers
Amemet Mantle
Shield Pendant
Behemoth Knife
Elegant Shield
Melody Earring X2
Ametrine Ring X2

188 Dagger Skill
201 Evasion +10 from earrings for a total of 211
65 Parrying

I didn't wear any equipment when I went into the burning circle. I ate a Tav Taco and used Reraise Scroll. Popped Soul Voice did double Paeon. Run in engaged Maat and hit him with Elegy and then Requiem. I popped around a total of 5 Hi-potions +3 the entire fight. I keep Pear au Lait and Pineapple Juice on me for him to dispel.


Maat was hitting me for 57 damage up to 101. He did one critical hit which hit me for 197 damage. I recasted Paeon X2, Carnage Elegy and Requiem before Soulvoice ran out.

I waited till 150% TP and used Cyclone. I used an Icarus Wing and did another Cyclone for I thought it did a Detonation Skill Chain, but it didn't (either I was too slow or it didn't work).


I believe I was extremely lucky. I never got hit by Asuran Fists. It did seem I was getting hit a lot harder then what people normaly do. I did try and time my potions so I would use one right after I swung so I get the most swings in as possible while keeping my hps above yellow (even thou the Carapace Armor doesn't kick in till your hp's at different stages).

I still feeling giddy from this fight. This is one of the most exciting fights I have been in for I was solo without even a subjob.

Goodluck to all you other bards out there working on this!
tabstopper wrote:

"and NINs who think that the elemental wheel is something on a magical schoolbus"
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Ok, i will post my 2cents.
I fought and won him yesterday, 1/4. I just want to help moneyless bards like me.
I'm a Taru, so I went for DEF, also coz my eva sucks alot (around 50ish).

EQUIPMENT: Carapace head body and hands, Cermet Sword, Elegant Shield, Opo opo Necklace (yes, i left that for the fight),gleeman's belt Beetle Earring +1,Beetle Earring, AF legs and shoes, Jester Cape, Oliphant, Flute +1, Balance Ringx2. Blink Band.

SWORD 175 MIN, you ABSOLUTELY NEED Spirits Within. I had around 185 and worked fine, altough I missed him quite often. Requiem will do lot of work, so stay calm and don't /panic

If you are ok with Opo' prerequisites, go on and grab your necklace through Ifrit's Cauldron; you'll do it in no time and you can sell that later ^_-

Oliphant is nice for meleeing. It gives you some atk and accuracy. Always useful don't you think?
I don't have any Paeon+ instruments, I suggest you to grab yours if you have one.
Basically you will use only requiem, finale, paeon and elegy, leave useless instruments in your MH and leave spaces for Potions

I took with me something like 19 Hi-potions (but used only very few of them..); I suggest you buying a Tank instead of a single pot. Yeah, you have to waste 20 minutes+ , but you will save lot of money...i bought tank for 8k and a single potion is around 1,5-2k on my server (Ragnarok)
Also buy a stack of Selbina Milk, Maat loves dispelling and he will remove your regen effect instead of Paeon.

Enter BC naked. Idk if those are rumors only but the game shoul "record" those stats as soon as you enter. Better give him poor untrue stats uh ?

Battle' tactics is always the same; sleep yourself till you get around 100TP,Blink Band+2houred Paeons,drink Milk and start fight. You can pull either with Elegy/Finale/Requiem. I prefer pulling with elegy, it will dramatically slow him down.
Those 3 songs are VITAL; be sure to recast them when they wore off. Be sure to recast paeon before Soul Voice is gone, so you'll have 2 runs of paeon in one fight.

Just relax and keep following this plan; he will use Asuran/Combo/Dragon kick while fighting, just keep your HP around 450minimum.

I saved my battle log you can check it there CLICK HERE :O

Hope it will help you, GL with Maat^^!

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I'd just like to give my little bit to the thread to explain how I beat Maat. I know many people have explained their strategies, but maybe I can help someone else by telling about mine.

First off, gear. I was on a tight budget and would have brought better stuff, but to my surprise I was in no real danger at all with what I had.

Head: Choral Roundlet
Neck: Opo-opo Necklace
Ears: Melody Earrings
Fingers: Phalanx Rings
Hands: Choral Cuffs
Body: Carapace Breastplate
Back: Jester's Cape +1
Waist: Gleeman's Belt
Legs: Choral Cannions
Feet: Choral Slippers
Weapon: Rune Blade
Shield: Varlet's Targe
Intruments: Ebony Harp +1, Horn +1, Flute +1, all macro'd in to their appropriate songs

Other stuff I brought: 20 Hi-potions, a Hi-potion +1, and 4 Hi-potions +3. Pear au Lait, which I didn't use. Icarus Wing, which I didn't use. Sleeping Potions for the Opo-opo Necklace, which I could easily have gotten by without. Selbina Milk, which I used both for HP regen and to give the old guy something to dispel while I thwacked him about the head and shoulders with a large trout -- I mean, my sword. Shallops Tropicale, good tank food.

