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#52 Oct 16 2006 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
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I beat Maat yesterday on my first try. The preparations took me 1.5-2 hours. The fight took 5 min 34 seconds...

I thought he was a real pushover. Used the def/vit strategy and it worked like a charm. Didn't use the sleep -> TP tactic. Just went in, ate defense food (steamed or boiled crab, the HQ one) SV paeon V+IV and drank pear au lait.

Somehow I managed to ***** something up, because he finaled one of my peaons right from the start and I thought I was f*cked. XD

I had used the blink band and was real glad that I did, because after I elegied and requimed him I still had time to resing my lost peaon.

Bought a Vile Elixer +1, didn't need it.
Made an Icarus wing, didn't need it.
Used Hi-potion tank to get about 20 Hi-pots, used about 10 pots.

Maat always hit me for < 100 dmg. Exept when he used his TP attacks (dragon kick for about 150 dmg and one which name I can't recall atm for 350 dmg).
As an ELV I had close to 1100 HP, so I wasn't worried too much, but I hoped he didn't use Asuran Fists XD.

Only had time to use Spirits Within once and that was when he was already at about 40% HP... So I didn't use Icarus Wing and just wacked away at him and kept throwing Hi-pots.

Don't know about the EVA route, but def/vit worked great for me!

Good luck to all other BRD's!
#53 Oct 28 2006 at 3:11 PM Rating: Good
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Answered my own questions so just going to edit in what I wore. Beat maat wearing Carapace head,hands body, Taru Rse2 feet, Af legs, Jelly ring, Jaeger ring, Swan bilbo, opo necklace(because I forgot to switch after sleeping), Amemet mantle, that level 60 bard belt...the name eludes me. Started with hp gear- rse2 hands, minsterals coat, trump crown, and that belt that gives 20hp/20mp.

My question essentialy was is Swan biblo a viable option over cermet +1..and yes it is. And how come no one mentions jelly ring.. I guess its cause no one had one? That is definately an option over str/acc/phalanx rings.

I sweated maat but it turned out to be pretty easy for me. He never got me under 700 hp. I slept to 125tp, 2 houred, sang paeon x2, wore hp gear to start with and used spirits within, sang finale, requiem, elegy, switched to melee gear via macro(probably too soon as I panicked) then ate my I.wing and used spirits within again. Both ws probably added up to 250 damage at that point. Then I just kept him debuffed and drank milk and juice as necessary. Resang Paeons once and popped maybe 7 hi-pots although I only needed to use maybe 5. Just as I got enough tp for another ws he gave up. Clear time was 8 min. and something seconds.

edit: used tavnazian taco because ah was out of shallops tropical and used one charge on blink band at start.

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#54 Nov 12 2006 at 2:00 PM Rating: Decent
This thread helped a lot. I just beat Maat last night 1/1. I went with the evasion method. A couple friends lent me some equipment to help out. My equipment:

SH +1
Puissance Rings X2
Vampire boots
Emperor's Hairpin
Evasion Torque
Jadirah Salvars
Dodge Earring
Elusive Earring
Amemet Mantle +1
Survival Belt
Scentless Armlets
Cermet Sword +1
Elegant Shield

Went in with Sword at 180 and Eva at 186. The Vampire boots in particular are a great bargain for this fight. 10 eva at night and on my server they were going for 10k. I used the same method as listed elsewhere on this thread.

Opo-Opo to 100, Shallops Tropicale, soul voice, paeonx2, Elegy, Finale, Spirits, Icarus, Spirits, Requiem, then proceeded to kick his **** but good. I went in at 70 and didn't see Azuran Fists. He did hit me with Dragon kick near the end which got me to under 400, but after a potion spam, I was ok. Scary because it happened mid-song. He did however use Finale a LOT more than I expected. He hit me with it at least 6 times.

