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#1 Feb 24 2013 at 4:19 AM Rating: Decent
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So I feel dirty making 2 of the only 3 threads in this forum so far, but I'm excited to discuss the details of the Massively write-up.

You can find the article right here!

So, to preface this, my original main was PLD, and I outside of the ol' exp parties I felt like PLD/RDM was the coolest combo in the world.

I find the details in the article very interesting, because on top of its unique Rune abilities, Rune Fencer is basically PLD and RDM, if the PLD side focuses on tanking magic damage over physical damage.

Here's what's more or less confirmed from the article, though this could be subject to change depending on what build/version of the game the author saw in action (feel free to skip if you read the actual article, just a re-hash):

-Primary weapon skill is Great sword (I'm assuming at least an A- here, if not A+ on a job finally)
-No shield skill
-1 Hour is Magic Damage Invincible
-Shell up to Shell V, but Protect only up to Protect IV
-Stoneskin, Blink, Aquaveil, Refresh, Flash, Phalanx
-Various black magic "spikes" (some basic nukes likes DRK? I'm assuming not much in the way of enfeebling given the phrase "spikes")
-Rune Enchantment ability grants element additional effect damage, resistance to opposing element, and builds stackable "Runes" (like DNC Finishing Moves I'm thinking)
-Runes can be consumed for 2 other abilities, Ward or Effusion, for element-based defensive or offensive effects
-Group ability to enhance "non-physical evade" (magic resist)
-self-target accuracy and evasion boost that lasts until you get hit
-Ability SE mentioned initially to increase the efficacy of a buff while decreasing its duration

It also just occurred to me that the author might be mistaking some of these abilities from a subjob unless the word came directly from SE's mouth that "This is what Rune Fencer has." So I'd say anything in the spell list but Protect/Shell is potentially up in the air.

Now, either way I think this all sounds great. SE is really playing up the magic tank, and I like how this separates RF (RUN?) from being just another physical tank option personally. I am concerned about the usefulness of the job. The caveat is that I'm newly returned to the game after a long hiatus, so all this stuff about Abyssea and level 75-99 is completely new to me. I'm not sure exactly how it all works now still, so I don't know if there's a high demand for a magic tank.

If suppose if the spell list is accurate and with the right sub, RF could pull off physical tanking decently. Just my estimate. But I also wonder if RF can really contribute on the damage side. I mean it looks like they buffed Great Sword from what I remember, and of course they have basically something like an En-spell or better. I'm hoping they're at least passable in that regard, like Rune Enchantment is pretty significant.

Finally, I wonder what the armor class is like. The AF, besides looking pretty **** cool, looks very light. The accuracy/evasion buff until you're hit also seems to play into a lighter, very Fencer-like class. I suppose that's why they chose Rune Fencer over Rune Knight. But if so, Rune Fencer won't have the heavy plate tanking and DD options.

Still a lot to find out but I'm more excited than ever. So close! It's just good to be back and see SE is still supporting the game with some new, long-awaited jobs.
#2 Feb 28 2013 at 8:16 PM Rating: Good
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As someone who previously had very little interest in playing Rune Fencer, the new reveals that hint at more of an evasion focus with lighter armor surprised me and have made me VERY interested.

If RUN gets added to more of the light DD armors, I'll definitely level this job since my existing 7 (THF MNK RNG NIN PUP COR DNC) all fit into the light armor sets. And besides just the practicality of managing my inventory, I'm glad to see something a little more creative than just "PLD, but with magic defense > physical defense". The idea of getting better buffs based on evasion and agility is kind of a cool way to design a more lithe and graceful tank, and something I really didn't expect.

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#3 Mar 01 2013 at 5:44 PM Rating: Decent
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Of both I had more interest in leveling Rune Fencer. Unless they include the Def fix with the expansion there still will not be a "tank job". The way I read it was that its Evasion would be increased for a set time, Foil, and increased until a Crit Hit, Swordplay. The other listed abilities are all damage reduction.

I would love to see a return to strategy in engaging the mobs, some of the old with the new we have now. So unless the way mobs act, the Def fix or the discription somehow exclude how hate will be maintained by using the abilites both jobs are sounding like support.

To tank you have two options, sub War until level 40 and then at that point can sub Dnc. Not sure but been told that Dnc's "provoke" is slightly weaker then War's.
#4 Mar 02 2013 at 6:53 PM Rating: Good
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I don't think /dnc will be a whole lot of use beyond cures, The "enspell" aspect of the job is going to make samba's useless. Rune Fencer uses Gswords so DW is pointless and the job will more than likely have its own eva. bonus.War will most likely be the best sub assuming the job has no form of provoke.
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#5 Mar 04 2013 at 6:40 PM Rating: Decent
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You know, there are also steps. I am an old school player so I use everything at my disposal from both main and sub jobs. Lower its def or magic def, build finishes to use the provoke and a stun if need be. I didn't consider cures, or sambas, beyond a passing thought but you are right about that.
#6 Mar 27 2013 at 8:06 PM Rating: Good
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Dropping this here:

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