I used 11 Hi-potions. Sounds like a lot, I know, but I used them whenever I got below 800 HP just to be safe. I didn't want to be caught off guard by a bad WS. I also used the Hi-potion +1 and one Hi-potion +3, both as a way to catch up on my HP after resinging songs and not being able to use a NQ Hi-potion for several seconds.

As far as strategy goes, I'll just break it down as others have done. After entering the battle, I:

1. Used food.
2. Slept myself to 100 TP.
3. Hit him with a Finale, which was a mistake, as I wasn't ready to engage.
4. Engaged, rapidly drinking milk, popping Soul Voice, putting up both Paeon IV and V, hitting him with Elegy, and of course casting Requiem.
5. Used Spirits Within.

The rest is simple. Re-apply Paeons and debuffs, use whatever you're using to give him something to cast Finale on. Use TP when you have it. Don't let your HP get low. Don't panic. That makes you forget things.

Other random, possibly useful information:

I had Sword and Evasion capped. My Parry is 157 and I parried 2 of his attacks. I didn't miss much, and didn't evade a single attack.

He hit me for about 85 points, average. Once he hit me for 79, once for 100. He hit me for 88 about 5 times. It sounds like a lot when you only have 900 something HP, but coupled with mad regen, potions, and Elegy, this is really nothing to worry about. His WSs hit for 105 and 108...again, this is kind of pathetic. He landed a critical for 127 once, easily outdoing the WSs.

All in all, it was very easy. Come prepared as I've explained and you'll (probably) have no trouble. My HP never got below 700.

Hope this helps someone.

Esthalos of Fairy
Hume, rank 10, San d'Oria
BRD75, PLD67, WHM42, WAR37, NIN37, SMN20

Armant wrote:
ok let no say this again once...

U have 20 dmg, u shoot 30 dmg, but if ur not RNG, u want HALF, with no time reload, so u get 10. but, BUT, u want no DRG since ur shooting, so its 30 dmg or 10?
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Figured I may as well put my account up here.

[Beat Maat May 22, 2006]

Maat = PWNED!

Etain wrote:
Decided on a whim to try to kill him even though I'm not 70.

Cermet Sword +1, Elegant Shield
Blink Band/Carapace Helm
Opo-opo necklace/Spike Necklace
Melody x 2
Carapace Body
AF Hands
Phalanx Rings x 2
Jester's Cape
Gleeman's Belt
AF Pants
AF Shoes
Tavnazian Taco, Reraise Scroll, Sleeping Potions x 4, Pamama Au Lait, Pineapple Juice, 1 X-Potion, 15 Hi-Potions, Icarus Wing

Went in, used reraise scroll, slept to 100% TP. Used Blink Band, 2 Houred, Sang Paeon IV and Minuet IV, ate au lait and juice, and then opened with Elegy. Cast Requiem VI and Finale, then used Spirits Within. Melee'd and used Hi-Potions as needed (never dropped below 550 HP). Got 100 TP, Used Spirits again. Resang Paeon IV and sang Paeon III. Used Icarus Wing and Spirits Within'd again. Then melee'd and he... he gave up! I had about 200 HP left on him. I lucked out- the only WS he used were tackle and combo.

7 min 21 sec... about the same time it takes me to do ENM60 Pulling the Strings (which I totally am happy I did it 5 times and got my basic strat down cold).
Binya ~ 85 Worgen Priest ~ Hellscream
Esa ~ 85 Night Elf Druid ~ Hellscream
Various other toons ~ Ner'zhul and Hellscream

Etain ~ 75THF/BRD/WHM ~ Fenrir (May 2004-March 2009)
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just beat Maat earlier today. and as others have said, gear up for some defense.
Carapace Gear
Phalanx Rings
Blink Band
I opted to throw my Leaping Boots on for a little better evasion.

my biggest advice is, don't sweat it. once it's over and you look back on it, the fight is incredibly easy. just sit back and relax, if you're 70 you don't lose any xp so what's the big scare? watch what he is buffing and make sure to use your de-buffs and hi-pots as needed...let Requiem do most of your dirty work. expect to lose the first match, unless you've seen him before. i had no idea what to expect, but when i came back for my 2nd try, i knew what he was gonna do.

i went in with 10 hi-pots.
a stck of milk for Finale blocker(which didn't work, he kept taking away my paeons >< )
no food.
i 2hr'd, sang my Paeons, then decided to use my blink band....doh! that was a big chunk of precious SV time.
my sword skill was 163!
i ended it about 7min later around 50% hp. he was down to 15%.

it was not a picture perfect Maat fight by any means, but i got the job done. i just want to let some of you hopefulls know that you don't need to skill up for weeks, or max out everything in anticipation for this fight. it can be done with just a little preperation and planning. good luck!

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