One thing to note, I did make a few mistakes in the fight, didn't get the second Elegy off before Soul Voice wore. Same with paeons. Also built tp and never used it because I was busy recovering from Finales. So it is possible to beat him without being perfect. Main thing, like everyone says is to relax. Pwned the old dude in just under 8 minutes. Good luck everyone, and I hope this helps!
#55 Nov 17 2006 at 8:25 PM Rating: Decent
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1/2 on Maat. See if this info helps.
1st try:
Wind skill capped, string 90ish, sword 176.
Wore carapace chest, helm, gloves, beak trousers, root sabots, opo necklace (then bird necklace), blink band at the start, melody earings, moon and pearl rings, company sword with elegant sheild.
Used 2 Mary's milk (only gave 50 tp each, to my disapointment)
Started fighting him, forgot soul voice until he used it (at half health). Forgot finale, and requiem (was totally flustered ><) brought about 10 hi potions and 3 x potions (hi potion cured 100hp bought them at 1k each, no recast time. x potion cured 150hp bought them at 5k each, about 30sec recast time !!don't bring x potions!!) blew through them and was out cold.

2nd try:
Wind and String skill capped, sword at 188.
Wore everything the same Except no blink band this time and wore af boots and pants this time.
**What really helped me was I made a list of everything I had to do, so I wouldn't draw a blank when that fight music started ><**
Equiped my gear (yes I went in naked, not sure if it helps, but can't hurt, eh?) Used 4 sleeping potions and wing to bring me up to 200tp. Switched necklace to bird whistle. Soul Voice. Used Selbina milk for regain and Finale buffer. Used two paeons with ebony harp (reg. not +1). Targeted Maat and engaged, far away though. Finale. Once he ran up to me used ws Spirts Within. Requiem and slow. This time I brought 20 hi potions. He used 1 inch punch, knocked me down to half health. rappid drank 5, brought me to full health and milk for regain. once I got up to 120tp, ws him again. KEEP CASTING Finale-Requiem-Slow-Paeon. Used 5 more hi potions when he used another ws (can't remember which, but it was not that nasty asuran fist thingy)

He gave up at about 10% health, I was full health. Had 10 hi potions left over, and got a sword skill up during the fight. Beat the time record at 7mins 9secs (though they just did the update and might have cleared the records) Also I am Elvaan so I had about 1k health. No impressive gear, the only +1s I have are instruments I didn't use.

What made the differance was I orginized. Go in like a winner, come out like a winner.

Good luck with that *******!

P.s. thank you Uori and Seigfred for loaning me the gear ^^

p.p.s. Also, the sleeping potions I bought for 4k each out of jeuno AH and they gave me 22tp each. Bought Mary's milk out of San d'Oria AH for 1k each, and they gave me 50tp each. So if you can buy it, get Mary's milk instead. But farming it really isn't worth it... since shes a NM and all ><

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#56 Nov 19 2006 at 7:22 PM Rating: Default
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that was so **** easy.

forgot to use sleep potions that i bought and opo necklace
just ran in two houred paeoned elegy requiem and kept finale him
didn't even use SW didn't get a chance to he gave up before i could use it
#57 Jan 02 2007 at 11:50 PM Rating: Decent
I beat him after losing once.

My taru bard has 765 hp, went in with normal lvl 60 bard gear even though she was lvl 70 =P, that is full AF, opo neck, and I swapped to spike necklace after. Food was sole sushi. 15 hi-potion +3 and 5 pear au lite drink thingy.

My biggest mistake for round 1 was.. after using sleeping potionx4 and the wing, 200 TP I used 2HR then Minuet x2 =(
My damage was not that good, and my hp was dropping way fast. Then I realized my requiem macro is empty, too slow to finale, drank potion after potion, and I ran out, when Maat went to 25%.

Soooooo, 2nd time pretty much same gear and set up, I brought 8 sleeping potions this time, 27x hi-potion +2 Yes 27. Spent the first 5 min sleeping myself and using wing to 300 TP. 2hr, Paeon x 2. Elegy pulled him, SW did 385 damage yay. Requiem and just do the normal fight thing, kept him finale'd whenever it's up. I end up only need to use about 4 x hi-potion +2 and that was it.

And... I create record for Bard. 9:36 I think it's the slowest record or something. But I beat it. 1/1 it's not too bad, without expensive gear.
#58 Jan 07 2007 at 3:03 AM Rating: Decent
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Went 1/3.

The first attempt was @66 for the **** of it. I thought I'd be better prepared when I got serious later. Even with crappy sword at like 112, I managed to get him to 66% or so without potions.

Second attempt: Took sword to 176 and went at lvl68. Got Spirits Within and a little extra. Brought 12 Hi-Potions +1 and did the Soul Voice Double Paeon method. Wasn't enough pots. My damage was too low and I didn't have enough pots to keep me up. Died with him at about 30%.

