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#77 May 11 2008 at 12:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Just beat Matt:

Stun Knife
Carapace Helm, Chest, Hands
Phlanax Rings
Melody Earrings
Amemet Mantle
Gleeman's Belt
AF Pants
Savage Gaiters

10 Hi-potion
2 X-potion
1 Vile Elixer
Icarus Wing
Scallops Tropicale

Only used 3 Hi-pots

165 Dagger
330 Def after food Matt his between 60-90 per hit 140 criticals

I must of had excellent luck in this fight. I hardly every missed a swing on him. I did go in naked, heard a rumor that Matt's stats are based on yours. Did cyclone with 100 TP then used I wing and Cycloned again for Detonation. I also stunned him once, luckily enough in the middle of a finale. =D

Overall seems like an easy fight

Siku on Quetzalcotl (10/13/05)
#78 Jun 12 2008 at 7:27 PM Rating: Decent
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I beat Maat a little while earlier today on 3rd try ^^.

Items used:
About 15 Hi-Potions
Pear Au Lait
Blink Band
Icarus Wing

Equipment Used:
Main - Chanter's Staff & Garuda's Dagger
Sub - Bugard Leather Strap & Elegant Shield
Range - Oliphant, Ebony Harp, Military Harp, Horn +1
Head - Blink Band
Neck - Chivalrous Chain
Ear 1 - Melody Earring & String Earring
Ear 2 - Melody Earring
Body - Minstrel's Coat & Scorpion Harness
Hands - Choral Cuffs
Ring 1 - Trumpet Ring
Ring 2 - Trumpet Ring
Back - Amemet Mantle +1
Waist - Gleeman's Belt
Legs - Choral Cannions
Feet - Choral Slippers

Spells Used:
Army's Paeon V
Army's Paeon IV
Foe Requiem VI
Carnage Elegy
Magic Finale
And I think I threw in a Wind Threnody.. for Gust Slash/Cyclone

The only weapon skills Maat used on me I think was just 1 Combo and 1 One Inch Punch. .

Was a fun but annoying fight '^^, I had around 130-160 HP left with exactly no more items left I used everything. Only thing left was Blink Band but I had only used one charge on that lol. Dagger was about 195ish when I fought him and I was level 70 so I it caps at 233. Was Tarutaru too^^

Something I didn't do but wanted to was LVL Down and then get an EXP Scroll and use mid-fight to level up and restore all HP. Just some advice ^_^.