Third attempt: Waited till level 70. This was it. I wasn't going to play around. Borrowed an Emp Pin, Scorp Harness and a C. Chain. Used Amemet Mantle, Gleeman's Belt, Stoic Earring, Minstrel's Earring, Phalanx Ring, Ebulliant Ring and a Rune Sword. Slept to 100% TP, Icarus to 200%, melee to 300%. Also used a Blink band before I ran in. Spirits Within did 369 and I didn't get another SW off. Just kept potting everytime I was missing more than 100hp. I got lucky cause he only used Combo for 225ish. He gave up at around 18%. All in all took 8mins 15secs. I highly recommend, if you can afford it, to do a practice run before being serious. Getting the feel for the battle before you spend alot of money on meds is a great help. And like many have said, don't underestimate him. The third time I brought 19 potions. 6 X-Potions and 13 Hi-Potions +1. Used 5 X and 8 Hi+1. Go in with confidence but don't be cocky.
#59 Feb 21 2007 at 11:35 AM Rating: Decent
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Thanks everyone for the great advice!
Here is my story:
Jackaroe, 68Bard, Tarutaru. Sword 183.
Was 0/1 vs Maat, mostly because I got flustered, and didn`t have the Carapace gear.
Got the gear, plus Vampire boots ( I THINK I waited for night-time, lol), (no Melody ring), Vernerers Ring, Company Sword and newly made macros that totally confused me, since they were so different from what I`d used all this time. The rest of my gear was pretty much the same as posted above. Brought 10 hi-pots, 3 boiled crab, some milk, and Blink band.
Stripped all gear to talk to Maat, used Blink band, and RR earring, then equiped for fight. Ate food, etc. Notice I did not tp sleep, in fact I got so busy, I only used SW once during the fight.
Tried my best to follow the basic strategery, Got 2nd set of songs off before SV wore.
At one point He hit me pretty hard with a WS that I forget, but it wasn`t Dragon Kick, or Asuran Fists.
He sang minuet, mostly, and I had a hard time Finale-ing him fast enough.
I started to spam my hi-pot macro.
Just as I began to really panic, the fight ended!
Used 8 of the hi-pots, and 2 Selbina milks. RR got dispelled, too.
Time: 7 minutes, 9 seconds, set clear time record!
Couldn`t have done it without all the great advice!

Asura World
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Cloth 59/Leather 46/Wood 58/Cooking 28/Alchemy 66/Goldsmithing 49/Bone 50

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#60 Mar 05 2007 at 6:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Excellent Guide! thank you for the guide as it was a great hand.

first go, 8 min 28 sec, as a lvl 70 taru ^^ (sylph)


Carapace Helm,
Carapace Breastplate,
Carapace Gauntlets,
Star Necklace,
Choral Cannions,
Choral slippers,
Rune Blade, (sword was at 192)
Elegent Shield,
Jester Cape,
Gleemans Belt,
Moon Ring x2,
Melody Earring,
Minstretl Earring.

I had the blink band and opo-opo necklace

did the list of macros as
2 hr , paeon 5, paeon 4, finale, foe, elegy, light threnody, ws Circle Blade, Icarus wing, ws Circle blade

hi-pots (i had 12 in inventory)

went in, slept to 100tp, used blink band, put back on helm and star necklace, ate a tavzanian taco. put up paeon 4 and 5.

ran into maat, 2 houred, did the finale, foe, elegy, threnody, paeon 4 and 5, (in that order) then WS, icarus wing, and WS ... (it was supposed to SC but it didn't oh well)
then recast finale, foe, elegy, thren, paeon 4 and 5 again before 2 hour wore

i freaked when i saw the no meds logo....was getting upset cause i was hurting, started mashing hi-pots macro and hey look it worked (yeah i missed the relax instructions :P ) healed up to full, recast the finale,foe,elegy combo every 24 sec, got enough tp for another WS, did a spirits within this time, and bam i won! he used that foot kick of his twice, no asuran fists (i think i got lucky)

still had 5 pots left over at the end.

being prepped and calm is the key ^^ thank you again for the guide.

Cordonbleu - Taru BRD 70/WHM lvl 35 (whm 41)

#61 Mar 10 2007 at 9:02 PM Rating: Decent
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Hmm...well then. After seven (very bad) RDM Maat attempts, and reading this thread, I'm very tempted to dust off the BRD Test I've had squirreled away in my Moghouse for about two years, get Bard from 65 to 69 or so, and then try this. I'm tired of Maat breaking my face every time I try as RDM--and as Elvaan, it's that much more difficult.

Taking a 275 critical hit while trying to cast Aero III is just not fun, you know.
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#62 Mar 11 2007 at 6:54 PM Rating: Decent
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I found it easy, thanks to all the guides and help.

70 Mithra Bard, went in with:

Capped Sword Skill: 210 (From 99 =p)
Evasion: 189
Parrying: 36

Capped String: 212
Capped Singing: 212
String: 205


Sword: Company Fleuret (30k)
Shield: Elegant Shield
Instruments: Ebony Harp (1k), Hamelin Flute (100k, Horn +1
Head: Blink Band, Emper. Hairpin
Neck: OpoOpo Neck (Borrowed), Chiv. Chain (Borrowed)
Ear: Melody Ear x2 (15k for 1)
Body: Scorp Harness (Borrowed)
Gloves: Jaridah bazubands (Borrowed)
Rings: Phalanx x2 (Borrowed)
Back: Psilos Mantle (Borrowed)
Belt: Gleemans Belt +1
Pants: Jaridah salvars (Borrowed)
Feet: AF Bard Feet, Choral

Food and Meds:

Hi-Potions: Bought 20, Used 8. 1k each
Tav. Taco: Borrowed (lol!)
Icarus Wing: 17k
Selbina Milk, 2 stacks. Used 3.
Sleep Potions, Used 4.
Vile Elixir: 40k, Used.

So I first wrote down a list in order of the things to do. Then made a fresh macro list in that order.

Sleep Potion x4 with Opo Opo Neck Equipped
Icarus Wing / Blink Band
Tav Taco / Selbina Milk
Equip Fighting Gear! (Almost forgot).

Then Soul Voiced, double Peon'd and pulled him with Elegy. Foe Requiem, Magic Finale, Spirits Within for 206!

Just kept up the potion spam, Finale'ing every chance. I had a timer go off at 2 mins so I could re Elegy, Requim, and Peon.

Popped a milk when he took something off, and got one more Spirits Within off.

He only hit me with Spinning Attack, and then he Combo'd so I was in the yellow, and I Vile Elixir'd.

Then he basically gave up a few mins later! Very easy. And I broke the clear record! <3

70 Bard / 42 Summoner / 20 Dragoon
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#63 Mar 24 2007 at 11:35 PM Rating: Decent
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Went 1/1 an hour or so ago. I am a Hume, I used the def/vit strategy. I fought at level 70.

Cermet+1/Elegant Shield
Cara hands & Body
Stoneskin Torque
Blink Band
AF legs & feet
Gleeman's Belt
Minstrel's earring
Melody Earring
Phalanx Rings x2
Tavnazian taco
Hi-Potion +2
Perkisos aulait <sp>
Ic Wing

Very easy fight over, didnt hit yellow hp once.
Kept Paeon IV & V on myself at all times.
Kept elegy and req. on him at all times.
Used Finale every chance the timer was up.
Popped a Hi-pot or 2 to keep my health as full as possible to anticipate Asuran Fists.
When I built my first 100tp, I used Spirits Within.
Shortly followed by an Ic Wing Spirit's Within.
One of the previous poster's summed it up perfectly, your best dmg comes from your requiem.
Only thing I really did was make sure my health stayed full, debuffs stayed on, and swung away.

Best of luck to you all.
#64 Mar 28 2007 at 10:50 PM Rating: Decent
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I hobo-smashed Maat. I'm 1/2, but I had no intention of winning the first one even though I almost did.

I just went in with my standard battle-bard gear. It maximizes def, acc+ and str+.
Head- darksteel (-% phys dmg)
neck- chivalrous chain (tp, and whatever other melee+)
hands- jaridah bazubands (acc+)
body- jaridah ..uhm ..body (acc+)
legs- choral cannions (awesome str+)
feet- mithra rse (str+)
back- jester cape (chr+)
waist- gleeman belt (acc+)
rings- 2x str rings
earrings- minuet earring/minstel earring
weapon- Rune Blade (heavy hitter! (my sword skill is capped, btw))
shield- elegant shield

Hi-potions for healing. Tav. taco for def food. Orange Juice to power my Rune Blade with refresh, and to defend against finale.