~Bruno BRD70/RDM35 Tarutaru Siren~

Edited, Jun 13th 2008 11:51pm by ManaMidgetTT
~~~BRD75~~~ Tarutaru Male Bruno Siren
Working on RDM & BST
#79 Apr 29 2009 at 2:55 PM Rating: Decent
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Owned maat first try at 69. I went in in the following:

Company Sword
Elegant Buckler
+2 Paeon/Req/Elegy/Finale instruments
Scorpion Harness
Wivre Mask
Custom F Gloves
Chivalrous Chain
Melody Ear +1 x2
Sun Ring x2
AF Pants
AF Feet
Amemet Mantle
Gleeman's Belt

I went in naked, popped a taco, cast Paeon to top off my health and waited like 20 seconds to fill up. Then I ran up to him, SV Paeon x2, Elegy, Req VI, Finale. This is when I realized I forgot to engage and did so. This is also when I realized I forgot to drink my milk, so I did that too. Chop chop chop, should I be dispelling? OK, did some of that. Realized I forgot to track the time on my two hour, so I repaeoned (turns out it was at about a minute to a minute and a half in), recast requiem and elegy, and kept dispelling while popping a pot here and there. I took a one inch punch to the face and a dragon kick, never went below 700 HP the whole time. At the end I used a 100 TP spirits/icarus/spirits and he caved. All in all it was a pretty crappy attempt and he had Paeon on the whole time, but he went down easy at 4 minutes 32 seconds for a record. I was quite disappointed in his lack of performance in the face of my unprepared fumbling.

That said, the hardest part was skilling sword. What I did was sub WHM, and wore mostly raven gear with scorp, survival belt, traveller's mantle, wivre mask, and any other eva gear I could get (totaled +51 eva) and started soloing. I started at about 100 skill, went to CN, soloed a bunch of soldier crawlers, moved to blazers, then on to rumbles. I got nervous when I hit 146 and went to garlaige, but my eva at 69 plus the +eva on my gear made me invincible against chamber beetles with paeon and march on. I get reallllly nervous when I went to kuftal, but even the robber crabs couldn't hurt me much (they did worse than the beetles in garlaige). It took me about 4 hours total to go 100-175 in sword.

Good luck bardlings, I'm off to do some merit parties.
#80 Apr 13 2010 at 3:42 PM Rating: Decent
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Here is the complete Shattering Stars information you were missing from other guides.

Getting past Maat as a Bard is really a lot easier than I realized. Here are the steps.

1. Raising your weapon skill.

A lot of people recommend sword so you can get Spirits Within, but after seeing the damage output, I was not really that impressed. Maybe this weapon skill is a lot better if you are Galka. As a Taru, it was not so impressive. So if your dagger skill is higher than your sword skill I recommend saving some time and sticking with the dagger.

You want to wear good defensive gear and + accuracy gear when raising your weapon skill. This is the same gear you need to fight Maat. If you can afford it, a Scorpion Harness, Wivre Mask, Wivre Gorget and Lifebelt are what I recommend. Plus two Phalanx Rings. It’s a lot eaiser to fight Maat today. Some of this gear was insanely expensive or non-existent back in the day, but now it’s within the realm of affordability and always on sale at the AH. Get a stack of Fish Mithkabobs for leveling your weaponskill.

Go to the Kuftal Tunnel, that’s the place in Western Alteppa, and fight the crabs in there. If you don’t care about getting a few xp points and some HQ crab shells which you can sell to the vendor for 3K gil each, then the bronze sword (that’s the noob weapon) is the way to go, because it does so little damage, the crab will last for over a half hour, making your skill-raising session more efficient. There is no danger of dying when you use double paeon. In fact, you can cast double paeon, and then safely take a bathroom break while your avatar whacks the crab unattended. If a Haunt gets in your way, then Lullaby it, zone, and when you come back inside the Haunt will be gone. When your skill maxes out in the low 180s on these crabs, you are ready to fight Maat.

2. Getting a Bard’s Testimony

Don’t go to Castle Oztrojo, that place is a maze which you want to avoid.

Sea Serpent Grotto is the place to go. The Coastal Sahagins are behind the Gold Beastcoin door. So make sure you bring a Gold Beastcoin with you. You don’t lose the coin when you open the door, so don’t worry, it won’t cost you 5K gil to get in there. You can sell back the coin at the AH.

The Sea Serpent Grotto map is confusing. You do not need to go though the Ornamental Door. That’s used for some other quest. The silver, mythril, and gold doors are all accessible from the same general area at the bottom right corner of the first map. At level 70, there’s no agro in the Grotto until you go through the gold door. At that point, you need sneak to avoid agro.

I didn’t try soloing these guys by myself. I shouted for help, and luckily some level 75 who was in the Grotto came to help me. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to get an in-game-friend or linkshell associate to help you out. But a lot of people in the game will take pity on you. I know that if I'm ever in the Grotto, and some poor level 70 asks for help getting a Testimony, I will help him out.

The Testimony dropped off of the first Sahagin we killed. That was easy.

3. Killing Maat.

I did not use an opo-opo necklace (there wasn’t one on sale at the AH). I did not use an Icarus Wing. It doesn’t matter. The key to winning is to not die. My HP only went down significantly once. Never once did I feel I was in any danger of dying. Make sure you have Hi-Potion on a macro, and use it whenever your HP is more than 100 below max. Buy a huge number of them, and sell them back. I think I used only 6 or 7, but I would buy at least 15 just to be on the safe side. Make sure you test the macro before the fight. It’s worth the 800 gil to be on the safe side.

Besides that, I used the Tavnazian Taco, Soul Voice, double Paeon, Selbina Milk, Elegy, Requiem, cast Finale on Maat every chance I could, recast Paeon when it wore off or when Maat Finaled it off me, and the same with the Milk. Make sure you re-Elegy and re-Requiem Maat when they wear off.

Towards the end of the fight, my TP was above 200%. I did a Spirits Within on him at that point, and that ended the fight.

Good luck.

Edited, Apr 13th 2010 5:51pm by OrangeFFXI
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