I did minuet and minne the first run. Nothing for TP, so I used Fast Blade once I built 100% from the fight. I got him down to 1/4 hp, but I only had 5 hi-potions this time due to inventory space problems. If I had 1 or 2 more hi-potions I would have easily won.

The second run I did minuet and paeon. Nothing for TP, but I took in a Icarus Wing to SC with once I had the TP. I brought in more hi-potions, however. By the time I recast all my songs and got ready to begin Fast Blade, he was done. I didn't use my Icarus Wing, and I didn't even get to use a single weapon skill the whole fight and I finished sitting on 150% tp. I averaged 60 damage per hit, and I didn't miss at all.

Not including the gear, which was only what I use standard, and the Icarus Wing, which is being sold back, I spent about 5k on both fights together. There is no doubt about it, I hobo-smashed Maat! He was a pushover, in both runs. ^_^

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#65 Apr 08 2007 at 11:02 PM Rating: Decent
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I beat Maat quite a while ago, but I'd like to share how I totally obliterated him. I have Dragoon leveled, so I got a lot of dd gear. I went completely +att.

Elvaan with all skills capped except parry

Head: Optical Hat
Neck: Chivalrous Chain
Ear: Merman Earring x 2
Body: Assault Jerkin
Hands: Tarasque Mitts +1
Finger: Woodsman Ring x 2
Back: Amemet Mantle +1
Waist: Gleeman's Belt
Legs: AF Legs
Feet: AF Feet
Main: Rune Blade

I went in, slept to 100% TP, used blink band, used +att food, used regen drink for Rune Blade, SV Minuet x 2, and debuffed Maat. Fully buffed, I had about 750 attack. I did Fast Blade, icarus wing, Fast Blade, and about 5 more hits later Maat gave up. Each Fast Blade did about 350 damage to Maat. I only had to use 1 potion throughout the very short fight. He didn't even use any WS.
Name: Daedra
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#66 Apr 15 2007 at 11:41 AM Rating: Decent
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I *just* beat Maat as Bard with the Defense setup. (1/1 Bard, 0/7 RDM)


Head/Body/Hands: Carapace set
Legs/Feet: Bard AF
Melody Earring x2
Phalanx Ring x2
Cermet Sword (not the +1, lol)
Elegant Shield
Cheviot Cape (for a little more def, besides, it was cheap)
Gleeman's Belt

10 Hi-Pots (used 9)
4 Hi-Pots +2 (used 2)
5 Hi-Pots +3 (used 2)
Icarus Wing
Tavnazian Taco
(forgot HP/MP Regen drinks)

SV, Double Paeon, engage, Elegy, Requiem, and beat record by about 15 seconds. Woo!

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#67 Apr 30 2007 at 6:11 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey guys i am so close to 66 BRD and i was wondering what should i start saving up for to fight maat himself ? and what weapon should i be using ?

Sword is around 220+ (Thanks to BLU)
Dagger is around 110 (Thanks to THF)
Staff is around 100 (Thanks to BLM)

So should i be using Sword aka Runesword ?

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#68 May 09 2007 at 6:35 AM Rating: Decent
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Just finished beating Maat, on my first try, and beat the record no less!

Since I didn't have all that much gil, here's how I went in:
Cermet Knife+1
Elegant Shield
Carapace helm/breastplate/gauntlets
Spike Necklace
Melody Earring x2
Florite Ring
Balance Ring
Jesters Cape +1
Gleeman's Belt
Choral Cannions/Slippers

I also brought 14 Hi-potions +2 (they cost the same as regular Hi-potions), a stack of selbina milk, a Horn +1 and a Siren Flute (didn't have a Paeon Harp.

I forgot my Tav. Tacos (on a mule), but... apparently it didn't matter that much.

I couldn't afford an opo-opo necklace, so I went in, used the milk, 2hr Paeon x2 (which, I should have done closer to him... I did it back near the entrence). Found Maat, pulled with Elegy. As I had tried Maat on WHM as well, elegy made a BIG difference, though he was still hitting me for 90-150 per hit. Landed Requiem 6 on him.

Started meleeing him, when I hit 100%, I used Cyclone > Icarus Wing > Cyclone (only 200 damage total, but every bit helped). From there, it was all just Melee, using Hi-pots when my health got low enough to use them.

He ended up doing One-Inch punch 2 times: the first time was for 250ish, the second time he missed me completly.

All said and done, I had no Hi-pots left over (I think I used a couple too early when I hit the wrong macro at the beginning of the fight >.<), and 9 milks.

Thanks so much for the people who gave their advice in this thread!

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#69 May 26 2007 at 1:04 PM Rating: Decent
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For those of you not wanting to level Sword.... Beat Maat 1/2 with an Earth Staff, Tarutaru. Singing/Wind/String capped.

First time I went lvl 67 with Staff skill 154/207 - so 53 under cap. Had Carapace set, otherwise nothing special. Ate taco, used 2-3 Pear Au Laits and Orange Juice, and 10 Hi-Pots. Got him down to 28%, wished I'd brought 5 more Hi-Pots because it probably would have been 1/1 then. But it was a practice run to see if I could even hit him. :(

Second time went lvl 69 with Staff skill 156/212 - 56 under cap. Same Carapace set and a few borrowed Acc+ gears. Ate taco, used 2-3 Pear Au Laits and Orange Juices again, and used about 12 (out of 20 I brought) Hi-Pots (or +1/+2, whichever was around 1k each). I did use an Icarus Wing this time, though I don't think it was needed. I kinda wish I hadn't cuz that was a waste of money.

Used no Opo-opo necklace/Sleep-Pots either time. Maybe I was lucky, maybe because I was less than lvl 70, or maybe because the fights lasted less than 6 mins, but he didn't Asuran Fists, only Combo and One Inch Punch. I did have to sing Acc+ songs both runs instead of Paeons so I could hit him lol. That would've saved me 10k in Hi-Pots, but that's ok, I didn't have to spend time leveling staff.

I'd recommend higher Staff skill and singing Paeons. But I just wanted to let everyone know Maat with Staff was pretty easy. My tip would be to Finale him as frequently as possible because he stops to sing a buff when you do. And I think that slowed him down quite a bit since his buffs take a lot longer to cast than your Finale does. I had no problems landing songs on him with the lack of Chr/Singing/Wind gear from switching to some Acc gears the 2nd time. I think Carapace set really helps, everything else extra is nice but not needed.

Good luck!

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#70 Jul 27 2007 at 2:11 PM Rating: Decent
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seems there are a few people who have used dagger on this thread, but they just use cyclone. I'm wondering if there is any benefit to trying to self SC(heard it was possible) and then burst elegy? Might not be a huge difference, but I figure it won't hurt. Anyone ever try a self SC on this fight? Let alone bursting with it? I know elegy cast time is pretty low, so I figure it might be possible.

Just think, SV and an MBed elegy with a +1/+2 instrument. Thoughts?
Ender - Asura server

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#71 Aug 12 2007 at 6:34 AM Rating: Decent
I went in at 69 after excruciating pain finding the test in the Castle and deleving my 75 friend in sea serpent grotto.

My gear:
Wing sword
Elegant Shield
Hellish Bugil ftw
Carapace Helm
Blink Band
Spike Necklace
Opo opo Necklace
Melody Earing x2
Moon ring x2
Scorpion Harness
Carapace Gauntlets
Jester's Cape +1
Gleeman's Belt
Feral Trousers (LOL)
Choral Slippers (AF)

My pots:
3 Hi-potion+2
3 Hi-potion+3
4 X-potions
4 Lasikos au laut
12 Sleeping pots
1 icaris wing
1 reraiser
1 taznazian taco

capped wind and singing
205 Sword
160 evasion
10 shield skill

Ok i ran up to the room where he stands and he casted March(ugh) and dex etude

I used a Reraiser, taznazian taco, then i slept to 200tp, imediately used icarus wing becuase i knew i was running out of time. Then i used Lasikos au laut(finale buff) , and blinkband. I then equiped everything for battle including hellish bugil(+4atk+3eva or something not needed for brd)
I used Soul Voice and casted Paeons IV and V . My macros for Elegy and Requiem and Finale all switch to +1 intruments then switch back to Hellish Bugil when they are done casting.

I ran closer to him while he was in the middle of recasting March. I used Elegy to pull him AFTER ALREADY DRAWING MY WEAPON. I then used spirits within for 350ish damage which got him down a bout a 5th of his health. I used requiem VI which i think was the key in this battle. I fanaled march and he started casting paeon so i had a chance to gain 100tp while he was doing this i finaled the paeon and spirits withined for about 150. He hit me once while i still had blink up and then one went through with out a shodow eating it. He prepared Holwing Fists(LOL) BLINK ATE HIT WEAPON SKILL i was at 100tp in no time. i used a X-potion from a quarter health and Spirits for 150 GG Maat

Now i have to sell all those potioins <(; ;<)

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Why do people use Cermet sword? there are better swords at high lvls...

Edit: for the maat fight.

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Beat Maat, first try thanks to all your guys advice. Here's how the fight went:

unyeilding ring
phalanx ring
carapace hem
carapace breastplate
feral gloves
beak trousers
AF feet
Cermet Knife +1
elegant shield
Wivre gorget
Amemet Mantle
Melody Earrings (I think thats what they're called, its the latent +5 eva ones...)
gleemans belt

Lots of HiPot+2 and +3 (Only used about three hi pots total)
1 x-potion+1
about 8 au laits, some pear some pamama
shallops tropicale
icarus wing

chose the knife because my dagger skill was 212 or so, while my sword skill was still sitting at 176, so I had SW, but I'd be missing more than I'd like if I went with sword.

NOTE: au lait do not work as a finale blocker (so it seems) I thought it would handle that the same as selbina milk for me, but no such luck. One of my paeons got knocked off pretty early in the fight.

I didn't rest tp, even forgot to use the icarus wing at the start, so I used it mid figh. Just went in, and followed the typical strat of keep paeons up and keep him elegied and finaled and requiemed. Very easy, dropped into the yellow twice from ws, but I was never in much danger (first time used x-potion, second just WSed to finish him off). Just glad he didn't Asuran fist me. Fight was actually pretty quick.

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Beat Maat first try. I read this whole thread two times over.

You can get the scoop here:


I list my gear in the video description
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I just beat Maat last night, and i gotta say this guide helped alot. I went with a combo of evade setup with double Paeon.

Main: Bone Knife +1 Skill at 147! so no 175 is not needed
Sub: No Shield
Head: Noble Ribbon
Neck: Chiv Chain
Earrings: Melody +1
Rings: Sandy Ring/ Verener
Body: S Harness
Hand: Rse level 27 lol
Back: Amenet(sp?) +1
Waise: Life Belt
Leg: RSE level 31
Feet: RSE level 29

Instrutment Used:
Requiem all with +2 on it

I didnt use blinkband or wing. Nothing fancy just SV Paeon X2, pull with elegy, then requiem. I had like 10 pots to keep my hp above 900, and i used them all. Maat only did one combo on me guess I got lucky. I do believe the longer you take buffing, reequiping wasting time the more likely he'll start the spam WS at a certain time limit. In conclusion it was very simple fight, the idea is to let requiem do all most of the work for you while keeping your hp high as possible.

PS I almost beat the time record 5:32 is the current record, i did it in 5:42
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I'm currently lvl 65 and want to try Maat at 66. This will be the first time I fight Maat as BRD, though I've fought him as other jobs (on character that is now retired). From what I've gathered though, not one post, youtube video, strategy guide (etc) mentions Lullaby.


I hit 66 and tried Maat and failed. I had 30 seconds of lag that pretty much killed me. It seems like most of the damage is done via Requiem as Spirits Within at 200% TP barely scratched Maat at the start. As a Tarutaru, my 10 Hi-Potions were not enough. I used Paeon and Minne for my songs and used au laits as added HP regen (and Finale bufffer) and juice as a second Finale buffer. Armor-wise, I had Carapace body and hands, and AF for everything else.

I then hit 67 and got Requiem VI. This time I went with about 20 Hi-Potions with a few Hi-Potions +2 as well. Same strategy and died (again, Comcast's lameness caused me several instances of lag) -- but I had reraise on and Requiem was still going, so Maat did not regen his HP. He was around 15% or 20% at that time. I got up and finished him off while he cast Ballad 2 (idiot) and my clear time was 10 minutes 0 seconds!

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